Amy’s Place and Everything Else on Family Day. | By Michelle L. Erstikaitis

March 9, 2013

On the Sunday just before family Day, the Beaches was a truly happening place, with multiple events coinciding along Queen Street East. I had an interview scheduled with Amy Occhipinti, the owner of the charming new shop called ‘Amy’s place’, which is located at Beech street and Queen. As myself and another member of the Your Ward News staff made our way to Amy’s place, we were inundated with offers of free yellow tulips and yellow bandannas, as well as the chance to enter our name into a contest where we might win a fabulous prize. After finally passing the gauntlet of charitable events, we made it to Amy’s place, where Amy had a white tent set up and was painting a beautiful mural to donate to the Beaches Public Library. Amy was assisted by at least two other fellow artists in the painting of the mural, and she was so busy that a real interview with her was virtually impossible. Myself and fellow Your Ward News staffer Robert James were able to tour the Amy’s Place shop, and were impressed by how quaint and delicate the shop was. Candles everywhere, jewellery and wooden greeting cards are just a few of the beautiful little items on sale in Amy’s place. Stepping into Amy’s place was almost like stepping into a room located in Heaven, with it’s plush white carpeting and glorious items on display. After touring the shop, we went outside to see if we could have a quick chat with Amy, and were fortunate to catch her taking a break from painting the mural and conversing with admirers. During our brief but heartfelt discussion, we learned that Amy’s Place had only recently just opened in the beaches in December 2012. As Robert James and I conversed with Amy, a member of the BIA showed up late to the event and attempted to hone in on the interview. It is no small wonder that Amy’s Place was the subject of so much attention, given that it is truly a unique and awe inspiring little shop. Since Amy’s Place is only in its incipiency, I know that Your Ward News readers have likely not had a chance to experience this eclectic little shop, and I must say that it would be a real loss if our readers did not rush out to see Amy’s Place for themselves. Naturally, the Beaches is the perfect location for a shop like this, as many of the businesses located here are conducive to a small-town ideal. Every small town has a shop like Amy’s, with handmade jewellery and contributions from local artists, and prior to December 2012, the Beaches was missing a shop like that. Not anymore. Amy’s Place is open for business and just waiting to be discovered by all of you.


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