Beach Bums of Queen Street – By Robert James

March 9, 2013

Ontario Disability Support Program writes a monthly cheque of $1075 for income support, and includes community housing, free prescription drug coverage, free taxi rides, child payments and an extra $100 a month if you can convince your worker you are “volunteering” in the community… up until a few moths ago for good measure those eating taxpayer handouts also collected an extra $799-$1,500 every two years from ODSP just for the hell of it! Add this to the fact federal tax season has now come along the Canadian government dishes out a one time $15,000 payment, and it’s obvious local bums cash in more tax free then most hard working Torontonians can aspire to, even without a debilitating recession! Let’s just remind ourselves these poor unfortunate souls, trapped with their emotional disabilities can not function in a full time job. That’s why we see them on our once beautiful Beaches, using their pets as bait to drum up some more good will from us working and retired folk. Just because they have two working legs, two working arms, and a strong back from carrying around their knapsack hoard all day does not mean we shouldn’t open our purse, wallet or cigarette pack… right? My fellow neighbours must learn the “prison politics” of ALL street panhandlers in our city. Just like the pitbulls and rottweilers protecting these squatters; everything is about territory! You may ask yourself why it is always the same bunch everyday for years working our community? The answer is an ongoing territorial war for street dominance, preventing non-profits and the legitimate homeless from asking for handouts in our block of Queen Street East. I have personally talked to one worker for a non-profit organization who mentioned she was aggressively harassed while collecting donations. The non-profit organization has since changed their policy requiring a team of no less then five people to protect each other while canvassing. Trust me as a Winnipegger, the community supported housing in our area will disastrously turn one of the best wards in the city into a gangland ghetto quicker then you may think. Our readers are right in questioning why across the city most territorial street urchins crowd around the liquor store. Despite spending their young lives in front of the same businesses on our street the excuses are still the same… I am not eligible for social assistance because I don’t have any identification, I can’t get a job because there is no one to look after my dog, I won’t do any day labour because I’m considered “disabled”. The British Columbia government had a great idea shipping welfare recipients up north for much needed labour in the commodity industry. Full work hours, good pay, learning a trade, and a bunk to sleep in for the season. Yet the bleeding hart NDPers found that a violation of human rights, ironically liking it to a Soviet work camp. Getting those unmotivated punks off their ass and in a pair of work boots is a violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms!


3 Responses to “Beach Bums of Queen Street – By Robert James”

  1. pissed off father Says:

    thanks guys for taking care of those vagrants. it looks like one of them is gone hopefully for good! yet you are right, when those two jerks with the dogs are out smoking their welfair cheque it is the only time their territory can be worked by others. that is why we only see new beggars crowding our bit of queen st and annoying/scaring us and our childern when those two are not around to force them out. anyways thaks we have one down and one more to go! we have to let them know this is our community and not theirs. i have called the police on them several times and for once i think they did something about them, now we ether need to get them permanently off our street, and if jail is the only place so be it. that native kid with the dog is extreamly violent and aggressive when drunk and his is a sick sob. i almost knocked him out in the summertime after i took my 14 year old daughter to the beach. my daughter was still in her swimsuit when we had to pick up something at the foodland and this sick sob kept ogling her and make a discusting comment about her rear, she was only 14 at the time for god sake!!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t know where you are getting your information about ODSP, but it is incorrect. The maximum monthly amount for a single person on ODSP is $1043. It does NOT include “community housing” no “free taxi rides” nor are there any $100 handouts for “Volunteering.”

    Furthermore, what does ODSP have to do with a tirade about panhandlers? You state in the article that one of the reasons the so called “bums” give when soliciting for change is that they can’t get ODSP.

  3. Robert James Says:

    Dear “Professor” Michele Scott James (So much for being “Anonymous”)

    First, the $1043 max payment you mentioned is outdated. Come on, as a professor you must know Wikipedia is NOT exactly the best reference. Since you are such an esteemed member of the academic community maybe you should check the 2013 payment guidelines on ‘Ugh!

    Second, that now $1075 payment includes shelter allowance, which small for an apartment is supplemented by community housing programs that under-cut rental costs for ODSP clients.

    Third, maybe you should ask one of our moonlighters with this paper who is employed as a contract/licensed taxi driver and ask how many disability slips he receives in lieu of payment. Yes, anything considered slightly medical is covered! And it’s not hard to claim that handout for any reason.

    Forth, the $100 Volunteer Transportation benefit is discretionary, but handed out by most social workers for little more then a piece of paper stating the client is “volunteering”. This paper is a sister to a non-profit organization, we can say it’s almost automatic for one year – few questions asked & no checks to see if any real volunteering is done.

    Maybe socialist wing-bats like most educators and professors who have taken over our education system in order to brainwash young minds into a Soviet-style mentality need to GET THEIR DARN FACTS STRAIGHT, before pushing lies and disinformation as a way to indoctrinate the gullible into your way of thinking. Maybe you should also figure out how the internet works before proclaiming yourself “Anonymous” to a former contractor and computer forensics technician for the CSEC, Michele.

    Yet if you believe all the horse dung these crack smoking panhandlers pitch you — then of course the excuse they are NOT on welfare must be true — right? People with degrees are some of the most incompetent, deluded morons of all!

    Robert James.

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