The public consultation at the Balmy Beach Club on February 13th confirmed that ALL our fears were TRUE: 1- Secret meetings at our local councilor’s office with developers. 2- Phony “grass-roots” citizens groups (astro-turfing) pretending to represent Beachers’ best interests. 3- No intention of complying with long-held or very recent building guidelines by any of these parties. The sham of a meeting began with an anemic speech by the mousy Ward 32 councilor (what the heck was her name again?) We used to view her as laughable, but we’re not laughing now. Your Ward 32 News naively believed that our local councilor was merely inept, but we’ve since learned that she’s more than willing and capable of destroying our beloved neighborhood. We apologize for ‘going light’ on her. The conniving councilor introduced the crowd of 200-plus to Senior Planner Leontine Major (cool name) whose monotone delivery was mildly disturbing yet effective. When confronted as to how a single meeting could effectively address the concerns about the developments at the north-east and north-west corners of Queen and Woodbine, it became clear to educated Beachers that this tactic was to ‘muddy the water’. After all, they are two entirely different developments by two separate building firms. So City Senior Planner Leontine Major simply repeated her quote that appeared in the Beach Metro Community News: “AT THIS POINT IN TIME BOTH OF THEM HAVE INDICATED THAT THEY’RE NOT WILLING TO MAKE THE MODIFICATIONS TO MAKE IT COMPLY WITH THE NEW DESIGN GUIDELINES”. It is also now clear that the height restrictions are a ‘red herring’, rife with newly-created terms like ‘PERCEPTION LINES’ and ‘ANGULAR PLANES’. This gibberish, concocted by developers, is designed to distract from the ‘Assault on a Queen’ and the ecological horror planned for the Beach. We might add that the word ‘AVENUE’ now officially means ‘DESIGNATED FOR GROWTH’ in this new language created by those determined to profit by destroying our neighborhood. The slew of ‘astro-turf’ organizations with names like the B.I.A. (Business Improvement Association), the Triangle Residents Association and the Jane Jacobs Committee are not acting in the best interest of our future. A rep from the B.I.A. stated that Big Box-type stores are the way to go for the Beach. When asked if he’d like to retract his statement he seemed like a deer caught in the headlights. Ward 32 News investigative journalist J.J. then went on the attack. The developers of the property where the Shell Station had been were asked a simple question: “WHAT IS THE NAME OF THE ENVIRONMENTAL BODY THAT WILL DETERMINE WHEN THE LOCATION WILL BE SAFE FOR HUMANS TO INHABIT?” The developer indicated that the tanks had been removed and that the situation had been remediated. They then said that communication was ongoing with the Ministry of Environment to assure compliance. When asked to be precise in their answer, they were anything but precise in assuring the audience that the location was not still toxic. Our councilor showed no concern about the cancer-causing benzene and chemical soup that remains at the location. There’s just one more question that we all have to ask Ward 32 Councilor Mary-Margaret McMahon: Would she grow tomatoes at this toxic location or allow her beloved Farmer’s Market to move on to this poisonous property? Ask her yourself by phone – (416)392-1376 or email –


