If you have a .CA domain for your website, be aware of the Domain Registry of Canada Scam. The Domain Registry of Canada Scam preys on people who don’t fully understand how domain registration works. They get their victims’ names and addresses from public whois records, and usually mail what looks like a very legitimate domain name    renewal form. This week we received a fake domain renewal letter for not one but two web domains from the bogus       Domain Registry of Canada for our newspaper’s website http://yourwardnews.ca/.

The letter is sent via the post and arrives in a government-style envelope with a maple leaf logo, both not so subtle marketing strategies to lead the recipient to assume the DRoC is affiliated with the Canadian government. They also have the same color envelope that you would expect from Canadian Government. The “Internet Registry of    Canada aka “Domain Registry of Canada” is not certified by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), the body officially sanctioned to administer the registration of the “.ca” domain name in Canada.

This company called “Domain Registry of Canada” running out of a P.O. Box in Markham sends out direct marketing letters via Canada Post designed to appear as though the Domain Registry of Canada is some sort of quasi-official government organization for domain registration. Yet it’s just very expensive alternative and they provide no   service, giving away the control of your domain to them – be very careful! The letter from Domain Registry of       Canada is nothing more than a scam. The letter is designed to appear as an legal Government bill and urges the      domain owner to renew their domain immediately, with the warning, “failure to comply will mean losing your          domain”.

Be on the lookout for their deceptive bills. If you are a domain owner, there is an excellent chance you have been    targeted and received one of these phony bills. It’s inevitable, Domain Registry of Canada will send you a fake bill if you own a Canadian domain name. The bogus letters are sent in a manila window envelope which is very similar to official government type envelopes and a postage paid digital stamp.

The Domain Registry of Canada scrapes the details of your domain name registration record from the publicly     available whois database. This is known as ‘whois data mining’, and is a violation of the terms of use of the whois service. If your whois information is set to public they can find the mailing address of the domain name owner. Once they have the information, they simply send the deceptive fake bill and wait for an unknowing domain owner to fall for the scam.

If you scan the letter quickly, it leaves you with the impression that DROC is your official registry, and that you need to pay quickly or your domain will expire. In actual fact, DROC is NOT the registrar for your domain, otherwise you wouldn’t be receiving this type of letter. If you read the details of the letter, they are actually asking you to transfer registrars from your current provider over to them. It is presented in an incredibly misleading and underhanded   fashion. You don’t have to do anything but throw the fake bill in the garbage. Nothing will happen to your domain if you do not move or transfer your domain to Domain Registry of Canada.

It’s an old school scam directed against businesses much the like as Paul Murton conducts with his Toronto Advertising Agency which handles Danforth Magazine, Bloor News, College Street News, Printable Canadian Coupons, among others. Honestly, why can’t Mr. Murton ever come up with an original idea? Does Paul HAVE to steal every old and tired scam in the book?

The Domain Registry of Canada Scam is a textbook example of corporate identity theft, a textbook which as you can see one Paul Murton studied well!


Sherri Lange

North American Platform Against Wind Power

Toronto Wind Action

Great Lakes Wind Truth

While much is being written about Premier Dad (as he is often referred to) and the reasons for his resignation, the truth lies, many feel, closer to the light switch than you can imagine.  Numerous financially mysterious events, grand waste sure, but the pin in the bubble many feel was the cancerous Green Energy and Economy Act, which paved the way for turbines and solar tariffs, sliding in beside some unfair business deals, like the untendered Samsung deal.  The aggressive proliferation of turbines, transmission lines, Feed In Tariff programs, fueled a burning discontent, which in turn fueled a subsequent loss of 17 seats in the last election, including some prominent Ministers, and a   protest movement second to none.

