Ontario’s Future is in Ashes: Protest at Convention Centre and other amazing protests across the province.

April 15, 2013

By: Sherri Lange, CEO NA-PAW, Founding Director, Toronto Wind Action


The Convention Centre hosted a job fair (ironically) and the FIT program for three days this past week, and for those who wonder what THAT is all about, it’s the “double your hydro fees in four years” Feed In Tariff program. That’s the bonusing of hydro fees to the elite few, which has drastically contributed to higher costs of power in Ontario, while we yet dump excess power to Michigan and New York, as two examples, at an annual cost of about 240 million. This is the same wind industry (colluding with government) that promises jobs to folks, just ONE of the continuing outrageous lies of the age. (Spain has LOST 2.2 jobs per so called “green job,” and Italy, has lost 5.4 jobs similarly.) The myth of job creation is exploded. In turbine heavy Texas, it was found that the creamy subsidies and tax breaks awarded to wind farms there ended up costing 1.6 MILLION per JOB. Just what Ontario needs, more job losses. We’ve already lost 300,000 in the last eight years under McGuinty. Following McWynnty around the province is not easy. But folks did just that recently: From Peterborough to Clinton, to Belleville to Toronto. Wherever she went, so did the anti-wind movement. In her “conversations” with folks, strongly armed with facts rather than green fundamentalism that is recognized to be harming the economies of the world (and people and the environment) the Premier again and again repeated that she would stick to her guns. However, she would “engage communities” and allow them to have a say in where turbine proliferation ends up. Those words were mouthed at entirely the same time as SEVEN more wind projects were approved. Was the word “meaningful” missing from the Premier’s promise to “converse” with the public? And how with hundreds in Ontario ill from living too near turbines, and we don’t know how many have left homes, abandoned them, been bought out by developers, living with family elsewhere, at cottages, why would our new Premier NOT converse meaningfully? How much dialogue is needed anymore? Premier McWinnty also promised she would now follow the “German Model,” as Ontario has voiced so much dissention to wind turbine proliferation. She mentioned Community Participation in wind projects, and we can assume that by this she does not understand some basic facts about Germany’s spectacular green failure. Germany has admitted its green policies to be a complete flop, and is now building 26 more coal fired plants. The wind doesn’t always blow, the cost of power has gone through the roof, and manufacturing is experiencing near fatal blows. Sound familiar? So McWynnty has not done her basic homework. A true leader would also NOT assume that towns and municipalities BUYING INTO a wind project is good for the economy and for human health. A true leader would examine the failure of the industry and just stop the entire cycle of greed and health, economic and environmental impacts. So instead of the developers hanging the people of Ontario, we would have under the new “German Model” people actually participating in hanging themselves. In submissions to the Standing Committee on Finance and Economics two weeks ago, NA-PAW and several others from anti wind working groups across the province made convincing oral and written submissions asking for: 1 a moratorium 2 end of the FIT program, which is simply snouts at the trough, gouging the hydro payers and contributing to further economic demise (i.e., end the gravy train) 3 a complete halt to wind projects in the run 4 removal of offending turbines where people have suffered ill health and cannot live in homes 5 research on energy issues that will contribute to our economy and well-being, and health of the province, INCLUDING the environment, and focus on heat recapture, conservation, to name a few 6 shredding the Green Energy and Economy Act, which has been a highway to heaven for developers, and some ex Premiers such as Peterson, and a highway to hell for the rest of us (The Green Energy Act, also now referred to as the “Gangrene Energy Act,” has been responsible for the subjugation of nearly every protection law for the environment possible. It SUPERCEDES nearly every single available law in order to shove “green” turbines and solar wherever developers wish to go: including Crown Land, pristine shorelines, wetlands, prime farm land, nature reserves such as Rondeau Park, and Important Bird Areas, such as Ostrander Point in Picton. NOTHING IS SACRED TO THESE PEOPLE) Nothing else will do. Else McWynnty needs early retirement also. Rural Ontario spoke at the last election. Seventeen seats were lost, and seven were Ministers. There is no question that this Legislature shuffle was due to wind turbine hell. Now that the cities are waking up, we have to wonder if energy sanity may yet return to Ontario. *** Ask YOUR MPP, what is his/her position on wind power. If the answer is not satisfactory, please educate. *** At the PROTEST on Wednesday, April 3, 2013, it was THUMBS UP from Toronto autos and pedestrians as a crowd from as far as Lake Superior and Manitoulin Island disrupted traffic on five major city streets, politely handing out 4500 flyers on energy poverty and the waste of the Liberals; and the honking and support from passersby meant, yes, Toronto gets it! Thank you to Karen Lee Wilde and Bruce Palait, who energetically led us in protest songs at Simcoe Park. These fine musicians have participated in nearly every major protest on behalf of wind refugees in the province. Songs by Palait included: Stop Wind Turbines Today, To Hell with War, Take Me To Your Heaven. Kudos!!!

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