“Hollow-Point” Wilson, Miss Toronto Tourism 2005

March 9, 2013

Last year, there were thousands of beauty pageants occurring across Canada.
Many pageants are run by legitimate promoters, with no sales gimmicks,
multi-level marketing schemes or beady-eyed photographers. Yet the vast
majority of small, insignificant beauty pageants; both here in Toronto and across
North America exists for the only purpose to cash in on other people’s naive

These pageants are only set up as a cash grab to get unsuspecting parents, eager
teens and adults to hand over their money with promises of fame. And all they
ultimately receive is a fractured ego due to being taken for a fool.
The “Miss Toronto Tourism” pageant, who’s website has been taken offline – has
been mentioned several times in major media due to the unethical criminal
behavior of former pageant winners and the promoter’s violations of the
Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Zevonique Wilson, winner of Miss Toronto Tourism 2005 is someone you never
want in your community. With 19 weapons & drug charges for possession of
Ecstasy and two completely restricted semi-automatic handguns, she has no
right to live in our city; let alone be allowed to travel our country freely. The most disturbing evidence in this pageant winner’s case is that the two side arms illegally in her possession were fully loaded with hollow-point expanding bullets, THE ONLY PURPOSE OF THIS TYPE OF AMMUNITION IS TO MURDER OTHER HUMAN BEINGS!!!

The fact that Zevonique’s criminal record includes robbery charges during an armed takeover of a Mississauga adults rub-and-tug parlor further proves she is a seriously dangerous offender.
Karen Murray alias Karen Director, the pageant promoter for “Miss Toronto Tourism” and born again Christian who continues to battle the disease of alcoholism denies the civil rights of citizens our very nation’s fundamental freedoms is based on. Section 2 of the charter covers freedom of religion, freedom of thought, freedom of belief, and freedom of expression. Yet Karen does not practice equal treatment, the fundamental building block of any free society. Karen practices illegal discrimination of who is worthy to participate in her events, based on age-old intolerance of other’s religious beliefs and sexual orientation. Section 28 states all Charter rights are guaranteed equally to men and women; Karen Murray seems to think these rights do not apply to new religious movements or the LGBT community.

The Miss Toronto Tourism pageant was boycotted and picketed by local citizens just for these reasons. The Better Business Bureau is warning residents about beauty pageant scams. “While some beauty pageants may be legitimate contests, others have scammers behind the operation and are charging outrageous entry fees. In one instance, a teen received a letter that she was already a finalist but needed to pay $240 upfront to attend a training session and a
slot in the pageant. More money was needed later to cover additional fees.”

The BBB offers these tips for parents and teens interested in participating in beauty pageants:

•Do your research: find out how long the company has been involved with pageants, names of directors, if the business is ‘for profit,’ and where the business is located.
•Make sure you know the costs associated with the pageant, including entrance and chaperone fees.
•Learn about the judges participating and review their qualifications.
•Ask if refunds are available if you plan to withdraw later and examine the criteria used to decide the winner.

And NEVER participate in any event the requires you to sell
countless tickets just for the honor of qualifying as a contestant.

So when you see the past Miss Toronto Tourism winners and think to yourself, they are not that great looking, remember that green is the theme, so pay your cash or you could windup in the trash. Only ugly people get rich from beauty pageants…


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