BY Luella TheSnitch


Once upon a time, in a land nearby (Danforth Village) there was a faery who lived and worked amongst the mass unwashed and who aspired to be Queen of the Ward.

Now, in this land there were two Wards. They were known as Thirty-One and Thirty-Two.

The faery was a close friend of the (evil) Queen of Thirty-One who was called Janet of Davis and who was in a position to help the faery, (known as Lorie of Fairburn), become the next Queen of Thirty-Two.

Therefore, in an effort to ingratiate herself to this Queen Janet, Lorie the Faery did devote herself to Queen Janet’s cause and assiduously kissed Janet’s Pompous Posterior, frequently and enthusiastically, thereby earning the title of Lorie the Royal Catch-Fart.

Eventually, this peaceful Queendom was subjected to an election wherein Janet was opposed by an equally evil force, known as Janet of Sherbanowski. This Janet of Sherbanowski had a wicked disposition wherein she applied for grants and subsidies and then made the funds from said grants disappear! Her magical powers enabled her to make the money recede into the Mysts of Tyme where no auditor could find it.

Whilst this election proceeded, Lorie the Royal Catch-Fart actively served Queen Janet’s cause until one day Lorie, in her enthusiasm, kissed the Royal Rump excessively and it blew up in her face. You see, whilst Lorie was working for Neighbourhood Link (which received funding from the Royal Castle where Janet of Davis resided) such an act was considered “smelly and in conflict.”

This was because Lorie was also a member of the Danforth Village BIA (better known as the Janet Davis BIA) and it was considered a no-no to kiss the Royal Rump in public lest people viewed it as an unhealthy alliance (perish the thought!)

Anyway, this smelly debacle became known as ‘The Endorsement’ because Janet of Davis stupidly made it known to one and all that the Janet Davis BIA had endorsed her candidacy, thanks to Lorie the Faery who was a Director of the aforesaid BIA.

Whereupon, Janet of Sherbanowski, whose candidacy was gaining momentum by going downhill faster than a crashing meteor, did issue forth from her cave and scream, “Blue Murder!” Janet of Sherbanowski quickly rushed forth and complained about this Sin to the Integrity Commissioner (I know ‘Sherbanowski’ and ‘Integrity’ do not belong in the same sentence… in fact they don’t belong on the same planet! But let’s not permit such onerous trifles interfere with a good story.)

Where was I? Ohh, yeah…

Simultaneously, she brought her complaint to the attention of (Lorie’s bosses) the Neighbourhood Link Elders (Board of Directors) who convened a conclave wherein they deliberated on what to do with their Fallen Faery. After considerable consideration (12 seconds), they fired her ass and instructed her to desist from any more catch-farting.

Janet of Sherbanowski (whose election had cratered) consoled herself by snatching victory at the Janet Davis BIA by being elected (at last!) to the position of Secretary. Ironically, this position was literally stolen from Lorie the Fairburn Faery who coveted it, as it would have placed her in closer proximity to the Pompous Posterior.

As Secretary, Janet of Sherbanowski now has a close-up view of the Royal Rump and is able to report any further accumulation of olfactorious substances to the Commissioner.

And thus ends the sad story of Lorie, the Fallen Fucking Faery who brings a new meaning to the phrase, “Dost Not Lose Thy Head Over a Piece of Tale”.


wynne13yo61 year old avowed LGBTTIQQ2SAer Premier Kathleen Wynne talking about age & sexual consent, outfitted with two 13 year old schoolgirls.

History buffs will recall the outrage that parents experienced in Bela Kun’s Hungary after the Bolshevik Revolution in the early 1900’s. The “progressive” and “enlightened” educators vowed to “remove the cobwebs from children’s minds” by inculcating the young innocents with ‘sex knowledge’. Being that there is a finite number of dynamics in the human condition, the parallels between then, and the Ontario Liberal Party of today, are disturbingly stark. As in our backyard today, decent Hungarians were horrified as their children were dragged through sloughs of filth by radical sexualists bent on destroying traditional family units. Likewise, decent Ontarians will not allow Premier Wynne and her twisted lascivious legions to practice their latest parochial perversions on their offspring.

Former Provincial Deputy Education Minister Ben Levin also served on Premier Kathleen Wynne’s transition team after she won the election. They were also seen together on a float at the sickly parade that celebrates the destruction of any vestiges of common decency. Premier Wynne’s friend Ben Levin was convicted of possession of child pornography, making written child pornography and counselling to commit a sexual assault. Without going into detail, it seems that Kathleen Wynne’s buddy is interested in little children being tied-up, gagged, blind-folded, signed sealed and delivered. Did we mention that the “counselling” was of an incestuous nature of mother-daughter bonding? We can speculate that Wynne’s partner in pornographic education was emboldened and felt that his behaviour must be represented in the LGBTTIQQ2SA family of far-fetched fetishes and foolishness.

Some supporters of the new sex-education courses say, “Well, they’re going to learn about it ANYWAY”. Believe us folks, kids will not learn about ‘fluid sexual identity’ and similar insane notions in the schoolyard. This indoctrination job is for professional groomers like Ben Levin and his associates. Was anybody surprised when a supporter of the latest educational atrocity was arrested for child pornography? Your Ward News wasn’t surprised at all and can only ask, “How MANY Ben Levins are in the Liberal Party?” We certainly can’t expect them to surrender into the custody of the appropriate authorities. Parents that are stupid enough to procure their own children for these “gentle” educators should rightfully rot in hell….if hell would have them.

The accusation that those who are opposed to the new sex-ed agenda are knuckle-draggers who probably don’t believe in evolution, is merely an attempt to deflect the fact that these progressives are actually predators. Some say that, “It takes a village to raise a child”. But if Kathleen Wynne, Ben Levin and their ideological brothers, sisters and ‘Cousin Itts’ are some of those villagers, you may want to keep your kids as far away from the village as possible.



For having the temerity to request an audience with the new Don of the City of Toronto, John Tory, the President of the Toronto Private Property Rights Association, Jessica Lauren Annis, is singled out and targeted with legal threats by bureaucratic minion.

“Initially, I was scared; I started shaking when I first read the letter from the Director of Toronto Water, Lou Di Gironimo. It is not pleasant receiving a threatening letter from the thugocracy for the high crime of refusing the imposition of a “smart” water meter in my home. Now, however, I’m angry. It is becoming increasingly clear to anyone who is paying attention that bureaucratic thugs run our municipal government and our elected representatives no longer feel the need to either respond to or act on behalf of their constituents.” Jessica remarked.

Something is drastically wrong when bullycrats, with the tacit support of the mayor and municipal councilors, feel empowered to terrorize residents with threats of financial ruin.

During his mayoral campaign, candidate John Tory promised to bring civility back to City Hall. Apparently that means appeasing Council, the bureaucracy and his corporate buddies, not representing his constituents.

TPPRA will continue to fight to protect residents’ common-law rights. TPPRA may be relatively new to the political scene in Toronto, but the Ontario Landowners Association, of which TPPRA is a chapter, is one of the largest civil rights activist groups in Ontario, with a long history of vigorous political engagement, including the use of civil disobedience, in their ongoing effort to cause elected representatives and public servants to do their jobs, i.e., protect and defend the rights of their constituents.

TPPRA members have chosen to opt out of the government’s surveillance-control (“smart”) grid. How on earth is this a punishable offense?

It is time to push back!

TPPRA’s correspondence to Mayor Tory and the letter from Toronto Water can be accessed here:

For further information, contact:

Jessica Lauren Annis, BURPl, MCIP, RPP

(647) 867-3242


Federal Liberal Party nominee Nathaniel Erskine-Smith (Beaches-East York) who beat out Marisa Sterling for that position, is being accused by Sterling of cheating. In turn, Liberal Erskine-Smith is accusing Liberal Sterling of signing up “newer Canadians” for Liberal Party membership and paying their memberships for them. That is a serious fraud allegation. Sterling continues the volley by accusing Erskine-Smith of hiring robots to automatically dial Marisa Sterling’s supporters. Sterling’s supporters are mechanically, but politely, reminded that they must purchase their Liberal Party memberships with their own money. She has filed an appeal with the Liberal Permanent Appeals Committee, believing that the robo-calls were meant to intimidate those who might have supported her.

More than a thousand new party members, many Bangladeshis and South Asians, were signed-up in November, allowing them to participate in the Liberal riding association meeting to select the new candidate in the Beaches-East York. Liberal-select Nathaniel Erskine-Smith denies that the robot callers were meant to intimidate possible supporters of Liberal       non-select Marisa Sterling. He said, “We ran a clean campaign from start to finish. We just wanted to make sure that it was a fair fight to the end”. He continued, ”You spend a year of your life sitting around kitchen tables and signing people up for ten dollars. You grow a riding organically by signing ‘em up….one at a time”.

Erskine-Smith won the nomination when he bested Sterling on the final round of counting in the ranked-preference voting system. But who knows what went on behind the scenes at the highest level of the Liberal Party? A growing list of ridings are experiencing nastier and nastier disputes between rival Liberal camps. The Liberal Party is infamous for not being what they appear….morally, ethically, and legally. At the bottom of the heap is a cesspool of in-fighting and corruption. In the middle, billions of missing ducats, erased evidence, and a premier bereft of any personal and professional morality.

At the top of the steaming Liberal Party heap, party leader Justin Trudeau has publicly committed to allowing open nominations in all ridings, but now faces serious allegations from these underlings. They claim that Justin’s ‘green light committee’ that approves or disapproves of potential nominees is now a system to disqualify those that are challenging the dictator’s ‘PREFERRED CANDIDATES’. Some lower caste Liberals recently threatened to quit the party. They protested that the nomination process was MANIPULATED to install one of the “STARS” that Trudeau brought to the party. This Justin approved Vancouver-South candidate is Harjit Sajjan. Ottawa lawyer David Bertschifiled filed an appeal after being banned from running as a candidate in Ottawa-Orleans, allowing Trudeau advisor Andrew Leslie to secure the nomination. It appears that the biggest, most entertaining political fights in the near future will be starring LIBERAL vs. LIBERAL.



  Why Does The Government Need To “Mandate” Vaccines If In Fact They Are Safe?

What Every Canadian Parent Should Know About Infant & Childhood Vaccinations!

  Toronto Star writes:  More vaccines for schoolchildren? City’s public health unit urges expanding the list of mandatory vaccinations required for school attendance.

Once again, we are subjected to the commercially based, unscientific coercive power, intimidation, denial, outmoded testing and reliance health officials, the government and the vaccine industry wields. It is closely aligned with the response from vaccine makers such as Merck to step up their fear mongering, strong arm tactics, to ensure compliance.


  Merck-Frosst, the maker of the HPV vaccine is one of the most controversial vaccines in history. In 2007, the Harper government allocated $300 million to vaccinate thousands of girls as young as age nine against a sexually transmitted disease, human papillomavirus (HPV) which occasionally causes cervical cancer. The vaccine (Gardasil) only works on girls with no sexual experience.

 Clinical trials were insufficient to test the efficacy of the vaccine since the subjects were too young to be exposed to HPV. There are over 100 strains of the HPV virus…the HPV vaccine may protect you against 4 out of those 100 strains. In fact it doesn’t even rank in the top 10 cancers amongst Canadian women. Once again, what corporate interests were involved in the action the Harper Government took? Apparently a former adviser to Harper became a lobbyist for Merck.

 Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to try and teach our young children about the pitfalls of being promiscuous? What politicians are profiting up front from big pharma in the name of protecting public health?

True or False? (Vaccines are mandatory under the law for school entry in Canada).

False – Under the Immunization of School Pupils Act, full legal exemption from all vaccines has been available since the amendment of the Act in 1984.

The Committee Against Compulsory Vaccination was formed by the growing number of parents concerned about mandatory vaccination for school entry, to protest Ontario’s Immunization of School Pupils Act; which at that time was passed overnight without any public input, which is also publicly funded.

The Act as it was written did not include vaccine exemption for reasons of conscience. The political work of Vaccine Choice Canada (formerly VRAN) succeeded in forcing the Ontario government to include an exemption for conscience clause in an amendment to the Act in 1984.

Only 3 provinces in Canada have enacted legislation governing the vaccination of school children (Ontario, New Brunswick and Manitoba). All 3 Provincial Acts contain legal exemptions for all vaccines required for school entry (see below). No person in Canada can be forced to receive a vaccination. Canadian Medical Law (Informed Consent & Your Rights) clearly states that healthcare recipients must be informed of all significant risks posed by any invasive medical procedure that carries a risk of injury or death.

At least 15% of young doctors being polled admit they are starting to adopt a more individualized approach to vaccine safety concerns from parents. Each person is biochemically unique; one size does not fit all!!

There is a growing number of health professionals and concerned parents speaking out on the safety of vaccinations. The truth is the severity and incidence of disease had begun to decline long before vaccinations came on the scene. A good example of this is measles; prior to the introduction of the measles vaccines in the mid 1960’s, measles had plummeted by 98-99.6%.

The MMR vaccine immunity wears off.

All vaccines carry a risk of injury to death! In the case of the chicken pox vaccine, serious adverse reaction rates dramatically increase in younger age groups (including numerous cases of brain inflammation, neurological disorders, and immune system damage).

There is strong evidence that many deaths reported as (SIDS) or crib death may in fact be vaccine deaths. In 1975 the Japanese Government raised the minimum vaccination age from two months to two years and crib deaths virtually disappeared.

Isn’t the real safety test on infants and children who are vaccinated. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that a more individualized approach to vaccinations must be taken at the very least, and a small percentage of young physicians being polled are advocating just that..since each individual person is biochemically unique.

Up to 90% of vaccine injuries go unreported. How then are we to know the accuracy of any data; and Health Canada has never released the complete list of ingredients contained in vaccinations.

The Public Health vaccine schedule clearly states the following:

 Is it safe?
Immunization is very safe. A very thorough health protection process is in place to ensure the safety of all vaccines. Once a vaccine is in use, its safety is continually monitored.

Are there any side effects?
For most people, there are no side effects from immunization. However, some people may experience mild pain, swelling and/or redness where the shot was given. Talk to your doctor about how reactions can be prevented or minimized. Serious side effects are rare. For more information ask your doctor, or call the Immunization Information Line at 416-392-1250.

If you take the time to read the product information leaflet on the Arepanrix H1N1 pandemic influenza vaccine, it is a chilling reminder of the stand Health Canada took on authorizing the sale of this vaccine under limited clinical testing in humans, and in many of the age categories there are no human clinical trials even taking place. I am still awaiting the arrival of the H1N1 pandemic. You may recall the relentless drive on the 6 p.m. news to run out and get your flu shot. I believe only 30% of Canadians succumbed to the pressure.

In order to bring forward the most accurate and truthful information to the many parents looking for answers, it is necessary to point them in the direction of reliable independent and scientific awareness.

It has been my quest for many years to find answers and connect the dots, I have spoken to many parents of autistic children and the parents of a child administered the HINI vaccine. In speaking to the father of one family, he angrily told me how healthy and vibrant his youngster was before being administered the triple live MMR vaccine. He also asked me if I was aware that there is a high incidence of healthcare workers, doctors and nurses who do not get their children vaccinated? As a retired practitioner in the health industry, I was not surprised by his comment.

Between 2009 – 2010, the H1N1 flu shot was given as a separate dosage. In talking to the Public Health Department here in Toronto, they advised me that flu shots are tweaked each year. The (H1N1flu shot administered between 2009-2010 was given as a separate shot). She advised they no longer give that single dose?

In discussion with a Toronto father of an eight year old child, who received the H1N1 vaccine …he spoke about how his family members have enjoyed long healthy lives into their 90’s. He spoke about his daughter and how she always enjoyed good health just 4 days before her death. It was heart wrenching to hear him speak of this terrible time for his family, and how he was told by health officials that his daughter must have suffered from asthma prior to receiving the vaccine. Over time he was given many different scenarios from health officials regarding the likelihood for her death. Once again…full board denial from Health Canada…stating that vaccines are safe and necessary. A concerned parent looking to make sense of this preventable tragedy.

Shortly after speaking to this man I was listening to the news I heard another distraught father report that his eight year old girl died following the administering of this same vaccine. It begs the question, “just how many preventable deaths occurred as a result of the H1N1 vaccine?”

In my own circle of friends I can’t help but think over the years about the possible connection in their case between the Hepatitis B vaccine and the autoimmune disease Lupus. Many years ago my friend’s 13 year old daughter received the Hepatitis B vaccine. According to her, she was not the same person following the vaccine and within a short time was diagnosed with Lupus. Apparently other children within the school experienced similar negative symptoms following the vaccine.

Some of the groups at highest risk of contracting hepatitis B are intravenous drug users and prostitutes. Infants and children rarely develop this disease.

In October 1998 the French Ministry banned hepatitis B shots for school-aged children; based on evidence that the vaccine causes multiple sclerosis, lupus, arthritis, diabetes and autoimmune diseases.

It is still a very sobering reminder to think about the many people who virtually accept things at face value, and truly believe the actions taken by pharmaceutical interests, Government officials, and their lobbyists, controlled mainstream media (under the guise of powerful marketing, fraudulent claims, and corporate greed) are without question serving the public good!

The corporate mandate is about profits after all.

The most important question to ask yourself is “who stands to gain from the obscene profits that are generated from injecting your children with multiple vaccinations?”

What are the “risks or side effects” to vaccinating your child?

More critically….. “Do the benefits outway the risks or side effects?”

Dr. Andrew Wakefield…one of the lead researchers of a team of 13 doctors speaking out on the safety of the MMR vaccine (raising questions about the safety of the triple live virus vaccine).

In his practice, Dr. Wakefield was hearing story after story about how their normally developing children regressed into autism or autism-like states soon after receiving the MMR vaccine.

Dr. Wakefield’s 15 year nightmare began after he asked 2 simple questions of the Medical Machine.

. Is the measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine safe?

. Can the MMR vaccine cause autistic regression and intestinal disease? Once again a witch hunt was launched to destroy Dr. Wakefield. Get the answers you are looking for in the book Callous Disregard by Dr. Andrew Wakefield.

Read what whistleblower Dr. Shiv Chopra (Federal Scientist) has to say about the safety of Canadians. He worked for Health Canada for over 30 years, was fired by Paul Martin for insubordination, and together with his close colleagues took the unpopular stand only few of us are willing to take.

For more information on making an informed and responsible decision on your child’s health.

Contact: Vaccine Choice Canada (formerly VRAN) P.O. Box 169 Winlaw, B.C. VOG 2JO     

Canada’s leading vaccine risk awareness society and a Non-profit Organization

(All the information on the Immunization of School Pupils Act is posted on their website and provides a link to the legislation and the Government Exemption Form:

Read Claytons story (A Must Read)

 Please watch the film: The Greater Good (Depicting the science and politics of Vaccines)


 Vaccines Are They Really Safe & Effective?

By Neil Z. Miller (A Must Read)




 When the silent majority is not moved by fear and start speaking up…then…and only then will there be change!

  Marlene Lynn

Informed Choice

Your Choice

Two and a half MPs

March 24, 2015

By Bahman Yazdanfar


“You don’t need to go too far to learn, how our government and major political parties run the House of Commons.

A few year ago I was watching a T.V. show, called “Two and a Half Men”, two selfish brothers, the Conservative Party and the Liberal Party, do everything and anything to indulge their own desire, with a different approach, but same objectives.

Then there is a son and nephew, the NDP, who uses the climate and relationship between his dad and uncle for his own advantage, as well as being a source of amusement and liability.

A relatively sensible housekeeper, keep these three on their toes, on and off; but she doesn’t want to do anything with this family and her presence is purely for a financial purpose, The Bloc Québécois.

And finally, an unwanted controlling mother, who is being tolerated only because she is useful, when these guys are in trouble, the good old Uncle Sam!

In every episode, those who come into contact with any member of this elite and small family, get burned, and that of course is us, Canadians!

I would like to call our system, our show: Two and a half MP’s; the old fashioned bread and circuses and not a good one, I must add!

The only difference between the TV show and our show is, that Canadians are not just viewers, and they have the power to cancel our show and election time is when they can do it, if they desire;

The big question is how long we, the Canadians, would like to watch our taxes being wasted for this mockery?”


By Luella TheSnitch
March 1, 2015


The Ontario Government announced today a new initiative in the development of renewable energy sources.

It has negotiated a deal with the Chinese Government to build processing plants for waste. China is internationally recognized as a world leader in the re-processing of human waste.

“With six billion people” says the Chinese Minister, Jhit Shingles “one can imagine the staggering productivity”.

The disposal of so much waste has been a logistical nightmare until China undertook strong measures to reconstitute their product.

“What we did,” says Minister Jhit, “is separate the liquids from the solids. The liquids are filtered, all chemicals and by-products recovered and we are left with clean water ready for the hot-pot! We call it hotable-potable water!”

The solid waste is dried and formed into pellets. It makes excellent growth compost and is particularly suited in the fertilization of Brown Rice.

