Don’t Smoke Medical Marijuana – Eat it!

November 7, 2012

By: Dani Stern

When most of us think of marijuana, medical or otherwise, we think of toking, bongs or smoking, but really there are many other ways of          partaking in medical marijuana that are much less harmful to you and everyone around you.

For those whose doctors are open to the idea of medical marijuana, there are capsules available tha t consist of pure THC, the active ingredient in cannabis. While this is a good and easily   portable option, many people prefer not to take pills.

Using a vaporizer is a far healthier choice than smoking marijuana. Vaporization is a process by which the active elements of a substance are   released through the application of heat, without combustion. The lack of combustion leads to a lack of chemicals produced by combustion, namely smoke and tar. What is left is vapor, essentially a gas that       contains the active ingredients of the biomass or essential oil of the substance being vaporized. In comparison, smoke is comprised of at least a hundred chemicals in addition to the active elements, not to mention carcinogenic toxins. The downfall to vaporization is that it is not easily mobile and leaves the scent of marijuana lingering in the air around you.

Cooking and baking with cannabis is an ideal way to bring out the most of the active ingredients in marijuana, but it needs to be done correctly and at the right temperature. There are many books, and tons of information available on the Internet, to help understand how best to heat cannabis. Also, there is a wealth of available recipes from chili to cookies to tamales. Ingestion through food has a real benefit for many who need medical marijuana. For those going through chemotherapy or with HIV, lack of appetite can be a big issue. With cannabis cooked in food, medicating also means getting nourishment.

Medicating with medical marijuana does not mean that you have any interest in the lifestyle or culture that is often associated with cannabis. If your choice is not to smell like dope wherever you go, pills and food are your best       options, although food has the added benefit of kicking the munchies before they take hold.



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