The abuse of power by the Liberal government in Ontario has been reflected on repeatedly in the media in the last months and notably recently in the Legislature with a Contempt motion against the Minister of Energy, Chris Bentley. This adds to  a trail of disgrace for several prior Ministers of Energy, Smitherman and Duguid, whose conversations are mysteriously missing in the redacted documents demanded by the Opposition on the gas plant cancellations,  as well, and do not imagine that the anti-wind movement in Ontario, having effected over 90 moratoria votes across the province, would let its momentum go without calling again for a provincial STOP WORK ORDER on turbines and      related transmission lines.  Several media releases went out, repeating the call that MPP Lisa Thompson (member of the Opposition) made four times recently in the house. 

The movement continues to call for a complete halt in Ontario, despite the work of the government being halted by the Premier’s hasty retreat/resignation, and prorogue of the work of the house. But just because the work of the              Parliament has been halted, does not mean the work of the people abates. Indeed, many view the resignation as an “opportunity” to mine deeper political veins.

It is very much a resignation that functions on unprecedented waste and fraud.  There is no better example of this than in the array of turbines scattered across the province. For many Ontarians this is very much an “Energy Resignation.”  As Parker Gallant expressed on his blog, “For decades to come Ontario households receiving their monthly electricity bills will cringe and automatically think of the McGuinty folly.”



November 7, 2012

Fuzzy Financial Un-logic

By Mr. David Nesbitt
             A recent issue of “NOW” shows that a major  casino in Toronto might be a net loser for all of us. The City might get less than 2% of profits.

This reward would be much less than the tens of percents that American casinos pay to their  governments. Might this be exploitation of our ignorance of the casino business?

The cost to Toronto has not had much attention. Experience tells us that developments are rarely within budget, and rarely on time.

Quite the reverse. If a casino will be built, what will its presence prevent Toronto from having in its location? Maybe we should get some Councilors who can think of more than one issue at a time, and maybe more than just one step into the future… On the other hand, developers love to make more friends.


Pretence of Democracy

November 7, 2012

By Mr. David Nesbitt

Toronto East York Community Council (TEYCC) is pretence of attention to local      concerns. Real concern is that our          amalgamated municipality will not often be accused of insensitivity to interests close to our hearts.

Speaking of closeness, why are their meetings so far from areas whose interests they discuss? Members of         Toronto’s council, and bureaucracy seem to be unable to stir themselves out of City Hall, a few times each year. They also care not at all about holding TEYCC hearings later than business hours for most people. Holding those meetings in local venues would be anathema; let the many of mere citizens take time off work to accommodate each Community    Council.

What explanation could account for this arrangement? Pride (We are us, and you are only you!)? Is it               inertia? Secrecy? Does the TEYCC think that all of them must be present for depositions and questions? Not so. Most of the local people cannot get to TEYCC meetings, and must rely on reports of what was said, and which they cannot get always or completely. Members of the Council would be much better served than citizens, if absent.

Convenience of local people should have priority, no doubt. In most parts of Toronto, there are meeting places available in evening hours, every day of the week. They are the best places and times for these meetings. By not using them, Council indicates that their priority is control, with a minimum of scrutiny, and almost no objectionable          objections. Here we have pretence of democracy, rather than the practice of it.


The court case R.v.Mernaugh is now 6 months awaiting a decision from the Ontario Court of Appeals. In the previous ruling on April 11th 2011 it was declared: The Marihuana Medical Access Regulations, SOR/2001-226 and the prohibitions against the possession and production of cannabis (marihuana) contained in sections 4 and 7 respectively of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, S.C. 1996, C. 19 are constitutionally invalid and of no force and effect; COURT FILE NO.: 1640/09

What this means is that the Superior Court ruled that the MMAR and both possession and the cultivation of cannabis TO BE  LEGAL as of July 11, 2011. For everyone. All citizens. Everywhere in Canada.

