The Domain Registry of Canada Scam.

November 7, 2012

If you have a .CA domain for your website, be aware of the Domain Registry of Canada Scam. The Domain Registry of Canada Scam preys on people who don’t fully understand how domain registration works. They get their victims’ names and addresses from public whois records, and usually mail what looks like a very legitimate domain name    renewal form. This week we received a fake domain renewal letter for not one but two web domains from the bogus       Domain Registry of Canada for our newspaper’s website

The letter is sent via the post and arrives in a government-style envelope with a maple leaf logo, both not so subtle marketing strategies to lead the recipient to assume the DRoC is affiliated with the Canadian government. They also have the same color envelope that you would expect from Canadian Government. The “Internet Registry of    Canada aka “Domain Registry of Canada” is not certified by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), the body officially sanctioned to administer the registration of the “.ca” domain name in Canada.

This company called “Domain Registry of Canada” running out of a P.O. Box in Markham sends out direct marketing letters via Canada Post designed to appear as though the Domain Registry of Canada is some sort of quasi-official government organization for domain registration. Yet it’s just very expensive alternative and they provide no   service, giving away the control of your domain to them – be very careful! The letter from Domain Registry of       Canada is nothing more than a scam. The letter is designed to appear as an legal Government bill and urges the      domain owner to renew their domain immediately, with the warning, “failure to comply will mean losing your          domain”.

Be on the lookout for their deceptive bills. If you are a domain owner, there is an excellent chance you have been    targeted and received one of these phony bills. It’s inevitable, Domain Registry of Canada will send you a fake bill if you own a Canadian domain name. The bogus letters are sent in a manila window envelope which is very similar to official government type envelopes and a postage paid digital stamp.

The Domain Registry of Canada scrapes the details of your domain name registration record from the publicly     available whois database. This is known as ‘whois data mining’, and is a violation of the terms of use of the whois service. If your whois information is set to public they can find the mailing address of the domain name owner. Once they have the information, they simply send the deceptive fake bill and wait for an unknowing domain owner to fall for the scam.

If you scan the letter quickly, it leaves you with the impression that DROC is your official registry, and that you need to pay quickly or your domain will expire. In actual fact, DROC is NOT the registrar for your domain, otherwise you wouldn’t be receiving this type of letter. If you read the details of the letter, they are actually asking you to transfer registrars from your current provider over to them. It is presented in an incredibly misleading and underhanded   fashion. You don’t have to do anything but throw the fake bill in the garbage. Nothing will happen to your domain if you do not move or transfer your domain to Domain Registry of Canada.

It’s an old school scam directed against businesses much the like as Paul Murton conducts with his Toronto Advertising Agency which handles Danforth Magazine, Bloor News, College Street News, Printable Canadian Coupons, among others. Honestly, why can’t Mr. Murton ever come up with an original idea? Does Paul HAVE to steal every old and tired scam in the book?

The Domain Registry of Canada Scam is a textbook example of corporate identity theft, a textbook which as you can see one Paul Murton studied well!


2 Responses to “The Domain Registry of Canada Scam.”

  1. Jay Palermo Says:

    Once again this month I found another copy of your paper lying by my store front. Now normally, due to the bad formating, horribly poor grammar, cut off words in EVERY sentence, and laughably childish positions of graphics – your paper lands right in the bin. Still – I must congratulate you on November’s edition!

    Since some negative crab has been stealing my Globe and Mail all week I decided to take your paper into the washroom for my morning constitution. Impressively this months copy appears to be edited like a professional paper, run by some news team that seems finally knowledgeable with their jobs, and gives a damn.

    Something now original – rather then the small few pages filled with unreadable ranting that looks like it was pathetically scraped from the Internet. This month’s looks large, readable, and actually intelligence.

    Yet the only reason I am commenting is because your paper saved me eighty dollars. On Tuesday I got a bill in the mail to renew my website. Flipping through your paper on the John I noticed a picture of the same bill with a big bold FRAUD.

    Since my sites has not been updated in years, I assumed it was time to pay up. I literally had a cheque in the envelope ready to mail out. After reading your paper I called up our Web provider and was told we had a good two years left, and it would only be twenty dollars to renew once that’s up!

    I know other business owners who are getting the exact same bill in the mail. I can tell them it’s all just a scam, and I will tell theme I learned about it from YOUR paper!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. LeRoy Says:

    We had some issues with the printers in the last few issues, and we are aware the paper was not being pressed with the same formatting as designed. Let me assure you Jay, these tech issues are now fixed. We pride ourselves on offering Beachers a quality publication with the truth; not printed ANYWHERE else. I am glad you were informed about this scam JUST before you send in your dough. That is exactly why we publish our fraud report for bussinesses like your own. The fact that our community business owners and retailers are fighting a daily battle with scammers, ID thieves, and flim-flamers like Paul Murton and the DRoC shows us we NEED to provided the public with ammunition. Be sure to tell your friends that they can always count on Your Ward News, for the facts ~before~ they need it!

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