McMahon’s Toxic DEVELOPMENT by J.J.

March 9, 2013

The public consultation at the Balmy Beach Club on February 13th confirmed that ALL our fears were TRUE: 1- Secret meetings at our local councilor’s office with developers. 2- Phony “grass-roots” citizens groups (astro-turfing) pretending to represent Beachers’ best interests. 3- No intention of complying with long-held or very recent building guidelines by any of these parties. The sham of a meeting began with an anemic speech by the mousy Ward 32 councilor (what the heck was her name again?) We used to view her as laughable, but we’re not laughing now. Your Ward 32 News naively believed that our local councilor was merely inept, but we’ve since learned that she’s more than willing and capable of destroying our beloved neighborhood. We apologize for ‘going light’ on her. The conniving councilor introduced the crowd of 200-plus to Senior Planner Leontine Major (cool name) whose monotone delivery was mildly disturbing yet effective. When confronted as to how a single meeting could effectively address the concerns about the developments at the north-east and north-west corners of Queen and Woodbine, it became clear to educated Beachers that this tactic was to ‘muddy the water’. After all, they are two entirely different developments by two separate building firms. So City Senior Planner Leontine Major simply repeated her quote that appeared in the Beach Metro Community News: “AT THIS POINT IN TIME BOTH OF THEM HAVE INDICATED THAT THEY’RE NOT WILLING TO MAKE THE MODIFICATIONS TO MAKE IT COMPLY WITH THE NEW DESIGN GUIDELINES”. It is also now clear that the height restrictions are a ‘red herring’, rife with newly-created terms like ‘PERCEPTION LINES’ and ‘ANGULAR PLANES’. This gibberish, concocted by developers, is designed to distract from the ‘Assault on a Queen’ and the ecological horror planned for the Beach. We might add that the word ‘AVENUE’ now officially means ‘DESIGNATED FOR GROWTH’ in this new language created by those determined to profit by destroying our neighborhood. The slew of ‘astro-turf’ organizations with names like the B.I.A. (Business Improvement Association), the Triangle Residents Association and the Jane Jacobs Committee are not acting in the best interest of our future. A rep from the B.I.A. stated that Big Box-type stores are the way to go for the Beach. When asked if he’d like to retract his statement he seemed like a deer caught in the headlights. Ward 32 News investigative journalist J.J. then went on the attack. The developers of the property where the Shell Station had been were asked a simple question: “WHAT IS THE NAME OF THE ENVIRONMENTAL BODY THAT WILL DETERMINE WHEN THE LOCATION WILL BE SAFE FOR HUMANS TO INHABIT?” The developer indicated that the tanks had been removed and that the situation had been remediated. They then said that communication was ongoing with the Ministry of Environment to assure compliance. When asked to be precise in their answer, they were anything but precise in assuring the audience that the location was not still toxic. Our councilor showed no concern about the cancer-causing benzene and chemical soup that remains at the location. There’s just one more question that we all have to ask Ward 32 Councilor Mary-Margaret McMahon: Would she grow tomatoes at this toxic location or allow her beloved Farmer’s Market to move on to this poisonous property? Ask her yourself by phone – (416)392-1376 or email –

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