September 10, 2012

For decades, from Ashbridge’s Bay to Balmy Beach and the Waterworks,  Victoria Day has been marked by aerial fireworks, bigger and better each year after year, until A.D. 2012..

     This year, 2012, could have been, should have been, might have been, a stand-out event, because of the scheduled arrival of Prince Charles and Camilla  (Duchess of Cornwall).  Better than typical arrangements should have been made for safety and comfort of the very large crowds that must have been expected.  Unfortunately,  Porta-Potties were not present, possibly because the newly re-certified Boardwalk Café could be expected to abide by its commitment to be an  integral part of The Beaches, as their heart-bound community for the life of their Proprietor, George Foulidis.  Not so.

     After arrival of The Royal Couple, and before the Royal Fireworks were launched, many of the immense throng felt urges for hygienic relief, but with no obvious port-of-relief.   Some saw a line-up of about thirty, waiting to be seated at tables in the

Boardwalk Café.  Another twenty, or so, were in line to use restrooms in the Café, but apart from the dining area.  Good-buddy, George, seemed to be doing the neighborly thing, as expected.  Not so.

     Users of the restrooms were quick about it. When vacancies occurred, uniformed security admitted people in prompt and orderly succession. Security seemed to have been called to speak with someone inside.  When he returned, he shut the access-door. Pleas from the line-up prompted him to go inside twice again. When he returned the third time, he locked the door, excluding the last ten, or so, people. What became of them? The security guard seemed to care enough to present their needs again to a man inside, who strikingly seemed to resemble George Foulidis. The lockout was final.  A pox on us!

     Some years ago,  there was a movie entitled “Good Neighbor Sam”  Might we expect Beachers soon to sponsor “Good Neighbor George” ?

     It might be accepted by a neighborhood that values peaceful enjoyment above all else.Is that what Beachers have become? Has our civic lassitude become so deeply and extensively endemic among us that hardly any opposing voices might be raised.  Sheep we are becoming, to be shorn, and often..



  1. Kata List Productions Says:

    They’re not royal, they are flat lie royals, please see Joseph Gregory Hallett’s claim for Kingship in the UK’s Common Law Court Great Britain & International
    King John III

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