October 12, 2012

Tyrants Against Music is a loose network of profiteers who benefit from some of the most valuable, yet poor members of society……musicians.

Educated citizens know that musicians have long been taken advantage of, from Chuck Berry to Jerry Lee Lewis. But how many realize that the same old song exist locally, and that the same conditions for musicians to be

“dollared-to-death” still prevail?


Street minstrels have existed since time immemorial, yet city officials demand a piece of the action, like sopranos that don’t sing. A massive petition

campaign has been launched that aims to make musicians exempt from

Toronto Municipal Code Chapters 313(44.1), 315 and 241. These codes

govern ‘Streets and Sidewalks’, ‘Street Vending’ and ‘Noise’, in that order.


 Music is an inspiring and uniting force that should proceed with neither fear nor favour, as all forms of music have a loyal following. Whether it is Blues, Country, Jazz or Rock, music improves our quality of life. Our Beaches neighbourhood should be alive with music every day and every night, not just on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday one time every summer.


 I, Leroy St. Germaine, publisher, promoter and life-long lover of music, hereby commit all my efforts to expanding musicians’ rights. As sure as the fact that I wrote Sandra’s ‘Swan-Song’, these rights will be won.

 Please join the chorus of voices that want musicians to be exempt from unfair restrictions.



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