Canada has a hidden Third Tier within our healthcare system. Over the past forty years more Canadians have been buying organic foods, natural products, supplements and vitamins. This is a matter of personal choice and beliefs. Herbal products have been effective and proven remedies for thousands of years. Yet, here our government is clamping down on these products. Regulations are creating impossible situations for many small companies, effectively putting them out of business. Many products will no longer be available. Some will increase in price. Others will be restricted and their potency diminished. The objective seems to be far more concerned about competition with the large pharmaceutical companies rather than with your health and well-being. Putting profits before people.
If you can afford natural products, you can enter this third tier. Generally natural and herbal products are not found within the first or second tier of our healthcare system. As our world becomes more polluted and toxic chemicals are released into our environment, natural products are Mother Natures way of providing health and healing. Yet our government continues with this unnatural agenda regardless of what we, the citizens, believe and hold as true. Creating such restrictions violates your right to decide.
This means that you now have a simple choice. Give up the natural products or turn to another source. Legislating natural and herbal products out of the marketplace lends itself to new “black market” activities. As in, “Pssst, want some real vitamin C? I have a special stash.” Sounds somewhat similar to other outlawed herbs. Hundreds of thousands of people have protested against this government agenda. Your rights simply don’t count in this scenario. Canadians are perfectly capable of deciding for themselves the values, merits and benefits of herbal and natural products. The government just doesn’t seem to get it.
Now that two US states have voted to legalize cannabis, a healing herb, the rights of the citizens are being heard. Turning away from the Federal government agenda shows that any legislation that creates and sustains “black market” activities is a failure. Prohibition breeds corruption at all levels of government. Politicians who support prohibition support organized crime. Our own Senate called prohibition a failure in good governance. Now it is time to exercise our democratic rights and have a national referendum on the role of natural, organic and herbal products. Yes/No Let the people decide the issue.


Vapor is Safer!

December 7, 2012

Due to its undeniable benefits over smoking, the use of vaporizers is gaining in popularity with medical marijuana users. Not only is what you take in much cleaner, it is also smoother and easier to inhale. In truth, the saying “if you don’t cough, you don’t get off,” is complete trash. I know of a boy, barely in his twenties, who recently ended up in the hospital with a collapsed lung. It is thought that the weakness in his lung was due to constantly coughing, which occurred every time that he pulled from a bong. That, combined with poor exercise habits for one so young.
Vaporization is a process by which the active elements of a substance are released through the application of heat, without combustion. The lack of combustion leads to a lack of chemicals produced by combustion, namely smoke and tar. What is left is vapor, essentially a gas that contains the active ingredients of the biomass or essential oil of the substance being vaporized. On the other hand, smoke is comprised of at least a hundred chemicals in addition to the active elements, not to mention carcinogenic toxins.
To function properly, a vaporizer must maintain a precise temperature. This temperature must be above what is needed to release the active compounds of the biomass or essential oil being used, while staying below temperatures that would cause combustion. On top of the health benefits of vaporizers, they are also more efficient than smoking by transferring a greater number of active elements. Such efficiency allows users to extract more active elements from smaller amounts of essential oil or biomass.
Vaporizers are also excellent aromatherapy devices as well as air freshener that can be used with a wide range of biomasses, essential oils and potpourri blends. Vaporizers have also been found to have applications for smoking cessation.

