December 7, 2012


Your Ward 32 News has closely followed the case of the folks that were not informed by a real estate agent about a previous double murder in the house that the agent sold them. They found out after they moved in and were immediately horrified. They were livid at the realtor for not informing them because the agent knew about the murders beforehand. Maybe the new residents believe in ghosts and other paranormal activity, but the central issue is ‘DISCLOSURE’.
We can’t help but be concerned about potential condominium buyers in The Beaches. The fact that it’s even debatable whether or not realtors have to disclose previous crimes, hauntings or paranormal activity is in itself an interesting discussion. With this in mind, surely condo con-men and women must inform prospective buyers about the teeny, tiny little problem that plagues The Beaches. Although we dislike the word ‘INFESTATION’, it is the exact word that these potential purchasers must hear in the name of clarity. Another important word is ‘ETHICS’. Ethics may be defined as a moral philosophy or science which studies the principles of right or wrong in human conduct. Realtors are no strangers to ethics courses and seminars, as it is difficult to be totally honest when there are huge commissions on the line.
Cimex lectularius is the Latin name for these little buggers and the horror stories are getting worse. The psychological damage is difficult to determine, but one reader told us that she slept in the bath-tub for two months until she found another apartment. She now suffers from severe back pain. Her story highlights the ‘domino effect’ that can ensue after the invasion.
In a recent edition of the BEACH METRO COMMUNITY NEWS, Martin Gladstone, LL.B relates that these parasites have been compared to “miniature little vampires”. They do indeed live on human blood. The former candidate for Ward 32 councilor went on to write that balconies have served as refuge which provides some relief for condominium denizens.
A house that is a single dwelling allows for a comprehensive and united strategy to combat these uninvited micro-monsters. For those who purchase multiple dwellings it is constant warfare as they scurry from one unit after being sprayed to another unit and back again. This nightmarish version of Whack-A-Mole can wear down the most determined tenant. As educated and caring Beachers we must assure that condo-hunters are made aware of this creepy-crawly horror that has cursed The Beaches.
The downside is that we won’t be getting many neat new neighbours once realtors have DISCLOSED this important information. After all, who would want to move into a neighbourhood that is already home to these resilient and hardy little critters? BINGO!!!


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