Now, they will tell you that this was appealed to the Ontario Court of Appeals and was heard on May 8th 2012. True. This is also the same Court that ruled possession was legal in 2000 in Terry Parkers case without a valid MMAR     exemption in place. Eleven years later and the MMAR is not, and has not, been a workable or valid solution. Matt is living proof and has spent the past five years going to court to defend his rights, your rights and the rights of all   citizens. The government will, of course, argue that legalization will lead to serious harm, upset society and expose vulnerable persons to the evils of cannabis. Even the NDP said something lame like, “we need more studies”. Horsefeathers. We have studies. We have our own Senate Report from 2002…. which called for legalization ten years ago. We have more recent studies showing cannabis curing cancer. Canada’s own Rick Simpson at  phoenixtears.ca has produced “Run From the Cure”, the             astounding story about the healing capacity of cannabis. Here is a quote from a        recent “news item”: “Cannabinoids may cause antitumor effects by various             mechanisms,  including induction of cell death, inhibition of cell growth, and inhibition of tumor angiogenesis and metastasis. Cannabinoids appear to kill tumor cells but do not affect their nontransformed counterparts and may even protect them from cell death.”  We obviously have all the knowledge and information needed. This case will probably be appealed up to the Supreme Court. What more is            required? An edict from God?


By: Dani Stern

When most of us think of marijuana, medical or otherwise, we think of toking, bongs or smoking, but really there are many other ways of          partaking in medical marijuana that are much less harmful to you and everyone around you.

For those whose doctors are open to the idea of medical marijuana, there are capsules available tha t consist of pure THC, the active ingredient in cannabis. While this is a good and easily   portable option, many people prefer not to take pills.

Using a vaporizer is a far healthier choice than smoking marijuana. Vaporization is a process by which the active elements of a substance are   released through the application of heat, without combustion. The lack of combustion leads to a lack of chemicals produced by combustion, namely smoke and tar. What is left is vapor, essentially a gas that       contains the active ingredients of the biomass or essential oil of the substance being vaporized. In comparison, smoke is comprised of at least a hundred chemicals in addition to the active elements, not to mention carcinogenic toxins. The downfall to vaporization is that it is not easily mobile and leaves the scent of marijuana lingering in the air around you.

Cooking and baking with cannabis is an ideal way to bring out the most of the active ingredients in marijuana, but it needs to be done correctly and at the right temperature. There are many books, and tons of information available on the Internet, to help understand how best to heat cannabis. Also, there is a wealth of available recipes from chili to cookies to tamales. Ingestion through food has a real benefit for many who need medical marijuana. For those going through chemotherapy or with HIV, lack of appetite can be a big issue. With cannabis cooked in food, medicating also means getting nourishment.

Medicating with medical marijuana does not mean that you have any interest in the lifestyle or culture that is often associated with cannabis. If your choice is not to smell like dope wherever you go, pills and food are your best       options, although food has the added benefit of kicking the munchies before they take hold.


Toronto author and resident, Dani Stern, has published Here Today Gone        Tomorrow, a contemporary fairytale for adults and young adults, available as an ebook on Smashwords and Amazon.

“Here Today Gone Tomorrow has all the elements of a fairytale, including a damsel in distress, a knight in shining armour, a wizard and a dragon,” says Dani. “But it brings these elements into the present day, with a unique view of magic and how it works as well as a twist on ancient legends.”

The story begins in the present day, a time when magic and noble warriors are all but forgotten – relegated to television and video games – with the               resurfacing of an evil dragon. The only hope to destroy it lies in two homicide detectives  fulfilling the roles of knight and wizard, as a modern day fairytale is set in motion. Both men are seemingly unlikely choices – one the son of a mob leader and the other, an anti-social, yet humorous, bear-like man. While Jordan must learn the art of sword fighting and discover what it means to be a hero, Mark’s task is even more difficult. He must believe in, connect with and learn to work with magic to become strong enough to help his friend take on an           adversary like none they have even seen before.

With the date for the battle between man and beast set, Jordan and Mark are on a tight deadline. Mark finds that he must throw away all traditions and use    creativity and humour to connect with magic. The men discover a magical realm hidden inside our own, where ancient legends and mythic beings come to life.

