Vapor is Safer!

December 7, 2012

Due to its undeniable benefits over smoking, the use of vaporizers is gaining in popularity with medical marijuana users. Not only is what you take in much cleaner, it is also smoother and easier to inhale. In truth, the saying “if you don’t cough, you don’t get off,” is complete trash. I know of a boy, barely in his twenties, who recently ended up in the hospital with a collapsed lung. It is thought that the weakness in his lung was due to constantly coughing, which occurred every time that he pulled from a bong. That, combined with poor exercise habits for one so young.
Vaporization is a process by which the active elements of a substance are released through the application of heat, without combustion. The lack of combustion leads to a lack of chemicals produced by combustion, namely smoke and tar. What is left is vapor, essentially a gas that contains the active ingredients of the biomass or essential oil of the substance being vaporized. On the other hand, smoke is comprised of at least a hundred chemicals in addition to the active elements, not to mention carcinogenic toxins.
To function properly, a vaporizer must maintain a precise temperature. This temperature must be above what is needed to release the active compounds of the biomass or essential oil being used, while staying below temperatures that would cause combustion. On top of the health benefits of vaporizers, they are also more efficient than smoking by transferring a greater number of active elements. Such efficiency allows users to extract more active elements from smaller amounts of essential oil or biomass.
Vaporizers are also excellent aromatherapy devices as well as air freshener that can be used with a wide range of biomasses, essential oils and potpourri blends. Vaporizers have also been found to have applications for smoking cessation.

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