Last month, I had the misfortune of having an accident and needing to see a doctor. The accident itself was entirely my fault, as I ran to stop something from falling over, making it there a split second too late, or too early, depending on how you want to look at it. My right foot was crushed and quite badly hurt.
Although I am a bit of a klutz, constantly knocking myself about, I am a strong-boned lass, and rarely get seriously hurt. Since it was my foot that was damaged, I decided to wait on seeing a doctor. It was impossible for me to put on a shoe to walk or drive anywhere and I didn’t want to sit around for hours in an emergency room for something that didn’t seem to be an actual emergency. We all know that it is more than possible to spend all day waiting in an emergency room, with something as non-life-threatening as a crunched foot.
Skip to a week later and my foot is still really swollen and the only shoes I can put on are ballet-type shoes that don’t touch the top of my foot. It was then that I decided that the damage may be worse than I originally thought and I looked for a walk-in clinic nearby, as my own doctor is across town. I hobbled my way to the doctor and sat in the cramped waiting room for my turn. If people worry about going to a hospital because of germs, they would be appalled by this doctor’s office. It was a tiny room, with the majority of people sniffling and coughing into their hands. A few smart people decided that it would be safer to hang out in the hallway than to brave the germ-ridden waiting room.
When I finally got to see the doctor, he simply looked at it and said that I had to go for an x-ray. That was to be expected, but I found it a little strange that he didn’t even touch my foot to see if he could feel the damage or get a sense of exactly where I was hurt. He didn’t try to wiggle my toes or attempt to isolate the actual damage from the blood pooling around my toes.
So, off I went to the x-ray place (Danforth and Main across from Sobey’s), which admittedly, was wonderful. I had no wait and they tried their best to cause me as little pain as possible. I hobbled my way home, sore and exhausted from having to walk on a damaged foot.
The next morning, I awoke in pain from the previous day’s escapades. I called the doctor, expecting to get the news on whether my foot was actually broken. Now, from previous experiences with my own doctor, I know that administration staff cannot give results over the phone, but the doctor can. This doctor’s office refused to do so. I am a pretty patient person and normally would not be too bothered by the need to go back to the doctor, but this was my foot we were dealing with and every time I had to walk on it, I went through some pain.
Of course, I got to the doctor’s office the next day, just to be told that it did not appear broken. I was livid, due to pain. On top of that, all he could say was to wait another week and then go to my own doctor, if it wasn’t better by then. The last thing, he told me was to stay off the foot. Perhaps he should have thought of that before making me go all the way to his office for nothing, just so he could bleed more money from OHIP.

Walking down Woodbine Beach one may notice a new construction project on Lake Shore Boulevard by Coxwell. Indeed, while the area already has a generous amount of public restroom facilities – none match the sophisticated technology of our new automated self-cleaning toilet. Yet what exactly is the justification for spending $400,000 dollars on a one stall pimped out porta potty? Also; if your business is human nature, is it not a taxpayer’s right to use a commode without having to dig up loose change?
Toronto ushered in it’s first self-cleaning, one user public toilet in 2010 at the waterfront location on Rees Street and Queen’s Quay West with high expectations of having twenty more across the city. Despite a brief hype, the project run by Astral Media with the city seems to be slow in progressing. The second location of one of these pay-per-use restrooms is located right here in our own neighbourhood. While all but complete, the contraption is yet to serve it’s first paying customer.
While a novelty in Toronto, these washrooms are already used all over North America. Vancouver for example has built several of these monstrosities, the only difference is that out west there is no fee to pee. In fact for a number of reasons the City of Vancouver is considering doing away with these self-cleaning loos. The main issues Vancouver is facing includes heavy vandalism, drug use, homeless sleeping inside, indecent acts, constant malfunctions, accessibility issues, and in one case just last year an individual was locked inside. He tried the fail-safe lever, designed to open the door when it malfunctions, that didn’t work – requiring a rescue team with crowbars to assist him out.
Granted for $400,000 a piece, these are the World’s most high-tech urinals but as Vancouver has learned – the hidden costs of maintenance, repair and costs to the city’s reputation are far higher then traditional public restrooms.
Boardwalk Pub’s George Foulidis, said he would like to see even more washrooms in the area. Mr. Foulidis is more then positive with the idea of charging customers to use outdoor washrooms. He just does not want the public to think they have his permission to use his Pub’s toilets in the summertime. “Regardless of how good they upgrade them there’s not enough!”

Wind Power Sucks

December 7, 2012

Wind Power Sucks: the Ontario Liberals have learned to suck and blow at the same time; a story of infinite waste AND/ OR a busy year for debunking.
By Sherri Lange
North American Platform Against Wind Power
Toronto Wind Action
Great Lakes Wind Truth
Save the Eagles International (Canada)

