Q-Tips for McMahon

November 7, 2012

ust as this paper was about to go to press our news staff got a flyer from none other then Mrs. McMahon, our local city     councilor regarding the             ridiculous “wedding cake”    condos designed to loophole our previously established urban guidelines. Considering that Mary-Margaret fool heartedly decided to snub her constituents at one of the largest public meetings held in our community (filled to capacity), her photocopied attempt at answering the questions raised is an insult to the very nature of community driven municipal politics. Is McMahon so incompetent and conniving that she can not answer important questions in person and on the spot?

It is very convenient that her flyering the neighborhood occurred immediately after the   Final Queen Street East Urban Design Guidelines were made public, allowing McMahon to spin the facts while ignoring some glaring concerns. To quote Suzanne Giblon of the Beach Residents Association of Toronto “the Final Guidelines are similar to what was shown in September, but with more detail and very pretty pictures and graphics added. The           substance has been tweaked but most of the same problems remain.”

Our readers may remember the cover to July 2012’s edition where we profiled the               devastation of a fictional “Hurricane Sandra” hitting the Beach. While the story was          obviously a spoof, we (like everyone else) never expected a Frankenstorm apply named Sandy to pay us a visit. Despite the amazing coincidence we never have – or will claim to be guided by a psychic six sense. Yet sill we fear that our councilor’s plans to over develop the Beaches and the dangers posed by our geography would have wide bearing consequences for those foolish enough to dwell in the proposed mega-condos when the “big one” hits.

These Urban Design Guidelines will be voted on at the Toronto East           Community Council in early          November. Your Ward News is       supporting a campaign to delay the Guidelines until after the appeal at Lick’s Restaurant is heard in       January. A grassroots movement is still required to wake up Councilor McMahon and 11 other TEYCC  councilors that Beachers do not      accept the guidelines set forth.      

Although admittedly we may have to pack a few Q-Tips to clean out their waxy ears as McMahon and her mega-condo cronies seem      unable to listen to those whom     ALREADY call the Beaches home.


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