In October of 2007, I met Ashley Smith, the tragic nineteen year old girl who killed herself in prison while prison guards stood by watching the whole thing. Not only did I meet and know Ashley for four days prior to her death, but I was in the prison cell next door to her on the day that she died. My first impression of Ashley was that she was an oppositionally defiant child. She took great pleasure in ordering the prison guards around, and in refusing to follow the direction of staff. Over the span of four days, I would constantly hear the Prison Guards saying “Ashley, stop that,” and Ashley would immediately reply “No!” in a stubborn tone of voice. The poor child was on a constant suicide watch, which meant that she was permitted to have absolutely nothing in her cell, not even a drinking cup for water, and she was not allowed to wear normal clothing- she had to constantly wear something called a ‘suicide gown’ which is a dress made of an oven-mitt like fire resistant material, often referred to by the inmates as an ‘oven mitt’ or a ‘dolly gown’. She had a guard seated on a chair right outside of her cell door 24 hours a day, constantly keeping an eye on Ashley and what she was doing. The fact that in such incredibly restrictive conditions, Ashley could still manage to kill herself is unspeakable and very, very sad. The fact that the guards stood at her door that morning, watching her strangle herself through the cell door window and doing absolutely nothing to stop her, is even more unspeakable, and quite horrifying. There are many, many folks who’ve got troubled teenage children, children who might think it amusing to throw a crab apple at a Postman. For all of her troubles, Ashley was nothing more than a defiant child. Depressed and troubled, certainly; Ashley was an adopted child, and MANY adopted children, including myself, are troubled. Surely there is no mystery in the fact that a child who grows up feeling unwanted might experience emotional problems. The real mystery is that some adopted children grow up experiencing only minimal problems. Ashley, however, was one of the severely troubled ones, and she needed help desperately, help that she never received. Some will say that prison Guards are not social workers or counselors, so they had no real duty to Ashley, but the truth is that at Grand valley Institution for women, the Prison Guards ARE suppose to be somewhat skilled in counseling. When Kingston Prison for women was closed in the late 90’s after the notorious prison for women riots and the infamous media videos of female inmates being strip searched by male Correctional Officers, the chief justice in charge of that case, Madame Louise Arbour, actually ruled that an institution that was sensitive to troubled women should be opened, and staffed with guards who were schooled in handling troubled inmates. That institution was built, staffed, and opened; Grand valley Institution for women in Kitchener. When Ashley died, the prison had been open for less than seven years. In October 2007, I had been returned to prison for smoking marijuana. I was only incarcerated for less than three months, actually being released less than a week after Ashley died. In the last week of my incarceration, I was so upset by my personal problems that I requested to be placed in Grand valley’s segregation unit for a ’break’ from general population, so I was brought down to seg and placed in cell number two, next door to Ashley Smith, who was in cell number one. When I have been incarcerated in the past, like many, many other inmates, I would sometimes sing to myself in segregation, because I had no television or radio to keep me company, and I missed music. I was down there on a Monday evening, singing some Guns N Roses tunes to myself, and Ashley could hear me. “SHUT UP!” she yelled. I told HER to shut up herself, and then we argued back and forth for a little while, and then we called a truce and became friends. Ashley did one of the funniest things I have ever seen done in a prison, on the eve of her death. I have already mentioned that she was on a suicide watch, dressed in a suicide gown, with a guard sitting on a chair outside of her cell door. Well, on the Wednesday evening before she died, the guard assigned to watch her had taken off her Correctional Officer uniform sweater, and set it down on the chair, and then vacated her post briefly to speak with someone. Ashley reached through the meal slot of her cell door and grabbed the guard’s sweater off of the chair, and pulled it into her cell. She knocked on the wall between our cells, and yelled “Michelle, I stole the guard’s sweater!” and she laughed hysterically. I laughed along with her for ten minutes, especially when the guard assigned to watch her came back and discovered her sweater was missing. For the next twenty minutes, a group of Grand valley Correctional officers banged on Ashley’s door, screamed at her, threatened her, and called her names, demanding that the sweater be given back. Through it all, Ashley remained obstinate. “NO!” she would snap. “Ashley, give us the sweater.”, “NO!”, “Ashley, don’t make me come in there, you little bitch!” I was so concerned with the threatening behavior of one Correctional Officer in particular, the one who called Ashley a little bitch, that I immediately stopped laughing, and posted myself at my cell door so that I could be a witness for Ashley if the Correctional Officers became more abusive. Finally, I capitulated. “Ashley, just give them the sweater” I called to her. She answered me back immediately. “No!” Shortly afterward, the guards entered Ashley’s cell and forcibly removed the sweater from her. I could hear the scuffle, and the sound of rubber soles squeaking on the floor as they held Ashley down and took the sweater from her. I knocked on the wall to see if she was okay, and I called “Ashley, are you okay?” and she answered me back in a tired voice. “I’m okay, Michelle, I just want to go to sleep”. That was the last thing Ashley would ever say to me or anyone else. The very next morning, I was awakened at around 5:30 am, by the sound of guards outside of Ashley’s cell door, kicking her door. Now, we all know now that Ashley was strangling herself and the guards were yelling at her to stop it, but at the moment, I had no idea WHY they were kicking her door, and I thought that the guards were picking on my friend, so I hollered “ Leave her alone!” and one of the guards came over to my door and opened the window (which had been shut by sliding a cover over the glass) and said to me “ We don’t need to hear from you right now.” Right at that moment, Ashley was dying. Something that I know that the media has yet to discover since the videotape of Ashley killing herself has not yet been shown at the inquest is that as she was dying, Ashley turned her purple face toward the guards and looked at them imploringly, as if wondering why they wouldn’t come in. Those of us who are close to the case believe that at this point, Ashley wanted to take the ligature off of her neck but couldn’t get it off. Correctional officers are required to videotape any incidents which require a ‘use of force’ and the guards were videotaping Ashley because they probably expected to have to intervene at some point. Unfortunately, they waited too long. By the time they went in to the cell, Ashley was dead. What I remember most about Ashley was how cute she was. Even while being obstinate and defiant, she sounded sweet. Just like a typical teenage girl, she had chatted with me about her favorite band (Nickelback) and her favorite actor (Leonardo Dicaprio) and how much she loved to shop. The day before her death, Ashley and I had been discussing plans to go shopping together when Ashley was released in a month’s time. Ashley Smith will never go shopping again. She’ll never listen to Nickelback, and she’ll never see the latest Leonardo DiCaprio movie. Her life is gone, because those in charge of preventing her death failed. Ashley’s mother is now childless. Her mother has lost a child whose worst crime was throwing a crab apple at a Postman. Obviously, something went wrong, and I pray that a similar event never happens again.