The sheer volume of turbines in the world has done nothing remarkable for the production of energy. It remains as less than ½ of one percent produced by nearly 130,000 turbines. Net Zero. What IS remarkable is that truly, no pun intended, Wind Power Sucks: money from your pocket, democracy from your province, friends and relationships from your family and community, massive subsidies and tax breaks from your hydro bill into the pockets of developers, with yet no viable net return. Ontario DUMPS power to New York for millions of dollars every year lately.
The Wind Sucks Fact: Wind power sucks jobs. That is a fact: Relentlessly, everywhere on earth. In Spain, Madrid’s King Juan Carlos University produced a study showing that for every green job the Spanish government created, 2.2 jobs were lost in other sectors: the costs of energy were too great, and drove companies out or down.
The government’s green job push created approximately 50,000 jobs, but resulted in a loss of more than 110,000 jobs in other industries.
Only 1 in 10 of the new green jobs was permanent.
Each green job created since 2000 has required about $774,000 in government subsidies.
Denmark. On Earth Day in 2009, President Obama cited Denmark as another country that has benefited from subsidized green job creation. Like Spain, Denmark’s green industry – primarily wind-powered electricity generation – was heavily subsidized and likely would not have existed without government support. According to “Wind Energy: The Case of Denmark,” a 2009 report by the Center for Political Studies, a think tank:
The Danish government spent $90,000 to $140,000 to create each wind job.
About 28,400 people were employed in the Danish wind industry, but only about 1 in 10 were new jobs – the remaining 90 percent were simply positions shifted from one industry to another.
As one disgruntled anti wind blogger mentioned yesterday at the Ingersoll Liberal Leadership debates, “I point to the security guards at community events and debates, and THERE are your green jobs….all two of them!
Another thing sucked by wind turbine agendas are the subsidies: You have to read the numbers carefully, and try not to tremble. These Feed in Tariffs and tax incentives literally are the life blood of this industry. Pure profit. But for US, dreams into nightmares. Please don’t expect a 46% hike in your hydro bills; it will look more like 65% by 1015 and 141% by 2030, according to retired banker and National Post writer Parker Gallant. And watch industry blowing out of town with those higher rates. They already have done so.
The Ontario government uses a credit card with your name on it. We have been following Ontario’s scandalous “ride to ruin” via secret untendered Samsung green energy deals, Feed In Tariff programs that ensure wealthy wind developers, and energy poverty for the rest of us, ORNGE, and E-Health waste, two cancelled gas fired plants, and now someone to blame: the ever ready scapegoats, doctors and teachers. That is quite the trough to climb out of, with very slippery sides. (Debt 411 billion and climbing. Out of work in Ontario, 600,000) As Vic Fideli, Energy Critic for the PCs states: the Legislature is “Closed for Scandal.”
And much of this waste and squander would not be possible without the Green Energy and Green Economy Act. That was another big whoosh as your democratic rights and community health had the living daylight sucked out of them.
But count ourselves lucky this Christmas. We don’t have the Toronto Hydro Energy Services monster turbines (up to 400 proposed) in our Lake (yet). That is thanks to a group of dedicated citizens from downtown, Leslie Street to Ajax and Pickering, who educated our communities, and fought hard for the offshore moratorium. Add Toronto’s and region’s FOUR moratoria (City of Scarborough, Town of Ajax, Pickering, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, votes to the 90 plus in Rural Ontario, and we have a fortress. Toronto City Hall needs to wake up and that is our New Year’s Resolution!
Merry Christmas to the Beach, Bluffs and Toronto. Have a Happy, No Turbine New Year!

Did anyone notice the latest endorsement of an important thrust by “Your Ward News”? By whom? No less than the Canadian Government; that’s by whom! They admit that our focus on annual numbers of intake of new residents has not made sure that the skills they bring are the skills we do, and will need. At the same time, they say that they expect Canada will need many more skilled people every year, for he next thirty years, or more.
We might continue as we have, hoping that a large enough number of immigrants and refugees will be skilled enough in ways Canada needs. Alternately, we might try to train to-day’s residents to meet Canada’s needs, and for better opportunities for the newly-retrained. Mere up-to-dating might suffice, in many cases. According to a CTV broadcast (Mon, Dec 3rd, ’12), we neither select well, nor accept the onus to retrain within our own borders.
Why have we such severe shortages of essential personnel? For at least thirty years, undeclared educators have kept costs down in two ways. They feed the illusion of necessary education by emphasizing studies whose expenses are hardly more than one textbook, one classroom, and one Instructor. These courses don’t need the expensive technical equipments that must be provided for training in the applied sciences, and the skilled trades. Our educational leaders seem to have decided to let other nations bear those costs. Canada then could import pre-trained personnel from those nations. This plan only seemed to work. We now find that it is and will be inadequate.
Our Publisher has been onside, for more than 35 years (since 1984) that augmentation of the earnings and earning capacities of a society can repay the investment many times and ways. Our Publisher saw things that way, and discovered that the State of Minnesota was conducting social matters in that way. It seems that the right time for today’s Canadians to enhancing our real productivity, by our own efforts, is long gone. Not so!
“YWN” has been suggesting topping-up wages of our working-poor, and letting any of them justify unit-after-unit of training that will help them to become increasingly valuable neighbors.

