December 7, 2012

Canada has a hidden Third Tier within our healthcare system. Over the past forty years more Canadians have been buying organic foods, natural products, supplements and vitamins. This is a matter of personal choice and beliefs. Herbal products have been effective and proven remedies for thousands of years. Yet, here our government is clamping down on these products. Regulations are creating impossible situations for many small companies, effectively putting them out of business. Many products will no longer be available. Some will increase in price. Others will be restricted and their potency diminished. The objective seems to be far more concerned about competition with the large pharmaceutical companies rather than with your health and well-being. Putting profits before people.
If you can afford natural products, you can enter this third tier. Generally natural and herbal products are not found within the first or second tier of our healthcare system. As our world becomes more polluted and toxic chemicals are released into our environment, natural products are Mother Natures way of providing health and healing. Yet our government continues with this unnatural agenda regardless of what we, the citizens, believe and hold as true. Creating such restrictions violates your right to decide.
This means that you now have a simple choice. Give up the natural products or turn to another source. Legislating natural and herbal products out of the marketplace lends itself to new “black market” activities. As in, “Pssst, want some real vitamin C? I have a special stash.” Sounds somewhat similar to other outlawed herbs. Hundreds of thousands of people have protested against this government agenda. Your rights simply don’t count in this scenario. Canadians are perfectly capable of deciding for themselves the values, merits and benefits of herbal and natural products. The government just doesn’t seem to get it.
Now that two US states have voted to legalize cannabis, a healing herb, the rights of the citizens are being heard. Turning away from the Federal government agenda shows that any legislation that creates and sustains “black market” activities is a failure. Prohibition breeds corruption at all levels of government. Politicians who support prohibition support organized crime. Our own Senate called prohibition a failure in good governance. Now it is time to exercise our democratic rights and have a national referendum on the role of natural, organic and herbal products. Yes/No Let the people decide the issue.


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