Did you know… there is no HST on resale purchases of homes or condominiums but there is HST on real estate commissions, legal fees, surveys, appraisal assistance. Let’s thank our lucky stars that mortgages payments and interest on mortgages are HST exempt. If you purchase new construction; a new condo or new house, HST applies but there are applications for new housing rebates and generally the builders will handle the paperwork and submit them on your behalf but beware, cover yourself and make sure you ask questions. New condominiums as an investment? If you purchased a unit in a condominium; you must take occupancy when your floor is complete. Occupancy involves an occupancy fee payable to the builder every month at a rate as determined by the builder. It could be 3 months, it could be 6 months. The lower the floor the longer the period of time. The occupancy period allows the builder to obtain monthly fees for completed floors of the building. Chances are when you took occupancy of your 8th floor unit, the builder is still completing the floors above you. As the whole builder becomes completed under occupancy it takes approx.. 30 -60 for the condominium to pass all inspections and once cleared the condominium building can be registered as a Condo Corporation. During occupancy you don’t own the unit therefore you cannot rent or sell it without the permission of the builder is the common process. It all depends on your documents so please read your Purchase and Sale documents! Investors Beware – If you list your property on the Real Estate Market during occupancy you may be in violation of your Agreement. If you rent your property during this term, you are identified as an investor and a full HST will be charged to you on your registration and closing of your deal which is when your mortgages etc kick in. So be prepared to have the additional funds or you will not be able to close your deal. You do have the option of filing specific paperwork to the government to request a refund of the HST but that is only after you have paid it in full. Condominiums are definitely feeling an intense heat in maintenance fee expense. Maintenance Fees – Just consider how expensive your maintenance fee is under normal inflationary increases plus sub-metering energy efficiency costs and topping up your reserve funds; some buildings are hit hard. Sure interest rates are down, but who wants their maintenance fee to cost them more money than their mortgage per month. Many older condominiums are facing that now and new condominiums especially those only 1-2 years old have an even larger problem because the builder estimates the maintenance fees before the building cuts ground! A few years ago the HST hit hard and Condo owners were faced with an additional 7% increase on their maintenance fee on all related service. Originally there was only 5% GST related service contracts for Property Management, Security, Cleaning, Private Waste Disposal (exempt on City contracts), utilities (excluding water), Snow Removal, Landscaping, Window and Underground Washing and the list goes on…. 13% HST was hard to swallow. I have seen so many changes over the past 33 years I have been selling real estate. First-time buyer exemptions come and go; they increase; they decrease and they did disappear once but the public put out an APB and they came back. It’s a revolving door, a turn cycle of confusion. As the Founder and President of the Condo Owners Association (COA) ( which is a non-profit Association I started in March 2010 to represent and advocate for Condo Owners. Did you know there are over 1.3 million condo owners and over 567,000 condo units in the Province of Ontario and the numbers continue to grow because over ½ of construction is all Condominiums. In June 2012 with a strong push from COA, our McGuinty government decided to review the Condo Act to which is the provincial legislation for the operations of Condominiums. No different from the Traffic Act, Health & Safety Act etc. which must be enforced however there is no governance in the Condominium Act and it has not been updated in 14 years yet we have had massive construction everywhere. If you are an owner of a semi-detach or detach home; you may believe you don’t have to be concerned with the condominium market. That’s not true! If condominiums are not protected with good governance and accountability and better mandates for Board of Directors and Corporations there is a domino effect on the whole real estate market. Remember, most people who sell condos then buy homes. If their condo market value drops they cannot afford the home. I recently launched a Radio Show called the “Condo Xpert” on the HazeFm ( You can learn about a series of important information relating to condominiums, mortgages, insurance, the economy etc. I am thrilled to have prominent Guests to elaborate important issues of their profession. The show is podcasted so all shows will be posted to listen at any time. Real Estate is all about awareness. It is important to know the facts and work with someone you can trust !! LINDA PINIZZOTTO Realtor ® 416-561-7373 Sutton Group Quantum Realty.