Here Today Gone Tomorrow is available for preview and purchase at        Smashwords at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/244696                      or at Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009PW7TXA.

About the Author: Dani Stern was born in South Africa and raised in Toronto, Canada. She studied English at the University of Western Ontario and then    proceeding into a career in public relations, as it gave her the ability the use her writing skills. Inspired in her youth by great fantasy authors like Tolkien, LeGuin and Eddings, Dani aspired to write books that brought the mystical and magical world into the modern day. Here Today Gone Tomorrow is her first foray into bringing magic to life for adults, seeking to remind them of their youthful enjoyment of the realm of fantasy and legends.

NB: Free copies available for media upon request.

Media Contact: Dani Stern, DS Publicity Group Ph. (416) 457-3475, dani@dspublicitygroup.com

The Vaccine Epidemic

November 7, 2012

Ontario Has Expanded Its Free         Vaccine Programme:

A recent Toronto Star article read: More vaccines for schoolchildren?  City’s  public health unit urges expanding the list of mandatory vaccinations required for school attendance.

Once again, we are subjected to the commercially based, unscientific       coercive power, intimidation, denial, outmoded testing and reliance  health officials, the government and the        vaccine industry wields. 

It is closely aligned with the response from vaccine makers such as Merck to step up their fear mongering, strong arm tactics, to ensure compliance.

Merck-Frosst, the maker of the HPV   vaccine is one of the most controversial vaccines in history.

In 2007, the Harper government         allocated $300 million to vaccinate    thousands of girls as young as age nine against a sexually transmitted disease, human papillomavirus (HPV) which   occasionally causes cervical cancer.  The vaccine (Gardasil) only works on girls with no sexual experience.

Clinical trials were insufficient to test the efficacy of the vaccine since the subjects were too young to be exposed to HPV.  There are over 100 strains of the HPV virus…the HPV vaccine may protect you against 4 out of those 100 strains.  Once again, what corporate interests were involved in the action the Harper       Government took?  Apparently a former adviser to Harper became a lobbyist for Merck.

Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to try and teach our young children about the    pitfalls of being promiscuous? What  politicians are profiting up front from big pharma in the name of protecting public health?

True or False?  (Vaccines are mandatory under the law for school entry in        Canada).

False – Under the Immunization of School Pupils Act, full legal exemption from all vaccines has been available since the amendment of the Act in 1984.

Only 3 provinces in Canada have       enacted legislation governing the      vaccination of school children (Ontario, New Brunswick and Manitoba).  All 3 Provincial Acts contain legal exemptions for all  vaccines required for school    entry (see below). No person in Canada can be forced to receive a vaccination.  Canadian Medical Law clearly states that healthcare recipients must be informed of all significant risks posed by any   invasive medical procedure that carries a risk of injury or death.

There are a growing number of health professionals and concerned parents speaking out on the safety of                vaccinations.  The truth is the severity and incidence of disease had begun to decline long before vaccinations came on the scene.  A good example of this is measles.  In 1900 there was a very high 4% incidence of deaths due to measles; by 1948 there was a zero incidence of deaths.  The measles vaccine was       introduced in 1963…fifteen years later. 

All vaccines carry a risk of injury to death!  In the case of the chicken pox vaccine, serious adverse reaction rates dramatically increase in younger age groups (including numerous cases of brain inflammation, neurological        disorders, and immune system damage).

There is strong evidence that many deaths reported as (SIDS) or crib death may in fact be vaccine deaths.  In 1975 the Japanese Government raised the minimum vaccination age from two months to two years and crib deaths   virtually disappeared.

The majority of adverse reactions always go unreported.  How then are we to know the accuracy of any data. 