By Marlene Lynn,
Health Activist

CANCER TURN IT ON – OR TURN IT OFF Prevent & Reverse This Disease!
The two main elements responsible for disease agents is toxicity and deficiency:
Your countless tax dollars are being used to subsidize research that is targeted for the development of man made synthetic drugs that can be “patented”. The overall costs are well hidden within our tax system.
By maintaining and governing the knee jerk reactive approach to health, mainstream medicine ensures that people are “reliant” on the health care system and your quality of health is severely compromised.
Unfortunately, the health industry today is purely profit driven, politically corrupt, under the power and direction of the Food and Drug Corporations, who act as a public relations department for orthodox or mainstream medicine. Pharmaceutical companies are the most politically power driven and lucrative industries of our time, generating obscene profits, and whose budgets allow them to spend millions in ad campaigns to bring their products to market.
It is important to understand that there is the “politics” of cancer and there is the “science” of cancer!
The politics of cancer generates billions of dollars throughout the system; from the pharmaceutical companies that patent these drugs, to their shareholders, the top CEO’s, controlled mainstream media, to the Doctors and Government officials.
Backroom deals between medical authorities and Big Pharma are nothing new.
There is much more money to be made in the treatment of cancer, than revealing the many effective scientific therapies that have been developed over the years, and deliberately concealed and suppressed through intimidation, imprisonment, and the many scientific loopholes employed by pharmaceutical companies.
The public relations department for orthodox medicine would have you believe there are no safe, cheap methods of treating patients; after all, there is little money to be made. On the surface it appears that way, but when you are up against the giants in the industry….need I say more. In most cases treatments for cancer are found in nature, are safe, not expensive, non toxic (compared to the conventional methods used today).
Doctors are taught from the very early stages of their training that drugs “are the treatment of choice,” and the heavy hand of the pharmaceutical industry offers very lucrative incentives and perks to keep their well oiled machine running.
Since the 1950’s, the outlook for orthodox treatment of cancer has virtually remained the same…having a survival rate of 5 years. The numbers are also relative (i.e. if you live one day beyond the 5 years, it is considered that a 50% success rate has been achieved). chemotherapy carries with it a 3% success rate.
Natural health products are under threat, and “by their very nature” cannot be patented due to the LD50 or (lethal dose 50). When measuring acute toxicity of a material for the scientific study process, testing is done to determine at what level the substance will kill 50% of the laboratory animals. The pharmaceutical industry is more concerned how toxic a product is not how safe or effective it will be.
Some of the greatest minds studying the real cause of cancer found the simple common denominators of all cancers as far back as the 1920’s; one such man was Dr. Otto Warburg. A brilliant scientist in his time whose work earned him a second Nobel Prize (studying cancer in real time as cells transformed from normal to cancer as it was happening).
It is no surprise that, as far back as the 30’s, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife’s unprecedented way of fighting the infectious agents of disease without drugs came under careful scrutiny. Given the monopolistic nature of the developing medical establishment in America at that time, the presentation of these drugless techniques for treating a multitude of diseases ensured the demise of Rife’s work. The science and funding for work such as Dr. Rife’s has a way of being buried and concealed, to ensure that the established scientific community prevails.
I highly recommend you look into the work of the late Dr. Donald Scott of Sudbury. It is a startling, yet informative account on the health of individuals, and to what extent reliable scientific information is conducted, withheld or disseminated.
I had the honour and pleasure recently of hearing G. Edward Griffin speak. A man of true integrity, compassion and knowledge for his fellow man. His work comprises books such as: World Without Cancer (The Story of Vitamin B17) A must Read!
If you look at the many people that have a true passion for the health of Canadians, who are not swayed by profit or intimidation, at the hands of Government and the food and drug industries, you will no doubt find the truth behind this most prolific health issue affecting both young and old.