“We look forward to working with the Government of Ontario in further advances of this industry,” said Jhit. “We are especially interested in the new direction that Ontario is pursuing with this success.”

The Minister of Energy, Bobo Charlatani, plans to combine this with the efficacious  achievements of Ontario’s Green Act.

“As we all know,” says Bobo, “Ontario has engaged the wind turbine industry to invest in turbines whereby the electricity produced is added to the grid and the investors are compensated for their product.”

“With this Brown Act, we will be connecting the waste systems throughout the province, accumulating the Brown Brew in one main reservoir (located very near Queen’s Park) where the essence will be processed. What Ontario proposes is an advanced approach whereby a meter will be connected to every latrine and the confection from each toilet will be measured (just like with the turbines).”

Responding to questions from the media, the Minister explained that, for each dump a resident undertakes, the government will measure the “Toiletry” and send him a cheque.

“Of course, the meters will be ‘smart meters’ and calibrated to measure the liquidity, solidity and time of production.”

Accordingly, Toiletry received when the House is in session will have a greater return (this will be known as ROI). The highest rates will be paid during ‘Question Period’.

“Imagine,” said the Minister, “the other nations will look upon Ontario as the leader of World Energy Development. We will be known internationally as the Toilet Centre of the Planet.”

“An Ontarian will be able to earn money by taking a dump. Of course, they’ll have to get off the throne to deposit the cheques,” says Bobo, with a glint of humour in his eyes.

The first meters will be installed in the Liberal offices at Queen’s Park where the greatest return of investment (ROI) is expected.
The Inaugural Dump will be performed by the Premier who is renowned for her ability to simultaneously dump and stand at attention while singing “God Save the Queens!”

Community leaders will be invited to the ceremony where souvenir pellets will commemorate the event.

The attendees will also be given a Sears-Roebuck Catalogue to take home. Refreshments will be needed.


…TO KNOW WHICH WAY THE WIND BLOWS. It doesn’t really matter which way the wind blows, NDP Member of Parliament (Beaches-East York) Matthew Kellway is full of hot air. In February, he co-hosted what is known as Urban Summit: “Re-Imagining Our Cities 2: The Resilient City.” After all, his trip to Bangladesh likely inspired some wonderful ideas on improving Toronto. While in Bangladesh, Matthew met with survivors, garment manufacturers, government officials, and International Labour Organizations. The stated reason for his trip was to commemorate the 1,135 garment workers who perished in the rubble of the Rana Plaza disaster. He even made mention of the awful Triangle Factory fire of 1911 in New York City. We guess there is a lot to learn from a country that has no word for ‘fire exit’. Even weirder is his picture with Mintu, Fuad Randy and Dewan at the Shaheed Minar monument, dedicated to the martyrs of the International Mother Language Day Movement (W.T.F.??????)

Matthew Kellway, Member of Parliament for Beaches-East York has also re-introduced the Climate Change Accountability Act. He is a big advocate of giant wind turbines like con-man Al Gore and they both characterize these monstrous machines as being “green” and good for everyone. The truth is they spell death to wildlife and agonizing health problems for citizens. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: “Wind turbine technology is the biggest scam since 24-hour Martinizing”. We are conducting a complete investigation into the International Communism that Matthew Kellway represents.

You can let YOUR opinion of his positions at: or 416-467-0860 and make it clear “WE DON’T NEED YOU EDUCATION; WE DON’T NEED YOUR THOUGHT CONTROL!!!


The Dirty Dozen Part One

March 24, 2015


Costly mistakes made by the provincial government in the last 10 years! From Catherine Mitchell, Welland PART ONE:

The mandate of any politically elected government is to serve and protect all the people in their jurisdiction. One of the key requirements is wise use and investment of the funds, so financial competence is necessary for good stewardship. With this in mind, I thought I would look for 12 of the most costly financial decisions/mistakes over the last 10 years. Since the Ontario Provincial Liberals have been the only party in power in the last 10 years, they can be held accountable for the outcome of these decisions.

#1 Provincial Debt – Ministry of Finance – $143.35 billion increase since 2003

The projected budget for Ontario for 2014-15 is $127.6 billion in expenses with $117 billion in revenue so with deficit financing the government will add $10.6 billion to the Ontario provincial debt. This is in addition to the existing $276 billion provincial deficit, approximately $20,500 per person.

Ontario’s net debt – the difference between total liabilities and total financial assets – has more than doubled under the Liberal leadership. In 2002 -2003 the net debt was $132.65 billion but has increased to $276 billion by 2014, so the Liberal government has added $143.35 billion to the provincial debt

The negative consequences of a large debt load include debt-servicing costs which divert funding away from other government programs; a greater vulnerability to any interest-rate increases; and a potential credit-rating downgrade which could make it more expensive to borrow. Our children and grandchildren will pay more taxes and have fewer options because of this increasing debt load.

#2. Feed in Tariff (FIT) subsidy paid to multinational industrial wind energy corporations – Ministry of Energy – $1.6 billion per year for FIT contracts for wind energy plus $2 billion per year for discounted surplus hydro, so over the 20 year contracts $72 billion

The Renewable Energy Initiative as structured by Energy Minister George Smitherman will cost the rate payers of this province $1.6 BILLION per year in Feed in Tariff (FIT) contracts for wind energy for the next 20 years. We have the highest electricity rates in North America – a fact that is driving commerce and industry out of this province.

Our electricity system is transitioning from “power at cost” which was the HEPC and Ontario Hydro mandate, to “power for profit” as private for profit, frequently multinational corporations gain control of the electricity grid.

As of Sept 2014 the Ontario Power Authority was managing 5,697 MW of combined capacity from wind projects, 3,066 MW in commercial operation and 2,631 MW under development

To calculate the FIT subsidy paid to the multinational industrial wind corporations multiply the MW x efficiency x hours per year x rate. So 5697 MW x 27% operating efficiency x 8760 hrs annually x $119.35/ MW = $1.6 billion annual subsidy to be paid each year for the next 20 years! The cost is part of the Global Adjustment fee on all consumers’ electricity bills.

Renewable energy is intermittent – industrial wind turbines require wind and solar requires sunshine, so renewable energy can not be counted on to provide base load power. This means that an alternative source of base load power, frequently natural gas plants must be operating on standby, so in effect we are paying for two systems to run more or less simultaneously.

The upgrading of the infrastructure – transmission lines – will cost $2 billion so we can transport surplus energy to New York, Quebec, Manitoba and Michigan. We have been producing surplus energy in Ontario for the last 10 years due to the loss of manufacturing with the respective loss of 350,000 manufacturing jobs. This surplus energy is being sold for $2 BILLION less than the cost of production. So people of Ontario are subsidizing the power of our neighbours while we pay the highest power rates in North America.

#3 Annual Debt Service Cost –Ministry of Finance – $10.6 billion per year

The carrying charges – interest payment – on the $276 billion provincial debt are $10.6 billion per year. Debt-servicing costs divert funding away from other government programs so money we could have spent on health care, education, infrastructure, social programs, elder care, etc. must be spent on interest payments.

A large debt load creates a greater vulnerability to any interest-rate increases. If the interest rate on the provincial debt increased by one percent the annual debt service cost would increase by $3 billion per year.

#4. $9.7 billion Samsung Deal – later reduced to $6.3 billion– Ministry of Energy

Energy Minister George Smitherman signed the $ 9.7 billion deal with the Korean Consortium – Samsung – for industrial wind turbines and solar projects, BUT no due diligence – no business plan, no input from the Ontario Power Authority or the Ontario Energy Board and more importantly – no vote by the citizens of this province. (Read the Auditor General’s Report on Renewable Energy – 2011)

This deal was untendered and sole-sourced to the consortium led by Samsung. The consortium was guaranteed rates of 13.5 cents per KWH for wind power and 44.3 cents per KWH for solar power regardless of market conditions. The deal is structured with priority access to the grid and incentives of $437 million to be paid to the Consortium over the 25 year life of the deal. The cost is included in the Global Adjustment portion of the consumers’ bills.

This is the third scandal that is directly attributed to George Smitherman – EHealth and ORNGE both occurred when he was Minister of Health.

#5 Debt Retirement Charge on Hydro   2002 – 2014 – Ministry of Energy – $7.6 Billion – $15.6 Billion in interest charges.

In 2002 the residual stranded debt from the restructuring of hydro was $7.8 billion. The Electricity Act, 1998 authorized a new Debt Retirement Charge (DRC) to be paid by electricity ratepayers until the residual stranded debt was retired.

Collection of the DRC began on May 1, 2002. The rate was established at 0.7 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity and remains the same today. Currently, the Ontario Electricity Financial Corp. (OEFC)   collects approximately $950 million a year in DRC revenue. As of March 31, 2014, approximately $11.5 billion in DRC revenue had been collected. The 2013 Ontario Economic Outlook and Fiscal Review reported $3.9 billion of residual stranded debt still owing as of March 31, 2013.

Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli announced that the debt retirement charge will be removed from residential consumers’ electricity bills on Jan. 1, 2016 but non-residential electricity users, including large industries, will still have to pay the debt retirement charge until 2018. So over 12 years consumers paid $11.5 billion but only reduced this debt by $3.9 billion!

The Province has earned .67 cents for every dollar they borrowed to acquire OPG and Hydro One but the consumers pay the interest carrying costs so pay $3.00 for every $1.00 of the “stranded debt reduction”. This creative financing means that the Finance Ministry will collect $23.4 Billion from the ratepayers to pay the original residual stranded debt of $7.8 Billion.

#6 Infrastructure Ontario – $8 billion

In the Auditor General’s Report – 2014, Bonnie Lysyk was critical of the way Alternative Financing and Procurement [AFP], otherwise known as PPP (public private partnerships) was measured. The report suggests that Infrastructure Ontario (IO) overspent, costing taxpayers $8 billion in tangible costs. The following is an excerpt from the report:

“For 74 infrastructure projects (either completed or under way) where Infrastructure Ontario concluded that private-sector project delivery (under the Alternative Financing and Procurement [AFP] approach) would be more cost effective, we noted that the tangible costs (such as construction, financing, legal services, engineering services and project management services) were estimated to be nearly $8 billion higher than they were estimated to be if the projects were contracted out and managed by the public sector.”

According to the March 31, 2014 annual report IO has $4.8 billion in outstanding Loans Receivables with $1.6 billion of those having terms over 20 years. The “Loan valuation allowance” or what a bank calls “allowance for bad debts” is a meager $11 million and presumably does not include any allowance against the MaRS debt of $215 million.

The IO’s website delivers little information on those loans -“Since 2003, Infrastructure Ontario’s Loan Program has supported the development of more than $9.4 billion in local infrastructure projects – from the construction of roads, bridges, arena complexes, and long-term care homes to the acquisition and installation of capital assets like fire trucks, smart meters and energy efficient lighting.”

The IO March 31, 2014 annual report indicates Loans to “Local Distribution Corps” are $241 million (smart meters, etc) and “Loans to Power Generators” $120 million with $28 million lent to “District Energy”. The latter loans are classified by IO as “Tier 3” risks which they note are: “Tier three borrowers are organizations dependent on self-generated revenues either by market-set prices or donations and fundraising.” Considering the MaRS loan has a better loan classification (Tier 2) more public information is needed on lesser Tier 3 grade loans.

#7. The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) – $4.3 Billion

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) scandal certainly made headlines in 2011. This dysfunctional crown corporation was the subject of damning reviews by the Ontario Ombudsman and the Ontario Auditor General and was plagued with scandals ranging from expense abuse to insider wins. Estimates in excess of $4.3 billion misplaced or misspent have been reported.

Millions of dollars, originally intended to stimulate Ontario’s economy were wasted on gym memberships, liquor tabs and car detailing. Many OLG executives, earning salaries in excess of $200,000, used taxpayer dollars to buy clothes, golf club memberships, and expensive dinners.


Jane (McEckron???) unit manager, officer Rochon and officer Tomeroy have denied healthcare and other rights to Michelle L Erstikaitis. Restricted her mail and telephone, denied visits, returned her to her cell from a hospital without a proper length of time to recover. This was all due to a misconduct charge because Michelle was privately singing a song about Starbucks Coffee in her cell. We plan on publishing a new article in print from her in the April edition.

Join Archbishop Dorian Baxter in His Righteous Crusade for Liberty:

Rally For Justice And To Bring Accountability   To The Children’s Aid Societies Of Canada!


This coming March 22nd., 2015 Archbishop Dorian A. Baxter B.A., O.T.C., M.Div. celebrates exactly 21 years since he made Canadian Legal history by becoming the first person to shatter the immunity of the Children’s Aid Society of Durham in particular and all Children’s Aid Societies across Canada. In that precedent-setting Judgement of March 22nd., 1994 (see Baxter V’s Durham CAS, Justice Somers) Justice Somers found the Durham CAS GUILTY of the grossest negligence, the grossest incompetence, malicious prosecution and blackmail!!!

Baxter founded NAPPA (The National Association for Public and Private Accountability) and Canada Court Watch ( immediately following this Judgement and is appalled to note that the Children’s Aid Societies of Canada appear to have learned nothing and continue to believe themselves to be above the Law!!! It is hoped that a minimum of 10,000 people will attend this unprecedented “Rally For Justice And To Bring Accountability To The Children’s Aid Societies Of Canada”!!! Details will be forthcoming re: current plans to establish the Rally at the end of May and people interested in assisting are asked to contact Archbishop Baxter in any of the following ways:

  1. Telephone: (289) 221-2687
  2. Facebook: “Dorian Arthur Baxter”
  3. E-mail:

Sincerely in Christ’s service,



500 Dawes Road

February 9, 2015


Editor’s note: We received a clearly scripted 5 minute voicemail message praising the “new” owners of 500 Dawes Road (lie) – and how wonderful the building is (lie), with countless happy residents (lie). Examples of the new management include putting up a sign asking people not to allow strangers into the building, and a sign asking residents to make use of the trash bin. As far as rats “some people brought them in as pets” the caller said, so it’s no wonder why they escaped into the walls and started breading. We even have a personal invitation to visit the superintendent, but we will ONLY accept if Janet Davis attends with us. Obviously the landlord’s deceit, and Janet Davis’ indifference never ends as this anonymous article proves:

I’m a resident of 500 Dawes Road, and have been for over 10 years. (Before Mrs. C. Krebs, aka C. Goodman, aka M. Litton took over the building and before the Human Rights Commission said they can no longer rent out to just adults.) The problem with the building started when the Harris Government closing down low rental housing and selling off the property to BIG developers. This is causing a major hosing shortage for low income family’s. Mrs. C. Krebs jumped on the band wagon and open the doors to 500 Dawes Road and 608 Dawes Road to low income family’s, then made a deal with the Federal Government to house immigrants at an inflated amount above the real rent.

We do have low income families in the building refusing to work, rather being on Ontario Works or O.D.S.P, and then we have the gang bangers and drug dealers. I must admit that Toronto Police’s gang unit, and drug squads have been very busy thanks to Mrs. Krebs (she use’s the Toronto Police Services as her personal security force). She also hires tenants from the Building to work around the building and property paying any where from $5.00 to $7.00 a hour when they are behind in there rent (due to the rental increases each year, more then they receive on Ontario Works.)

After a couple months she will have them evicted from the building, and have the door locks changed so they can not get their personal property. Then she has her staff clean out the unit. What is any good they split it up between them and the rest goes in the garbage. You can visit 79 St. Clair Avenue East, the Landlord and Tenant Board office and see how many tenants are on the list for eviction (last year there was one tenant in the court because of just 50 cents back rent). Several tenants are simply arrested by the police, and their unit is cleaned out within a week (mostly the drug dealer units). Today Mrs. C. Krebs has 10 units in court and had asked her assistant supervisor to lie for her. When he refused, Krebs got the new supervisor (who is on O.D.S.P.) on the stand.

As far the building maintenance Mrs. Krebs has been in and out of Courts Hearings, for over the past 10 years. At one hearing she was lying through her teeth regarding the heat in the building (500 Dawes Rd.) saying the heat was controlled by the weather and there was a unit on her roof that set the temperature for the building. Then she changed it to each unit has there own control for the heat (more perjury). The boilers were ordered to be replaced (never happened).

As for the fire in elevator, two employees were burnt very badly! One is in a wheel chair needing 24 hour care that was settled out of court. The second who still lives in the building (not able to work due to being burnt on his right side) was given the run around by Mrs. C. Krebs. First saying neither men were ever her employee, second telling him there would be a insurance adjuster getting in touch (which also never happened). The day of the fire Mrs. C. Krebs left the building right after the fire started, she went to the Ontario Social Services Office at Victoria Park and Eglinton and was found there by one of the tenants who stated to her “do you know the building is on fire?” Mrs. C. Krebs replayed yes, and waited two hours before returning to the building.

As for Janet Davis being here every year, yes that is true and even the former mayor Rob Ford has been here (editors note: video shows Mr. Ford was FAR more warmly welcomed). The city has put a lien on the Mortgage Payment from HavCare Investments account to do repairs if Mrs. C. Krebs refuse’s to carry out the work orders that have been placed against the building. Though, admittedly some of these orders date back 10 years.

Mrs. C. Krebs refuses to pay the interest on the last month’s deposit to any tenant stating they do not pay the increase, this not true. I have paid the increase every year and still never received a Cheque from her. Mrs. C. Krebs was ordered back in 2005 to pay each and every tenant their money for 5 years back interest. As for repairs in the units, you are better off doing them yourself. The whole place is below building code standards, any minor work is just a band-aid to keep the city happy.

A last word to those who wish to move DON’T! For the contractors that do work on this building or any other of the buildings she and her husband own, do not do it. You will NOT GET PAID! Yes the building has mice, rats, cockroaches and there are floors that are full of bed bugs. Every single crack head drug dealer in the area has their own keys to the building, though the tenants have to pay $25.00 for a front door key.

Yes, there are still some good tenants living here, they are the ones that have been here for the past 10 to 35 years or longer. If you do want to live here, Mrs. C. Krebs prefers cash rent payments so she does not have to declare it, and she can write the unit off as empty when tax time comes around.

If you want more information regarding the building go online to the City of Toronto’s Building Inspection page and take a visit to the courts/hearings, she just may throw a tantrum fit for you in public. Or just visit the building and talk with some of the tenants.


                 How do we ensure that when one government abuses its power, we don’t have to live with the consequences for a generation? Through the supremacy of our democratically elected legislative assembly in Ontario.

                 In 2009, the Ontario Liberals misused their majority when they stripped municipalities of their long-standing land planning rights in order to impose the wind turbine experiment. They then used executive orders to hand out sole-sourced deals ‎to line the pockets of their wind developer friends. These 20-year deals provide guaranteed pricing to developers for wind power that is above market rates—because wind power cannot be produced in Ontario at reasonable market rates. They also guarantee revenue even when turbines are asked not to produce wind power.

The Ontario Liberals deliberately ignored the interests and wishes of rural Ontario and made all consumers, both urban and rural pay for it—to the tune of $1 billion to $3 billion annually, with increases projected every year. That’s $20 billion to $60 billion over the next two decades. This accounted for only 3.4% of Ontario’s electricity generating capacity, but represented 20% of the total commodity cost of electricity in the province.

And the bad news doesn’t end there—for the last two years, our electricity system has been forced to dump more than double the amount of power generated by wind turbines into other jurisdictions, and at a 75% discount on what we paid to produce it.

Why? Because we are producing more electricity than we need, and because the wind turbines in Ontario produce most of their power during off-peak hours – when we don’t need it all.

And how are the turbines helping the environment? Since wind power is unreliable it requires additional backup power from other generation sources, such as gas-fired generation, which—you guessed it—increases air emissions.

France, Belgium, Italy, and Spain have all had to reverse course on wind power. The reason – the exorbitant costs on consumers with no benefit.

So how do we get out of this mess? If a future government issued another executive order to terminate the McGuinty-Wynne wind power scheme and keep it out of public view, then taxpayers would be on the hook for the entirety of the commitments – as was done by Dalton McGuinty in 2010 with the proposed power plants in Mississauga and Oakville. If, however, the democratically elected legislature passed an explicit statute to end the wind power rip-off, Ontario could determine what compensation, if any, would be paid, and to whom.

Enacting legislation to repeal the Liberal wind power boondoggle is the right way forward. As Premier I will do just that and introduce measures in the legislature to correct this abuse of power by the Ontario Liberals.

Visit to learn more about McNaughton’s plan to end Ontario’s wind energy experiment, and other issues that are part of his plan for Ontario.

Monte McNaughton is the MPP for Lambton-Kent-Middlesex and a candidate for the leadership of the PC Party of Ontario.



February 9, 2015


For a variety of reasons, identified below, many Toronto Private Property Rights (TPPRA), members, including myself, have refused the imposition of “smart” water meters in their homes. In response, we have been threatened with:

-Having our water service discontinued;
-The imposition of fines of up to $50,000;
-Legacy fees of $1,000 per year; &

Additional payments of $240 per year. I was even told over the phone, in an ominous tone, that I would be put on “the list.”

