Here Today Gone Tomorrow Brings Magic to Our Lives

November 7, 2012

Toronto author and resident, Dani Stern, has published Here Today Gone        Tomorrow, a contemporary fairytale for adults and young adults, available as an ebook on Smashwords and Amazon.

“Here Today Gone Tomorrow has all the elements of a fairytale, including a damsel in distress, a knight in shining armour, a wizard and a dragon,” says Dani. “But it brings these elements into the present day, with a unique view of magic and how it works as well as a twist on ancient legends.”

The story begins in the present day, a time when magic and noble warriors are all but forgotten – relegated to television and video games – with the               resurfacing of an evil dragon. The only hope to destroy it lies in two homicide detectives  fulfilling the roles of knight and wizard, as a modern day fairytale is set in motion. Both men are seemingly unlikely choices – one the son of a mob leader and the other, an anti-social, yet humorous, bear-like man. While Jordan must learn the art of sword fighting and discover what it means to be a hero, Mark’s task is even more difficult. He must believe in, connect with and learn to work with magic to become strong enough to help his friend take on an           adversary like none they have even seen before.

With the date for the battle between man and beast set, Jordan and Mark are on a tight deadline. Mark finds that he must throw away all traditions and use    creativity and humour to connect with magic. The men discover a magical realm hidden inside our own, where ancient legends and mythic beings come to life.

Here Today Gone Tomorrow is available for preview and purchase at        Smashwords at                      or at Amazon at

About the Author: Dani Stern was born in South Africa and raised in Toronto, Canada. She studied English at the University of Western Ontario and then    proceeding into a career in public relations, as it gave her the ability the use her writing skills. Inspired in her youth by great fantasy authors like Tolkien, LeGuin and Eddings, Dani aspired to write books that brought the mystical and magical world into the modern day. Here Today Gone Tomorrow is her first foray into bringing magic to life for adults, seeking to remind them of their youthful enjoyment of the realm of fantasy and legends.

NB: Free copies available for media upon request.

Media Contact: Dani Stern, DS Publicity Group Ph. (416) 457-3475,


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