Paul Murton & Peter Moore – Magazine RIPOFF!

April 15, 2013

Murton Ripoff

You may recall being sold advertising space in several magazines by a character calling himself “Pete or Peter Moore”. These magazines in question are the Bloor News, Queen Street News, Danforth Magazine, St Clair Magazine, Harbour Front News, and St Jamestown News. These magazine were published by a local Jack-Of-No-Trades named Paul Murton who currently holds an ‘F-‘ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Since you paid for advertising space in these magazines, you need to look on their archive where you will notice nothing has been published since their last November 2012 edition… – THAT WAS ALMOST SEVEN MONTHS AGO!!!

You paid to be in six magazines, yet all six are the exact same magazine with a different cover. You paid to have your ad published bimonthly, but Pete Moore sold you a lie… seems they publish more like biyearly. You paid to have the public notice your ad, yet these magazines have practically no circulation. The rare time these publications are released are in EXTREAMLY small numbers for the sole purpose of maintaining and generating ad revenue. In other words the only people who can get a copy are advertisers like yourself.

You need to call the publisher, Paul Murton at (416) 693-8530 and demand answers to why you did not get the service you paid for! Why has he taken your money and done NOTHING since last November? While you are at it, request a refund – don’t stand for any bartering for a free upgraded ad size in a magazine that is never circulated – don’t stand for a freebee online coupon for your business on a deserted webpage – don’t stand for anything less then a full refund for the amount you were ripped off.

You should also call the pitchman, a person you know as Peter Moore, whose real name is Robin Jenkins better known on the street as CRACKHEAD BOB due to his unrepentant abuse of people stemming from a severe addiction to narcotics. You can reach “Peter” on his cell at (416) 333-7161 if he is conscious and sober. You need to let Peter Moore know you will no longer be taken advantage of when CRACKHEAD BOB needs some quick cash.


Your Ward News

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