Private property rights: As you are undoubtedly aware, Canadians, including Toronto residents, enjoy private property rights, as identified by the Canadian Bill of Rights (reproduced, below).
the right of the individual to life, liberty, security of the person and enjoyment of property, and the right not to be deprived thereof except by due process of law;
Given that Canadians possess the indefeasible right to the enjoyment of property, it is unclear to TPPRA by what due process of law we are being deprived of it.

Privacy: In addition to the enjoyment of property, Canadians enjoy the common-law right to privacy. The imposition of “smart” water meters in our homes violates our right to privacy. Furthermore, it is unclear to TPPRA why Toronto Water needs to collect water usage data 4 times a day, when residents are billed 3 times a year. It is not the government’s business when and how much water individual households use on a daily basis. Not only do “smart” water meters violate Canadian’s right to privacy, TPPRA is concerned that this data could be easily hacked and used to identify the daily habits of residents, which information would be useful to criminals. Toronto Water’s assertion that their system is secure is belied by the numerous hacking incidents of government agencies and government controlled corporations which have been reported over the last several years.
Also, the by-law that delegates authority to Toronto Water to impose “smart” water meters, also delegates Toronto Water the authority to enter homes without a search warrant, for any reason whatsoever, i.e., if the household uses less water than usual, uses more water than usual or the pattern of water use changes. This is absurd. Police need to show probable cause to obtain a search warrant, prior to entering a home. Apparently, all Toronto Water needs is to impose a spy meter in your home and use the information relayed to it as an excuse to enter.

Program support: TPPRA members do not remember any municipal politician campaigning on and being given a mandate to violate Torontonian’s right to privacy and private property rights, i.e., to impose “smart” water meters. It has been suggested by Toronto Water that a large percentage of residents support the imposition of “smart” water meters as evidenced by the high rate of compliance. TPPRA respectfully disagrees with this assertion, as we maintain that compliance – in the face of threats by Toronto Water of $50,000 fines for non-compliance – does not equal support for the program. In fact, some of our members who vehemently oppose the “smart” water meter program surrendered to Toronto Water and had meters installed in their homes under protest as they were afraid of being financially destroyed.

Due Diligence: TPPRA submits that Toronto Water has not done its due diligence with respect to assessing the health risks associated with “smart” water meters. In our opinion, public health issues have not been thoroughly investigated, as asserted by Toronto Water, as the City of Toronto’s Public Health Department has not undertaken any actual physical testing of the smart water meters, but has instead relied on the manufacturer’s assertion in its literature that RFs are emitted from the units only during data transmission. Even after relying on the manufacturer’s assertion, Public Health has only been able to determine that “smart” water meters are “unlikely” to pose a risk to human health. Given that “smart” water meters are installed inside homes, “unlikely” is not a high enough standard when it comes to the health of our families.

Fire hazard: Ontario’s Fire Marshal has identified that smart meters were linked to 23 incidents in Ontario from 2011 – 2013. “I can tell you 10 of those were smart meter failures attributed to internal faults, and 13 were small fires attributed to high-resistance heating,” said spokeswoman Carol Gravelle.

In August 2014 SaskPower announced plans to remove all 105,000 of its smart meters and replace them with traditional units, after a number of smart meters caught fire.
TPPRA has grave concerns with respect to the safety of these devices, as it is our understanding that fire risk is inherent in the design of all “smart” meters, not just specific makes and models.

Health/Radio Frequencies: Many TPPRA members suffer adverse health impacts due to exposure to RFs. Woman’s College Hospital officially recognizes electromagnetic sensitivity as a health condition and trains doctors to recognize it. Exposing people, who are currently suffering from electromagnetic sensitivity, to additional RFs within their homes, will only exacerbate their ongoing health problems. TPPRA does not believe that it is the proper role of government to harm the health of residents against their will.

Economics/efficacy: Given the recently released scathing provincial Auditor General’s report concerning the massive failure of the provincial governments smart electricity meter program, which identified that the costs of the program far outweigh the benefits, and the provincial Ombudsman’s ongoing investigation of the complete lack of efficacy of Hydro One’s smart meter program and its resulting abysmal billing system failures, we do not buy-in to Toronto Water’s assertion that the “smart” water meters are accurate or that the program will save the City of Toronto money in the long-run.

Conclusion: TPPRA submits that threatening and bullying residents is not the appropriate role of government in a free society. TPPRA members have not violated anyone’s rights by opting out of the government’s surveillance-control grid. In fact, we are defending and protecting our common-law rights and freedoms, specifically our right to privacy and our private property rights.
TPPRA believes that we can come to a mutually acceptable agreement with the City of Toronto and we are eager to enter into discussions as soon as possible, in an effort to de-escalate the situation.

Yours in liberty,
Jessica Lauren Annis

Politicians vs. Prostitutes
by Bahman Yazdanfar


Question: Who do you have to respect more: prostitutes or career politicians? Answer: You must pay more respect to street prostitutes than career politicians, since there are number of differences in conduct between the two:

·     Prostitutes stick to their word, deliver what they agreed to on the budget that was discussed, at the time of the negotiation; but career politicians sign contracts without thinking, and always ask for much more, and deliver much less, if at all!

·     Prostitutes get paid to be screwed. Career politicians get paid to do the job, but at the end, they are the ones who screw you!

·     Prostitutes will return your money if they choose to cancel their agreement, but career politicians make you pay even more, when they choose and/or fail to deliver!

·     Prostitutes provide you with temporary pleasure for your money and time, but career politicians generate so many complications, giving you permanent misery!

·     Prostitutes cannot operate freely without consequences, but career politicians can do what they want, without any accountability!

·     Prostitutes respect the space of their colleagues, but career politicians stab anyone in the back to get ahead!

·     Prostitutes don’t meddle in politics, but career politicians make prostitution their number one priority. They constantly pass laws to put prostitutes out of business! Ironically, many of these career politicians bring a large portion of business to prostitutes using tax dollars!

·     Prostitutes never ask for extra to cover their business expenses, but career politicians make you pay for their perks!

·     Prostitutes insist on using protection to guard their customers, but career politicians do whatever they want, passing the consequences of their own recklessness to the public!

·     Prostitutes treat their customers well, hoping for repeat business. Career politicians don’t give a damn about the people who elect and pay them, because repeat business is always guaranteed!

·     Prostitutes didn’t get to this industry by choice, but career politicians did!


Did you ever imagine what you could do if you could disappear? You may not have to imagine any longer. Attempts to hide in plain sight have made great advancements, but new methods of doing so are absolutely mind-blowing. The ‘mimic’ octopus and some cuttlefish transform the color and shape of their bodies to match the background behind them. This feature makes them nearly impossible to see, protecting them from being attacked by other marine life. The effect is the same as ‘invisibility’, but different principles are being used by researchers to make humans impossible to see.

The method used by some inventors is being called the Rochester Cloak. This technique can be illustrated in an experiment requiring four lenses of different strengths placed in the perfect distance from each other. There is a mathematical equation which is way beyond our scope. Anyway, the objective is to make you invisible from all angles.

We know that light can be interrupted, reflected, refracted and bent. This discovery has light bending around the individual and projecting a perfect reproduction of what is behind him or her on to the front, wherever that may be at that moment. It works even if you are in motion. The “picture” moves relative to the sight-line. After we tried to find out more about this optical technology, a scientist recalled hearing that it is being done with beads of glass, but he didn’t know any more about it. Iraqis have reported experiencing this phenomenon and having film of a U.S. soldier reappearing as he jumped on to a tank, but that is clearly impossible to confirm.

We found a source that knew quite a bit about this subject and couldn’t stop talking. He spoke freely about glass beads only 50 microns wide. Specializing in optics, the professor spoke about polymers, metamaterials, negative refraction index, and arrays of tiny mirrors. We didn’t understand hardly a word. He had never studied ‘cloaking’, but was actually amazed at the idea.

Is there a material that can deliver invisibility? Is three-dimensional, continuous multi-directional ‘cloaking’ now available? Certainly not to the public as of yet. The many possible applications go way beyond just scaring the crap out of your buddies. Could optical cloaking allow a surgeon to see through his hands while operating? Or make the blind spot on a vehicle see-through? Can we imagine paint with this property that could be applied to many types of surfaces? Do we even dare imagine the military uses?

Cloaking technology is advancing in leaps and bounds. I have dreamed about invisibility since seeing the movie The Invisible Man starring Claude Rains and reading the book by H.G. Wells. Your Ward News is going to dig deeper to find this material that may or may not exist. We hope to find it…

See Ya!… Maybe?


I am a 49 year old man. I started working when I was 16 years old. I worked 17 years in a sawmill for a large forestry company in B.C. : I drove a forklift, worked on the green chain, was a First Aid attendant and Power Plant worker. After that, I was a sanitation foreman at a large bread factory for three years. I’ve also worked at the UBC research forest, a large B.C. Tea & Coffee importer, and a Shake and Shingle factory. I was laid off late in the past recession. For the last five years, I have not been able to find a job.

I’ve given up hope. I cannot provide any recent references because of the situation I am in. People from other countries have an unfair advantage. They may provide references, but who is actually going to check theirs? All the homeless I see are Whites or Native Indians. And the numbers keep growing. I have to remain in poverty while I watch immigrants grow in wealth. I’ve had to put up with their racism. I am scorned by some of them if I even look at them the wrong way.

If I and many like me cannot count on our Canadian Citizenship entitling us to first consideration for any jobs, what good is our Citizenship? Maple Leaf Foods and employers like them, who use their name and the Canadian flag to boost their business, receive huge subsidies from our government, but they hire large numbers of immigrants. They are being racist against single Caucasian men and women and Native Indians. Immigrants outnumber Canadians two to one in Maple Leaf’s work-force. If trends continue there and in other work-places, Whites will be the lowest class.

I have recently earned my Building Service Worker certificate. A Building Service Worker is just a fancy name for a janitor. I got very high marks for the course (88% ). While I was taking the course, I was on welfare. I am still on welfare. However, I still had to pay $600 out of my own pocket for the course. I tried every avenue to have the course funded, but was turned down at every turn. When I went to the course, I met people who were not from Canada, but who told me they had got funding.

Since the course ended, I have sent out hundreds of resumes. But to this day I remain unemployed without even one response to my applications. Unfortunately, my European-descent last name seems to exclude me. As with all unskilled labour jobs at the moment, these jobs are all being given to immigrants. I’m sick and tired of seeing immigrants everywhere I look, doing the job I went to school for, while I suffer in abject poverty. I’m not a racist person. And I too am not against immigration altogether. But immigration is completely out of control in this country.

Whenever I tell employment agencies like WorkBC the things that I believe are really unfair, I am told that I am extremely negative. I think anyone would be negative if they had been unemployed for five years as well.

Contrary to what British Columbia’s tourism promoters say, I’m not of the opinion that B.C. is the best place on Earth. I’m of the opinion that born-and-raised Canadians are being shafted by the rich and powerful.

I live outside of Vancouver in a smaller city. I volunteer at the Salvation Army. This city has become the dumping ground for all the disaffected, single white males who are homeless and unemployed in Metro Vancouver. All have been sent here from Surrey, Vancouver and other municipalities where immigrants are becoming the majority. We are like refugees in our own country!!!

I do smoke cigarettes. But I am not an alcoholic or a drug addict. Neither are most of the single, unemployed white or Native Indian men I meet.
I just want to say that I come from a family where if you do not have a job, you are really looked down upon. My entire family have turned their backs on me because I am unemployed. I do blame immigration for destroying my family as well. And I am alone.

In the past five years, I have been in many homeless shelters. I have slept in my car for a month. And for my story, there are thousands of others just like it or worse.

I want to say that ten years ago, I was a very liberal-minded person. I used to love the idea of multiculturalism. Now I am beginning to deeply resent it.

I’m angry. I have had my ego bashed into the ground. For the first time in my life, I am also beginning to deeply resent what Canada’s governments have done to me and to hundreds of thousands of other Canadians.

I feel they are destroying my soul and the souls of hundreds of thousands of other Canadians. And I no longer feel any hope or happiness. At the moment, I feel that all I can do is rant about it.

( )


(unedited and untranslated):

    “Torture in Toronto(The Kevin Clarke story) the cruel and inhumane torture i encounter at the hands of a gang of your officer has left me permanently disabled not to mention the large amount of my savings i had to spend to stay alive and not freeze to death after being ordered homeless on a false allegations your officers knew was fabricated or they conspire to fabricate them self,this is the utmost disgrace to our Toronto police service  these action actions of your officer have been condemned by our federal government when they happen across the world yet my cries when ignored in this city province and country..”                                         

-kevin clarke (president/cfo), The People’s Political Party


January 14, 2015



The Wicked Witch of Ward 31 is back on her broom which is not only to fly-by-night, but to also sweep the ugly truth under the rug. Wards 30, 31 and 32 have long been identified as an ‘axis-of-evil’ comprised of Councillors Fletcher, Davis and McMahon. Despite all the efforts of Your Ward News to exorcise these demons from public office, we have obviously failed to do so.

Our attempts to expose Councillor Davis for the mega-slumlord she is have failed to break the spell that she has cast on her constituents. Then again, maybe we are giving her too much credit. It may just be a simple case of election-rigging. Anyway, we feel it is necessary to update the ‘Davis file’ for our subscribers.

Janet Davis has allegedly violated the ‘IMPROPER USE OF INFLUENCE’ rules by endorsing a candidate for a position on the Danorth BIA (Business Improvement Area).


According one of our many sources who have come forward to our Editor-in-Chief LeRoy St. Germaine, the person in question had publicly endorsed Janet Davis for councillor. Our source says he can prove a conflict of interest as advancement in Ward 31 is attained by favours and the Integrity Commissioner has been informed of the conflicts and violations.

Remember, this is the same Janet Davis that abused her power by threatening businesses along the Danforth that enthusiastically supported the Danforth Music Fest. After all, she couldn’t make a buck on it because no taxpayer money was used at all. 500 Dawes Rd. is still a toilet and outraged tenants call us all the time asking, “Can Leroy help us? Bed bugs, black mould, dangerous wiring and poor insulation are always with us.”

Ward 31 Councillor Janet Davis has been elected in landslides in two elections, despite her terrible record. Is it any wonder that she feels she can get away with anything? We don’t know how she did it, but we are going to find out. Her constituents’ position adds up to 4 words….SAVE US FROM DAVIS!!!


Private property rights: Canadians enjoy private property rights, as identified by the Canadian Bill of Rights. Given that Canadians possess the indefeasible right to the enjoyment of property, it is unclear to TPPRA (Toronto Private Property Rights Association, a chapter of the Ontario Landowners Association.) by what due process of law we are being deprived of it.

Privacy: In addition to the enjoyment of property, Canadians enjoy the common-law right to privacy. The imposition of smart water meters violates our right to privacy.

Program support: TPPRA members do not remember any municipal politician campaigning on and being given a mandate to violate Torontonian’s right to privacy, i.e., impose “smart” water meters. TPPRA maintains that compliance – in the face of threats of $50,000 fines by Toronto Water for non-compliance – does not equal support for the program.

Fire hazard: Ontario’s Fire Marshal has identified that smart meters were linked to 23 incidents in Ontario from 2011 – 2013. “I can tell you 10 of those were smart meter failures attributed to internal faults, and 13 were small fires attributed to high-resistance heating,” said spokeswoman Carol Gravelle.In August 2014 SaskPower announced plans to remove all 105,000 of its smart meters and replace them with traditional units, after a number of smart meters caught fire. TPPRA has grave concerns with respect to the safety of these devices as it is our understanding that fire risk is inherent in the design of all “smart” meters, not just specific makes and models.

Health/Radio Frequencies: Many of our members suffer adverse health impacts from exposure to RFs. Imposing smart water meters in their homes will exacerbate their condition.

Efficacy/economics: We have concerns with the smart water meter system, given the recently released scathing Auditor General’s report concerning the massive failure of the provincial governments smart electricity meter program, and the Ombudsman’s ongoing investigation of the efficacy of Hydro One’s smart meter and billing system.

Conclusion: TPPRA submits that threatening and bullying behavior is not the appropriate role of government in a free society. TPPRA members have not violated anyone’s rights by opting out of the government’s surveillance-control grid. In fact we are defending protecting our common-law rights and freedoms, specifically our right to privacy and our private property rights.

Yours in liberty, Jessica.


January 14, 2015


The western media is horrified that Islamic fundamentalists have attacked our wonderful ideals regarding free speech and expression. The attack was certainly real, but to claim that our society respects free speech and expression is disingenuous.

It is, in fact, a blatant lie. If we can’t even recognize and admit our own flaws, how can we possibly interpret Islam’s flaws? Besides, is it only terrorism if you believe in something? Can not dumb, confused and uninformed people be terrorists? You bet they can!

Your Ward News and its publisher, Leroy St. Germaine, have been targeted by aged hippies, egalitarians and politically correct Neo-Marxists. They are every bit the terrorists as the most extreme Islamists, I.R.A. bombers or mad anarchists. Leroy received a lovely call that we recorded for posterity. It goes something like: “I’m going to kill you Leroy. But before that, I’m going to kill your kids in front of you and rape your wife. THEN I’ll kill you”.

Does that constitute terrorism, or is it just a friendly Beacher sending good tidings? Politically correct terrorism is one of the recognizable pillars in contemporary Canadian life. True freedom of speech is contrary to updated Canadian values. This makes truth unattainable to Canadian citizens. Do you know that denying World War 2 happened can land you in jail in Canada? Some Canadians actually support these anti-speech laws because World War 2 is historical fact. That is a stupid, low-brow justification for insidious anti-speech legislation.

Your Ward News will NEVER cower under the yolk of tyranny, for it is tyranny to FORCE citizens what to think and say. Free people have the right to be wrong and we consider ourselves at Your Ward News to be Freemen. You don’t have to agree with a single word we print, but to stoop to terroristic threats is beyond the pale. We know who you are and we know what you did. Be thankful we aren’t little whiners who would report you to authorities. We fight are own battles, even against local terrorists.

Terrorists who make not only physical threats, but cause financial harm to local businesses through intimidation and mob rule. Via harassing, abusive phone calls to spread lies and attempt blackmail. All while falling back on unsubstantiated lefty attack words like racist, homophobic, and misogynistic.

TERRORISM is TERRORISM, no matter what you believe in or what you don’t believe in. That’s what WE believe!!! GOVERN YOURSELF ACCORDINGLY!!!

Your Ward News reporter arraigned by prison censors at Vanier.

By Michelle L. Erstikaitis


Well, it is a brand new year, and I am currently locked up in segregation at Vanier Centre in Milton, for my article in the December edition of Your Ward News, titled “WHY THE CONSERVATIVE CRIME BILL STILL FALLS SHORT”. Apparently Vanier manager Jane McEckron took great offence to my article detailing the special treatment given to sexual offenders and child killers.

The special interest Rainbow brigade that populate the staff of Vanier Centre, from John Duff to someone who goes by the name “Magda” decided that the special treatment they give to sexual offenders is okay, but they try to incite me into trouble. On New Years Eve I was minding my own business on Unit 2E. At 18:30hrs I was taken from my cell to an interview room, where McEckron informed me I was to be disciplined in segregation due to a publication ban on three cases I mentioned in my last article.

Regardless of court ordered publication bans and gag orders, I do not believe they have any jurisdiction over comments that are voluntarily made by the offenders. The details came right from the horse’s mouth. (Or in this case the pervert’s and monster’s mouth.)

For reporting facts, exclusively available to Your Ward News readers alone I am locked alone in a cell with nothing more then a blanket, prison track suit, and a Bible for ten days. All because I am a journalist and champion of free speech.

Two nights later I, along with those inmates housed in segregation were denied dinner. I have witnessed inmates being placed into freezing cold cells, denied blankets and a meal. All this occurred while Jane McEckron was in charge of the unit. Due to the situation I created in protest, video cameras monitored the situation, forcing meals to be provided hours late.

They *thought* that punishing me by throwing me in segregation for ten days, loss of all privileges would finally shut me up. Someone should tell them about the fighting Irish. The game to muzzle me appears to be on…

Though prison officials do not come by a career with Corrections Canada because of their intellectual prowess, so I am not concerned. As for the riff-raff inmates, they remain exactly that.


Your Ward News has spent two decades closely monitoring the ‘micro’ and ‘macro’ machinations of local elections for the councillorships of Wards 30, 31 and 32. The recent election results have aroused the most suspicion to date. Our research at the macro level has made it clear to us that election fraud is easy to commit, but equally difficult to prove. At the micro level, the results for councillor in the three wards in question are highly improbable:

WARD 30 (Toronto-Danforth) – In the 2010 election, the popular and beautiful Liz West lost to the unpopular and not-so-beautiful incumbent, Councillor Paula Fletcher. The differential was only   TWO-HUNDRED-AND-FIFTY-NINE VOTES!!! (8,766 – Fletcher, 8,507 – West). In the 2014 election, the now even MORE popular Liz West was buried by the even LESS popular Paula Fletcher (11,924 – Fletcher, 6,644 – West). How is this possible? Simply put, it is NOT possible.

