Wind Power Sucks

December 7, 2012

Wind Power Sucks: the Ontario Liberals have learned to suck and blow at the same time; a story of infinite waste AND/ OR a busy year for debunking.
By Sherri Lange
North American Platform Against Wind Power
Toronto Wind Action
Great Lakes Wind Truth
Save the Eagles International (Canada)

The sheer volume of turbines in the world has done nothing remarkable for the production of energy. It remains as less than ½ of one percent produced by nearly 130,000 turbines. Net Zero. What IS remarkable is that truly, no pun intended, Wind Power Sucks: money from your pocket, democracy from your province, friends and relationships from your family and community, massive subsidies and tax breaks from your hydro bill into the pockets of developers, with yet no viable net return. Ontario DUMPS power to New York for millions of dollars every year lately.
The Wind Sucks Fact: Wind power sucks jobs. That is a fact: Relentlessly, everywhere on earth. In Spain, Madrid’s King Juan Carlos University produced a study showing that for every green job the Spanish government created, 2.2 jobs were lost in other sectors: the costs of energy were too great, and drove companies out or down.
The government’s green job push created approximately 50,000 jobs, but resulted in a loss of more than 110,000 jobs in other industries.
Only 1 in 10 of the new green jobs was permanent.
Each green job created since 2000 has required about $774,000 in government subsidies.
Denmark. On Earth Day in 2009, President Obama cited Denmark as another country that has benefited from subsidized green job creation. Like Spain, Denmark’s green industry – primarily wind-powered electricity generation – was heavily subsidized and likely would not have existed without government support. According to “Wind Energy: The Case of Denmark,” a 2009 report by the Center for Political Studies, a think tank:
The Danish government spent $90,000 to $140,000 to create each wind job.
About 28,400 people were employed in the Danish wind industry, but only about 1 in 10 were new jobs – the remaining 90 percent were simply positions shifted from one industry to another.
As one disgruntled anti wind blogger mentioned yesterday at the Ingersoll Liberal Leadership debates, “I point to the security guards at community events and debates, and THERE are your green jobs….all two of them!
Another thing sucked by wind turbine agendas are the subsidies: You have to read the numbers carefully, and try not to tremble. These Feed in Tariffs and tax incentives literally are the life blood of this industry. Pure profit. But for US, dreams into nightmares. Please don’t expect a 46% hike in your hydro bills; it will look more like 65% by 1015 and 141% by 2030, according to retired banker and National Post writer Parker Gallant. And watch industry blowing out of town with those higher rates. They already have done so.
The Ontario government uses a credit card with your name on it. We have been following Ontario’s scandalous “ride to ruin” via secret untendered Samsung green energy deals, Feed In Tariff programs that ensure wealthy wind developers, and energy poverty for the rest of us, ORNGE, and E-Health waste, two cancelled gas fired plants, and now someone to blame: the ever ready scapegoats, doctors and teachers. That is quite the trough to climb out of, with very slippery sides. (Debt 411 billion and climbing. Out of work in Ontario, 600,000) As Vic Fideli, Energy Critic for the PCs states: the Legislature is “Closed for Scandal.”
And much of this waste and squander would not be possible without the Green Energy and Green Economy Act. That was another big whoosh as your democratic rights and community health had the living daylight sucked out of them.
But count ourselves lucky this Christmas. We don’t have the Toronto Hydro Energy Services monster turbines (up to 400 proposed) in our Lake (yet). That is thanks to a group of dedicated citizens from downtown, Leslie Street to Ajax and Pickering, who educated our communities, and fought hard for the offshore moratorium. Add Toronto’s and region’s FOUR moratoria (City of Scarborough, Town of Ajax, Pickering, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, votes to the 90 plus in Rural Ontario, and we have a fortress. Toronto City Hall needs to wake up and that is our New Year’s Resolution!
Merry Christmas to the Beach, Bluffs and Toronto. Have a Happy, No Turbine New Year!


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