Pretence of Democracy

November 7, 2012

By Mr. David Nesbitt

Toronto East York Community Council (TEYCC) is pretence of attention to local      concerns. Real concern is that our          amalgamated municipality will not often be accused of insensitivity to interests close to our hearts.

Speaking of closeness, why are their meetings so far from areas whose interests they discuss? Members of         Toronto’s council, and bureaucracy seem to be unable to stir themselves out of City Hall, a few times each year. They also care not at all about holding TEYCC hearings later than business hours for most people. Holding those meetings in local venues would be anathema; let the many of mere citizens take time off work to accommodate each Community    Council.

What explanation could account for this arrangement? Pride (We are us, and you are only you!)? Is it               inertia? Secrecy? Does the TEYCC think that all of them must be present for depositions and questions? Not so. Most of the local people cannot get to TEYCC meetings, and must rely on reports of what was said, and which they cannot get always or completely. Members of the Council would be much better served than citizens, if absent.

Convenience of local people should have priority, no doubt. In most parts of Toronto, there are meeting places available in evening hours, every day of the week. They are the best places and times for these meetings. By not using them, Council indicates that their priority is control, with a minimum of scrutiny, and almost no objectionable          objections. Here we have pretence of democracy, rather than the practice of it.



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