If you take the time to read the product information leaflet on the Arepanrix H1N1 pandemic influenza vaccine, it is a chilling reminder of the stand Health Canada took on authorizing the sale of this vaccine under limited clinical testing in humans, and in many of the age    categories there are no human clinical trials even taking place.  I am still   awaiting the arrival of the H1N1          pandemic.  You may recall the relentless drive on the 6 p.m. news to run out and get your flu shot.  I believe only 30% of Canadians succumbed to the pressure.

In my quest to find answers and connect the dots, I have spoken to many parents of autistic children and the parents of a child administered the HINI vaccine.  In speaking to the father of one family, he angrily told me how healthy and vibrant his youngster was before being          administered the triple live MMR        vaccine.  He also asked me if I was aware that there is a high incidence of healthcare workers, doctors and nurses who do not even get their children      vaccinated?  Having a background in health for almost 20 years I was not    surprised by his comment.

In discussion with the father of an eight year old child who received the H1N1 vaccine, he spoke about how his family members have enjoyed long healthy lives into their 90’s. He spoke about his daughter and how she always enjoyed good health just 4 days before her death.  It was heart wrenching to hear him speak of this terrible time for his family, and how he was told by health officials that his daughter must have suffered from asthma prior to receiving the     vaccine.  Over time he was given many different scenarios from health officials regarding the likelihood for her death.  Once again…full board denial from Health Canada…stating that vaccines are safe and necessary.  A concerned parent looking to make sense of this               preventable tragedy.

Shortly after speaking to this man I was listening to the news  I heard another distraught father report that his eight year old girl died following the           administering of this same vaccine.  It begs the question, “just how many     preventable deaths occurred as a result of the H1N1 vaccine?”

In my own circle of friends I can’t help but think over the years about the      possible connection in their case        between the  Hepatitis B vaccine and the autoimmune disease Lupus.  Many years ago my friend’s 13 year old daughter received the Hepatitis B vaccine.        According to her, she was not the same person following the vaccine and within a short time was diagnosed with Lupus.  Apparently other children within the school experienced similar negative symptoms following the vaccine.

Some of the groups at highest risk of contracting hepatitis B are intravenous drug users and prostitutes.  Infants and children rarely develop this disease.

 It is still a very sobering reminder to think about the many people who       virtually accept things at face value, and truly believe the actions taken by     pharmaceutical interests, Government officials, and their lobbyists, controlled mainstream media (under the guise of powerful marketing, fraudulent claims, and corporate greed) are without    question serving the public good!

Sadly…the most important question to ask yourself is  “who stands to gain from the obscene profits that are generated  from injecting your children with       multiple vaccinations?”

What are the “risks or side effects” to vaccinating your child?

More critically….. “Do the benefits    outway the risks or side effects?”

Dr. Andrew Wakefield was one of the lead researchers of a team of 13 doctors speaking out on the safety of the MMR vaccine (raising questions about the safety of the triple live virus vaccine).  Once again a witch hunt was launched to destroy Dr. Wakefield.  Get the answers you are looking for in the book Callous Disregard by Dr. Andrew Wakefield.

Read what whistleblower Dr. Shiv     Chopra (Federal Scientist) has to say about the safety of Canadians.  He worked for Health Canada for over 30 years, was fired by Paul Martin for     insubordination, and together with his close colleagues took the unpopular stand only few of us are willing to take.

For more information on making an     informed and responsible decision on your child’s health.

Contact: VRAN – info@vran.org    

Canada’s leading vaccine risk awareness society.

All the information on the Immunization of School Pupils Act is posted on their     website and provides a link to the        legislation and the Government            Exemption Form: vran.org/exemptions/

Read “Claytons” story (A Must Read)

Please watch the film:  The Greater Good (Depicting the science and politics of  Vaccines)

Visit:  ShivChopra.com


When the silent majority is not moved by fear and start speaking up…then…and only then will there be change!

By: Marlene Lynn

Health Activist


It was a Fall day over 20 years ago when a friend stopped me on my way to the Beaches     library. The conversation was not long just a pat on the back and good luck wish for the meeting that she heard I was attending that night.