WARD 31 (Beaches-East York) – The last two elections in Janet Davis’ ward also cast a dark shadow on the face of democracy. Despite the fact that the south-side of the Danforth between Coxwell and Victoria Park has become a blinding eye-sore during Davis’ watch, she crushed her political rivals in 2010 and 2014. In 2010, Councillor/Slumlord Janet Davis received 11,177 votes to Robert Walker’s 1,945 votes. An absolute landslide! In the recent 2014 election for Ward 31 councillor it was Janet Davis winning with 12,697 votes. Buried in this unlikely avalanche was George Papadakis with 3,023 votes.

WARD 32 (Beaches-East York) – The re-election of Mary-Margaret-McMahon for Beaches Councillor also raised some eye-brows. The fact is, no election results beyond Grade 9 Class-President should be trusted. Human nature has not changed because of the invention of computers. Vote-rigging has a history nearly as long as sport-fixing. Landslides are more obvious and less desirable to the vote thieves than slimmer victories. Here is a recent example of how a small number of votes can have far-reaching consequences:

Al Franken’s 312-vote victory in 2008 over Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman gave Democrats a Senate majority of 60 votes, which allowed them to pass Obamacare. It was later learned that 1,099 felons, all ineligible to vote, had voted in the Franken-Coleman race. In interviews with 10 of those felons, it was found that 9 had voted for Franken.

Vote-rigging has been a popular political sport dating back to the time when black and white stones were manipulated by sleight-of-hand. According to the 1910 Encyclopedia Britannica, a well-coached vote counting team used to be able to exclude as many as forty-per-cent of the votes. Paper-ballot voting can be rigged by gaining unauthorized access to the ballot box. Sealed ballot-boxes are transported with a “chain-of-custody” form that includes the signatures of the officials and the times that the boxes are in the custody of each official. The “seal” is a little twisty-wire that doesn’t require a master burglar to penetrate. Things can also get pretty sloppy occasionally, like when ballot-box lids kept washing up on ocean beaches after a 2001 San Francisco election.

The easiest elections to rig are computerized. Internet voting will allow you to sell your vote, as proof of how you voted would be as close as your printer. The best people for political campaigns to buy now are computer scientists, software engineers and code-writers. Although it is far beyond this writer’s scope, I’ve been told that hit-and-run code that CHANGES the original votes then destroys itself when the election is over is very possible. This would be done by creating a program that checks the computer’s time and date function, activating when the election is scheduled to begin. It can pass testing because it only activates on Election Day.

The only democracy left for Canadians are Canada’s elections. If we can’t trust the election process, then we don’t have a democracy at all. Since every voting idea has proven possible to rig, Your Ward News is challenging our subscribers to invent a system that is impossible to cheat. Keep in mind that every voter is the only person that knows who they voted for. So here is the challenge:


There are several ideas floating around the office but we want to hear YOUR ideas. Prizes will include free tickets to musical events and much, much more. Send your suggestions to:


Repeat simple-minded lies over and over and the lies take on a life of their own. The public will begin repeating these lies unthinkingly as commonly accepted facts. As a matter of fact, the bigger the lie is, the easier it is to believe. How could that possibly be? The answer is simple. Your sense of fairness won’t allow you to believe that anyone would have the audacity to knowingly advance such a huge untruth.

Television is a segment of mass media that is not actively or critically attended to. A Public-Opinion researcher at General Electric ran several experiments by attaching electrodes to the back of the subject’s head which were in turn attached to a computer. After turning on the TV, repeated trials revealed that within 30 seconds the brain-waves switched from predominantly beta-waves which indicate clear and conscious attention to alpha waves, which indicate an unfocused lack of attention. This is the state of aimless fantasy and daydreaming, which is just below the threshold of consciousness. When the subjects were then given an article to read the beta-waves quickly re-appeared. Conscious and alert attentiveness replaced the daydreaming state.

The political and corporate mass-media of today is the greatest practitioner of brain-washing propaganda in history. Advancements in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), FACS (Facial Access Coding System) and Tele-metrics have elevated mass brain-washing to a high art. Television is a medium that transmits huge quantities of information that is not thought about at the time of exposure. But when a member of the public is later confronted by a store display or a name on a ballot, their television-viewing experience of the product or candidate conjures up a wealth of information which is triggered by the real-life situation.

As an example: Women are carefully trained by media to view themselves as inadequate. They are programmed, especially by the ‘visuals’ on television, that other women are more desirable and feminine than themselves. However, they are also made to believe that the purchase of the correct clothes and cosmetics will allow them to compete with “successful” women. The resulting behaviour can be characterized by the ‘Shop-‘til-you-drop’ maxim.

Just as you are led to believe that you have the choice of 500 channels to view, you may also be convinced that political elections provide you a choice. The truth is that your television provides you with a single channel, as the same programmers have the same agenda regarding anything important. YOU ARE WATCHING CHANNEL ONE! THAT’S IT! Your television will also likely make you believe that you have a choice when election time comes around. You have a ‘Hobson’s choice’. Hobson was a horse-trader who charged the same for all his horses, but you had to buy the horse that was closest to the barn door. No matter how many candidates run in an election, the media will only give you a choice of two, with a third occasionally thrown into the mix.



By: Sherri Lange, CEO NA-PAW (North American Platform Against Wind Power)

Mike Barnard’s wind wings clipped by employer IBM: Told to stop writing on wind power, resign fellowship from Energy and Policy Institute, and delete his blog: Barnard on Wind. Mike Barnard last month was taken to task by researcher Jackie Rovensky of AU and NA-PAW (North American Platform Against Wind Power) for a long-standing series of malicious attacks on trusted and respected professionals worldwide, who have variously documented and researched the now widely recognized devastating effects of industrial wind on human health.

This action by IBM is easily understood. Barnard is best known for his self-proclaimed stance as a pro wind “expert”, who critiques others for their “lack of expertise.” He has zero qualifications for his writings on wind, yet “calls himself the lead researcher” in a study that calls wind victims “liars.” Barnard has also falsely asserted that his “power reading” and “constant and deep access and conversations related to public health management, epidemiology and the nature of medical evidence … That experience and on-the-job education has been invaluable as I’ve read through health studies and reviews related to wind power from around the world” …which led to “recognition of my expertise … I’m pleased to say that my material is helping to shape legal defences of wind energy, advocacy programs and investments in several countries.”

This bravado has found its “religious” base with wind power developers and promoters, but Barnard now can only boast of a protracted vacation from writing on wind. Others use his cyber bullying and “manufactured facts” to recreate their own smears.

IBM Corporate Officer (Brand Manager, Communications) Carrie Bendzsa, after numerous discussions with Lange of NA-PAW, wrote to NA-PAW, thanking the organization for bringing this matter to their attention, asserting that none of “these postings or comments (libel by Barnard) were IBM endorsed actions.”

The Communique continues: “We don’t have an advocacy position on energy and we have a number of social computing guidelines and policies in place that our employees are instructed and expected to follow. Furthermore, the individuals who are upset by the postings should be assured that IBM does not have any negative views about them personally or professionally.

IBM has spent considerable time reviewing this matter internally and has taken several actions that our employee has agreed to comply with to resolve this matter. These include having the employee delete the Barnardonwind blog, terminate the Energy and Policy Institute Senior Fellow role and agree to no longer publish on wind energy.

We truly appreciate you stepping forward to bring this matter to our attention.”

Lange notes that the kind of serial cyber bullying that has occurred with Barnard on Wind, some of which has been subsumed into other pro wind sites, is of a serious nature: “It is regarded as irrational, unprovoked criticism,” based on the apparent, some would say obvious, intent to harm careers and cast doubt on the professional integrity of individuals. It has no basis in fact, and can be compared in a way to “hate” speech.

Notes Lange: “Cyber Bullying and defamation falls under the Criminal Code, and is punishable by up to 10 years in prison in Canada.” “Defamatory libel is likewise a crime under the Criminal Code, if the libelous statement is directed against a person in authority and could seriously harm his or her reputation.” (The persons affected by the Barnard libel are indeed persons in authority.) “This is punishable by up to five years in prison.” (While the US defamation laws are less plaintiff friendly, there are legal markers since 1964 for those knowingly harming by the power of innuendo and falsehoods.)

NA-PAW expresses thanks to IBM for its ethical leadership, and reserves the right to observe and facilitate the removal of all related and corollary defamation from satellite websites, if need be with the assistance of web expert libel/defamation lawyers.

One of several bullying notes to Dr. Sarah Laurie of the Waubra Foundation:

Ms. Laurie:

You have not responded as of yet to my letter below. I await your confirmation that you will stop actively promoting health fears which cause illness near wind farms in light of the recent and historical research showing this to be the case.

Yours, Mike Barnard, Singapore

CONTACT: Sherri Lange, CEO NA-PAW (North American Platform Against Wind Power)



Phone: 416 567 5115

By: Investigative Journalist Michelle L. Erstikaitis

In April 2011, I was involved in a mini scandal with the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada in Toronto Centre, where I was asked by PC Campaign Manager David Gentili to leave the campaign office because the campaign did not want negative media attention.

I was interviewed by the Toronto Sun reporter Terry Davidson, and I bluntly stated that I was a strong supporter of the Progressive Conservative Crime bill as a result of seeing little remorse amongst fellow inmates. I have now been incarcerated on a marijuana related charge for just little over a year in the Provincial Prison System, because of my own consent to detention.

I am on a special unit at the Vanier Detention Centre in Milton, on a 23 hour lockdown in my prison cell, by my own request. I am actually back in the exact same cell that I served two years in while going through my Dangerous Offender trial on a domestic assault charge from January 2009, until April 2011.

The prisoners are different people, but the crimes and attitudes are still exactly the same. In 2010, I was locked up with notorious inmates like Donna Irving, accused of murdering seven year old Kaitlyn Sampson, and later given a fourteen year sentence. I was also here with Elaine Campione, who cheerfully admitted to drowning her two infants in a bathtub. I was also here with Michelle ‘Meesa’ Liard, charged with her boyfriend Rafal LaSota in the sadistic sex murder of a thirteen year old girl. LaSota was convicted and given life, and Liard was acquitted.

Today, the cast of characters is different. Tammy McDonald, 23 years old, charged with drowning her infant in a bathtub. Tanya Bogdanovich, 34 years old, charged in the sex murder of an eighteen year old woman with a man she met on a BDSM website. Also, Genevieve Trudel, convicted of molesting her lesbian girlfriend’s daughter, and sentenced to less than two years.

The women here are different, but their crimes and attitudes are the same. Michelle Liard, Elaine Campione and Donna Irving used to spend their days laughing and joking, and having a great ol’ time. I used to marvel at their utter lack of remorse.

Today, Tammy McDonald and her cellmate Angelica Spanidis (charged with throwing a newborn infant in a clothing donation bin), spend their days laughing, joking and gossiping about other inmates and causing trouble.

Genevieve Trudel and Tanya Bogdanovich are meal servers and their laughter can be heard all day long as they spend their days joking with one another and having such a great time that I sometimes feel as if I am at YUK YUK’S. I am the only inmate on this unit for a minor charge and I do not find ANYTHING about my situation funny.

I am incarcerated with scum, and I am being kept from productive activities such as journalism and involvement at City Hall. I find NOTHING humorous about that. So imagine my disgust as I sit in my cell, working on my case (I am self-represented because of longstanding issues with lawyers) or reading a novel, and I can barely concentrate because of the uproarious laughter of child killers and rapists, who are in here having the time of their lives. Remorse? NONE! And I know that these remorseless monsters will receive slaps on the wrists for their hideous crimes, because history does nothing else if not repeat itself.

The Conservative Crime Bill has resulted in more people being put into prison, but that is ALL that it has done. If these monsters can spend their days laughing and having a great time, then the system is failing terribly.

It wasn’t so long ago that these women would have been publicly hanged for their crimes, and maybe THAT is why they are able to spend their days enjoying themselves. They know that because of the bleeding heart liberals who abolished the death penalty, they will get away with their crimes practically scot-free.

Tammy McDonald has told me that the Crown Attorney in her case is sympathetic to her case (she left her one year old infant unattended in a bathtub with a washcloth placed on the child’s face, and chose that moment to go take a nap). She believes that she will soon receive time served, for less than two years pre-sentence custody. And you know what? She probably will. The courts are more concerned with getting pot-smoking journalists off the street than 23 year old crack-smoking welfare mothers who drown their own children during a moment of frustration.

So, the Conservatives have got the police to arrest more criminals, but clearly the Liberals are still dominating the courthouses. I still remember when I first arrived here in January, 2014, and met Christine Allen, a complete psychopath who poisoned children in a daycare centre with eye drops. She pled guilty and received four years. Mark my words, THERE is a woman who will re-offend! Only next time, she’ll be bringing cyanide-laced cookies to a kindergarten class for children to eat.

This so-called criminal ‘justice’ system is a joke. A guy who grows marijuana for a living could be locked away for five to ten years, while child molesters, killers and would-be killers are not even being indicted.

The Conservatives promised to come down hard on REAL criminals, and that is why I campaigned for them. Well, Mr. Harper, guess what? The criminals are raping children, killing people and laughing at you, because you’ve got so many Liberals in the courts that the police are bringing them in by the hundreds, and the Liberals are letting them all go free. Perhaps the Crime Bill should shift its focus to two main things:

1) Mandatory Minimum sentencing for *violent* crime.

2) Re-instituting the death penalty.

If the Crime Bill should focus more on those two things, I might be able to more easily engage in productive activities that I continue to do daily in my cell (such as write newspaper articles, work on schoolwork, write letters to political friends) because maybe these monsters would have less to laugh about.

Shark attack

By J.J. Educated citizens are well aware that ‘left-wing’ terror has always surpassed ‘right-wing’ violence by a country mile. From International Socialists to local Beachcombers, Politically Correct ideologues continue the tradition of intellectual and physical terrorism. Your Ward News Publisher Leroy St. Germaine and his advertisers are feeling the full force of the gnashing teeth of P.C. Beachers.

They didn’t like Dr. James Sears, the anti-Marxist candidate that we endorsed in the recent election for Ward 32 (Beaches-East York) councillor so they have launched a terror campaign. Their targets are Your Ward News’ employees, which includes writers, sales reps, advertisers and delivery kids. But that is a major feature among those inculcated with the Evolved Social Marxism we are presently enduring. Another interesting feature of these quasi-communistic adherents is that they preach freedom and equality but do NOT practice either. (They that scream for equality the LOUDEST, mean it the LEAST!!!) Freedom of Speech is only afforded to citizens who tow the party-line.

The vile communiqués received by Mr. St. Germaine are absolutely evil. But Your Ward News supports ALL speech, especially speech that we dislike immensely. After all, it’s easy to support YOUR OWN freedoms. But THREATS OF VIOLENCE ARE UNACCEPTABLE. Political Correctness has also had the effect of dumbing-down the population.

Our accurate criticisms and exposes of present councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon did little to educate local voters who suffer this intellectual down-grading. The most honest and blunt criticisms come from one’s own family and Your Ward News is a part of the Beaches Family. Our post-election analysis has offended some that have already heard our opinions. We are far from finished so you might as well stick around and hear the rest of it: It is our opinion that Your Ward News is reviled by less-gifted Beachers because we have stuck to our mission statement, and that is…. THE TRUTH AT LAST!!!

Your Ward News has definitively concluded that Political Correctness is not only corrosive to a society as a whole, but is a brain poison that renders an individual thoughtless and amoral. The moral damage to Beach residents is very disturbing. When a well-known “dating” service analyzed the volume of calls they received from Toronto’s various districts, the most inquiries by far came from the Beaches district. Yup! Beachers won hands-down! The website in question specializes in matching cheating wives and husbands who desire to cheat on their spouses. Well done, Beachers! P.C. has destroyed your basic decency and morality. Keep in mind that an emotional rip-off can be more hurtful than losing all your physical possessions to a thief. We wouldn’t even be surprised if many Beachers actually support the idealistic values of brainwashing Marxism.

We can only hope that the moral rot hasn’t advanced to that stage yet, but you never know. These are the same people that re-elected Mary-Margaret McMahon. It is because of these fundamental questions regarding intellectual freedom and morality that a new political movement has formed. A new political party will be representing that movement and is designed to COMPLETELY change the direction that Canada has been taking. Stay tuned to future issues of Your Ward News for the details so that you, an educated citizen, can help make the New Canada truly the best country on earth!


Looking for a great place to enjoy true Japanese cuisine? You don’t have far to go. Let me tell you of the best one, actually not only the best in Toronto, also the largest.  It is called Memories of Japan. Pretty remarkable place, seating for over 300 customers and is situated on 9000 square feet. It is conveniently accessed by either car or public transit, located at 900 Don Mills Avenue just north of Eglinton Ave.

They offer two types of dining experiences, tappanyaki tables (where they prepare everything right in front of your eyes) and a complete “all you can eat” buffet. Their buffet is prepared fresh and brought to your table. This is unique because nothing is wasted. The also offer Take-out and delivery services.
Last Monday when I was there, let me tell you, what a wonderful experience I had. When I first stepped inside I felt welcomed and noticed the wonderful Japanese décor and great lay out of the place. Mr. Allen Hui, a family man with two wonderful children, opened the doors here over 20 years ago. He has now created the largest true Japanese restaurant in Toronto.

I had the pleasure to, for the first time, have an authentic tappanyaki dining table experience. Trust me it was something I will definitely be doing again soon. The chief, Jude, was not only super talented with his cooking abilities, he was quite the entertainer. He made people laugh with his great jokes and at the same time was cooking dinner, right before my eyes, on an open grill.  He magically used a flipper and an egg to design a heart on the grill.  Then what he did next totally captivated me, he used grilled onions to create a volcano with fire erupting out of it.

He then turned it into part of my meal. His attention to all the small details was incredible.  I ordered Teppan Otsu, which was a steak and chicken dish. The steak was so tender I didn’t need a knife and had “melt in your mouth flavour”. The chicken was grilled to absolute perfection. I’d highly recommend this to anyone.

Since I was there I thought I’d try the buffet. I ordered the Gold Dragon rolls. Gold Dragon rolls are presented like a piece of art. I almost didn’t want to eat it but of course I did!!  It had such a fresh flavour and was prepared just right. The wait staff were truly knowledge and quite helpful explaining the menu to me, a first timer.

The restaurant has 13 great chiefs in total, 5 cooking chiefs, 4 sushi chiefs’ and 4 kitchen chiefs. All super talented.  What really impressed me was that the owner, Mr. Hui, went to each table to make sure everything was just right. Not only is Mr. Hui involved in the daily operations of the restaurant, he also is concerned about his customer’s satisfaction and their dining pleasure. As a customer, I appreciated his involvement.

When you are looking for great food and a great “dining experience” then this is definitely the place to come. Make your reservations for the upcoming holidays. Prices are very reasonable! Cut out the above coupon in “Your Provincial News” for 15% of the dinner buffet. Go check it out, you’ll enjoy every moment.

Remember this place is not just for eating, it’s a complete “dining experience”! There contact information is as follows:

900 Don Mills Road, Toronto.
Phone: 416-449-3773
Written by: Heidi Fischer

GLENMORE, WI: The Board of Health was asked to look at the study’s raw data, the evidence linking the sound data to the wind turbines, peer-reviewed medical research and the complaints of the people living in the conditions around Duke’s Shirley Wind project.

They looked at the facts, they listened to the residents, they studied the medical literature, and then made the connection between Shirley Wind’s operations and the suffering in Glenmore – declaring the wind turbines a “Human Health Hazard”.

Over 50 affidavits to the Public Service Commission were received. Several families had to vacate their homes, and were not provided restitution by the State.

Plympton Wyoming, Ontario, Mayor Lonny Napper is astonished. “With all the available evidence from around the world about the effects of Low Frequency and Infrasound from industrial wind turbines, it amazes me that the alarms are not sounding earlier and stronger.”

With about 1,000 acres of prime land under lease for turbine development, signed up between willing hosts and developers, this council is fighting to protect its citizens’ health. A new bylaw signed and completed third reading, October 8th , 2014, sets a new and interesting precedent by mentioning and effecting fines for health impairing ILFN.

ILFN is well known to be an industrial plague, now exacerbated by industrial wind turbines that plague every corner of the globe, without, as is now acknowledged widely, producing viable, reliable or “green,” energy.

In Glenmore WI, the Health Department in Brown County, almost simultaneously with the efforts of the Mayor of Plympton Wyoming and CAO, Kyle Pratt, and council, declares that the Shirley Wind Project, containing some of the largest turbines in the US, is already the site of an industrial human health hazard.

“On Monday night, the Brown County Board of Health in Wisconsin voted to declare the Shirley Wind Project to be a human health hazard. The approved motion states: “To declare the Industrial Wind Turbines at Shirley Wind Project in the Town of Glenmore, Brown County, WI. A Human Health Hazard for all people (residents, workers, visitors, and sensitive passersby) who are exposed to Infrasound/Low Frequency Noise and other emissions potentially harmful to human health.””