We the people call upon you, as a representative of the People, to uphold the recent BC Liberals policy paper on the legalization of cannabis. This is a clear view of the issues and their impact upon Canada as a democratic society based upon the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The future is clear. We have written a public petition to the Governor General to call a national referendum, similar to the referendum of 1898 on alcohol prohibition, a vote of all citizens. This is a matter of national concern. Up to 64% of Canadians are in favour of legalization and we require a democratic reply to our concerns. We shall submit our petition to the government in 2013 to the House of Commons as per the provisions of the Canadian Constitution of 1982. As a failed policy, prohibition is a war upon our own citizens. Prohibition creates far more harm to our society via criminal sanctions. Penalties which are not approved by the People. The legal fiction of “decriminalization” serves no purpose and does not solve any of the problems associated with prohibition and the inherent corruption associated with this failed policy. Our position is based upon the LeDain Commission of 1972 and the Senate Report of 2002 which concluded that legalization was the final solution. We call upon the government to honour the will of the People and put an end to this travesty which impacts the lives of each and every citizen. As each man, woman and child pays up to $1000 per year in taxes to support this social disaster, the burden upon the taxpayers is unsustainable. Since the Senate Report was published over $30 Billion dollars have been wasted in ongoing costs at all levels of government over the past ten years. Cannabis use has not declined and public opinion has shifted. The truth is obvious to the general public, regardless of their political affiliations or personal views. The war on drugs is a failure in “good governance” ~ in the words of the Senate. Legalize cannabis, repeal prohibition. No other solution is acceptable. Finally I would predict that your clear position on the legalization of cannabis will catapult the Liberals to a majority government under your leadership. We would invite you to introduce our petition to The Clerk of Petitions in the House of Commons. Sincerely, B. Ryan, The Beaches, Toronto, Ontario.

Chandeliers. Tea candles. Bamboo sticks on the wall… Incense with coffee. The Ethiopiques restaurant owned by Enat Gulelat is by far the most foreign and exotic dining experience that I have had in Toronto thus far. The restaurant is dimly lit, and quite romantic. There are at least sixteen different wines on the menu, including Merlot, Shiraz, and a perfect Chardonnay, all on display in the wine cabinet which sits in the centre of the restaurant. Light music plays in the background, softening the surroundings into a cozy, lighthearted realm. I began with the Arugula salad, which had a divine blue cheese. Then as an appetizer, I had the Sambusa, which was crisp and delicious. The Sambusa sauce was made out of seasoned chili powder, fresh lemon juice and oil, and was quite exquisite and clearly meant for those who enjoy being able to taste their food. The main course was a meat and veggie platter with some twelve different portions of such tasty dishes as Yemisir Wat (lentil stew) and Goman (collard greens) and Fasolia (green string beans) and of course Doro Wat (chicken stew) which is the national favorite dish of Ethiopia. Dining at Ethiopiques is also an educational experience, as was immediately apparent when I ordered the coffee. According to the coffee menu, coffee was discovered by Ethiopians in the 6th century, and Ethiopians take their coffee very seriously. This would explain why there was such pomp and circumstance surrounding the serving of coffee at Ethiopiques, and the coffee making process is a lengthy one, so the restaurant prefers customers to order coffee at the start of their meal, even if they intend to drink the coffee at the conclusion of the meal. The coffee beans are freshly roasted and ground, and the coffee is served in a traditional clay carafe, poured into espresso cups, and brought to the customer on a serving tray with an incense burner that burns Frankincense while you enjoy your coffee. You would think that the price for such exceptional service would be high, but in fact the prices are more than reasonable and easily affordable on virtually any income. Ethiopiques was opened just two years ago by owner Enat Gulelat, who spent ten years working in another restaurant before opening this quaint little piece of Ethiopia in Toronto. Ethiopiques is located conveniently downtown at 227 Church Street, on Dundas. The restaurant is definitely romantic, but the soothing atmosphere and the genuine Ethiopian experience makes this restaurant ideal for nearly everyone , including family and friends and even those dining alone. If you are looking for a reasonably priced unique dining experience, then this restaurant is for you. To call for a reservation: (416)-363-0884

A+ Learning Centre

March 9, 2013

In the Spring of 2012, A+ Learning Centre opened at 1290 Danforth Ave to offer an especially personal as well as more cost effective avenue for assisting students to improve both their marks at school and their methods of learning. Sammy Fung, the centre’s owner and head of education, was formerly a Mathematics teacher in China for more than 10 years. Further, he has well over a decade of providing support to people, young and older, who either need to ‘perk up’ their grades, or advance their skills in the area of Mathematics, English and Science. Hundreds of students have been helped by Mr. Fung, and the teachers he has employed over the years, both in Canada and abroad. The goal is to not only aid them with their homework, projects and assignments from the schooling they are enrolled in (such as elementary, secondary or college), but to give them additional short assignments to improve the skills they already possess, and to better prepare them for future tasks. Currently two tutours who assist him, Lyall Sanders (English, ESL, Science) and Rob Hattam (Mathematics), spend time with students to ‘give them a helping hand’ as individuals, not just as a ‘group’. Their methods include discussing with their pupils the work that is front of them as well as the reasoning behind the answers. The instructor isn’t just leading the way, but rather walking the path with the learner. The process gives the student confidence in their selves and helps them to build on what they already know. A+ Learning Centre is now pleased to welcome Maura Kelly to assist students who may be behind in basic reading skills. Studies show that a child’s attitude towards reading often affects their ability. Ms Kelly first evaluates the student and then guides them via short, twice weekly sessions to improve their ability to read and pronounce words that they are having difficulty with. A+ Learning Centre is the locally owned place that your student can attend to get personal attention and individualized assistance from instructors who work with them in a way that empowers them to not only improve, but have pride in themselves in doing so. The centre is located only steps from the Greenwood subway station, just a few doors West of Linnsmore Cres. You may contact them at 647 491-0310 to make an appointment for a free evaluation, one that will inevitably lead to a better educational future for your student.

