September 10, 2012

The other side stands on the edge of several means of profit, some of them potentially immense. One of their sources of profits is the “Climatic-Greening Complex” (CGC).  Another is the anti-pollutionists. By political means, they have imposed upon us several  egregious costs to decommission fuel-fired electrical generators, and to install windmills, and solar power. The producers, installers, and operators of wind and solar energy sources well know that the energy they may generate is only marginally effective, when they operate, and very expensive to create and to maintain. They should be shelved for now, or possibly forever.

     That won’t happen.  The least cost for Samsung to fulfill their contract for wind power in Ontario has been reported to be seven billion dollars. Delays and “after-work” could raise that cost to fifteen billion, or more. One result, of which we have had a foretaste, is collapse of much of our manufacturing. Power will be so expensive that products will become affordable only at great sacrifice of our choices of Canadian products to buy.  External markets will buy elsewhere. That prospect should foment anxiety, before panic eventually besets us.

     The alternate energy promoters do not want us to see that far into the future. They want us to think that they will help Canadians to save planet Earth. Which we cannot and will not do.

     If they can convince us thoroughly of our guilt, than we might accept any proposal that will lead, we will be told, to termination of the evils of fossil fuels. We Canadians, especially we noble Ontarians will deserve universal renown.  We won’t have much else. Politicians who support this ruinous fiction can expect to be rewarded with votes from people who hope for continuous betterment of their lives, and of the lives of their descendants. They also might get recorded or unrecorded contributions for their righteous  political careers,  and their personal lives, not only by financial means.

     Groups of citizens who protest against continuance of usage of fossil fuels also might get financial support, and other considerations for helping the sellers of programs to thrust solar-  and wind-power on us.

     The more anxiety we can be induced to experience, for more of our hours, the more desperate we may become, approaching a state of near-panic.  We might accept paying immensely for programs that will not save our planet, but that will degrade our prospects for the future.

     Meanwhile, the trough of our eventual debts becomes fuller.  The Samsung contract is so lucrative that Samsung, and Samsung’s supporters, political and otherwise, will fight to the last man to sustain it, and to preserve their places to get benefit from the trough.

    How much in the trough?  Information from the Province is that Samsung will get $7 billion to make and install windmill farms in Ontario. Experience indicates that the final cost could be $15 billion. Profits of 10% are common; costs of 10% of profits are not excessive to pay for public relations.  That would be 1% of the total contract cost, or more that $70 million. How much cooperation can be bought with so munificent a ‘slush fund” ?  How much already has been granted to whom, if any?                                                           

Hardly a word of protest is uttered about these deleterious and unrewarding costs. What form of anxiety renders us so silent?  Why the mad rush to a jobless population?.




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