While the State of Wisconsin controls siting of industrial wind, it cannot override or subjugate the “public health hazard” declaration and initiatives. A health hazard, in most jurisdictions, is a condition of high alert, where acute or chronic illness, or death, may occur due to prolonged exposure. The hazard must be reported, and in some areas, mandated abatement must take place.

Mayor Lonny Napper seems to be of the same mind, noting that the Green Energy and Green Economy Act has taken away much democratic      decision-making: his council’s bylaw aims to ensure people in his jurisdiction will be protected from turbine related ILFN and the effects that are recorded, sadly, worldwide.

Common effects are from chronic unrelenting noise, sleep disorders, hormone level disruption, increased risk of disease, diabetes, hypertension, depression, heart arrhythmias, and possibly even cancer. (Carmen Krogh and Dr Robert McMurtry recently published a case definition that accepts inner ear disruption, sleep disorders, hypertension, mood disorders, nausea, tinnitus, as part of the presenting complaints combined with proximity to wind turbines.)

“When I took an oath to protect my community, I took it very seriously,” continues Mayor Napper. “The information about what other communities are suffering, disruption, noise, degradation of precious landscapes, seriously divided communities, and to see that this possible devastation is in my full view, for my residents, something has to give.”

Mayor Napper does not understand the delay for protective measures. “People are suffering in other projects. My community is slated for multiple developers and several proposed wind projects. The time for action, and protective measures, has been with us for some time now….we can’t continue to bounce around the same arguments and with no noticeable gain in community health rights. The protection of health is first.”

Lange, of the North American Platform Against Wind Power (NA-PAW) agrees. “We have for some time now sounded the alarm for what amounts to a turbine factory health pandemic: similar effects are reported in communities worldwide. These “factories” operate without the sanction of communities. They operate without fire controls, without any regard for environmental practices, and they certainly override what is now common knowledge about noise: audible, shadow flicker, vibration and Low Frequency and Infrasound, and related air pressure fluctuations, which in combination or separately, are known to extract “torture” on unwilling people/communities.”

Both Mayor Napper and Mr. Pratt, CAO, agree that individual communities need to understand that they can use bylaw powers to protect health as required. “If Ontario communities are having so little jurisdiction to control development of massive electrical producing facilities within their boundaries, the least the council can do is to mediate the devastating health effects already reported and well known to exist, that many feel are sure to happen here.” Mr. Pratt says that he hopes the bylaw will be an example to other councils. Pratt adds, “The Town of Plympton-Wyoming Council has worked hard to protect our residents, and make sure that developers are required to deal with issues and appropriately respond to complaints and requirements from council.”

Adds Lange, “The known effects of infrasound and low frequency noise may well turn out to be the death sentence for a non-performing, entirely subsidy driven, outrage.”

Even the MOE (Ministry of Environment Ontario) admits in 2009 the complex nature of sounds and pressures: “I went out last night for about 5 hours (got home midnight) and got some real firsthand experience with different types of noise that the turbines can create. The same turbine or groups of turbines could create 3-4 different types of noise and at different magnitudes at different times in the evening all depending on meteorological conditions, time of day, their orientation, and how they readjusted themselves (auto or by manual control – we don’t know) to wind speed and direction.

Also I was able to experience firsthand wind shear conditions (no wind at ground but turbines still generating creating noise) and how that plays an important role in noise impacts.” —Oct. 29, 2009, Bill Bardswick, Director West Central Region, Ontario Ministry of Environment


“Ok, message received and understood. Cam [Cameron Hall] and I will stand down until directed otherwise.” —Mar. 8, 2010, Gary Tomlinson, Provincial Officer, Senior Environmental Officer, Guelph District Office, West Central Region, Ontario Ministry of the Environment.

For more information please contact:

Mayor Lonny Napper, Town of Plympton-Wyoming, 546 Niagara Street, P.O. Box 250, Wyoming, Ontario N0N 1T0, Phone: 1 226 307 0523,

Kyle Pratt MPA, CMM III, CHRP, CMO, Chief Administrative Officer, Town of Plympton-Wyoming, 546 Niagara Street, P.O. Box 250, Wyoming, Ontario N0N 1T0, Phone: 519-845-3939, Toll Free (Ontario): 1-877-313-3939,

Sherri Lange, CEO NA-PAW (North American Platform Against Wind Power),, 416 567 5115,


Electric electronically controlled smoking pipes are competing with traditional smoking devices such as rolling papers and bongs because of their efficiency, unique smoking experience and discreetness.

Now as I am writing for a publically available paper, I can not legally tell you that these electric pipes can be used for illegal leafy substances such as recreational marijuana.  I state for the record that the devices I am about to discuss, should only be used with legal substances such as medical marijuana, state taxed tobacco, or what is often portrayed in the instructions accompanying these pipes, pencil shavings. Hence forth where the word “herb” is used, I am referring to only the legal substances now described.  The word “oil” shall refer only to the legal processing of medical marijuana into an essential oil.

When I was a kid, a vaporizer was an electrically powered, water filled canister that steamed your room when you were sick.  An atomizer was a ray gun that I saw in a bad Sci-Fi movie.  That’s not what I am talking about, I am talking about reusable devices, usually electric, often electronic,  sometimes portable, powered by wall current, butane torch or battery powered that heat a substance, to release volatiles, for inhalation. WOW that’s a lung-full! True vaporizers do not burn the herb!

So…  “What is a vaporizer”?  “What is an atomizer”?

I was at an indoor flea market last month and asked that very question to the guy sitting at the table selling E-cigarettes and other smoking paraphernalia. Before the chap had time to answer, I chirped “And what’s the difference between it and an E-cigarette”? Beaming my usual mischievous smile, I then stood silently staring at him. He had quite an assortment of gadgets that I later quizzed him on. These questions have led me on a quest to really know the whole story. I intend to share my research with you in this and the next few issues of this paper. My findings so far are as follows.

The guy at the table at the market said he really didn’t have any true vaporizers to sell, that he had what he called an atomizer that worked with both dry and oily substances. According to Rob, a true vaporizer only works with dry herb and does not burn it. No smoke is created.  The sensation and experience is unique, nothing seems to be drawn into the lungs, yet a popcorn taste is experienced. Seconds later, the creeping realization that yes indeed something was inhaled!  The next most amazing thing is that there is almost no smell. I don’t smell anything when one is used in my vicinity. The device allows several heat settings so that different volatiles may be inhaled. While the most efficient are table top plug-in devices, some battery powered vaporizers are a close efficiency match and very small and discreet! There are varied models and manufacturers.  All vaporizers I have encountered so far have been expensive, starting at about $250.00

What is an atomizer?

An atomizer is often confused with a vaporizer. It appears to me to be a smoking device that has been adapted from an E-cigarette to efficiently release volatiles from a substance through combustion. They look a lot like an E-cigarette.  They have a heating element that heats the product, but are not as complex as a vaporizer. While most work with oil only, some will work with dry herb. These devices offer a very “easy on the throat and lungs” smoking experience. They are considerably less money than a vaporizer and start at about $50.00 and go up from there. Some can be used for both oil and herb. These devices do emit some smell!

Stay tuned for the next article.

3799831614_bbb3a28659By Peter McSherry.

Someone with apparent City Hall experience and competence once told me this about our City Councillors: “Some of them have their hands out (for money) and some of them don’t. Most are in the middle. They all have at least one or two issues they really care about. But all of them really do care about one thing: their own political futures.” The Grand Finale of many years of City of Toronto use and abuse of its taxi industry was meant to happen when, on February 19 last, Ward 32 Councillor Mary Margaret McMahon rose in the Council Chamber and, after a few vacuous sentences about dealing with this taxi matter being “the right thing to do,” she proposed the passage of a set of taxi recommendations that she may or may not understand are meant to first bankrupt most of the industry so that the City can take back the equity taxi plates – which are legal assets that the City itself once induced mere taxi drivers to structure many years of their working lives around earning. McMahon’s motion passed by a margin of 31-12.

In the news reports of her action, she was self-congratulating quoted as having extensively “schmoozed” and lobbied other members of Council to support her motion. Ms. McMahon is a member of City Council’s Licensing and Standards (L&S) Committee and she sits on Council as an advocate of Green Party principles. I’d guess, too, she knows the front of a cab from the back and that the real purpose of these taxi changes is lots more money for the City in an incipient taxi industry new order. After that, she probably knew that passing the recommendations would end the long line of begging taxi people who were taking up her valuable green time over something she doesn’t understand anyway. So what if taxi people lose the fruits of their life’s work! So what if thousands of taxi drivers have to work for nothing over a period of years! So what if the City of Toronto welshes on its word! Green is green! Because that’s the way it is: most, not all, of the Councillors don’t understand, or care to understand, the taxi industry.

They just want the cabs to do the job for as little money as possible and, as part of that, they want as much money for the City out of the industry as can be gotten. And, too, the industry must be overused as a convenient form of welfare. The truth is, too, that the City’s system of industry governance is back before the Revolution of 1837: we are taxed to death under the guise of licensing fees and we have no effective say in how the industry is run. And that’s all just peachy as far as most Toronto City Councillors are concerned. Last month, in Part One of this series, I began the tale of how and why the City of Toronto has long since turned its taxi industry into a money-making, money-saving device for itself. During my 42 years as a driver, a taxi industry that once provided an arguably reasonable means of earning a hard dollar has been changed by the City’s political-bureaucratic system into an outright cash cow for the City itself – and this, at great cost to the industry’s property holders and its working drivers.

The reader will understand that all City taxi drivers – no matter their arrangement in the business – must operate as businessmen. Costs rarely, if ever, go down. Thus the dollar value of each of the three massive cuts in incoming revenues that I described in Part I of this series – the City’s non-reaction to the Airport Exemption of 1978, its issuance of 500 additional plates added to a pre-existing 2,480 taxis in 1982, and the issuance of yet another 500 plates in 1987 – came right out of every driver’s daily profits. All of these cuts are still with us – the exemption and the oversupply of cabs hugely stunting every driver’s incoming revenues every shift they work. Times were good in the 1980s such that the effects on driver income of these large share-outs of the daily fare pool were less apparent than they might otherwise have been, though the 1987 issuance of 500 plates, even in good economic circumstances, was clearly a serious overload of the system. But then came the fall of 1989, when interest rates suddenly rose again to 12 1/2 percent and taxi fares soon disappeared like the buffalo of the Western plains.

The bad years of 1990 to 1994 – the leanest ever – followed. At the lowest ebb, three nights out of seven, it was impossible for a driver to make costs. The rest of the week it was a crap shoot. After expenses, a cabbie might go home with $25 or $60 or $130 – usually for 12 hours hard slogging. There were few “good nights” for four or five years. And there were all the attendant problems. Because the driver was taking in very little, vehicle upkeep suffered and it became difficult, then impossible, to replace worn-out cabs. Drivers couldn’t support their families on taxi earnings. Many got into rackets, selling bootleg cigarettes, bootleg liquor, dope and perhaps even women. Many cabbies of long experience forced themselves to look for other work, to be replaced in the taxi business by even larger numbers of new immigrants, some of whom brought ways of doing things into the business that won’t work here but that they would not easily let go of.

The worst shift I remember was a Thursday night two weeks before Christmas in 1991 when, amidst hundreds of angry cabbies, I covered the downtown streets for 12 hours and all I could take in was $59, while my costs were over $100. Two months after that I was gone from Toronto and the taxi business until November 1995.

When I came back, the industry was changed. Gone were most of the old-time drivers I had known. They had been replaced by even more Third World immigrants who, being more used to deprivation, were at least initially somewhat more easy for the City to exploit. But, too, a lot of these soon joined a union and wanted change. And there was a “union friendly” City Councillor who was more then ready to help them out. Howard Moscoe’s father and uncle had both been career taxi drivers. And, as they say, In the Land of the Blind the One-Eyed Man is King.

Next Month – Part Three: All About Howie and His Big Idea!

Peter McSherry is the author of three published books, one of which is Mean Streets: Confessions of a Nighttime Taxi Driver. “To all my readers – I wish to thank Leroy St. Germaine and Your Ward News for their interest in publishing a story with a message that seemingly no other publication in Toronto, except for Taxinews, would publish.” -P. McSherry.

Group portrait of mature people smiling

Smoking is detrimental to your health at any age, but for seniors it is essential to cease this long-term, low-dose addiction with its deeply engraved behavioural imprint.

 SMOKERS HELP LINE 1-877-513-5333 Seven days per week/ Mon-Thurs 8AM to 9PM….Fri- 8AM to 6PM….Sat-Sun- 9AM to 5PM.

 Free supportive counselling by telephone. They assist you with drawing up a plan for quitting. They can give you tips and tools to quit, information about products to help, and strategies for dealing with cravings and withdrawal. They also do a search using your postal code to find any in-person services in your area. They will mail you a free book with tips and techniques for quitting, the benefits of quitting, information about withdrawal etc. It is run by the Cancer Society.

 LUNG ASSOCIATION 1-888-344-5864 (Toll Free)

 They offer education programs about lung health and telephone counselling for those wanting to quit smoking. They have a work book called ‘Journey To Quit’ in which you fill in with your own thoughts on ‘why’ and ‘when’ you started smoking; what distractions you can think of to use if you get a craving; who can support your efforts; what individual choices you might wish to make about the `patch`, prescriptions and other treatments. They emphasize that each person’s situation is different and that you need to explore and find what works for you. They report that smoking in our society is on the decline.


 Alcoholics Anonymous 416-487-5591

Website listing meetings:, and then click on `meetings`. There are about 500 meetings a week going on in Toronto all over the city. It is based on fellowship, with one person who is going through the same thing helping another. You can start by going to an open meeting. You introduce yourself as being new, and you can sit there and listen without having to do anything. There are no fees. Someone at the meeting will volunteer to tell their story: what their life was before, how they quit drinking, and what their life is like now. There are also closed meetings where alcoholics go around the table and each talk about the twelve steps and how to live a life centered on sobriety. You also have a sponsor who is someone you can call outside of the meeting.

 DRUG AND ALCOHOL HELPLINE 1-800-565-8603 (Toll Free)

 This is an information and referral service offered by the government of Ontario for all of Ontario. You call and let them know the area where you live and what type of service you are looking for. They will tell you what services are available. They do not do counselling, just referrals and information about available services.

AL-ANON 416-410-3809

 This is for persons coping with having a family member who is an alcoholic. It is to encourage you to look after yourself, rather than be pulled down by someone who is not even going to care. It is based in fellowship and support and takes no donations.


 “And they had no child, because that Elisabeth was barren, and they were both well stricken in years….

“But the angel said unto him, Fear not, Zacharias, for thy prayer is heard; and thy wife Elisabeth shall bear thee a son, and thou shalt call his name John.” (Luke 1: 7 and 13)

 “Children’s children are the crown of old men; and the glory of children are their father’s.” (Proverbs 17:6)

 “But speak then the things which become sound doctrine: That the aged men be sober, grave, temperate, sound in faith, in charity, in patience. The aged woman likewise that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things.” (Titus 2: 1-3)

 “Hearken unto thy father that begat thee, and despise not thy mother when she is old.” (Proverbs 23:22)

 Genesis 1 says that we are created in the image and likeness of God. God is infinite, so it is our potential to live for infinity. Elisabeth was in her eighties when she bore her child, John the Baptist.

Sarah also became a mother in her later years. Methuselah lived to be 969 years old, and there are others mentioned that lived almost as long.




 Landlord and Tenant Bureau-416-645-8080

Federation of Metro Tenants Associations-416-921-9494

Senior’s Safety Line-1-866-299-1011 (Toll Free)

By Investigative Journalist

Michelle L. Erstikaitis


Ever since my incarceration on marijuana charges on November 6th 2013, I have been the target of relentless harassment and abuse by Correctional Officers everywhere, from prisons in Alberta, to Grandvalley Institution, to Vanier Detention Correctional Centre in Milton, Ontario, where a female Correctional Officer deliberately ran her fingers through my hair as I stood stark naked during a strip search on February 19, 2014.

On May 26, 2014, Ombudsman Ontario representatives spoke to Vanier Superintendent Anna Gulbinski about my complaint of being physically touched during a strip search, which has NEVER happened to me in my entire nineteen year history with Corrections Canada. On July 17th, 2014, Fran Cappe with Ombudsman Ontario wrote me a letter in which she states:

Subsequently, the Superintendent confirmed that a Correctional Officer did not follow the relevant policy and it was not appropriate for her to have run her fingers through your hair while conducting a strip search.

On July 16th 2014, coincidentally, I had signed a request form asking that Halton Regional Police be contacted as I wish to press criminal charges against the female officer who touched me during the strip search. As of today’s date, September 3rd, 2014, I have not met with police, nor received a single word from Vanier Superintendent Anna Gulbinski or Vamoer Security Intelligence Officer Bruce Mcnall regarding the sexual assault by the Correctional Officer.

I have already written an article for this newspaper titled, ‘Sexual Humiliation Tactics Being Used To Keep Female Inmates In Line’, in which I detail SIX other examples of sexual abuse that has been perpetrated against me by Corrections Canada Officers in the past two years.

Now, it has recently come to my attention that there are incidents of sexual abuse against OTHER female offenders in Canada, and that oddly, these examples of sexual abuse only seem to be occurring to female offenders who have a history of self harm or acting out.

Now, the abuse I have personally endured is NOT just sexually related. At Grandvalley Institution on the evening of December 9th 2014, I was on a suicide watch, and I was psychologically tormented by a Correctional Officer Heather Sutton, who was assigned as my one-to-one officer outside of my cell. I was on a suicide watch, and Heather Sutton called me ‘Smelly Vagina’ and told me that I was a ‘circus sideshow’ and also taunted me about being a celebrity.

Why would Correctional Officers DELIBERATELY abuse a potentially suicidal or self-harming inmate? Then, on the early afternoon hours of January 11th, 2014, Grandvalley Correctional Officers Matt Mclaren, Chris Burnette and Michell Lalonde came on to the Segregation unit, where I was the only inmate being housed there at that time, and they harassed and taunted me with horrible things that are unmentionable. These officers knew fully well that I was psychologically fragile, and they BELIEVED that I was potentially suicidal.

Because of my friend Ashley Smith, I decided to cause a scene, and make as much of a fuss as I possibly could in order to call attention to the harassment of a potentially suicidal inmate by Correctional Officers.

I tied a ligature around my neck, and yelled at the officers, “Is this what you want to see?” Over and over again. I also hollered, “What more can you do to me?” as a tribute to Ashley Smith, because that was Ashley’s favourite defiant taunt to sadistic Correctional Officers.

So, what more did Grandvalley Officers do to me? Well, they tied me up to a bed for twenty-two hours, which is illegal, because an inmate tied up in four-point Pinel restraints is never supposed to be tied up longer than ten hours at the very most. Even Ashley Smith was never tied up longer than ten hours. The Grandvalley nurse signed the paperwork to have me Pinelled is a woman named Kayla Brenneman, and as I was being tied up that day, nurse Brenneman had a sadistic gleam of satisfaction in her eyes. Five days later, she would once again sign papers to have me tied up on January 16th 2014 for eighteen hours.

I have battled with Corrections Canada to get my hands on the paperwork related to these incidents, including the Observation reports from the 22 hours tied up and the 18 hours tied up.

On July 9th 2014, Nicole Lewandowski from The Privacy Commissioner of Canada, typed up document which is file number PA-035036, in which it was declared that Corrections Canada had erred by not providing me with the files within the legislated time frame for thirty days.

Because CSC did not hand over the documents for 193 days, my complaint to the Privacy Commissioner was declared to be well-founded.

While I was battling to get my hands on these documents, my privileged mail to and from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner and The Ontario Correctional Investigator was being routinely opened illegally by the Vanier Detention Centre, and I complained to the Correctional Investigator AND the Ombudsman, but even now, the letters that I receive from those agencies investigating Corrections Canada are still being opened and read by Vanier Detention Centre personnel before being given to me.

Corrections Canada is TERRIFIED of something. Why did they illegally hold on to my CSC files for193 days? Why is all of my Private Correspondence relating to the investigation of the actions of Corrections Canada being illegally opened and read without fear of repercussion?

First of all, because I was finally provided with my Corrections Canada files, I can tell you that a pattern of harassment is BLATANTLY obvious in the paperwork. Regarding the observation notes from January 11th 2014, when I was tied to a bed for 22 hours, you can see from the notes taken by Grandvalley Correctional Officers Grace Scott and Kim Swayse that from when I was tied up at 14:30 hrs, all the way until 22:00 hrs, I was mostly laying on the bed and singing and laughing. So, that is EIGHT HOURS tied up with absolutely no suicidal behaviour or acting out. Then, at 19:00 hrs, Grandvalley registered nurse Denise Thompson is called in to the Institution to monitor me, because even though I am doing NOTHING to justify the continued forcible confinement, Correctional Officers have decided that they will keep me tied up all night.