By Liala Ackerman Epstein

Information can be powerful and empowering, especially, when it changes one’s view of the reality of the world around them. I believed the human body was unaffected by the electricity in everyday life, because I assumed electrical currents stay in the electrical wiring and appliances etc.. At the same time, I was aware the human body is driven by its own electrical system, conducts electricity and can be influenced by electricity generated from outside the body. Such as, medical fibrillation, which delivers electrical shock to the heart to normalize its rhythm. My ideas around electricity changed in 2005. My daughter was asking to have a cell phone and I had concerns about the safety of a device that used radio frequency (ie., microwave) to transmit phone conversation. In researching cell phone safety, I learned electrical and wireless devices generate electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that extend indefinitely in space and are like dynamic entities that cause other electromagnetic charges and currents to move. It was concerning to learn that living in an electrified world meant exposing the body to electromagnetic currents that disrupt the electromagnetic charges and currents involved in the body’s functioning. I felt my family’s health was seriously threatened by EMFs from the hydro transformer and wiring outside our home, the electrical equipment in the house and the increasing amount of wireless technology in our life. My research on cell phone safety shifted to an internet search for devices to protect my family from exposure to EMFs from household electricity, appliances, cell phones, computers, etc.. In the summer of 2007, after almost 2 years of searching, I purchased EarthCalm EMF protection devices that were supposed to protect against EMFs by strengthening the body’s connection to the Earth’s own electromagnetic field (Earth’s vibrational pulse). The company’s doctor on staff explained to me that the human body was intended to live fully embraced in the Earth’s electromagnetic field. She explained this connection to the Earth as much deeper than walking on the Earth’s crust or grounding to its crust. She also explained that man-made electricity blocks out information in the Earth’s field that is vital for health. These products, she said, “give us back our birthright”. I’d taken many courses in biological processes and neuroscience and this was the first time I’d heard such concepts. Nor were these ideas mentioned in the large volume of material I perused about the effects of EMFs on the body. Nonetheless, the product’s approach to EMF protection made sense to me. But, I really didn’t know how they worked or what to expect from products that promised to “remove the chronic stress on the nervous system and acupuncture meridian system, due to EMFs”. After 4 weeks of using the devices, my experience of myself and the world around me entered into “slow speed’. Somehow, days were longer and more peaceful and I was accomplishing more. I stopped feeling as though living “under the gun”, pressured by tasks and responsibilities and the constant need to manage my time and activities as a stay-at-home Mom. I first noticed the changes while at the supermarket check-out, waiting for a price check. I was thinking the price check was idle time and how I had to get home, unload and put away the groceries, make and serve dinner and drive one of my sons to a game. I recognized the absence of the hysterical inner voice and antsy feeling that would usually come over me in such situations. I was keenly aware of how calm I was. The new experiences of calm and peace provided me the opportunity to reflect and respond rather than react. Around this same time, one day while smiling, I realized I was experiencing joy, and how foreign that felt. My health had deteriorated over the previous 20 years (chronic fatigue, cognitive impairment, fibromyalgia and periods of months in bed). By the summer of 2007, my health was tenuous and supported by regular health treatments and a battery of supplements. Whereas, in my younger years, I had the cognitive abilities to be a successful grad student, at the time I ordered the products, I was sometimes unable to read a newspaper article past the 3rd or 4th sentence without total confusion. Within 2 months of using the products, my energy levels soared as did my brain power. After experiencing profound changes and witnessing changes in my family, I decided to educate people about the detrimental effects of EMFs and bring EarthCalm products to people’s attention. And by so doing, help people enter into a healthier and more natural state of being. Four months after purchasing the devices, I had a website dedicated to selling the products and marketed them at my own booth at one of Toronto’s largest health fairs, Whole Life Expo. Soon after, I was selling to one of Toronto’s oldest and most respected health stores, The Big Carrot, and within a year, presented a lecture there, to a standing-room-only crowd. I quickly learned how the products work and furthered my understanding of the relationship between the human body and the Earth’s electromagnetic field. Studies in Biophysics, dating back to the 1950’s, identify the Earth’s electromagnetic field as guiding the body’s circadian rhythms. Studies in Biophysics have also shown the importance of the Earth’s electromagnetic frequencies for life by demonstrating that the human body and all living things, including plants, deteriorate when separated from the Earth’s field. Since the 1960’s, and upon recommendation by Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig, a renowned researcher in this area, NASA has used specialized equipment on its spacecraft to mimic the Earth’s field. This device is used specifically to avert the various illnesses reported by the first astronauts who traveled out in space and outside the Earth’s field. Scientific research has recently determined how the human body receives and uses the important information from the Earth’s field: 7 billion crystalline magnetites in the human brain, in addition to DNA and the pineal gland are meant to receive guiding information from the band of electromagnetic frequencies that extends from the Earth’s crust to the ionosphere (Schumann Resonances). Today, the Earth’s field is polluted with man-made frequencies, so the human body instead receives “junk” produced by AC electricity and wireless technology. Literally thousands of studies on EMFs have investigated and shown the effects of this electropollution on the body. Recently, EarthCalm EMF protection products were tested by Dr. Walter Medinger, scientific director of the International Institute of Research on Electromagnetic Compatibility (IIREC). IIREC is funded by, and a technical bureau of the Austrian government. The IIREC is backed by globally recognized scientists