Homeless, not a dog’s life!

April 15, 2013

By J.J.

Your Ward News continues to be active in attempting to save the beautiful dogs that are being used as props to extort money from Beach residents. Cruelty to animals is contrary to the values of most of our family and friends. Is it fair for a dog to be forced to freeze all day for the soul purpose of raising monies for a “street-person”? Or to cook every day through a broiling heat wave? Should ANY person have a pet if they are too poor to support themselves? Poverty is a serious problem, but it’s a human problem in which innocent animals need not participate. Your Ward News has also learned that many of Queen Street’s panhandlers are not homeless at all. Along with the dog, homelessness is just part of the pitch. So, what to do? We could snatch one of these dogs while another animal-liberator creates a distraction, but that’s a bit sketchy and they would just nab another dog. Your Ward News could make a lump-sum offer for one of these beautiful animals, but again, another furry fund-raiser would quickly take its place. Dog is man’s best friend. But is man dog’s best friend? We can prove that we are by ending this barbaric practice that assures the unethical treatment of animals. Our hearts go out to the less fortunate and disabled in our society, but we will not allow innocent animals to be sacrificed on the altar of human social justice. If readers have any suggestions as to how we might resolve this issue, please call us @ 416-693-6325 immediately and share your idea. Dog Justice Delayed is Dog Justice Denied!


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