December 7, 2012

Did anyone notice the latest endorsement of an important thrust by “Your Ward News”? By whom? No less than the Canadian Government; that’s by whom! They admit that our focus on annual numbers of intake of new residents has not made sure that the skills they bring are the skills we do, and will need. At the same time, they say that they expect Canada will need many more skilled people every year, for he next thirty years, or more.
We might continue as we have, hoping that a large enough number of immigrants and refugees will be skilled enough in ways Canada needs. Alternately, we might try to train to-day’s residents to meet Canada’s needs, and for better opportunities for the newly-retrained. Mere up-to-dating might suffice, in many cases. According to a CTV broadcast (Mon, Dec 3rd, ’12), we neither select well, nor accept the onus to retrain within our own borders.
Why have we such severe shortages of essential personnel? For at least thirty years, undeclared educators have kept costs down in two ways. They feed the illusion of necessary education by emphasizing studies whose expenses are hardly more than one textbook, one classroom, and one Instructor. These courses don’t need the expensive technical equipments that must be provided for training in the applied sciences, and the skilled trades. Our educational leaders seem to have decided to let other nations bear those costs. Canada then could import pre-trained personnel from those nations. This plan only seemed to work. We now find that it is and will be inadequate.
Our Publisher has been onside, for more than 35 years (since 1984) that augmentation of the earnings and earning capacities of a society can repay the investment many times and ways. Our Publisher saw things that way, and discovered that the State of Minnesota was conducting social matters in that way. It seems that the right time for today’s Canadians to enhancing our real productivity, by our own efforts, is long gone. Not so!
“YWN” has been suggesting topping-up wages of our working-poor, and letting any of them justify unit-after-unit of training that will help them to become increasingly valuable neighbors.

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