November 7, 2012

Ward 32’s councilor couldn’t make it to Kew Beach School for the October 23rd SAVE QUEEN STREET meeting.     Beachers were hanging from the rafters as an over-flow crowd heard about the history of long-established building guidelines that have already been     disdainfully ignored. These              presentations were followed by a ‘question-and-unanswer’ period that left Beachers baffled and frustrated.

 It was clearly established that a motion was adopted in April 2000 that             restricted building height to 12          METRES. This motion was re-confirmed by city council in October 2012. The  recent “Visioning Study”, which was  requested by the local councilor, was an attempt to circumvent these            requirements. At 16.5 METRES the ‘Walking on a Cloud’ construction is a pathway to the stars for even greater height violations by scofflaw                developers and their ‘counciling     counterparts’. These municipal           magicians are trying every trick in the book, from set-back hidden floors to shadowy optical illusions, but educated Beachers aren’t buying in to any     spirit-rapping or table-turning.

 Many Beachers asked questions and voiced their opinions about everything from unreturned phone calls to our councilor to concerns about sewage, parking, transit and flooding. Ward 32 News asked for the name of the           engineering firm that studied the Beaches’ 20+ underground rivers. Due to the marine nature of the Beaches, we assumed that there must be documents pertaining to the hydrological and   geological concerns regarding further development. No such documents seem to exist. Obviously, not another brick can be laid until the unique hydrology of the Beaches is assessed, in its totality, by accredited, private engineers.

 In rejecting the so-called “Visioning Study” we are joined by other astute voices in the community. Balmy Beach resident Carole Wilson distributed the most lucid and helpful document that we have seen to date regarding further development of our Beaches. A       Member of the Stakeholder Advisory Committee, Carole’s document stresses the UNSTUDIED CUMULATIVE        EFFECTS on services of all type. The document concludes that THE RISK OF           OVER-TAXING QUEEN STREET’S        INFRASTRUCTURE IS TOO HIGH FOR THE REWARD OF MORE     CONTROL OVER QUEEN STREET’S PHYSICAL  APPEARANCE.

 Thank God!!! Finally some folks other than Your Ward 32 News have             advanced a position that doesn’t involve mundane drivel about the character, quaintness and historical significance of our Beaches. Of course we care about those things, but do any Beachers       actually believe that developers will be moved to tears if we whine about the ‘cottagey’ charm of our neighborhood?

 Let’s get serious. There are two days that you should mark on your calendar to take off work-November 6th is the T.E.Y.C.C. (Toronto East York          Community Council Committee)    meeting at City Hall, 100 Queen Street West, Second Floor, West Tower. The other day to mark on your calendar is January 23rd 2013 for the O.M.B. (Ontario Municipal Board) hearing, time and location pending.

 One final question: Why did Ward 32 Councilor Mary Margaret McMahon miss the all-important meeting at Kew beach School on October 23rd???

 One final answer: Who cares???


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