Pure Green Greed

April 15, 2013

A 420 Scam Alert. By Robert James

I’ve found stores here in our Beaches who are more then happy to grab cash from those whom are desperate and afraid of failing their job or court mandated urinalysis test. Often selling products from companies called “Detoxify” or “MDT Solutions”, that are nothing more then ungodly overpriced herbal and vitamin supplements. These same stores also extort the gullible with a daylight robbery on home urine tests for THC metabolites. These testing kits sell online for forty five American cents from the distributer, yet expect to spend at least twenty five Canadian dollars in store. A criminal markup! Now how exactly do these so called “detoxification” products work? It is due to drinking large amounts of water as part of the program. No matter what product you select, be it juice, herbal pills or a Wiccan incantation; every single one comes with instructions to continuously down water and urinate several times. That fact right there should tell you the only reason these products could work in anyway is because you are diluting your urinary bladder and thus the THC metabolites in your system. Now if your urine is too clear, the test will be invalid – which is why most products also include Vitamin B; causing a yellowing of body fluids. Some products also require you to wait several days to a week before the test, at which point THC will naturally leave the system. Meaning spending your money is completely pointless in the first place. Don’t deal with those who sales-pitch bunk! For every person that claims these snake oils work there are an equal amount of people screwed because theirs didn’t. If you are willing to take your chance and waste your money, then so be it. Please don’t be surprised when you lose your job or get put in jail. Yet heck, at least you’ll get a 100% replacement guarantee on your $33 juice or $70 pills after you fail miserably!


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