What do all these diseases have in common?
Arthritis/Autoimmune Disorders/Cancer/Asthma/Digestive Disorders/High Blood Pressure/Diabetes
It is important to know that true health lives in an alkaline state!
Cancer Thrives In An Acidic Environment!
(pH of 4.5 or lower)

Keys To Quality Health (Self Health Management) and Avoiding the Ravages Of Disease:
. Give your body back its natural ability to heal!
. Avoid all refined foods (it is the best way to stop the flood of glucose into your cells). Eat foods in their natural state; processed foods contain chemical colours, preservatives, are nutritionally deficient, laden with empty calories, sugar and salt.
GMO foods have scientifically been proven, beyond a doubt of the catastrophic health dangers to humans, animals and the environment. Up to 70% of processed foods contain GMO material. Avoid all foods containing:
Canola—GE Crops Grown In Canada
Sugar Beet
Cottonseed oil
Milk Products—GE Foods Imported to Canada
Bovine Growth Hormone
I highly recommend the work of Jeffrey M. Smith. Seeds of Deception is a true account of the biotech industry and the foods you are eating.
. Maintain a healthy acid/alkaline (pH) balance. True health lives in an alkaline state.
pH (potential of Hydrogen) is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. It is measured on a scale of 0-14. The lower the pH the more acidic the solution and the higher the more alkaline. When a solution is neither acidic nor alkaline, it has a pH 7 which is neutral. Eat plenty of alkaline forming foods and less acid forming foods. (80% alkaline – 20% acid)
. Let pharmaceutical drugs and invasive medical procedures be your last resort. Practice prevention through education and the responsible approach to quality health for you and your family. Our bodies were uniquely designed to heal themselves if given the chance.
. Reduce stress as much as possible – our DNA can actually be altered in the presence of fear, anxiety and worry.
. The Hippocrates Health Institute has been at the forefront and on the front lines for over 50 years. A world class health clinic teaching people how to regain their health and wellness.

Letting others control our health gives them inappropriate control and power!!


December 7, 2012

Be thankful for the relatively low urban density of the entire Beaches. This circumstance saves us from gentle gridlock, except for a few hours of any day, so far. Will denser population worsen density of local traffic? You know it will. More streetcars and busses, more cars and trucks, and possibly more taxis, will begin to choke each others’ progress, and will choke our lungs, also.
We get only as much information as civic sources and news media think we can deal with, or that they want us to consider. None of them seem to think that we should expect relief from another form of gridlock. It is stop-and-go sewage disposal. Movement of sewage depends on enough water supply and enough effluent conduits. All of enough flow-through capacity, in total at all times: 24/ 366. Nobody wants sewage to overflow, but testing by Mark-One Human Nose indicates that there have been overflows of sewage occasionally near Coxwell and Queen. Should we accept the likelihood of more and bigger overflows to deal with if they happen? Should we care about the threat of cholera, typhus, dysentery, and noxious aromas, as if they are reasonable costs of developments?
We know that traffic gridlock has reared its ugly head in some parts of Toronto. We have notice that flow of sewage has been somewhat blocked, already in at least one part of the Beach. Even if sewage could be conducted entirely away from local streets, it would not always be properly treated. Despite former installation of offshore holding tanks, intact flotsam of feces and condoms have been reason enough to close access to Lake Ontario’s waters, and the sands of the local beaches.
Our sewage system already is inadequate to serve the people we have. The system should be much enlarged and tested well before we accept additional population. In fact, we need upgrading now, to safely serve who we are. We don’t know how close we might be to an infrastructural disaster, large or moderate. It seems that would-be developers upward, especially of condos, think the best test of adequate infrastructure would be an environmental disaster, but not where they personally live. Our health and safety are not necessarily among their priorities. The only safeguards they need are lawful permissions, which they expect to get if Council and bureaucrats can be brought into line. How could that be done? Profits for all.
If you are a typical Beacher, you are usefully employed, considerate, and fair-minded. In this way, you are at initial disadvantage when you deal with people of opposite sentiments.
For them, fairness is getting what they want, no matter what anybody else wants, needs, or gets, if anything. In masterfully righteous and cogent terms, they imitate kindly intent. They need to keep us off-guard only long enough to get all the approvals that the law requires of them. Might this pattern of arrangements have allowed developments from Kippendavie to west of Woodbine? Beachers did not marshal enough opposition to that “foot-in-our-door”. However, we did prevent the potentially disastrous windmill farm that McGuinty almost succeeded in erecting offshore. Expect another try at it. Kill it.
From Dundas to the waterfront, from Leslie to Victoria Park, the terrain is an alluvial outwash plain, of barely moderate mechanical strength. The water table is close to surface. All of the alluvium below it is saturated with water that lubricates movement of it by heavy loads from above. Could three or four storied buildings impose enough load to cause movement of ground with utilities buried in it? What might be the effect on water, sewage, and floodwater conduits? Would you believe interpretations by anybody associated with a developer, or by a contractor, Councillor, or bureaucrat who serves a developer? We are expected to do just that. Some of us might take this easy way out.

