September 10, 2012


You bet! BLIND to the geological and hydrological dangers associated with more development in the Beaches. DEAF to the voices of educated citizens that cared enough to research and report on their findings that will affect future generations. DUMB enough to believe that developers could care less about the charm, character and historical preservation of our Beaches neighborhood.

 According to the largest bi-weekly Beach Community Newspaper “Queen Street East being identified as one of the stretches to be intensified under the City’s latest Official Plan for Development……….” WTF!?!?!?!!! ONE OF THE STRETCHES? INTENSIFIED? OFFICIAL PLAN? Roll those not-so-cryptic code words around your  mind a few times. You’ll get the picture.

 Present at the first of a series of  Queen East Visioning Study meetings was James Parakh, Senior Urban Designer at the City of Toronto. His opinion is that the current guidelines are antiquated, too vague and need further definition. He was very concerned that the current guideline document was only seven pages long, while St. Lawrence’s guideline document is eighty pages long. Is that the problem, fellow Beachers? Not enough paper? Maybe a ten-thousand page document will clear things up for Beachers.

 Ward 32’s councilor later commented that the ‘LIKE-DISLIKE’ exercise, which had Beachers place red or green dots on blown-up photos of properties and buildings, was a “great opportunity for community input.” The details would be laughable if the consequences weren’t so ultimately devastating. Maybe the next Visioning Study meeting will feature pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey. You don’t want to miss that, kids!

 There was much discussion of “Beachy” culture and small-town “feeliness”. They also debated life-changing issues like flower planters and bicycles.

 Ray David, Director of Community Planning for Toronto and East York, says he hopes to deliver a report based on the results of the Visioning Study back to City Council in the early Fall. So what will the final conclusion of this Visioning Study be? Red dots or green dots? It doesn’t really matter when you are blind, deaf and dumb.


 PART 2- Well, we just experienced another Visioning Study meeting that was conducted at the Toronto fire Academy on Eastern Ave. Pretty good turn-out, too! Two very competent women, who have their own facilitation company, continued the process of gaining input from Beachers regarding further development in the Beaches.

 The main thrust of the exercise at this meeting was to determine if the Beaches should be comprised of several or more precincts according to the present build-type and character (example-Coxwell to Woodbine? Woodbine to Glen Manor?….and so on.) But Beachers weren’t in the mood to play a ‘mug’s game’. While some Beachers viewed this as a divvide-and-conquer tactic, Ward 32 News has characterized it as a Hobson’s Choice (Hobson was a horse-trader who charged the same price for all his horses but you had to buy the horse that was closest to the barn door at the time. Something like that). One of our crusty reporters just suggested that ‘red-herring’ may be the best description. Whatever you call it, the ploy by James Parakh, Senior Urban Designer for Toronto only worked on several Beachers or ‘plants’.

 After a pleasant introduction by our Ward 32 councilor, attendees were broken into groups of four or five to share their opinions. On each table was a long map of Queen St. East from Coxwell to Neville Park. Every table had an opportunity to voice their group’s collective opinion. Some had an opinion about the different characteristics that would divide Queen Street into ‘precincts’, but most were just frustrated at the thought of what developers plan on doing to our beloved Beaches area. When the facilitators came to the table that Ward 32 News cub reporter J.J. sat, he spoke into the microphone like a full grown bear. The crux of what he said was, “WITHOUT AN EXTENSIVE HYDROLOGICAL STUDY ANY DEVELOPMENT AT ALL MAY BE DANGEROUS!” This fact was met with applause from the Beaches crowd. Recognizing that Ward 32 News may have a way to cease ALL development in the Beaches (even those who have put-down our publication in the past) we have received many supportive communiqués, some anonymous and some by people we never thought would join us.

 Ward 32 News has a vision and the future is much brighter in our vision. Not only are we determined to stop development in the Beaches, but we will be making recommendations that should result in cease and desist orders against several condo projects in progress. We also feel that some completed projects should be razed without further ado, as some of them already compromise the ecological balance as it relates to hydrology and human safety. PART 3 of the Queen St. East Visioning Study will take place on September 19th from 6:00-9:00. Your Ward 32 News is organizing a massive turn-out so that the collective voices of concerned Beachers will NOT be ignored! The several ‘astro-turf’ organizations (fake grass-roots orgs) that have been formed have purposefully been ineffectual. We will be putting an end to development in the Beaches on September 19th, so you don’t want to miss this. Keep checking Your Ward News for details. Commander Leroy needs you! The Beaches needs you! This war ends on September 19th!!!


 LATE-BREAKING NEWS!!!-The political shenanigans and subterfuge experienced while former Ward 32 Councilor Sandra Bussin was in office still persists under the present councilor. In the recent Beach Metro Community News, a letter from H. Bruce Crofts sings the praises of our Ward 32 Councilor and her involvement in the Queen East Visioning Study. He forgot to mention that at the time of her election he was her Constituency Assistant. This is disturbingly reminiscent of Sandra’s phony call to talk-radio when she kept her identity a secret. They’re not even very good at these masquerades. Another letter in the same issue was from the Greater Beaches Neighborhood Association (GBNA). They claim to be related to the Local Residents Associations (That’s right…plural). They, in turn, claim to be related to the Heritage Conservation Designation Committee (HDC). Needless to say, this letter is so convoluted that you have to stop reading it half-way through to try to make sense of the gibberish. We will be conducting an in-depth investigation into the conduct of these “grass-roots” organizations. As far as we can tell they represent enough “astro-turf” to fill a stadium. Stay tuned for the results of our investigation.


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