of electrophysics, biophysics, environmental medicine and wave genetics. Concerned about the health effects of EMFs, IIREC established EMF protection protocols and methods for testing the effectiveness of protection devices. Its website states, “IIREC offers manufacturers of EMF protection products a reliable quality test and interested parties and consumer protection organizations the ability to distinguish the effective products from the ineffective ones”. The IIREC study of EarthCalm EMF protection devices measured and compared changes in the electromagnetic field and the processes and states of the body and cells (biological effects) of the test subjects (living beings). Quantum scientific instruments were used to measure the “subtle energies” of the body and the electromagnetic field . Measurements were taken before EMF exposure (baseline), during EMF exposure (e.g., cell phone powered on) and lastly, during EMF exposure using EarthCalm EMF protection devices. The results showed that EMF exposure negatively impacted the body. Whereas, exposure combined with the protection devices was found to re-establish the body’s natural connection to the resonances of the Earth’s field, restore measurements of the body back to baseline and even improve health measures above the baseline readings. Based on these findings, IIREC issued EarthCalm EMF protection products the IIREC Seal of Effectiveness on June 30, 2012. The interaction between man-made electromagnetic frequencies and the body’s own electromagnetic mechanisms involves events occurring at the quantum level. For this reason, the IIREC insists that sensible protection against the biological effects of EMFs can only be provided on the basis of a quantum physical means of protection. EarthCalm EMF protection products are in keeping with this assertion, because the devices use only natural laws to provide a quantum physical means of EMF protection. The IIREC also asserts that the healthiest means of EMF protection is that which “return those parameters, to which the human being is reacting incorrectly due to the technical change in the electromagnetic environment, back into the natural range”. EarthCalm EMF protection devices were found to do this. IIREC testing demonstrates EarthCalm products harmonize disruptive electromagnetic fields (including geopathic) with the natural (bio-compatible) frequencies of the Earth. The issue as to whether or not EMFs cause non-thermal effects on the body has been an ongoing controversy that appears to drawing to a conclusion. On June 18, 2012, Toronto Woman’s College officially announced recognition of Electomagnetic Hypersensivity (EMS) as a health condition related to exposure to electromagnetic fields. (The condition is also referred to as “electrical sensitivity” and “electrosensitivity”. Symptoms include disrupted sleep, fatigue, headaches, nausea, dizziness, heart palpitations, memory problems, skin rashes, fatigue, eye irritation, ringing in the ears, swelling and itching in the facial area, muscle and joint pain, balance issues, emotional difficulties such as depression and anxiety, and concentration or attention difficulties. The hospital expressed an initiative to train family doctors to learn to identify symptoms of exposure to wireless radiation. The press release also stated that “patients’ reactions vary (with) some requiring life-altering changes to minimize exposures as much as possible”. Toronto Woman’s College Hosptial’s Dr. Riina Bray, the director of the Hospital’s Environmental Illness Department, has been quoted as saying that she is seeing “more and more” people who attribute their symptoms to exposure to wireless devices. In a interview with the National Post, August 11, 2012. Dr. Riina Bray stated the following. Every year we are getting more and more people coming in … I’m very concerned, because the stories are very, very compelling …These are not crazy people. There is a huge, huge problem. The hospital also announced an initiative to train family doctors to recognize the symptoms of electrosensitivity. The increase in cases of electromagnetic sensitivity was predicted years ago by experts who claim continued exposure to EMFs heightens sensitivity because the effects on the body are cumulative. Dr. Ollie Johanssen, a Swedish neuroscientist and leading expert declared that, based on his research, he expected 50% of the world population to exhibit symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity by the year 2017. Other experts who observe and study global trends agree with Dr. Johanassen’s prediction. Toronto Woman’s College Hospital is the first hospital in North America to state recognition of a health condition related to wireless radiation. An announcement of this nature is contrary to Health Canada’s (and the FDA’s) position on wireless devices. Current Health Canada Safety Codes for electrical and wireless devices are based on the premise that the only possible harm of such devices is the burning of skin. For Safety Code 6 (2009), which governs the safety of wireless devices, ensures a device will not burn the skin and specifies the maximum allowable Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) for the radio frequency produced by a device. SAR is a measurement of the amount of radio frequency absorbed during use, as measured by the heating of tissue. The House of Commons Standing Committee on Health revisited the code in April 2010 and determined there was no “convincing scientific evidence” of harmful non-thermal effects of wireless technology IIREC standards are based on the recommendations to the European Parliament, presented March 2001, in “The Physiological and Environmental Effects of Non-ionising Electromagnetic Radiation”, which is authored by Dr. Gerald Hyland (document 297.574). This document challenges EMF safety standards used internationally, including by Health Canada and the FDA that are based on SAR readings. In his documents, Dr. Hyland attributes the faulty use of SAR ratings to a lack of public’s lack of awareness about the electromagnetic nature of the human body . He states, Attempts shall be made – perhaps under the aegis of national regulatory bodies – to increase awareness of the electromagnetic nature of living organisms and their consequent hypersensitivity to coherent, ultraweak electromagnetic signals. Until this is achieved, the need to extend thermally based safety guidelines, by incorporating electromagnetic biocompatibility, is unlikely to be accepted. IIREC testing of EarthCalm products complies with Dr. Hyland’s recommendations to the European Parliament. As well, EarthCalm products comply, fully, with his statements on the protection that is right for the human body. Liala Ackerman Epstein is the owner of Advanced Health Technologies, exclusive Canadian distributor of EarthCalm products. Information on the products is available at


