A+ Learning Centre

March 9, 2013

In the Spring of 2012, A+ Learning Centre opened at 1290 Danforth Ave to offer an especially personal as well as more cost effective avenue for assisting students to improve both their marks at school and their methods of learning. Sammy Fung, the centre’s owner and head of education, was formerly a Mathematics teacher in China for more than 10 years. Further, he has well over a decade of providing support to people, young and older, who either need to ‘perk up’ their grades, or advance their skills in the area of Mathematics, English and Science. Hundreds of students have been helped by Mr. Fung, and the teachers he has employed over the years, both in Canada and abroad. The goal is to not only aid them with their homework, projects and assignments from the schooling they are enrolled in (such as elementary, secondary or college), but to give them additional short assignments to improve the skills they already possess, and to better prepare them for future tasks. Currently two tutours who assist him, Lyall Sanders (English, ESL, Science) and Rob Hattam (Mathematics), spend time with students to ‘give them a helping hand’ as individuals, not just as a ‘group’. Their methods include discussing with their pupils the work that is front of them as well as the reasoning behind the answers. The instructor isn’t just leading the way, but rather walking the path with the learner. The process gives the student confidence in their selves and helps them to build on what they already know. A+ Learning Centre is now pleased to welcome Maura Kelly to assist students who may be behind in basic reading skills. Studies show that a child’s attitude towards reading often affects their ability. Ms Kelly first evaluates the student and then guides them via short, twice weekly sessions to improve their ability to read and pronounce words that they are having difficulty with. A+ Learning Centre is the locally owned place that your student can attend to get personal attention and individualized assistance from instructors who work with them in a way that empowers them to not only improve, but have pride in themselves in doing so. The centre is located only steps from the Greenwood subway station, just a few doors West of Linnsmore Cres. You may contact them at 647 491-0310 to make an appointment for a free evaluation, one that will inevitably lead to a better educational future for your student.


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