When it was happening, I believed at the time that it was being done to torture me, because Kim Swayze and Grace Scott taunted me and mocked me the entire time I was tied up over night. Grace Scott poked fun at my work in politics and journalism, made up stories about media reports that were written about me on the internet.

Kim Swayze told me that Correctional Officers suspected that I had been raped recently while I was free in the community, and she assured me that Correctional Officers thought it was hilarious. She then went on to say something VERY significant. Now, when Correctional Officers taunt and torment an inmate whom they believe to be suicidal, WHAT DO THE CORRECTIONAL OFFICE STAND TO GAIN?

The answer, my friends, is OVERTIME PAY. Kim Swayze said to me, “Trust me, I do not mind having you tied up. As a matter of fact, I am receiving overtime pay to sit here and watch you.”

So, bearing that in mind, who else stands to benefit from an inmate being hospitalized or tied up in Pinel restraints?

Well, the extra staff that are called in to the Institution, as well as the healthcare personnel who are called in for an unscheduled night shift are ALL gaining extra work shifts and overtime pay. Staff who have to stay late to fill out incidents reports….

Shockingly, it turns out that the sexual humiliation tactics are probably NOT being used to ‘keep federal inmates in line’, but rather, the abuse is intended to cause a psychologically fragile inmate to act out in a manner which will lead to extra staff shifts and overtime.

When I was tied up for 22 hours, Grace Scott lied in her Observation Report by saying that I spent the entire night screaming and yelling from ten o’ clock in the evening, to seven o’ clock in the morning. According to the observation notes, which are filled in every fifteen minutes, from 2:15AM, until 7:00AM, I was laying on the bed and singing. On January 16, 2014, I was tied to a bed at 12:30 in the afternoon and not untied until 10:00AM the next day.

The observation notes taken on those two days show that I spent the ENTIRE TIME sleeping. So, since I was sleeping ALL NIGHT LONG, why was it necessary to have me tied to the bed? Because of the overtime pay that healthcare staff and Correctional Officers were able to justify. Sadly, this horrific abuse of overtime shifts and pay is a scam that is being perpetrated in correctional facilities all over Canada, and it is being done at the expense of psychologically and mentally fragile inmates.

I believe this was what led to Ashley Smith’s death: How much overtime pay was handed out to Corrections Canada staff in Ashley’s case? Taxpayers should email their MP’s and ask: As a taxpayer, do you feel comfortable knowing that your hard earned tax dollars are helping to fund the psychological and physical torture of human beings?

Garry Patrick Henry O’Keefe

September 17, 2014


It is with great sadness to announce that beloved musician, Garry O’Keefe, passed away on Aug. 26th, 2014, in his 60th year. Cherished son of departed Dalton and Colombe O’Keefe. Garry is survived by his best friend Tracy Nicholson, his brother Dennis (Gail) O’Keefe, his sister Shirley (Paul) Rivard, his nephews Colin Carmichael and Tim O’Keefe, his niece Kathy (Cliff) Weeks and a multitude of friends and fellow musicians. He is missed. Two celebrations of life for Beaches Blues Fest & Danforth Music Festival superstar, Beaches everyman, and good community buddy Garry O’Keefe will be held this month:

1) SUNDAY SEPT 14 – 1 PM to 6 PM. The Emerald Grill Bar & Grill. 1628 Queen Street East at Coxwell Avenue.

2) SUNDAY SEPT 21 – 3 PM to 9 PM. The Mélange Restaurant & Lounge. 172 Main Street at Gerrard Street East.


With a day of work behind me and before the sunset ends, it’s a quiet and peaceful feelin’ on the trail while headin’ in.

Download PDF:


By Sherri Lange , CEO NA-PAW (North American Platform Against Wind Power)
Founding Director Toronto Wind Action / Executive Director Canada, Great Lakes Wind Truth / VP Canada, Save the Eagles International

Digital Means

September 17, 2014

We do not just fill open job positions, we assist in building successful corporations!


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“James Sears is a PAIN in my neck!”

Your Ward News endorses James Sears ( to be the next councillor for Ward 32 (Beaches-East York). As Election Day on Monday, October 27th draws near, more revelations have surfaced about our present councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon ( Our last several issues have shaken the Beaches to its foundation. Beachers are now uniformly opposed to allowing Mary-Margaret McMahon to continue being our councillor. Let us quickly review exactly what Your Ward News’ investigators have uncovered to date:

– Councillor McMahon often mentions her involvement with the East Lynn Farmer’s Market to solidify her image as a country bumpkin. Your Ward News exposed the fact that her father Ronald Emo was not only the ex-mayor of Collingwood, but also a member on the OMB (Ontario Municipal Board). The OMB approves or denies applications seeking to build condominiums and all other major developments in Ontario. He also owns a piece of a development firm.

– Councillor McMahon’s “Visioning” Study was comprised of several meetings that conned Beachers into believing that their input about future development of Queen Street in the Beaches actually mattered. We now know that this was the biggest scam since ‘24-hour Martinizing’ for your car. An even bigger joke was the meeting to consult locals about alterations to Kew Gardens. According to the design team it was difficult to enter the ‘Kew’ from Queen Street. After all, it took a whole step.

– Councillor McMahon conspired with local “grass-roots” organizations that turned out to be ‘astro-turf’ operations; a tried and true strategy that attracts disgruntled citizens like fly-paper attracts flies. Fellow conspirators Graff and Hykamp led these bogus outfits.

Many of these revelations were brought to light by our highly-capable candidate for Ward 32 councillor. The best disinfectant of municipal corruption is sunlight, but that’s not sufficient for the Your Ward News Investigative Division (NID). We cross-checked Mr. Sears’ allegations and they all panned-out. Then, much to our surprise, he uncovered MORE interesting details.

The Oak Ridges Moraine’s ecological functions are vital to all of us, yet Mary-Margaret’s McMahon’s dad, ex-mayor of Collingwood Ronald Emo wants massive development to destroy it A.S.A.P. 9,000 years ago, giant ice sheets and glacial lakes seeped away from Southern Ontario leaving the Oak Ridges Moraine; 200 meters thick and rising to over 300 meters above Lake Ontario. A coalition of 25 citizen’s groups are dedicated to protecting this hydrological marvel, but Mary-Margaret’s dad says that “there are inherent problems with petitions and polls as a form of direct democracy”. A truly disgusting disregard of environmental concerns. Just like his daughter who does not give a darn about the hydrological concerns in our Beaches. SHE HAS PROVEN IT!!!

BREAKING NEWS!!!—-A ‘wild-card’ candidate has been shuffled into the deck of those running for Ward 32 (Beaches-East York) Councillor. Many Beachers that have contacted us characterize BRIAN GRAFF as a joker who honestly believes that he is a financial analyst at Jones Lang LaSalle, a big player in the commercial real estate industry. These same Beachers claim that he lives in his mom’s basement. We refuse to slag on someone with these types of problems, as our Beaches Blues Fest has raised funds for organizations that deal with mental health concerns. Will Mr. Graff stay and play, or will he drop out of the race and back Mary-Margaret McMahon? Time will tell.

October 27th is Election Day and Beachers will vote for the future of our children’s children by electing James Sears as councillor of Ward 32. If you love our Beaches as much as we do then James Sears is your man. If for any reason you require transportation to the polling booth, Your Ward News will provide a lift for you. We would carry you on our backs if we had to, because the future of The Beaches (NOT Beach Village) is at stake. SEARS IN (! McMAHON OUT (!!!

By Peter McSherry, writer, author and taxi driver.


To all my readers – I wish to thank Leroy St. Germaine and Your Ward News for their interest in publishing a story with a message that seemingly no other publication in Toronto, except for Taxinews, would publish. – P. McSherry.

Aged 70 on my next birthday, I am just sitting here thinking back in time – pondering my 42 years as a nighttime Toronto taxi driver, pondering especially the one taxi-industry theme that looms up above all else: the ever-increasing victimization of the Toronto taxi driver for money and other fiscal advantage by the political-bureaucratic system of the City of Toronto.

The absolute climax of this abuse came on February 19 last, when Ward 32 Councillor Mary Margaret McMahon rose in the Council Chamber and, after briefly prattling on about an action the consequences of which she surely barely understands, proposed that the Council pass into law a set of recommendations that would first bankrupt the taxi industry in order that the City can take back legal assets that the City itself had formerly induced mere taxi drivers to structure their working lives around earning: the 3,480 equity taxi plates.

These changes require, too, the creation of a new class of lesser-value equity taxi plate – the Toronto Taxi License (TTL) – to which the pre-existing plates and the Ambassador permits are, according to the recommendations put forward, to be “migrated” within 10 years. And, too, the recommendations demand numerous other costly changes, the most onerous of which is the eventual saddling of the industry with the condition that every taxi must be a wheelchair-capable accessible cab.

The reader will understand that, above all else, what a core group of the Councillors are out to do is to create an industry where the debt-ridden, spend-thrift City itself will get a much larger share of the industry’s earnings than it now gets by charging what since 2005 are said to be “the highest taxi licensing fees in the world” to taxi drivers who, at the same time, must suffer what is now claimed to be “the worst ratio of cabs to total population of any large city in North America.”

In fact, the City appears to want to be the actual renter of the taxi plates itself. And, too – as none of the politicians have yet told the public – their method is to bankrupt most of the industry to achieve this end. After McMahon’s motion was passed by a vote of 31-12, other Councillors further proposed more cost-ineffective recommendations that, taken together, might be described as business comedy. Some of their ideas were added onto the initial recommendations passed on McMahon’s motion, with all of the costs, of course, to be ultimately inflicted on the cab drivers who are now clearing much less than the minimum wage. All of this inept thinking was approved by City Council by an increased majority.

But the reader should know that, in my first years in the business, the taxi industry then provided a reasonable return on the driver’s labours. Six dollars was what I paid for a license to drive a cab when I came into the taxi business for good in October 1973. My first five months as a fleet taxi driver, working five 12-hour shifts-a-week, I was able to clear an average $38-a-shift, when a high school supply teacher then made $36 for a 6-hour day.

Forty years later, in October 2013, I was asked for $315.43 for my annual renewal of a mere license to drive a cab, plus $59 plus HST to put me through yet another of the City’s money-making CPR courses. If I went out now and worked myself to exhaustion six or seven 12-hour shifts-a-week, as most shift taxi drivers now must do, I might be able to take home an average of $65- to $70-a-shift over a year. Which is not a lot better than half the minimum wage. By comparison, that same high school supply teacher I mentioned now makes about $250 for a 6-hour day.

So the Toronto taxi driver has fallen a long way behind. If you don’t believe me, have a look at who we now are. If you haven’t had practice at deprivation in some Third World country you don’t belong in the taxi industry the City of Toronto has been operating for many years now. Canadian-born taxi drivers under the age of about fifty-five, like Jewish heavyweights and the DoDo bird, are now extinct or nearly extinct. So far as I know as a taxi driver and as a long-time taxi journalist, the City began running its taxi industry as a cash cow during the international monetary crisis of 1978-1982 – a time of extremely high interest rates – when at worst the prime rate hit 23.1 percent and accrued public debt was then doubling in just over three years.

At the same time, many new immigrants were then piling up on welfare and the City, which pays 20 percent of welfare costs, and the Province, which pays 80 percent, perhaps worked out a deal: Some say the most burdensome of all of the City’s long-established exactions on its taxi industry was and is its ongoing accommodation with the Province of Ontario’s “Airport Exemption,” which, since 1978, has allowed out-of-town cabs to pick up and take Toronto fares to the airport. Thus, Toronto cabbies who get tired of constant driving in traffic – and who can’t find a spot to sit on an ordinary cab stand because the City over issues taxi plates that make it money but doesn’t create cab stands that reputedly cost $25,000 to build – can try to get onto a hotel’s taxi stand. There, since 1978, they have to watch out-of-towners, who pay “a $15 cookie” – a bribe – to the hotel doormen, routinely take away all of the airport and other faraway fares, while the Toronto drivers just as routinely get to service their leavings.

Oddly, the out-of-towners pay the City of Toronto nothing at all in licensing fees, while the Toronto drivers who pay through the nose, are also indirectly paying a significant chunk of Toronto hotels’ labour costs. Is it just possible that these other two interests piece off the City and/or some of the Councillors who so ably and regularly now take well over a million dollars-a-week worth of airport business from us? Anyway, once the City started down this trail, it wasn’t long before it was running its taxi industry as an outright money maker and money-saver for itself.

In 1982, when very high interest rates were still skyrocketing public debt, the industry was quite literally used as a form of welfare. Without proper study, the City added 500 cabs to its taxi system’s pre-existing 2,480 Standard plates in 1982; and even though the cost of borrowing money had declined greatly by 1987, another 500 were put out that year. Thus were created 1,000 or more jobs each time to get as many welfare recipients as possible working. At the Welfare Office, it was, “Can you drive a car?” and, if the answer was, “Yes,” then it was, “You have three months to get a taxi license.”

Even in the boom economy of the late 1980s, the effects of these three massive cuts in incoming revenues – most especially the 1987 cut – could be badly felt by the driver. Almost everybody else was still making good money, but Toronto taxi drivers had by then lost ground badly. Many cab owners and drivers would soon begin bailing out of the industry – for, if there’s one thing every Toronto taxi driver of long experience knows, it’s the effects of a depressed economy on an overloaded taxi system.

NEXT MONTH – The awful depression of 1989-1994, and more and worse blood-sucking by the political-bureaucratic system of the City of Toronto.

Peter McSherry was a licensed shift taxi driver for 42 years and has been a taxi industry journalist for more than 20 years. He is the author of three published books, one of which is Mean Streets: Confessions of a Nighttime Taxi Driver.

As a senior you are welcome to use any of the following services which were all created by good people for you to enjoy a better quality of life:


OLD AGE SECURITY (OAS)  1-800-277-9914 (Toll Free)

This is important. Many people do not know you have to APPLY for Old Age Security in order to receive it. It is recommended that you send in the application six months before your 65th birthday. ODSP and OW automatically cut you off at age 65, so make sure that you apply for OAS in time to not miss any of your rental payments. OAS does not back-pay you if you apply later than six months before you turn 65, so avoid getting into this situation. To receive Old Age Security you need to be 65 or older and a Canadian citizen and have lived in Canada for ten years or more after age 18. A single person presently receives $551.54 per month from OAS.




In addition to Old Age Security you may also qualify for GAINS. You do not have to pay income tax on either one. You need to apply for GAINS six months before you turn 65 (in addition to your OAS application), plus you need to renew your GAINS each year by filing your income tax return, and then the amount is decided each July. The amount you receive from GAINS varies each year according to your taxable income for the previous year. The maximum TAXABLE income (not including your OAS and GAINS which are not taxable) for which GAINS is provided is $16,713. The more money you make the less GAINS income you receive because it is just designed to make sure that everyone receives at least a certain minimum income per month, one way or another. If you are transferring from ODSP or OW to OAS and GAINS and you have had no taxable income for the past year, you would receive $747 per month from GAINS, plus your $551.54 from OAS for a total of $1,298.54 per month. You would still get a drug card; call 416-503-4586 for information about it. You would no longer get a dental card, but you would have a higher monthly income. If you regularly go to your dentist for preventative cleanings, x-rays and examinations, you can avoid most emergencies and keep the costs down.


CANADA PENSION PLAN (CPP)  1-800-277-9144 (Toll Free)


It is based on the contributions you have made while being employed. You need to APPLY for it six months before you would like it to begin. You receive more if you leave it in and do not take it out when you turn 65. If you wait until six months before you reach age 70 to apply you receive more money.




Their goal is to enable seniors to live in their own homes as long as possible. They come under the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and their services are covered by OHIP. They also offer referrals to other services which may not be covered, but for which you may be able to apply for a subsidy. They help those that are homebound and of limited mobility. They provide personal care, which means helping with a bath or shower. They also provide nursing care if you have a referral from a doctor. You can call them about any need and they will either provide it or refer you to someone who can. Ask them for help if you need an occupational therapist, walker, wheelchair, social worker or physiotherapy. If you know of a neighbour stuck at home without help, you can phone the Communicare Access Centre on his or her behalf only with the neighbour’s verbal consent. If so, have ready their OHIP card, date of birth, address and phone number. If you have a neighbour in distress who will not agree to get help, the police can check on them to see if they are O.K. The Communicare Access Centre has branches all over Ontario. They are the ones to ask to assess your health if you think you are at the stage of wanting to move in to a nursing home. If you qualify, you can apply to up to five nursing homes anywhere in Ontario, but choose ones you would say ‘yes’ to living in, because if they offer you one and you say ‘no’, you have to apply all over again and it could even take a couple of years because there is a waiting list.


CNAP   1-877-540-6565 (Toll Free) Monday to Friday – 9 AM to to 5 PM


They serve persons age 55 and up. Their services include housekeeping, laundry, shopping, transportation, escort to doctor, social worker (if you are mobile to go to see him or her), help with filling out papers such as CPP, and Meals on Wheels. You pay, but the fees are reasonable and you can apply for a subsidy. You need a financial assessment to get the subsidy. They also have all-day programs for you to get out and socialize with other seniors. They pick you up and bring you back. The transportation is less than a taxi and is done by volunteers. The $7 or $8 cost of your outing includes your lunch and snacks.




YOUR WARD NEWS  416-693-6325 has wonderful singers and musicians who come out and entertain seniors on a voluntary basis. Invite them to your next B-B-Q or other senior’s event.


MEDVISIT  416-631-3000


Seven days a week, 8 AM to midnight. House calls made by doctors for when you can not get out to the doctor. (Not for emergencies). Covered by OHIP. Call them right after they open at 8 AM because their list of appointments fills up quickly for the day. Have your OHIP number ready when you call.


LIFE LINE  1-800-543-3546


This is a private company offering a necklace which you wear around your neck and if you have a medical emergency, you push the button. You will then be on a 2-way speaker with someone who will ask you if you are okay. If not, they will call an ambulance. If it is not an emergency but you still need someone to help, they will call your neighbour or relative whose phone number they will already have. The basic service costs $42.95 per month, plus a one-time $89.95 installation fee. They also offer a device which can detect 95% of falls, which mostly occur in the shower. They come on and ask you if you are okay. This device costs an extra $15 per month.


BUDDY SYSTEM – (free and simple)


You agree with one of your neighbours that one of you will call the other each day to make sure you are okay. If the other person doesn’t call (or answer) then you check on them or call for help, as you have agreed.


THE SENIORS’ SAFETY LINE  1-866-299-1011 (Toll Free)


A confidential resource for seniors suffering abuse, including financial, physical, sexual, mental abuse and neglect. They help you to feel empowered and not like a victim. It is run by the same people who operate the Assaulted Women’s Helpline, so they are very sympathetic.


TELEHEALTH ONTARIO  1-866-797-0000 (Toll Free)


Call this number any time during the day or night, seven days a week, if you would like to speak directly with a qualified nurse about your health.




The Toronto Humane Society, 416-392-2273, provides spaying and neutering of cats and dogs as well as vaccines. You call to make an appointment. The cost for cats for spaying and neutering is $70 and for vaccines $40. For dogs, it depends on the size and gender of the dog and costs more than for cats. With the vaccine, you get complimentary tablets for worms. For other veterinary needs, you have to negotiate with veterinarians in your area.




Your local library offers free computer use. You can call ahead to reserve a computer for half-an-hour or an hour. Have your library card number ready when you call. You can also go directly to the library without calling ahead. There are also express computers which you can use for up to 15 minutes. Printing a page from the computer costs 15 cents, as does making a copy of a page on the photocopier. Main Street Branch (just south of Gerrard) 416-393-7700; Beaches Branch (just west of Queen and Lee) 416-393-7703. In addition, the public library offers two services for seniors who cannot get out to the library. One is where they bring about one-hundred books to a building and then pick them up in three of four months. The other is for individuals, and you sign up and they ask you what you want to receive – the type of books, how many, large print or talking books etc.  Call 416-395-5557.






You have the right to be safe. Homeowners are required by the city to clear their sidewalk of ice and snow within twelve hours after a snowfall. If not, you can call Transportation Services Enforcement at 416-392-7768. They will ask you for the street name and house number of where the ice and snow have not been cleared.




Tenants Hotline  416-921-9494  A free information service run by other tenants of the Federation of Metro Tenants Association. You can call and speak to someone Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM-6 PM. You can also access their automated information system about your rights under the law, where you can learn a whole wealth of information. Call 416-921-9494 at any time and press 2.




This is the provincial body where you can resolve any dispute with your landlord either by mediation or by hearing before an adjudicator. You can call weekdays for free information about your rights. They also have a Duty Counsel who can give you free legal advice if you are going to a hearing.




Will defend low-income tenants if threatened with eviction. No one can be evicted in Ontario without a hearing.


EAST TORONTO COMMUNITY LEGAL SERVICE  416-461-8102 at 1320 Gerrard Street East. A lawyer to advise you about tenant and other matters. You go there and wait and are served on a first-come, first-served basis. Call for the times.