The strange case of “Kurios Foulidis” and Mr. Caplan

Court file no. CV-09-373099-0000

A Faustian Demise Awaits Mephistopheles on the Boardwalk.

The plaintiff claims against the defendant, George Foulidis for general and special damages for fraudulent misrepresentation and conspiracy to defraud, inducing breach of contract in the amount of ten million dollars ($10,000,000.00)!

The plaintiff William Malamas is a registered real estate broker, a builder and developer. The defendant George Foulidis (“Foulidis”) is a resident of the City of Toronto. Foulidis is a restaurateur. (Owner, Beaches Boardwalk Café)
Foulidis had established close relationships with several councillors from the City of Toronto who were using their influence to support Foulidis’ requests for amending or extending the lease, between Foulidis and the City, to suit Foulidis’ plans.
The plaintiff and Foulidis were meeting in Foulidis’ restaurants, the one in the beaches and the other one at Woodbine Ave in Markham. The plaintiff did not know much about Foulidis other than that he was in the restaurant business, had close ties with the City of Toronto, got married at about 1994 and then had several children.
The plaintiff, at about the end of November 2001, received, unexpectedly, a telephone call from Foulidis. Foulidis knew that the plaintiff could not afford to retain a lawyer in the litigation. The plaintiff pleads the fact is that Foulidis stated that, out of his desire to help the plaintiff, had spoken to a lawyer (Gary Caplan; McCague Borlack LLP) and, at his request, the lawyer had agreed to assist the plaintiff, without requiring an upfront retainer.
Foulidis’ representation was false and/or was recklessly uncaring whether it was true or false. Foulidis: i) did not have a desire to help the plaintiff. Foulidis pretended that he wanted to help the plaintiff. ii) Mr. Caplan was not just a lawyer. Mr. Foulidis and Gary Caplan had an undisclosed intimate relationship.
The plaintiff pleads and the fact is that Foulidis intended to convince the plaintiff to retain Caplan out of his knowledge and belief that Caplan would follow his directions in the course of the litigation and would lead the litigation to a result that would be beneficial to Foulidis.
Mr. Garry Caplan, in a discussion with the plaintiff in Caplan’s office, admitted of his intimate relationship with Mr. George Fouldis. Caplan said: “George (Fouldis) made me feel so good. I’ll do anything for George (Fouldis).”



December 7, 2012


Your Ward 32 News has closely followed the case of the folks that were not informed by a real estate agent about a previous double murder in the house that the agent sold them. They found out after they moved in and were immediately horrified. They were livid at the realtor for not informing them because the agent knew about the murders beforehand. Maybe the new residents believe in ghosts and other paranormal activity, but the central issue is ‘DISCLOSURE’.
We can’t help but be concerned about potential condominium buyers in The Beaches. The fact that it’s even debatable whether or not realtors have to disclose previous crimes, hauntings or paranormal activity is in itself an interesting discussion. With this in mind, surely condo con-men and women must inform prospective buyers about the teeny, tiny little problem that plagues The Beaches. Although we dislike the word ‘INFESTATION’, it is the exact word that these potential purchasers must hear in the name of clarity. Another important word is ‘ETHICS’. Ethics may be defined as a moral philosophy or science which studies the principles of right or wrong in human conduct. Realtors are no strangers to ethics courses and seminars, as it is difficult to be totally honest when there are huge commissions on the line.
Cimex lectularius is the Latin name for these little buggers and the horror stories are getting worse. The psychological damage is difficult to determine, but one reader told us that she slept in the bath-tub for two months until she found another apartment. She now suffers from severe back pain. Her story highlights the ‘domino effect’ that can ensue after the invasion.
In a recent edition of the BEACH METRO COMMUNITY NEWS, Martin Gladstone, LL.B relates that these parasites have been compared to “miniature little vampires”. They do indeed live on human blood. The former candidate for Ward 32 councilor went on to write that balconies have served as refuge which provides some relief for condominium denizens.
A house that is a single dwelling allows for a comprehensive and united strategy to combat these uninvited micro-monsters. For those who purchase multiple dwellings it is constant warfare as they scurry from one unit after being sprayed to another unit and back again. This nightmarish version of Whack-A-Mole can wear down the most determined tenant. As educated and caring Beachers we must assure that condo-hunters are made aware of this creepy-crawly horror that has cursed The Beaches.
The downside is that we won’t be getting many neat new neighbours once realtors have DISCLOSED this important information. After all, who would want to move into a neighbourhood that is already home to these resilient and hardy little critters? BINGO!!!

