To the honourable Justin Trudeau

March 9, 2013

We the people call upon you, as a representative of the People, to uphold the recent BC Liberals policy paper on the legalization of cannabis. This is a clear view of the issues and their impact upon Canada as a democratic society based upon the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The future is clear. We have written a public petition to the Governor General to call a national referendum, similar to the referendum of 1898 on alcohol prohibition, a vote of all citizens. This is a matter of national concern. Up to 64% of Canadians are in favour of legalization and we require a democratic reply to our concerns. We shall submit our petition to the government in 2013 to the House of Commons as per the provisions of the Canadian Constitution of 1982. As a failed policy, prohibition is a war upon our own citizens. Prohibition creates far more harm to our society via criminal sanctions. Penalties which are not approved by the People. The legal fiction of “decriminalization” serves no purpose and does not solve any of the problems associated with prohibition and the inherent corruption associated with this failed policy. Our position is based upon the LeDain Commission of 1972 and the Senate Report of 2002 which concluded that legalization was the final solution. We call upon the government to honour the will of the People and put an end to this travesty which impacts the lives of each and every citizen. As each man, woman and child pays up to $1000 per year in taxes to support this social disaster, the burden upon the taxpayers is unsustainable. Since the Senate Report was published over $30 Billion dollars have been wasted in ongoing costs at all levels of government over the past ten years. Cannabis use has not declined and public opinion has shifted. The truth is obvious to the general public, regardless of their political affiliations or personal views. The war on drugs is a failure in “good governance” ~ in the words of the Senate. Legalize cannabis, repeal prohibition. No other solution is acceptable. Finally I would predict that your clear position on the legalization of cannabis will catapult the Liberals to a majority government under your leadership. We would invite you to introduce our petition to The Clerk of Petitions in the House of Commons. Sincerely, B. Ryan, The Beaches, Toronto, Ontario.


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