Call 311 if you can not get your landlord to turn on the heat or do repairs. (Go to the landlord first). They send an inspector to your residence to verify the problem. If there is a violation, they give a Notice of Violation to the landlord, and if it is still not repaired an Order to fix it. If the problem is bugs, mice or unsanitary conditions, 311 will put you through to the Public Health Inspector (if your landlord will not fix the problem).




Value Village is located at 2119 Danforth Ave., just east of Woodbine, 416-698-0621. Offers donated used clothing and household items at reasonable prices. There is a 20% discount for seniors “aged 60 or better” every Tuesday.





If you need an immediate place to stay for the night, call 311. They maintain a list of the shelter beds available each night across the city.


HOUSING CONNECTIONS  416-981-6111, 176 Elm Street, main floor


If you need an apartment with lower rent, you can get on the list for subsidized housing. However, the list is unbelievably long and it usually takes several years. (The over $2 billion of the taxpayers’ money which the provincial Liberals wasted on scandals would have gone a long way towards affordable housing for a lot of people.) However, the sooner you apply, the sooner you will get in.


FOOD BANKS   (Call 211 for more information)


Grace Pascoe Centre – 72 Main Street – One block north of Kingston Road., at the back of Calvary Baptist Church, open Tuesday and Thursday, 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM. You go in person. Suggestion – Bring a bundle buggy for easier carrying. You need to bring: Proof of address, proof of income, and I D for each family member.

There is also a food bank at Glen Rhodes United Church for those loving west of Woodbine Avenue.


SALVATION ARMY 416-767-7664, near Woodbine Avenue and Danforth Avenue. Call for an appointment.


MOBILE FOOD BANK   416-480-1390 – If you are disabled and cannot get out to a food bank, they will deliver the food to you. Call to sign up. This comes under the Red Cross.




Community Centre 55 at 55 Main Street (at Swanwick) collects food from local businesses and individual donors, sorts it into boxes, and then has volunteers deliver them to about 800 households in the Beaches area a few days before Christmas. You need to sign up ahead of time by going there. (Call ahead to see what ‘proof of your income’ to bring along). If you live in a low-income senior’s building, there will probably be a day in late November for you to sign up at your building. You need to be home on the day when they deliver it. The boxes contain food for you to make a real Christmas dinner, gifts, as well as canned food and pasta; whatever has been donated to help you through the winter months.




FOODLAND 416-694-3011, Queen and Lee


Foodland has a food delivery service for seniors. You call as early as possible, by 2 PM on Tuesday or Wednesday and they will bring your food to your door on the day you call. There is a $50.00 minimum for your order and the delivery charge is $5.50. You can pay by either cash of cheque; let them know how you will pay when you call. Write out the list of groceries you want before you call, as they do not have time to wait while you think of the things you need.


NEXT MONTH-PART TWO OF YOUR WARD NEWS ‘ULTIMATE SENIOR’S GUIDE’ * Drug and Alcohol-related issues * Biblical passages about health and longevity * Nursing home information * Special health care needs * Legal services * Democratic rights for seniors in Toronto Community Housing * Affirmations * Belief in potential * Ageism * Music and health * Plus many more features for the benefit of the Beaches’ senior community.

By Donn Woods, Scavenger Productions

Donn Woods

When I was a hippie! “Oh well I guess I still am one.” But seriously not just us Hippies, but young people always say that kind of stuff, then they grow up and discover greed and it all goes out the window!! There are still some people that are proud of their work. When I finish a Gig or do a Reno; I do it as well as I possibly can, so I can feel good about what I just finished. I feel proud of my work. as a time when pride in your work and accomplishments were important to humans!


But as we move on through time, we must stop and think about where humankind is going!! We are ultimately in charge and we all must start taking part in changing the very heart of humanity, by being more responsible and honest to each other. This brings me to my point. I live in T.C.H. (Toronto Community Housing) project. It’s very large 100,000+ Units of housing, controlled by City Government and a Private Company who runs operations. Now you know all the old clichés about Government Projects, Right? There are Six or Seven Suits at the Water Cooler! and only one shovel? Stupid Human Tricks!!

Government track records show that those projects under Government Control are very inefficient, too many bosses and too many people doing meaningless jobs. That leads to apathetic behavior and spirals down psychologically from there. Here’s where I disagree with some. It’s okay that the Government employs people as long as it gives real jobs and organizes the work to be as fulfilling as possible with counter balances to compensate accordingly I remember I’ve always had to actually work, when I went to work!

Some re-invention of modern aspects of society must come to us now! The tipping point is always hard to estimate but should we take a gamble with the civilization at stake? No! We must work on all of the good and evil the Humans possess. We can learn to enhance the Good in Humans and Breed out the Evil! The end result of these kinds of changes leads us all to a much happier place with a lot less stress and much more fulfillment of life.

I am not going to comment as I was going to about T.C.H; as I’ve been able to secure an interview with Marco Polara, the Manager of T.C.H. Seniors Buildings for the West Side of Toronto, and I want to be fair in my article. I’ve met Marco on many occasions through the years, and I do believe he is honest and sincere, but others working for him seem to have their own way of running the Ship! T.C.H. has strict rules that are written clearly but it’s not the rules I am disagreeing with. It’s how they are implemented and the individual interpretation I am concerned with T.C.H. can be a good thing but the people running things must start the change before that can happen.

Next issue I will have spoken to Marco and Brad and some of the others at T.C.H. I will update you on my findings. The intimidation factor the bullying type tactics are how people use to do things. That’s not where it’s going now! You get more Happy Bees with Honey than Vinegar!! We’re not in Jail we simply are Seniors Citizens trying to live out our lives in dignity and relative comfort and happiness!! We have all worked hard and honest for all those years. Please, give us the respect you would want your Mothers and Fathers to get wherever and whenever they reach Retirement Age. Thank You Leroy
and Everybody Associated with Us All.

By Renata.


Please be careful with Paul Murton ( DO NOT GIVE HIM A CREDIT CARD OR BANKING INFORMATION. He will RUIN YOU!!!! BEWARE!!!! Paul Murton preys on vulnerable shop owners by swindling them for artificial ads in newspapers he does not distribute. He dates older women and gay men in the hopes of ripping them off.

He runs a variety of scam operations and aligns himself with other scam-artists and fraudsters. He does not use his own name. He steals the identities of Gary 17 and Leroy St. Germaine but he is Paul Murton and intimidates defenceless immigrants with shops as well as conniving them into thinking their ads are being distributed to local residents.

Paul Murton is living off welfare while pretending to assume a different identity. He is a major hypocrite and swindler that is cheating everyone out, lying to medical doctors and the government about his health. I read his rebuttal about Leroy St. Germaine and I really believe it is false. There are many legitimate professionals assisting Your Ward News to collect content. The divergence of the people collaborating with Leroy is quite vast and many are in licensed professions, giving of their time. I first met Paul through this circle and though Leroy’s newspaper is half farce and half angry about the gravy train in Toronto, Paul is a major snake that has nothing to show.

What is interesting, of late, is the photos on his website with Mary Margaret McMahon, who LeRoy wrote negatively about for a long time. Mary Margaret is very unpopular in her ward and yet, that eponymous fake Paul Murton is now taking photos with the woman. It is very hypocritical and unethical. I have interacted with Paul Murton and watched him play people on all ends to meet his objectives. I believe he is under the influence of drugs and so I feel sorry for him. But he is not to be trusted and given he is on a benefit he doesn’t need to be preying on anyone, definitely NOT vulnerable people!!!

PROTECT YOURSELF from fraud and scams in Toronto, visit:

Sherri Lange, CEO NA-PAW, North American Platform Against Wind Power


The European Treaty of Amsterdam, 2001, while not law, yet outlines various welfare              standards for fur bearing animals.   It clearly states that animals that are kept for commercial reasons are “considered as living and sentient, in the sense that they are able to experience pleasure and suffering.” It prescribes that animals must be kept in a “safeguard” to avoid suffering and respecting their needs, including being allowed to “show certain behaviours.” The Treaty goes on to reference that non production, or low production rates, will reflect on the ability of the farmer to prove adequate welfare. In the instance of farmer Kaj Olesen Bank, his ability to provide welfare and care was severely tested by an array of four wind turbines.

While some farmers use the term “Second Harvest” to benignly refer to their welcomed scoop of the wind money harvest from hosting wind turbines, a more sinister meaning is clear for home grown environmentalism. This “harvest” involves the widespread and now more fully understood feature of animal suffering and death, ugly killing fields, associated with the now equally understood uselessness of wind “factories.” This “harvest,” was ever more evident in the recently exposed suffering at a mink farm in Denmark, where aggression and abortions, and eyeless foetuses appeared as a direct cause of a new turbine installation.

Kaj Olesen Bank is a neighbor of four huge wind turbines, located a mere 330 metres from a mink farm with several thousand animals (about 4600).  While neighbors wrote to the municipality about negative consequences for their families from shadow flicker, quality of life issues as well as concerns for their property values, little did they suspect a direct run on animal suffering and death. There were two separate incidents reported of deaths and aggression, but the second, it appears, was less easy to bury. It was this second grouping of reports, with photos, that have begun to entirely capture the heightened awareness world wide of cruelty to animals that occurs within radii of industrial wind turbines. In this instance, the turbines are not required to be located at the same setback as for a human residence, and the results for animal residents, cannot be clearer.

According to the veterinarian reports, “The mink showed an extremely large sensitivity to noise and rejected (foetuses) in large numbers. In the present experiment, 1600 were born deformed, which lacked the eyes, split their throat and their limbs were deformed ² (sic). The associated images are provoking. See links below for photos. (Or click here for a gruesome video of a suffering mink.)

Some Danes are calling these results of mink experiences via turbines a shocking “mass animal experiment” without benefit of any compassion or testing standards. The relationship between the deaths of foetuses, with deformities, the aggression of the minks who then had to be separated and some euthanized, and the turbine activity, is clear and undeniable. What then will be and are the admitted results on humans routinely experimented on, placed too near turbines? For Health Units worldwide that apparently disguise or minimize harm from turbine placement, this animal ‘experiment’ should ring clear and loud, that sample literature surveys, biased, are absurd and insulting to people affected, who cannot even at times live in their own homes: evidence such as reports to personal physicians, to various Ministries of the Environment and Health, and the sheer weight of obvious similarity of complaints, should be sufficient for world level moratoria.

In a country that recently created a very progressive landmark law against cruel slaughter in some religious practices (Denmark recently, 2014, banned halal and kosher slaughter, it’s Minister decreeing that animal rights come before religion), the shock of the obvious torture and deaths of so many mink is even more poignant.

But aside from the incongruities of animal rights within Denmark, Canada, the USA, and inevitably every other country with “animal relationship cognitive dissonance,” the turbine lies of green, free, cheap, and CO2 saving, sit directly beside a very real parallel universe: a universe that destroys habitat, maims lives of nearly everything in sight, from audible and inaudible noise and pressure, vibration, shadow flicker. It is well known that mink are highly active animals and have as all creatures, complex lives, and DNA driven responses to low frequency pressures and vibration that naturally affect their sensitive natures. Indeed, the owner of the farm reported that the animals appeared to have “gone crazy,” biting, fighting, the tension and aggression between nesting animals and vicious injuries requiring euthanasia.

Wind turbine wildlife hell and for “husbanded” animals, is well known throughout the world. There is nary a turbine area, small or large that has not had reports of this suffering and loss. Raptor and endangered species reductions, migration routes sliced routinely with rules to defend wildlife completely in favor of developers, disappearance of amphibians, turtles, moose, worms, disastrous effects to farmed animals, EMU, goats in Taiwan, cattle still born, noses bleeding, deformed, chickens laying eggs with no yolks, exploding lungs in bats already in serious decline, declining levels of butterflies, all manner of birds slaughtered, even those brought back from the brink of extinction; the list of collateral damage “Second Harvest,” is too lengthy to reflect on here. Farmers from North America routinely struggle with harmed and decreased livestock, often down as much as 30% in production, and feel acutely the suffering of their animals.

The overall benefit: zero

Wind turbines don’t work. It’s been said so many times, in so many ways, that it is nearly now completely redundant to remind ourselves of the failures. They at times, many times, consume more parasitic power than they create. They are notorious for having down time, not performing, or needing to be shut down when it’s too windy. They don’t last very long either, 10-15 years. California has 4500 burned out turbines, abandoned. Piles of industrial eco junk are accruing worldwide. The UK has had 1500 industrial accidents in five years. And those cement plugs? Not one has been removed. But along the way to the subsidy and loan guarantee bank, comes a bigger price, not borne by environmentally sensitive developers. The result of their “work” is resolute carnage for living things. (We use the word, resolute, because of the intensity with which developers, with participation of government policies, turn environmental law to their will.) Turbine proliferation has resulted in numbers of dead and dying we cannot yet contemplate. Every species is affected.

Industrial wind turbines are the most useless form of energy conceivable, and to imagine that they will reduce our impact on the earth, while consuming wildlife, our farm animals, human health, property values, landscapes, while using volumes of metal, plastics, oil, lubricants, gas, highly toxic rare earth elements from China, cement, 40 truckloads per turbine, polluting aquifers, and providing absolutely nothing beneficial, is absurd. Our dissonance about animal welfare and protection is only mirrored in our lingering affection for something pretentiously false and sad: industrial wind turbines.

A golden eagle is found wandering, starving, one of thousands in such a state, hundreds of metres from a turbine, obvious trauma and loss of wing. No developer reported on this or the thousands of other wandering mutilated birds. Foals in Portugal are affected by ground vibration and ILFN, with Flexural Deformities (The study was filed as a Master’s thesis, titled “Acquired flexural deformity of the distal interphalangic joint in foals.”) Estimates are of at least a billion birds and bats destroyed by wind turbines annually.

Jon Boone, writer on energy, artist, and environmentalist, author of “Oxymoron,” “Overblown,” asks: “How much will we have destroyed before we see the light?”

Dr. John Etherington, author of “The Wind Farm Scam,” now in its 14th printing, quotes geologist, Malcolm Rider:

“The Highlands are being humiliated by wind farm developers who insist they are saving the environment. They lie: they are here to make a profit. Wind farms produce very little and intermittent electricity. Most of the time they do not work. How can the blade of a bulldozer ripping up 6,000 years of beautifully preserved archeology be saving the environment? How can the turbine blades smashing a golden eagle to bits be saving the environment? How can the government of Scotland destroy such a prize? And use public money to do it?”
POST SCRIPT: MINK Suffering continues

Kaj and his family are suffering also, often leaving their home to find a space to sleep, and rest. They suffer also for their mink, and the turbines continue to cause extreme consequences for the animals. Note from Kaj:

“We are going to take the females/mothers away from the puppies, the wind turned into south yesterday, and the noise from the turbines came just over the farm, the females began to bite their puppies, just as I had expected. This is how it looks like now.
Yesterday at 3 o’ clock in the afternoon the wind changed into south. They had to put 21 puppies down today because of their wounds. There are 40 which are under
observation. Lots of the puppies are so young that they can’t survive without their mothers, but with their mothers they will soon be dead from the bites.”

Features of the Veterinarian Report:

  • Unresolved aggression not seen before on the farm, prior to turbines
  • Possible solutions to the need to separate animals and financial effects from that separation
  • Noted aggression and medical treatments required due directly to wind turbine installations
  • Dead and suffering animals requiring euthanasia
  • Relationship between turbine start up and animal suffering/deaths/aggression

Aulum Vildbjerg
Vildbjerg Animals Hospital
Vildbjerg, d. 9/9-2013

Meeting regarding the launch of wind turbines behind K. B Olesen´s farm.

Prior to the meeting of 9 September 2013, according Kaj, the following has happened: On Thursday and Friday afternoon, the two wind turbines which are closest to the farm were going through a test run. This was done in daylight. It was windy and the wind turbines could not be heard clearly, the minks responded with curiosity by getting out of the cages.

On Friday evening at dusk, the weather was quieter and the wind turbines could then be clearly heard both at Kaj’s house and his farm.  At that time the test run was over and the wind turbines ran constantly, with among other things a high frequency noise from one wind turbine. The minks reacted now with growing unrest and when it was completely dark, there was whining and screaming from all over the farm stemming from stressed
minks fighting.

Kaj contacted the on-duty vet in Agerfeld who advised Kaj to separate the animals. Kaj spent all Friday night by separating animals and keeping them apart, and by monitoring the animals and getting them apart with the help of light. The on-duty veterinarian was contacted again early Saturday. The on-duty veterinarian visited and found 2 dead mink
that had very extensive fresh bite wounds and the wind turbines were stopped to prevent further dead minks, resulting in peace, but not the peace that was before the turbines started.

From the problems started Friday night and through Monday 7 mink died of bites. I personally saw 2 of the minks this morning, which were put down because of “reasons for animal welfare” due to the bite; these were also very severe and fresh. In the same period approx. 60 mink were separated  and kept in single cages  to stop fighting and biting
damages. These figures should be viewed in light of the fact that there had been very few cases of bites in this period and that it will be normal on a farm of this size to find one  bite a week. Right now it usually is a quiet period on the farm.

At its meeting of 9 September were present: Kaj Bank Olesen, the
undersigned veterinarian Rikke Vestergaard, mink consultant Borge
Mundbjerg and Eric Abraham from Viind Estate, and Michael from Vestas.

At the meeting Kaj explained again the events about the minks’ behavior after the turbines started. We all listened to an audio clip Kaj had recorded on the night of Friday, when all minks had gone crazy. It is obvious on the clip that there is a constant whining and screaming from the animals. We also heard an audio clip from the evening after where we only could hear small sounds of mink feet and the sound of rain on the roofs.

Viind Estate would like to have a suggestion how the turbines should
be started. Kaj and I do not want the two wind turbines – which until now have caused problems – to operate at dusk or at night. Viind Estate would like to try to let the two most distant turbines operate day and night and then allow Kaj to call them and get them to stop if there occur problems again.

The problem of this tactic is that if the animals become stressed up too many times, it will be quite impossible to get them to calm down again and so there will be fighting constantly.

It is not possible to separate all minks from each other. Firstly, the farm is not built for it, because it is not usual procedure in a mink farm; secondly, a mink who goes alone would not eat the same as when they are together; this will result in a smaller skin when by pelting.

Kaj Abraham has announced that Viind-Estate will cover Kaj’s loss including the additional work from the need to monitor the minks. Losses may be incurred on the farm in several ways at the moment: Animals that are bitten and treated, but end up with a lower settlement because of inferior quality skin. Animals that are isolated therefore achieve a smaller settlement because of shorter length of the skins. Problems that can arise during pregnancy, childbirth, etc. may be discussed later, if the problem is not resolved by then.

It is impossible at this stage to say how long it will take for the mink to get used to the sounds of the wind turbines.

After the meeting I prescribed antibiotics to treat bite wounds. This had also not been necessary in this season.

With best regards,

Veterinarian Rikke Vestergaard


See: WCFN for translation here


Etherington, John. The Wind Farm Scam, Stacey International, 2011, p. 192

By J.J.


Former Toronto Mayor Barbara Hall (94-97) was appointed Chief Commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission on November 28th/2005. This evil star-chamber represents the worst of Evolved Marxism and many subscribers wonder how and when this virulent strain of totalitarianism entered the body politic. What we know as ‘Political Correctness’ dates back to the Soviet Union of the 1920’s. Like today, Politically Correct Totalitarianism assured that all aspects of life were consistent with ideological orthodoxy. Being a direct descendant of Marxist/Communist terror, brain-washing and criminalization of thought, Canada’s Human Rights Commissions continue the tradition unabated.

Meanwhile, back at Ontario’s very own Human Rights Commission, Chief Commissioner Barbara Hall has advanced the idea of forming a NATIONAL Press Council to protect the human rights of “vulnerable” groups. Every publisher, webmaster, radio and television producer (but not limited to) would be “obligated to join” so that their publications and broadcasts could be pre-approved or rejected. Can you imagine the Barbara Halls of the world determining what you could publish or broadcast? Initiatives like this are a distinctive feature of totalitarian societies. The National Post correctly opined that “Nobody has the ability to judge which speech should be free and which speech should not.”

Totalitarianism does not require a dictator like “Uncle Joe” Stalin. Communism in the Soviet Union was much more than state terror, censorship, re-education camps and gulags. It was a state-of-mind in which the very idea of personal opinion had been eradicated. Once a critical mass of citizens has been inculcated with Political Correctness, the society in question is functionally totalitarian. “Aunt Barb” Hall now has the “sins” of racism, sexism and homophobia as additional tools for control. The charge of “institutional racism” is no different than declaring an entire economic class as an enemy of the people.

The new “isms”, including feminism, are designed to tear traditional family values to shreds, and in turn, to rip society apart. Like the Soviet Communists use of class warfare, the results are the same. Better than that, if a crime can be collectivized, an entire group can be guilty until proven guilty, and a victim group can be compensated without being victimized. In Barbara Hall’s Canada, ancient liberties and the assumption of innocence mean absolutely nothing, especially when it comes to RACISM. An accusation of racism has much the same effect as an accusation of witchcraft in 17th century Salem, Massachusetts. Ironically, women like Barbara Hall have become what they claim to fear. Whether it is practiced under the banner of Communism, Political Correctness, Marxism, or any other name, its true name is EVIL. Only the names have changed…. from Joseph Stalin to Barbara Hall.