I had no idea how much I would need those good wishes as I hurried to one of the hardest public meetings I had ever attended in my own neighbourhood. The people were angry, frustrated and fed up with what they saw as a lack of action to protect Queen Street from over development.

The beating I took that night was well deserved. As their Councillor it was my job to stay on top of the issue, to have done my homework, and to have rallied the residents to support a unified and effective defence of our Community.

The next morning I licked my wounds and begin acting as the leader they wanted. Within weeks I lobbied successfully for the passing of the Queen Street Interim Control By-Law. The “Holding” by-law would stop all development along the 3km street for up to 2 years.

At the same time I also had City Council hire an independent, outside planning and design team to do a guideline study of the street, as a justification for the by-law. I knew then that the City  planning staff, as good as they might be, did not have the commitment, time or   expertise to do what people wanted.

I am proud to say that when the guidelines and new by-laws were ready the public meeting was very different than that one I attended in the Fall. With the exception of a few Queen Street property owners there was unanimous support for the new rules especially the 12   meter or 4 storey height restrictions.

That was twenty years ago, a lot has changed or has it?

That legislation has served us well. On a 3km long road it has only been violated 4 times. Two identical applications in the last few months of my term and two during the watch of others. In each case the planning department chose not to listen to local residents, City Council or the by-law. Interestingly enough, one of the last motions I made as an elected representative was to have City Council order the Planning Department not to consider any heights over 12 meters on Queen Street East, that was in 2000.

The two other violations, 2010 Queen Street East (Walking on a Cloud) and 1 Rainsford Road were both supported by Planning.

I understand that we now have three other applications, which want to circumvent the 12 meter height by–law that’s three applications for 6     storey high buildings.

What I do not understand is why we are rushing to raise the current height restriction to 15.5-20 meters instead of just keeping it at 12 metres. Why we would not defend the street rather than justify its destruction?

We as residents have been led to believe that this crisis is all because of the looming Ontario Municipal Board who developers can run to and get what they want?

But is that really true? The properties along Queen Street that disregarded our Community-inspired controls were all supported by the City    Planning Department and in some cases our own City Councillor!

There is no reason why we could not have or should not still pass a new Interim Control By-law. There is NO reason why we could have not hired another outside expert to review our existing laws and recommend changes that would better preserve what we have here while maintaining the 12 meter restriction or in some places reducing it to 10 meters!

I have always reminded City Councillors that they need to remember that the City planners, many of which live in the 905 area are not the people who voted for them or who they need to please.

The recent planning process or Visioning Study as they call it was flawed from the beginning. It started with a Planning Department bias for higher and bigger. It utilized a facilitator who job it was to get people to buy into it. Good, well intentioned residents found themselves engaged in a process that did not allow them to stand back and ask themselves “Do I really want taller buildings in my neighbourhood?”

This community is unique. It is more like Niagara on the Lake or Quebec City and not at all like Queen West or King Street West.

Sadly there is an Interim Control By-law passed by Council for Queen Street west as well as Ossington Ave. There have been others recently in other municipalities including Markham.

But not here!

Perhaps it is time that we residents stop people from treating us differently.

If people are mad, upset, fed up, and disillusioned then they need to direct their attention it to those responsible, Our City Councillor, and Our planners who are here to serve us not to simply dictate what THEY think is best.

Tom Jakobek


Tom Jakobek was a former School Trustee, Senior City Councilor for THIS Neighborhood as well as the former        Deputy Mayor and Budget Chief who delivered an unprecedented nine consecutive zero tax increase budgets in a row. While we have disagreed with Mr. Jakobek on some of his past positions we have never questioned his local            commitment and support for those most in need. He is NOT a candidate for political office.

