September 10, 2012

t wasn’t for “Girlie” Greenham or possibly 24,000 patients that die every year from medical errors in Canada, according to the Canadian Medical Association Journal. Would you jump on a plane if you knew that 462 people a week were dying from aviation employee errors? Let’s not forget the patients that simply get sicker or actually are stricken with iatrogenic (doctor-caused) conditions and diseases.

 Although Canadians visualize our health care system as being ‘national’, that is not at all true. There are thirteen provincial systems and there is virtually no incentive for them to co-operate with each other. Ontarians carry an O.H.I.P. card, not a C.H.I.P. card.

 The number of medical errors in Canada is one of the best kept secrets in our society. For obvious reasons, we can’t interview the 24,000 yearly victims of Canada’s health care system. But these people were more than statistics and Canadians are not numbers. Ward 32 News wants to put a face on this issue by tracing the last weeks of our friend Girlie Greenham’s all too short time among us with the very few documents available to us and the little ‘web’ activity we discovered:

FEBRUARY 19th-FACEBOOK/GIRLIE-“Happy Birthday Jim, wishing you all the happiness in the world…good health…success in life…I love you.”

MARCH 9TH-Girlie Greenham checks into Toronto East General Hospital. Serious trouble breathing/coughing up blood. Hospital takes blood sample. Prescribes narcotic cough remedy Hycodan. Appointment set for Wednesday, April 12/2012 at three o’clock to take CRC stress test.

MARCH 30TH-FACEBOOK/GIRLIE-“Four years of love…Happy Anniversary, hun…Jim…as you have told me it’s about time…and I agree! Love you.”

Breathing getting worse so Girlie finds a family doctor.

Six doctors over two months said that “SHE WAS FINE.”

                                                                                                                                                 APRIL 19TH-Girlie is admitted to Scarborough General Hospital. Diagnosed with stage four, incurable lung cancer. She is told that she has three months to live.

MAY 2ND-Girlie is admitted to Lakeridge Health Hospital. Surgeon there says that an obvious mistake was made at Scarborough General Hospital and goes on to say that the tube that they had used to drain Girlie’s lungs was too small. (Editor’s note-It is extremely rare for a doctor to even comment about another doctor’s previous treatments. This doctor is likely to be subpoenaed when an ‘action’ is launched.)

The talc that was used to fuse the hole in her lung began to fail and the talc started to attack Girlie’s lungs. There were many delays in getting treatment when she should have received top priority after mistakes were CONFIRMED by a doctor.

FRIDAY, MAY 11TH-Surgery that was scheduled for to-day is cancelled.

SATURDAY, MAY 12TH-Put on life support.

SUNDAY, MAY 13TH-MOTHER’S DAY-Girlie Greenham passes on.

MAY 25TH-FACEBOOK/JIM GREENHAM-“She was everything to me…And she will always be…the love of my life…4ever.”

To see and hear a tribute dedicated to Girlie Greenham, please go to you tube and enter: GIRLIE-Starlight dreamer. Jim Greenham and his partner in rhyme, Tim, perform the song ‘EVERYTHING.’ Amen.


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