Be sure to protect your business from a local scammer who has stolen the good name and reputation of local area businesses. A former client of Paul Murton listed a complaint that Murton defrauded his “customers” with overpriced and defective credit card processing equipment. Yet that is just an ends to a mean for Mr. Murton to take over an entire organization! Corporate identity theft occurs when Murton uses an existing business name to bill a business’s legitimate clients for services, under the guise that he has taken over. NPR reports “Business identity theft takes many forms. Posing as a look-alike or sound-alike business to lure customers is one of them.” Murton can change a business’s contact information, with a fake website for example, then use it to steal client’s money by seemingly offering the same services (all be it with a much poorer ability). It is the upmost importance that you be aware of how detrimental this fraud can be to you!!! Victims of business identity theft often do not find out about the crime until significant losses accumulate, and because of the hidden nature of the transactions, businesses can lose vast amounts of money. The damage can be devastating to the victim’s business as corporate identity theft can remain undetected for years! If you are currently dealing with Paul Murton or his partner in crime; Robin Jenkins, alias Peter Moore then you would be best to look their *F* Rating with the Better Business Bureau. Unfortunately we can not be held responsible for any consequences should you continue to associate with this misanthrope. With all the information now coming to light about Mr. Murton’s business practices perhaps it would be best to part ways with this shady character. If you have used any of his quote “services” unquote such as his Toronto Advertising Agency which handles Danforth Magazine, Bloor News, College Street News, Printable Canadian Coupons, among others or had your credit POS system setup by him – you may want to check to see if he created a “courtesy website” for you without permission. A website which will redirect your current customers to email Paul, or call Paul; instead of you! Paul Murton on rare occasions publishes several magazines under the names of College Street News, Bloor News, Danforth Magazine, Queen Street News among others. The rare time these publications are released are in small numbers for the sole purpose of maintaining and generating ad revenue. Mr. Murton fraudulently claims to have “taken over” Your Ward News in Wards 31 & 32. This is a blatant and downright LIE! Paul Murton was at one time our web designer, and if you seen our older sites you will understand why he is no longer with us. He has brazenly taken control of and in an apparent attempt to steal our image. The correct websites of our paper are and In Murton’s latest edition of his newsletter, he absolutely admits and confesses his theft of our web domains. Murton misrepresents that the staff of Your Ward News has come over to his magazines. The fact of the matter is that his sole workforce consists of Robin Jenkins, alias Peter Moore. Yet we know him better as CRACKHEAD BOB, whom was FIRED from our paper over a year ago! So what we are dealing with is two disgruntled employees whom via deceit & deception say we have went out of business. This is a total fabrication used to STEAL YOUR business! We have always, and continue to publish on a monthly basis reaching up-to 50,000 readers in the Beaches and East York. Murton takes your money and in return puts large sized ads in a magazine that is only published once in a blue moon; in limited numbers and not widely distributed to the public. He offers online ads and coupons on a poorly designed website practically unvisited by the public and charges outrageous fees for creating web-pages that look like they were made by a child. No wonder we had to redesign our own websites after Murton was “finished” with it! Complaints are abound in his other ventures such as disc duplication, credit card processing, and modeling agencies. Murton states he operates all his companies from a store front on Bloor street. In reality his base of operations is in his small one room apartment where the rent is subsidized in return for his caretaking services. Leading us to believe he is hiding behind a legitimate company with whom he only uses to print off a few copies and maybe pick up the mail. In past issues we reviled Paul Murton’s uncanny ability to defraud local area businesses with willfully overpriced and defective point of sale systems, Murton’s illegal corporate identity theft spree, Murton’s “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau, and Murton’s continued relationship with an habitual crack cocaine smoker – convicted for a major assault several months back. We have often been asked by local area businesses, why is some deluded, mumbling idiot calling to renew their advertisement with us? The simple fact is that a local crackhead salesmen has joined forces with Murton playing a dastardly scheme to commit an unprecedented feat of corporate identity theft, and now that he is getting desperate – his modus operandi has shifted into harassing our clients in the early morning while in a crack induced psychosis. After continued complaints from our loyal advertisers about a disgruntled former employee, Peter “Crackhead Bob” Moore whose real name is Robin Jenkins; we had to investigate. Requesting a copy of one of the voicemails left, our news office was shocked listening to the mental collapse of a long term crack abuser and lifelong ODSP recipient. All victims of Murton’s scam may request a refund by contacting Paul directly at: 15 Hubbard Blvd, Apt #12 or by calling Paul to complain on his direct line at (416) 693-8530.