Q-Tips for McMahon

November 7, 2012

ust as this paper was about to go to press our news staff got a flyer from none other then Mrs. McMahon, our local city     councilor regarding the             ridiculous “wedding cake”    condos designed to loophole our previously established urban guidelines. Considering that Mary-Margaret fool heartedly decided to snub her constituents at one of the largest public meetings held in our community (filled to capacity), her photocopied attempt at answering the questions raised is an insult to the very nature of community driven municipal politics. Is McMahon so incompetent and conniving that she can not answer important questions in person and on the spot?

It is very convenient that her flyering the neighborhood occurred immediately after the   Final Queen Street East Urban Design Guidelines were made public, allowing McMahon to spin the facts while ignoring some glaring concerns. To quote Suzanne Giblon of the Beach Residents Association of Toronto “the Final Guidelines are similar to what was shown in September, but with more detail and very pretty pictures and graphics added. The           substance has been tweaked but most of the same problems remain.”

Our readers may remember the cover to July 2012’s edition where we profiled the               devastation of a fictional “Hurricane Sandra” hitting the Beach. While the story was          obviously a spoof, we (like everyone else) never expected a Frankenstorm apply named Sandy to pay us a visit. Despite the amazing coincidence we never have – or will claim to be guided by a psychic six sense. Yet sill we fear that our councilor’s plans to over develop the Beaches and the dangers posed by our geography would have wide bearing consequences for those foolish enough to dwell in the proposed mega-condos when the “big one” hits.

These Urban Design Guidelines will be voted on at the Toronto East           Community Council in early          November. Your Ward News is       supporting a campaign to delay the Guidelines until after the appeal at Lick’s Restaurant is heard in       January. A grassroots movement is still required to wake up Councilor McMahon and 11 other TEYCC  councilors that Beachers do not      accept the guidelines set forth.      

Although admittedly we may have to pack a few Q-Tips to clean out their waxy ears as McMahon and her mega-condo cronies seem      unable to listen to those whom     ALREADY call the Beaches home.


November 7, 2012

Ward 32’s councilor couldn’t make it to Kew Beach School for the October 23rd SAVE QUEEN STREET meeting.     Beachers were hanging from the rafters as an over-flow crowd heard about the history of long-established building guidelines that have already been     disdainfully ignored. These              presentations were followed by a ‘question-and-unanswer’ period that left Beachers baffled and frustrated.

 It was clearly established that a motion was adopted in April 2000 that             restricted building height to 12          METRES. This motion was re-confirmed by city council in October 2012. The  recent “Visioning Study”, which was  requested by the local councilor, was an attempt to circumvent these            requirements. At 16.5 METRES the ‘Walking on a Cloud’ construction is a pathway to the stars for even greater height violations by scofflaw                developers and their ‘counciling     counterparts’. These municipal           magicians are trying every trick in the book, from set-back hidden floors to shadowy optical illusions, but educated Beachers aren’t buying in to any     spirit-rapping or table-turning.

 Many Beachers asked questions and voiced their opinions about everything from unreturned phone calls to our councilor to concerns about sewage, parking, transit and flooding. Ward 32 News asked for the name of the           engineering firm that studied the Beaches’ 20+ underground rivers. Due to the marine nature of the Beaches, we assumed that there must be documents pertaining to the hydrological and   geological concerns regarding further development. No such documents seem to exist. Obviously, not another brick can be laid until the unique hydrology of the Beaches is assessed, in its totality, by accredited, private engineers.

 In rejecting the so-called “Visioning Study” we are joined by other astute voices in the community. Balmy Beach resident Carole Wilson distributed the most lucid and helpful document that we have seen to date regarding further development of our Beaches. A       Member of the Stakeholder Advisory Committee, Carole’s document stresses the UNSTUDIED CUMULATIVE        EFFECTS on services of all type. The document concludes that THE RISK OF           OVER-TAXING QUEEN STREET’S        INFRASTRUCTURE IS TOO HIGH FOR THE REWARD OF MORE     CONTROL OVER QUEEN STREET’S PHYSICAL  APPEARANCE.

