September 10, 2012

 If you buy a condominium in Toronto you are definitely a chump. If you buy one in the Beaches, you are dumber than a chimp. The slick sales pitches and glossy brochures may be forgetting to include a few minor details: Exploding windows. Crumbling balconies. Ceiling cracks. Dangerous elevators. Sickening mould. Poor plumbing. Ineffective sound-proofing. These are a small sample of the lesser concerns, as shoddy construction and sub-standard materials have become standard in the industry.

 Why would developers care when seventy to eighty per cent of the units are pre-sold? What would discourage them from skimping on the cement coating over steel rebar or putting less insulation behind the dry-wall? But here’s the ‘kicker’, chump: If you complain publicly that your unit is anything less than perfect, you will be sued by the developer for defamation.

 For the ‘big shooters’ of T.O. condo construction, the party has just begun. That’s because politicians also have their party-hats on. Provincial Conservatives received 4.7 million dollars from developers and the provincial Liberals were given 4.2 million from 2004 to 2011. The N.D.P. only netted a paltry seven-thousand three-hundred and one dollars in that same time period, as they are not quite as ‘cushy’ with barracuda business barons. Toronto City Hall also sees a nice chunk of change from planning fees, building permits, development charges and Parks and Recreation levies.

 Ward 32 News is well aware that the Beaches is targeted for destruction in the name of development. Churches, boutiques, and specialty shops will be torn asunder unless the amoral profiteers are stopped somehow. Gordon Gecko said, “Greed is Good”, but Beachers know that there is more to life than sheer materialism and crass capital. In our last two issues we published our findings pertaining to the dangers of further development in the Beaches. The greatest dangers are faced by future Beaches condo buyers who are fooled by slick developers and realtors.

 It is our duty as caring Beachers to spread the word that a new condo in the Beaches equals a life of misery. Besides, if buyers stop buying, then builders will stop building. Ward 32 News is dedicated to stopping the condo assault that developers have planned for the Beaches. To volunteer your skills, talents or services to help in our counter-offensive against reckless development in the Beaches, please contact us at (416) 693-6325. Let’s save our Beaches!!!!!!!


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