Last year, there were thousands of beauty pageants occurring across Canada.
Many pageants are run by legitimate promoters, with no sales gimmicks,
multi-level marketing schemes or beady-eyed photographers. Yet the vast
majority of small, insignificant beauty pageants; both here in Toronto and across
North America exists for the only purpose to cash in on other people’s naive

These pageants are only set up as a cash grab to get unsuspecting parents, eager
teens and adults to hand over their money with promises of fame. And all they
ultimately receive is a fractured ego due to being taken for a fool.
The “Miss Toronto Tourism” pageant, who’s website has been taken offline – has
been mentioned several times in major media due to the unethical criminal
behavior of former pageant winners and the promoter’s violations of the
Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Zevonique Wilson, winner of Miss Toronto Tourism 2005 is someone you never
want in your community. With 19 weapons & drug charges for possession of
Ecstasy and two completely restricted semi-automatic handguns, she has no
right to live in our city; let alone be allowed to travel our country freely. The most disturbing evidence in this pageant winner’s case is that the two side arms illegally in her possession were fully loaded with hollow-point expanding bullets, THE ONLY PURPOSE OF THIS TYPE OF AMMUNITION IS TO MURDER OTHER HUMAN BEINGS!!!

The fact that Zevonique’s criminal record includes robbery charges during an armed takeover of a Mississauga adults rub-and-tug parlor further proves she is a seriously dangerous offender.
Karen Murray alias Karen Director, the pageant promoter for “Miss Toronto Tourism” and born again Christian who continues to battle the disease of alcoholism denies the civil rights of citizens our very nation’s fundamental freedoms is based on. Section 2 of the charter covers freedom of religion, freedom of thought, freedom of belief, and freedom of expression. Yet Karen does not practice equal treatment, the fundamental building block of any free society. Karen practices illegal discrimination of who is worthy to participate in her events, based on age-old intolerance of other’s religious beliefs and sexual orientation. Section 28 states all Charter rights are guaranteed equally to men and women; Karen Murray seems to think these rights do not apply to new religious movements or the LGBT community.

The Miss Toronto Tourism pageant was boycotted and picketed by local citizens just for these reasons. The Better Business Bureau is warning residents about beauty pageant scams. “While some beauty pageants may be legitimate contests, others have scammers behind the operation and are charging outrageous entry fees. In one instance, a teen received a letter that she was already a finalist but needed to pay $240 upfront to attend a training session and a
slot in the pageant. More money was needed later to cover additional fees.”

The BBB offers these tips for parents and teens interested in participating in beauty pageants:

•Do your research: find out how long the company has been involved with pageants, names of directors, if the business is ‘for profit,’ and where the business is located.
•Make sure you know the costs associated with the pageant, including entrance and chaperone fees.
•Learn about the judges participating and review their qualifications.
•Ask if refunds are available if you plan to withdraw later and examine the criteria used to decide the winner.

And NEVER participate in any event the requires you to sell
countless tickets just for the honor of qualifying as a contestant.

So when you see the past Miss Toronto Tourism winners and think to yourself, they are not that great looking, remember that green is the theme, so pay your cash or you could windup in the trash. Only ugly people get rich from beauty pageants…