The Vaccine Epidemic

November 7, 2012

Ontario Has Expanded Its Free         Vaccine Programme:

A recent Toronto Star article read: More vaccines for schoolchildren?  City’s  public health unit urges expanding the list of mandatory vaccinations required for school attendance.

Once again, we are subjected to the commercially based, unscientific       coercive power, intimidation, denial, outmoded testing and reliance  health officials, the government and the        vaccine industry wields. 

It is closely aligned with the response from vaccine makers such as Merck to step up their fear mongering, strong arm tactics, to ensure compliance.

Merck-Frosst, the maker of the HPV   vaccine is one of the most controversial vaccines in history.

In 2007, the Harper government         allocated $300 million to vaccinate    thousands of girls as young as age nine against a sexually transmitted disease, human papillomavirus (HPV) which   occasionally causes cervical cancer.  The vaccine (Gardasil) only works on girls with no sexual experience.

Clinical trials were insufficient to test the efficacy of the vaccine since the subjects were too young to be exposed to HPV.  There are over 100 strains of the HPV virus…the HPV vaccine may protect you against 4 out of those 100 strains.  Once again, what corporate interests were involved in the action the Harper       Government took?  Apparently a former adviser to Harper became a lobbyist for Merck.

Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to try and teach our young children about the    pitfalls of being promiscuous? What  politicians are profiting up front from big pharma in the name of protecting public health?

True or False?  (Vaccines are mandatory under the law for school entry in        Canada).

False – Under the Immunization of School Pupils Act, full legal exemption from all vaccines has been available since the amendment of the Act in 1984.

Only 3 provinces in Canada have       enacted legislation governing the      vaccination of school children (Ontario, New Brunswick and Manitoba).  All 3 Provincial Acts contain legal exemptions for all  vaccines required for school    entry (see below). No person in Canada can be forced to receive a vaccination.  Canadian Medical Law clearly states that healthcare recipients must be informed of all significant risks posed by any   invasive medical procedure that carries a risk of injury or death.

There are a growing number of health professionals and concerned parents speaking out on the safety of                vaccinations.  The truth is the severity and incidence of disease had begun to decline long before vaccinations came on the scene.  A good example of this is measles.  In 1900 there was a very high 4% incidence of deaths due to measles; by 1948 there was a zero incidence of deaths.  The measles vaccine was       introduced in 1963…fifteen years later. 

All vaccines carry a risk of injury to death!  In the case of the chicken pox vaccine, serious adverse reaction rates dramatically increase in younger age groups (including numerous cases of brain inflammation, neurological        disorders, and immune system damage).

There is strong evidence that many deaths reported as (SIDS) or crib death may in fact be vaccine deaths.  In 1975 the Japanese Government raised the minimum vaccination age from two months to two years and crib deaths   virtually disappeared.

The majority of adverse reactions always go unreported.  How then are we to know the accuracy of any data. 

If you take the time to read the product information leaflet on the Arepanrix H1N1 pandemic influenza vaccine, it is a chilling reminder of the stand Health Canada took on authorizing the sale of this vaccine under limited clinical testing in humans, and in many of the age    categories there are no human clinical trials even taking place.  I am still   awaiting the arrival of the H1N1          pandemic.  You may recall the relentless drive on the 6 p.m. news to run out and get your flu shot.  I believe only 30% of Canadians succumbed to the pressure.

In my quest to find answers and connect the dots, I have spoken to many parents of autistic children and the parents of a child administered the HINI vaccine.  In speaking to the father of one family, he angrily told me how healthy and vibrant his youngster was before being          administered the triple live MMR        vaccine.  He also asked me if I was aware that there is a high incidence of healthcare workers, doctors and nurses who do not even get their children      vaccinated?  Having a background in health for almost 20 years I was not    surprised by his comment.

In discussion with the father of an eight year old child who received the H1N1 vaccine, he spoke about how his family members have enjoyed long healthy lives into their 90’s. He spoke about his daughter and how she always enjoyed good health just 4 days before her death.  It was heart wrenching to hear him speak of this terrible time for his family, and how he was told by health officials that his daughter must have suffered from asthma prior to receiving the     vaccine.  Over time he was given many different scenarios from health officials regarding the likelihood for her death.  Once again…full board denial from Health Canada…stating that vaccines are safe and necessary.  A concerned parent looking to make sense of this               preventable tragedy.

Shortly after speaking to this man I was listening to the news  I heard another distraught father report that his eight year old girl died following the           administering of this same vaccine.  It begs the question, “just how many     preventable deaths occurred as a result of the H1N1 vaccine?”

In my own circle of friends I can’t help but think over the years about the      possible connection in their case        between the  Hepatitis B vaccine and the autoimmune disease Lupus.  Many years ago my friend’s 13 year old daughter received the Hepatitis B vaccine.        According to her, she was not the same person following the vaccine and within a short time was diagnosed with Lupus.  Apparently other children within the school experienced similar negative symptoms following the vaccine.

Some of the groups at highest risk of contracting hepatitis B are intravenous drug users and prostitutes.  Infants and children rarely develop this disease.

 It is still a very sobering reminder to think about the many people who       virtually accept things at face value, and truly believe the actions taken by     pharmaceutical interests, Government officials, and their lobbyists, controlled mainstream media (under the guise of powerful marketing, fraudulent claims, and corporate greed) are without    question serving the public good!

Sadly…the most important question to ask yourself is  “who stands to gain from the obscene profits that are generated  from injecting your children with       multiple vaccinations?”

What are the “risks or side effects” to vaccinating your child?

More critically….. “Do the benefits    outway the risks or side effects?”

Dr. Andrew Wakefield was one of the lead researchers of a team of 13 doctors speaking out on the safety of the MMR vaccine (raising questions about the safety of the triple live virus vaccine).  Once again a witch hunt was launched to destroy Dr. Wakefield.  Get the answers you are looking for in the book Callous Disregard by Dr. Andrew Wakefield.

Read what whistleblower Dr. Shiv     Chopra (Federal Scientist) has to say about the safety of Canadians.  He worked for Health Canada for over 30 years, was fired by Paul Martin for     insubordination, and together with his close colleagues took the unpopular stand only few of us are willing to take.

For more information on making an     informed and responsible decision on your child’s health.

Contact: VRAN –    

Canada’s leading vaccine risk awareness society.

All the information on the Immunization of School Pupils Act is posted on their     website and provides a link to the        legislation and the Government            Exemption Form:

Read “Claytons” story (A Must Read)

Please watch the film:  The Greater Good (Depicting the science and politics of  Vaccines)



When the silent majority is not moved by fear and start speaking up…then…and only then will there be change!

By: Marlene Lynn

Health Activist



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