Christmas Safty Tips

December 7, 2012

Choose toys that are right for the child’s age. Be sure to read and follow all warnings and instructions that come with the toy.
•Toys with small loose parts can be dangerous for children under three years of age. Keep them out of reach.
•Make sure batteries in toys are properly installed and not accessible to the child. Do not let children take battery-operated toys to bed.
•Throw out all packing materials like Styrofoam pellets, ties, plastic bags and wrapping as soon as possible. Children can choke or suffocate on them.
•Before using a cosmetic gift for the first time, do a patch test to check if you are sensitive or allergic to something in the cosmetic. To do a test, follow these instructions:
1.Clean a small area of skin behind your ear or on the inside of your forearm.
2.Apply a small amount of the cosmetic and allow it to dry.
3.After 24 hours, wash the area gently with soap and water.
The cosmetic should not be used anymore if the area is red, itchy, burning or blistering.
•Put cosmetic products away and out of the sight and reach of young children after opening them. Some cosmetics are toxic to young children.

•Never leave burning candles unattended.
•Keep burning candles out of the reach of children and away from pets, tree decorations or wrapping paper.
•Cut candle wicks short to prevent a high flame.
•If candles are used in a centrepiece, make sure they don’t burn low enough to ignite decoration.
•Use sturdy candle holders that won’t easily tip over.

•Always use a secure, manufacturer recommended screen in front of your fireplace.
•Have the chimney cleaned and inspected at least once a year. This is to help prevent chimney fires. Some chimneys may need more frequent cleaning depending on use.
•Burn hardwood, which will leave less creosote (a flammable dark residue produced by burning wood) in the chimney.
•Never burn wood that has been painted or chemically treated
•Make sure the fire is out before going to bed or before going out.
•Make sure that the chimney is working well so that wood smoke does not come into the room.
•Keep children away from gas fireplaces. When in use, the glass doors can become and stay hot even after use; hot enough to cause serious burns.
•Alarms and Detectors save lives: make sure to have working smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in your home.
If young children are going to be visiting over the holidays, make sure your house is safe for them by covering electrical outlets, barring stairwells and removing furniture and decorations that may be hazardous to children.

Help our children have a Merry Christmas


In the holiday spirit, members of the Station 227 Fire Hall encourage the

community to take part in their annual toy drive.

The Beaches Fire Hall in partnership with the Toronto Professional Fire

Fighters’ Association, the City of Toronto, retirees, students, volunteers and

many corporate sponsors are teaming up for the annual Toronto Fire Fighters’

Toy Drive.

Until December 24, our Beaches Fire Hall at 1904 Queen Street East will

accept new unwrapped toys and sporting goods. Firefighter volunteers will

distribute the gifts to children ranging in age from infants to 17 years that are

in hospitals or shelters. Management staff and volunteers will also visit

children on Christmas Day.

“I encourage all those that can give, to give to this worthy cause,” said Fire

Chief William Stewart. “Over the years thousands of children and families

have enjoyed a new gift at this time of year due to the generosity of so many.”

Please consider the purchase of a gift card for those over 12 years of age as

the toy drive is always in need of something to provide children & teenagers

in this age category.

Don’t have time to drop off a toy? Make a charitable monetary donation to the

Toronto Fire Fighters’ Toy Drive online: