Cancer is a business… Follow the money!!

December 7, 2012

By Marlene Lynn,
Health Activist

CANCER TURN IT ON – OR TURN IT OFF Prevent & Reverse This Disease!
The two main elements responsible for disease agents is toxicity and deficiency:
Your countless tax dollars are being used to subsidize research that is targeted for the development of man made synthetic drugs that can be “patented”. The overall costs are well hidden within our tax system.
By maintaining and governing the knee jerk reactive approach to health, mainstream medicine ensures that people are “reliant” on the health care system and your quality of health is severely compromised.
Unfortunately, the health industry today is purely profit driven, politically corrupt, under the power and direction of the Food and Drug Corporations, who act as a public relations department for orthodox or mainstream medicine. Pharmaceutical companies are the most politically power driven and lucrative industries of our time, generating obscene profits, and whose budgets allow them to spend millions in ad campaigns to bring their products to market.
It is important to understand that there is the “politics” of cancer and there is the “science” of cancer!
The politics of cancer generates billions of dollars throughout the system; from the pharmaceutical companies that patent these drugs, to their shareholders, the top CEO’s, controlled mainstream media, to the Doctors and Government officials.
Backroom deals between medical authorities and Big Pharma are nothing new.
There is much more money to be made in the treatment of cancer, than revealing the many effective scientific therapies that have been developed over the years, and deliberately concealed and suppressed through intimidation, imprisonment, and the many scientific loopholes employed by pharmaceutical companies.
The public relations department for orthodox medicine would have you believe there are no safe, cheap methods of treating patients; after all, there is little money to be made. On the surface it appears that way, but when you are up against the giants in the industry….need I say more. In most cases treatments for cancer are found in nature, are safe, not expensive, non toxic (compared to the conventional methods used today).
Doctors are taught from the very early stages of their training that drugs “are the treatment of choice,” and the heavy hand of the pharmaceutical industry offers very lucrative incentives and perks to keep their well oiled machine running.
Since the 1950’s, the outlook for orthodox treatment of cancer has virtually remained the same…having a survival rate of 5 years. The numbers are also relative (i.e. if you live one day beyond the 5 years, it is considered that a 50% success rate has been achieved). chemotherapy carries with it a 3% success rate.
Natural health products are under threat, and “by their very nature” cannot be patented due to the LD50 or (lethal dose 50). When measuring acute toxicity of a material for the scientific study process, testing is done to determine at what level the substance will kill 50% of the laboratory animals. The pharmaceutical industry is more concerned how toxic a product is not how safe or effective it will be.
Some of the greatest minds studying the real cause of cancer found the simple common denominators of all cancers as far back as the 1920’s; one such man was Dr. Otto Warburg. A brilliant scientist in his time whose work earned him a second Nobel Prize (studying cancer in real time as cells transformed from normal to cancer as it was happening).
It is no surprise that, as far back as the 30’s, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife’s unprecedented way of fighting the infectious agents of disease without drugs came under careful scrutiny. Given the monopolistic nature of the developing medical establishment in America at that time, the presentation of these drugless techniques for treating a multitude of diseases ensured the demise of Rife’s work. The science and funding for work such as Dr. Rife’s has a way of being buried and concealed, to ensure that the established scientific community prevails.
I highly recommend you look into the work of the late Dr. Donald Scott of Sudbury. It is a startling, yet informative account on the health of individuals, and to what extent reliable scientific information is conducted, withheld or disseminated.
I had the honour and pleasure recently of hearing G. Edward Griffin speak. A man of true integrity, compassion and knowledge for his fellow man. His work comprises books such as: World Without Cancer (The Story of Vitamin B17) A must Read!
If you look at the many people that have a true passion for the health of Canadians, who are not swayed by profit or intimidation, at the hands of Government and the food and drug industries, you will no doubt find the truth behind this most prolific health issue affecting both young and old.

What do all these diseases have in common?
Arthritis/Autoimmune Disorders/Cancer/Asthma/Digestive Disorders/High Blood Pressure/Diabetes
It is important to know that true health lives in an alkaline state!
Cancer Thrives In An Acidic Environment!
(pH of 4.5 or lower)

Keys To Quality Health (Self Health Management) and Avoiding the Ravages Of Disease:
. Give your body back its natural ability to heal!
. Avoid all refined foods (it is the best way to stop the flood of glucose into your cells). Eat foods in their natural state; processed foods contain chemical colours, preservatives, are nutritionally deficient, laden with empty calories, sugar and salt.
GMO foods have scientifically been proven, beyond a doubt of the catastrophic health dangers to humans, animals and the environment. Up to 70% of processed foods contain GMO material. Avoid all foods containing:
Canola—GE Crops Grown In Canada
Sugar Beet
Cottonseed oil
Milk Products—GE Foods Imported to Canada
Bovine Growth Hormone
I highly recommend the work of Jeffrey M. Smith. Seeds of Deception is a true account of the biotech industry and the foods you are eating.
. Maintain a healthy acid/alkaline (pH) balance. True health lives in an alkaline state.
pH (potential of Hydrogen) is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. It is measured on a scale of 0-14. The lower the pH the more acidic the solution and the higher the more alkaline. When a solution is neither acidic nor alkaline, it has a pH 7 which is neutral. Eat plenty of alkaline forming foods and less acid forming foods. (80% alkaline – 20% acid)
. Let pharmaceutical drugs and invasive medical procedures be your last resort. Practice prevention through education and the responsible approach to quality health for you and your family. Our bodies were uniquely designed to heal themselves if given the chance.
. Reduce stress as much as possible – our DNA can actually be altered in the presence of fear, anxiety and worry.
. The Hippocrates Health Institute has been at the forefront and on the front lines for over 50 years. A world class health clinic teaching people how to regain their health and wellness.

Letting others control our health gives them inappropriate control and power!!


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