 Thank God!!! Finally some folks other than Your Ward 32 News have             advanced a position that doesn’t involve mundane drivel about the character, quaintness and historical significance of our Beaches. Of course we care about those things, but do any Beachers       actually believe that developers will be moved to tears if we whine about the ‘cottagey’ charm of our neighborhood?

 Let’s get serious. There are two days that you should mark on your calendar to take off work-November 6th is the T.E.Y.C.C. (Toronto East York          Community Council Committee)    meeting at City Hall, 100 Queen Street West, Second Floor, West Tower. The other day to mark on your calendar is January 23rd 2013 for the O.M.B. (Ontario Municipal Board) hearing, time and location pending.

 One final question: Why did Ward 32 Councilor Mary Margaret McMahon miss the all-important meeting at Kew beach School on October 23rd???

 One final answer: Who cares???

Refinancing Our Future?

November 7, 2012

You can understand Dalton McGuinty, and various other Liberals, if you remember advice by W.L. Mackenzie King, circa 1940, or so. We have the quotation, thanks to Ralph Allen, once with the Winnipeg Free Press.  To his caucus, King said, “The purpose of the Liberal Party is to get power by any means, and to keep power, by any means.” Might plans for retirement into especial affluence be an additional, but covert, aim for after we dump them, as we should already have done?

By an unexpected show of insight, Frances Lankin , and some associates, have shown that all of us would benefit from more and better support to receivers of  O.D.S.P. and welfare cheques. The plan is much better than most, because its aims go beyond mere money. The intention is to  enable and allow  those recipients to earn more before “clawback” could   compel reduction in their monthly allotments. Even worse for them is the spectre of removal from the list those who have been eligible for social assistance. During the weeks or months to get reinstatement, these unfortunate souls might have absolutely no income. This is a cruel response to an effort to become atleast somewhat productive.

The aim of Lankin’s group seems to include access to training that might help many people to become partly or entirely self-supporting. But, these ideas are not new. Within the past year, a more comprehensive program was set out by “The Canadian Libertarian Socialist Party”. Their intention was and is to extend Lankin’s plan to benefit the “working poor”, of whom we seem to have an endless supply. Some of the platform of the CLSD Party has         appeared on pages of “Your Ward News”.

The Lankin group are much more prominent than “Your Ward News” and the CLSD Party, combined. But both of these hope that the combined recommendations will be adopted by at least one of our three levels of government. The only serious opposition might be from people whose livelihoods come from administering social assistance. Some of them might become surplus to civic needs. And activists might have less to activate about.

In 1930, Dresden and Cologne were two of the world’s most intriguing of architectural     treasures. They ranked with the Kremlin, Beijing, Athens and Florence. They were bombed to rubble to avenge destruction elsewhere by Germany’s Luftwaffe. No strategic or tactical benefit accrued to the Allies, from this purely vindictive action.

Now Germany and the world stand deprived of those monuments to the development of       human culture and ingenuity. In Canada, we stand in danger of equally depriving ourselves, but by less violent means, and of our more elementary achievement. We needed to act quickly, and we were not to be served by the slavery of centuries of serfdom.                                         

Toronto wisely saves Old City Hall, Osgoode Hall, and Casa Loma. Toronto also should      assure preservation of visible signs of our advances up from our days of pioneering, and early stages of industrialization. Residential areas are part of that development, and also must be retained for our descendents to consider and respect, as foundation of our society. Land in some of those areas is of value low enough to tempt developers to overwhelm them with the blandness of construction for convenience. But,  mostly for immense and immediate profits. Quality and taste mean nothing to promoters of replacements of Cabbagetown,  Riverdale,  Parkdale, and the Beaches.

QUESTION: Who pays, and in what way, for support of destruction of the roots of Toronto? Writers? Councillors? Bureaucrats? People hoping for jobs in land development? Keep your eyes open!

By Mr. David Nesbitt