By J.J.


Your Ward News ( ), in conjunction with the Beaches Blues Fest and the Danforth Music Festival ( ) have officially pronounced Seniors Appreciation Day. No spring chicken himself, publisher/promoter Leroy St. Germaine kicked-off this important holiday by dispatching musicians to perform for our valuable senior citizens. The musical talent represents blues, folk, country and rock. That’s right…SENIORS WANNA ROCK!!! We are incredibly excited about bringing our live music network to elderly residences, assisted living facilities, and even to private homes upon special request.

It has often been said that “children are our future”. That obviously being the case, the children that awarded us our present future deserve our very special thanks. This is much more than another contrived ‘Hallmark card’ holiday or fund-raiser for an emergency phone number calendar. This is a celebration of the accumulated knowledge and wisdom of our advanced-age citizens. Only the positive aspects of later life will be highlighted. One elderly fellow at the Norway Avenue residence said, “I don’t want to hear any of that I’VE FALLEN AND I CAN’T GET UP crap ever again.” Wish granted, sir.

Recent studies have revealed that neurons in the brain can re-connect by means of memorable music. Long-forgotten memories blocked by Alzheimer’s et al flood back in to the conscious realm of the brain, allowing the listener to re-experience memories from his or her youth. The universality of music is undeniable and elevates mankind to a higher plane. Like all programs initiated by Mr. St. Germaine NO TAX DOLLARS or GOVERNMENT GRANTS are involved. Toronto’s conniving councillors like Mary-Margaret McMahon ( ), Paula Fletcher and Janet Davis prefer sponsoring events with tax-payer’s money. That is so your tax dollars can go “missing”, much like the provincial Liberal Party’s ‘Disappearing Ducats’ case. They represent the exact opposite of James Sears ( ), our next Ward 32 (Beaches-East York) councillor, who won’t accept a penny of his councillor’s yearly salary of $105,397. Chancellor Sears is about the PEOPLE, not about the PROFITS.

Our senior citizens must also be thanked for their attempts at maintaining the traditional family values that allowed healthy Canadian communities to thrive. Those values are presently under fire and our advanced population is the last line of defence where common decency is threatened. Where’s the parade celebrating those values? The great response the musicians receive at these events is all the payment they need. To book a musical show at your facility or relative’s home please contact Leroy St. Germaine at 416-693-6325. Your Ward News will also provide transportation to and from your closest voting location on October 27th.


By J.J.

wizard of oz curtain

Many books and movies have been written and produced about the classic 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz featuring Judy Garland as Dorothy. One film starred the late John Ritter (Three’s Company, 8 Simple Rules) as author L. Frank Baum who wrote the book that the beloved movie was based on. Another film, Under the Rainbow, was about the little people who played the Munchkins. Neither of these offerings, nor any other book or film, has ever revealed the true motivation of the author. Nobody has ever unlocked the hidden meaning concealed in the story…UNTIL NOW.

The Wizard of Oz was published in 1900 during a tornado of political and social upheaval. Author L. Frank Baum was an avid supporter of populist presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan. The populist Bryan ran twice for U.S. President against William McKinley, in 1896 and 1900. Bryan lost to McKinley both times. Author L. Frank Baum lamented the failure of the populist movement and the collapse of the fragile alliance between the urban industrialists (the Tin Man) and the rural farm workers (the Scarecrow). The twice-failed populist presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan was embodied in the Cowardly Lion…ALL ROAR, NO TEETH.

‘OZ’ is the abbreviation of ‘OUNCE’, the common measure of gold, which set the standard that supposedly regulated the economy. Presidential candidate Bryan and his supporters were promoting economic reforms that would have discouraged unscrupulous speculators. But the citizens were again led down the ‘yellow brick road’ (the Gold Standard) to the ‘Emerald City’ (paper money that, like today, only pretends to have value.)

Dorothy was ‘everyman’ and ‘everywoman’ who saw the truth before the others. You may recall an emphatic Dorothy pointing toward an opening in the curtain. She was trying in vain to alert her fellow travellers that the big scary wizard was merely a little scared man, not much more than ‘bells and whistles’.

The “all-mighty” Wizard represents the powers-that-be, who often rule by fear alone. The dramatic conclusion of Dorothy’s journey lends itself to an enduring political truth: You can fool SOME of the people SOME of the time, but you can’t fool ALL of the people ALL of the time.

By our Investigative Reporter J.J.


Like Father. Like Daughter. Ward 32 Councilor Mary-Margaret McMahon has done an A-1 job for developers, all the while pretending to fight on behalf of Beachers who voted her in to office. There is a good reason why she is so successful at political intrigue. Her father is former Collingwood, Ontario Mayor Ronald Emo, who came out of retirement to help developers “amend” the Heritage District Plan of Collingwood. This is so that bulldozers and jackhammers can wipe the smile off the historic face of Collingwood. The former mayor has no qualms about demolishing Admiral Collingwood Place for developers. After all, this location, like the town, is only named after Vice-Admiral Lord Cuthbert Collingwood, the First Baron of Collingwood (1748-1810). Collingwood was second-in-command to Vice-Admiral 1st Viscount Horatio Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar. He assumed command of the British Fleet after Nelson was shot and killed in 1805 at Cape Trafalgar, Spain. Former Mayor Ronald Emo couldn’t give two hoots about who the town was named after, or half-a-hoot about demolishing Admiral Collingwood Place. Like Father. Like Daughter.

Meanwhile, back in our Beaches, Ronald Emo’s daughter Mary-Margaret McMahon (Ward 32, Beaches-East York) similarly shows no true regard for the past, present or future of our beloved neighborhood. Her so-called “Visioning” study successfully ‘blinded’ Beachers to the fact that the fix was in, and secretly favored mass development. Even the most educated citizens were duped by Councilor McMahon, as were the citizens of Collingwood. The apple doesn’t fall from the tree, and our research has uncovered numerous parallels between dad and his offspring, who is determined to turn our Queen Street East Miracle Mile into Condo Village. Which reminds us – the attempt by McMahon’s acolytes to change the name to Beaches Village is shameful and James Sears will have those offensive banners taken down immediately upon being elected to office. We will only have ourselves to blame should our neighborhood become an Erector Set of thousands upon thousands of crass condominiums. She’ll do it! Like Father. Like Daughter.

BREAKING NEWS!!! Our investigators have secured an astounding document from the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. The transcript is that of a Subcommittee Hearing. Ronald Emo is being questioned by the members concerning a very interesting appointment. VERY interesting. Here are some of the more illuminating highlights found in the Subcommittee Report:

THE CHAIR: Say anything you wish or you may go right to the questions by the members of the committee.

MR. RONALD EMO: I stand before you as a candidate for my cross-appointment from the OMB (Ontario Municipal Board) to the ARB (Assessment Review Board). During the first two years of my time on the OMB we were the FINAL appeal board on assessments from the ARB.

*** Those subscribers that have followed the condo onslaught are aware that the OMB is GOD in the development industry. They can bless your construction project or they can dash your development asunder. ***Now back to the vetting of Ronald Emo by committee members.

MR. MIKE COLLE (Eglington-Lawrence): Mr. Emo, You were a partner in Oak-Lea Holdings Ltd., a Collingwood land development company. Could you give us some background?

MR. RONALD EMO: It was a small situation. My survey partner, myself and a local lawyer bought some property in 1967 and we did different developments over the years. We have two one-acre industrial sites that we’re trying to get rid of to wind the company down.

***Had enough of this guy yet? It’s enough for us. ***

One experienced builder that we conducted a casual interview with said, “Yup, it sounds like municipal corruption to me. Developers like a ‘brown-envelope’ political environment. Everything is understood”. Meanwhile, back in our Beaches again, we face the most important vote ever. Rife with cronyism, nepotism, sweetheart deals, kick-backs and assorted quid pro quo, Mary-Margaret’s got to go!!!

Post Script—Vice-Admirals Collingwood and Nelson are interred at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Post Post Script—October 27th is Election Day. With this new information, Mary-Margaret McMahon will surely be made to walk-the-plank by Beaches voters. LET’S MAKE HISTORY!!!


(Click on image to enlarge.)

I am very, very stingy with my money, but I am EVEN STINGIER with other people’s money.  I not only promise not to accept the ridiculous $105,000 per year salary for being your councillor, but I also refuse to accept campaign donations from the general public.  There are two main reasons for the latter decision.
Firstly, I feel it is immoral for the City of Toronto to be subsidizing campaign donations by providing rebates to donors.  For example, if you donate $300 to me, the city “rebates” you $225 of other people’s tax money, whether or not the taxpayers who provide the rebate support me!  That is Marxist theft.  Secondly, if I accept donations it invariably means that donors will feel that I owe them something.  I do not owe anything to anyone, and I am not about to get into the habit! I cannot be bought, and I will never put myself in a position where people feel I owe them a political favour because they gave me money.  I have already mailed back thousands of dollars of donations to people that wanted to contribute my campaign.
However, do not worry about my ability to fund my campaign.  I am legally permitted to spend $36,847.80 to run for councillor in Ward 32.  I set aside THE FULL AMOUNT in January when I placed my name on the ballot.  My campaign has been FULLY FUNDED FROM MY OWN RESOURCES from the outset!
Instead of sending me money, please volunteer your time to distribute my propaganda to your neighbours.  Or better yet, send the links to my web site to everyone on your email distribution list, and put those links up on blogs that you read.  All I ask is that you help me get the word out.
Think of yourself as a Christian Libertarian missionary spreading the gospel of James Sears to Godless Marxist savages.  They know not what they do because they have been brainwashed by Karl Marx.  Approach everyone you know … work colleagues, classmates, family, strangers on the street.  Even if they are not voters in Ward 32, preach to them about the evils of cultural Marxism and how it is destroying our society.  If they get annoyed during your sermon, tell them “Jesus loves you and so do I”.  That usually shuts them up.
Even if I am not victorious at the ballot box, I will still accomplish my ultimate goal. Getting the most votes is only one of the reasons I am running for office. My ego is not invested in this election campaign.  I am a self-actualized narcissist that does not need to obtain validation of my awesomeness from a ballot box.  Instead, I am running because I want to get the word out about how cultural Marxism is destroying our society.  Do not get me wrong … I would LOVE to win and I would be honoured to be your humble servant.  I would be the best damn councillor ward 32 has ever seen.  I would be a Statesman rather than a Politician.  I would sacrifice myself for my constituents.
So to sum it up, if I get the most attention, I WIN!  If I get the most votes, YOU WIN! I deputize every one of you to be a spokesperson for my campaign.  I entrust you with the responsibility to spread the gospel of James Sears to the masses. Have fun on the campaign trail!
Dr. James Sears,

A Marxist’s Worst Nightmare


It’s been said that ‘WHITE LIBERALS ARE THE MORAL DESCENDENTS OF SLAVE OWNERS’. If you count the number of baby carriages in the Beaches being pushed by non-traditional Canadians, the claim gains some gravitas. But liberal-leftists are not known for introspection and are unable to consider such a notion. Ward 32 News analysts have long recognized that there is a blind-spot in their view of the world. A long-time associate of our publication has profiled these useful idiots of Marxism quite well: “WHITE LIBERALS WANT TO SAVE THE WORLD, BUT ARE HARD-PRESSED TO HELP A NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOUR.”

Lip-service egalitarianism is not a new characteristic of those Canadians who veer sharply to the left, but our concerns are rather immediate. Simple question: What should a Beacher do if they witness improper treatment by a foreign nanny towards a traditional Canadian child? Several reports have surfaced about nannies rolling the baby carriages within feet of screaming, hi-decibel circular concrete-cutting saws. Considering that these nightmarishly loud (louder than Deep Purple) saws project near-crippling decibels, Your Ward 32 News has to be concerned. Are these cheap-labor nannies aware that a child can be irreversibly deafened by these machines? We’d like to think that this is somehow related to cultural differences, but what other cultural miscues DON’T we see? Mom can’t see any of it. She’s a public sector worker and motherhood is secondary.

Cheap labor begets slavery. Educated Beachers know that the word ‘slavery’ is derived from ‘Slav’, people who represent a segment of the European population that have suffered under the yolk of cheap labor. Slavery has many faces; from the human sex-traffickers at NOW magazine who deserve life in prison, to the three centuries of black, cotton-pickin’ cheap labour in North America. A high price is still being paid by the white North American population for refusing to ‘pick their own cotton’ or ‘dig their own ditch’, so to speak. The circumstance that we CAN do something about is visible to us every day in our own neighborhood. Slavery and cheap labor bring nothing to the taskmaster but bad karma.

We implore Beachers to cease and desist from exploiting newly-arrived immigrants. Trans-racial slavery has proven disastrous in the past and will always be a taint on humanity. Whether it is in the southern United States or on the shores of Lake Ontario, it is not an issue of RIGHT and LEFT, but an issue of RIGHT and WRONG.



It seems that the copies of Your Ward News that make their way around Parliament Hill have had a profound effect on Federal Government officials. After we illuminated the fact that the advertising section of NOW magazine was an essential rung in lucrative Asian sex-rings, they reacted swiftly. The Feds have tabled a new prostitution bill which includes outlawing the profiteering of not only pimps, but anyone who profits from the prostitution industry. THAT INCLUDES ADVERTISERS! NOW magazine specializes in Asian women because middle-aged females can be made to look like schoolgirls. NOW has helped to create an environment that makes these crimes seem acceptable to the average tolerant Canadian.

In our previous column we made it clear that we will no longer tolerate the claims by Entertainment editor Susan G. Cole. She says that NOW is merely helping these girls be safe. Ms. Cole, a lesbian chosenite, can often be heard on John Oakley’s morning show on TALK 640 AM spewing the vilest nonsense you’ll ever hear. There are women’s prisons suitable for Susan along with Editor/CEO Alice Klein and Senior News Editor Ellie Kirzner. All three can be described in a similar manner. One federal politician opined that all the activities associated with the sex industry are harmful to young women. He says, “These activities are not harmful because they are illegal, they are illegal because they are harmful.”

After NOW magazine’s Staff News Writer, Jonathan Goldsbie, penned a disparaging column about Your Ward News we couldn’t help but recall the old saying, “Don’t go to battle with those that buy ink by the barrel”. Well, our barrel may not be as big as NOW’s barrels, but we deliver truth by the truckload. If the name wasn’t already taken, we would name our publication ‘The Truth At Last”, which is essentially our journalistic mission statement. It is TRUE that NOW magazine has a negative influence on young impressionable minds. It is TRUE that the family-destroying views of NOW magazine are clearly at odds with the traditional family values represented in Your Ward News. It is TRUE that the political candidates that NOW magazine throws its support behind are PRO-Marxist and ANTI-freedom of speech (except their own speech, of course). It is also TRUE that the political candidates that we throw our support behind are ANTI-Marxist and PRO-freedom of speech. Our choices for office are also culturally, fiscally and morally competent. When Councilor Sears is elected by Beachers it will mark the beginning of a new era. A fresh new start!!!

In the debate that is raging about Canada’s prostitution laws some have referred to the ‘European model’. Why that should even be considered is a mystery to us. Did our ancestors not build this vast nation precisely because they left Europe? When the new laws are enacted we can only hope that the loss of advertising revenue will grind NOW magazine into the dirt from whence they came. Facilitating the sex-trafficking industry has made them wealthy, so a class action suit by their victims should also be pursued. We use the word ‘also’ because criminal charges go without saying. NOW magazine is in our sights and we won’t let up until this lewd and lascivious rag has printed its last page of fish-wrap.



Sherri Lange, CEO, NA-PAW

When a community faces a turbine installation, and our new Premier has promised thousands on thousands more for our abiding misery everywhere in the province, they have 15 days to file an objection and enter into a legal process called the Environmental Tribunal (ERT).

Viewers of the proceedings for areas such as Chatham Kent, for example, have been subjected to tortuous denials of their witnesses for years now. Costly and time consuming, farmers, business people teachers and engineers, have taken time out of normal life to follow the proceedings, which in every single instance have worked favorably for the developers. Said one: “You have to be brain dead to even imagine that democracy is alive in Ontario. I can’t believe I’m in Ontario.”

This tribunal is a quasi court, designed to be impartial and provide adjudication, and having expertise, knowledge and training. Someone like Paul Muldoon, an environmental lawyer, who is Vice Chair at the Adelaide ERT. These folks should be fair, reasonable, and experts: One has to now question whether they have the “aptitude for impartial adjudication.” All except ONE ERT have miserably failed, despite massive efforts on behalf of ordinary people, engineers, doctors, teachers, farmers, who took and take time out to testify about the health, dangers to environment, and water supplies, poor safety record of the industry, as well as the imminent dangers to children who may be special needs, or people already with compromised health.

A focus on those lofty qualifications means Ontarians should expect excellence, because the “tribunal”, is a quasi court, set to administer justice as defined under the Act which it adjudicates. Looking at members of the ERT one notes that four of its members have the “experience” but one could question whether those four have the “aptitude for impartial adjudication.”

Appointments to the ERT are made by the Premier or the Minister and follow “a recruitment and review process managed by the Public Appointments Secretariat” (PAS). All appointees are required to sign a “Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement” which asks the question: “Have you been involved in any issue or controversy in the past, or that may be subject to public review in the future, in which the government may have an interest?” Three and possibly four, do not pass the fairness test.


In a letter from Engineer Eric Jelinski, the frustrations of those opposing the proliferation   of industrial wind in Ontario is telling:

Does the liberal caucus know what is really going on?

Eric Jelinski — October 16, 2013

We often uncover examples of mismanagement (an understatement in regard to recent examples), and then members claim to have no knowledge.   This is a due diligence e-mail for the Wynne government.

There are several key issues and one is the issue of the hearings of the Environmental Review Tribunals in regard to wind turbines. There have been many such hearings where experts on the impacts of wind turbines have expressed concerns and pointed to peer reviewed papers written about such impacts; eg. health, noise, flickering lights, too close to airports, property values, stray voltage, and the issues list is indeed long.

Regardless of what concerned citizens have said, the Liberal steam roller continues out of control approving wind turbine development after development in spite of having recently announced that the province has enough electricity! Why?

It must be very boring for the lawyers for Samsung, WPD, developers, and the MOE and MNR to sit through lengthy hearings from concerned citizens, just to have to rule against the citizens’ concerns. Such rulings I have noted previously effectively means the government is calling these citizens liars.

A probable ethical dilemma. I often wondered why…but the answer is here in the salacious relationships between proponents of wind developers, the proponents who want to shut down nuclear, and employees of the government. It takes more than a few moments to absorb this conspiracy theory, but the writing is on the wall in terms of all the e-mails and RSS feeds issuedby ‘environmentalists’. Please read on.

Enter a new idea by the lawyers, by limiting the number of citizens and arbitrarily downgrading the credentials of those who speak. After 5 years of the GEA and all of the world wide experience with wind turbines, is it possible that the Medical Officer of Health was wrong with her decree about the 550 metre setback. Of course it is “possible’. That is why there is always room for a second opinion.

Except that the government is acting along-side the proponent in squashing the second opinion coming from knowledgeable people like other doctors and those who are affected by the wind turbines.   The decisions of the ERT are by now so entrenched in saying that there are no adverse effects, even one admission that prevents one approval of one wind turbine is an admission that there is substance to what concerned citizens have been saying. Folks, we have just found the invisible wall created by the government and the wind developers beyond which we are not allowed to tread!

Will the issues go away? Not, never, ever in a blue moon. A website has now been set up as part of the federal health study concerning radiation emitted from wind turbines,

Many papers and even books have been written about the adverse effects of wind turbine noise on health. Is the continuation of approving the construction of wind turbines a cover for the MOH? What was the exact study for the 550 metres? There is ample information to find her ruling on the 550 metres has its problems for some people being more sensitive than others, and given the amplitude modulation that may occur at high power in the still of the night. Please interview the affected people, and especially the people whose properties have been bought out by the wind turbine developers.

A voluntary moratorium on wind turbines would be ceding defeat and accepting all of the claims. The cost of making those affected whole would be larger than the gas plant fiasco.

There is the other reason I alluded to earlier. Since the Liberal clan screwed up royally on the gas plants, and they should be rightfully booted out by Horvath. Recently attempted

Horvath wants wind turbines to shut down nuclear just like in Germany. Damned the high cost of electricity, damned the jobs.   The NDP don’t care about jobs, real jobs. Jobs are leaving the province in droves, due to the high cost of power, due to wind and solar subsidies, directly due to this.

Ontario, get ready for your increased job cuts, your increased misery from turbines and solar. Get used to your kids graduating and going to Saskatchewan, Alberta, or the US for jobs.

Suck it up, Ontario. That’s how you voted.

Eric Jelinski

Stayner, Ontario