LeRoy St Germaine of Your Ward News Rebuts Paul Murton of Queen Street News

January 8, 2013


As our loyal readers of Your Ward News know we generally publish in-print ten issues a year, without a January or February edition. This afforded local kook PAUL MURTON (publisher of Queen St News, Bloor News, Danforth Magazine Cabbage Town News, St Clair Magazine and countless other failed rags) and his only employee, ROBIN JENKINS, alias PETER MOORE (who also goes by the street handle CRACKHEAD BOB) a chance to libel and slander me without recourse, or so he thought. Murton incorrectly assumed that I would take his defamation of my character lying down, and would not defend myself till the spring. Although I have little to worry about the psychotic delusions of this rambling, raving penny-hustler. Mr. Murton’s publications only has approximately 10% of a circulation compared to Your Ward News, meaning the ONLY people ever to see his dribble are our advertisers and his potential advertisers. Murton only goes to press two or three times a year, and simply changes the covers of his rags – publishing the same old and busted articles under a different name. In fact they are the EXACT same newsletter, with Murton reissuing them throughout the year in different locations as to fraudulently fool business that they are advertising in a local publication. Paul Murton also intentionally misleads you into believing he publishes more then once in a VERY blue moon.

 For example his most recent edition of his magazine was first distributed in the last week of December 2012, just days before News Years. This edition states that it is the November edition – which is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE as Murton describes several articles from the December edition of Your Ward News first published on December 5th, 2012. Since Murton pays next to nothing to print his kitty litter box liner, has no home delivery service what so ever, and has practically no delivery costs as he does not print enough for the public to get a copy – IT IS OBVIOUS THAT THE ENTIRE PURPOSE OF THESE PUBLICATIONS IS TO LINE MURTON’S POCKETS WITH UNDESERVED AD REVENUE.

 I find it amusing that Murton could not find a copy of our paper when his “November” paper went to press smack dab a few days before the New Year. Murton fully realizes that we print and distribute door-to-door, business-to-business a minimum of at least 10,000 copies in the first week of each month, 10 months a year. Also considering we printed extras in December and hand delivered them to business on Bloor Street West; including dropping one at the business office of Edgewater Solutions which Murton claims to have also “taken over” we can only assume he is as blind as a drunken bat. With up to 50,000 readers both in-print and online every single month, Paul’s eyes must be a little too beady as he squints on his computer screen looking at pictures of young girls in his subsidized one room apartment throughout the day.

 Murton enjoys stating that our former employees now work for him, this is a lark and a half. His ONLY employee consists of Robin Jenkins who uses the fake name Peter Moore. Robin Jenkins, who I know better as Crackhead Bob was found to be consistently “hitting bumps” from his filthy crack pipe in my office. What’s more, when he began to push his noxious addiction on members of my staff and harassed female co-workers I immediately and permanently fired this butt. I tried my best to encourage Robin to clean up his act and tried to be a mentor to this young man. When Robin severely physically assaulted his middle aged landlord after failing to pay his rent and stealing almost everything in his landlord’s apartment – I foolishly bailed him out. I had Crackhead Bob living rent free in my house for over a year during his bail, hoping to instill some ethics in his life and try to make him better himself… but the crack was stronger and due to his rage and abuse I forced Robin out. It was a good deal for Robin, who has always; and to this very day collects maximum monthly ODSP payments to support his drug habit. This was a prime time for Murton to recruit the Crackhead for a cash under the table deal (without informing his social worker of earned income) in a nefarious deed to steal my paper’s identity.

 Yet Murton is off his freaking rocker stating that I ever used that garbage with Jenkins. I genuinely suffer from congestive heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. These are medical issues requiring me to undergo a lung tap to remove fluids and have an artificial cardiac pacemaker installed in my heart. So I really don’t know what nonsense Murton is rambling about cause if I ever EVEN ONCE try crack cocaine… I would die. I quit smoking cigarettes five years ago just for this reason, so how the hell would I ever be physically able to smoke crack? Yet I’m sure Crackhead Bob would say anything to keep his job as Chief-Lying-Salesman.








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