Doctor Bleeds Money from OHIP at My Expense

December 7, 2012

Last month, I had the misfortune of having an accident and needing to see a doctor. The accident itself was entirely my fault, as I ran to stop something from falling over, making it there a split second too late, or too early, depending on how you want to look at it. My right foot was crushed and quite badly hurt.
Although I am a bit of a klutz, constantly knocking myself about, I am a strong-boned lass, and rarely get seriously hurt. Since it was my foot that was damaged, I decided to wait on seeing a doctor. It was impossible for me to put on a shoe to walk or drive anywhere and I didn’t want to sit around for hours in an emergency room for something that didn’t seem to be an actual emergency. We all know that it is more than possible to spend all day waiting in an emergency room, with something as non-life-threatening as a crunched foot.
Skip to a week later and my foot is still really swollen and the only shoes I can put on are ballet-type shoes that don’t touch the top of my foot. It was then that I decided that the damage may be worse than I originally thought and I looked for a walk-in clinic nearby, as my own doctor is across town. I hobbled my way to the doctor and sat in the cramped waiting room for my turn. If people worry about going to a hospital because of germs, they would be appalled by this doctor’s office. It was a tiny room, with the majority of people sniffling and coughing into their hands. A few smart people decided that it would be safer to hang out in the hallway than to brave the germ-ridden waiting room.
When I finally got to see the doctor, he simply looked at it and said that I had to go for an x-ray. That was to be expected, but I found it a little strange that he didn’t even touch my foot to see if he could feel the damage or get a sense of exactly where I was hurt. He didn’t try to wiggle my toes or attempt to isolate the actual damage from the blood pooling around my toes.
So, off I went to the x-ray place (Danforth and Main across from Sobey’s), which admittedly, was wonderful. I had no wait and they tried their best to cause me as little pain as possible. I hobbled my way home, sore and exhausted from having to walk on a damaged foot.
The next morning, I awoke in pain from the previous day’s escapades. I called the doctor, expecting to get the news on whether my foot was actually broken. Now, from previous experiences with my own doctor, I know that administration staff cannot give results over the phone, but the doctor can. This doctor’s office refused to do so. I am a pretty patient person and normally would not be too bothered by the need to go back to the doctor, but this was my foot we were dealing with and every time I had to walk on it, I went through some pain.
Of course, I got to the doctor’s office the next day, just to be told that it did not appear broken. I was livid, due to pain. On top of that, all he could say was to wait another week and then go to my own doctor, if it wasn’t better by then. The last thing, he told me was to stay off the foot. Perhaps he should have thought of that before making me go all the way to his office for nothing, just so he could bleed more money from OHIP.


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