The Toronto Star, Well “Red”

April 15, 2013

Our investigative journalist,
J.J. proudly presents:

The Toronto Star, Well “Red”

The Toronto Star continues in it’s attempt to assassinate Mayor Rob Ford. Targeted for political destruction, our mayor has been hounded, stocked and libeled by this notoriously Marxist fish-wrap. From the grassy knoll adjacent to Rob’s property to the sports gridiron where he helps to coach at-risk youth, the Star is determined to destroy our elected mayor. The Toronto Star was first published in 1892 and was originally known as the Evening Star and then the Toronto Daily Star. The newspaper has long been referred to as the ‘Red Star’ due to the evil Marxist ideology it has consistently promoted by way of ‘yellow’ journalism. Another interesting characteristic of this propaganda-sheet is the paper’s complete lack of shame when caught lying red-handed. They are also masters of the ‘big lie’, knowing that they work better than ‘little lies’. (Your sense of fairness won’t allow you to believe that anyone would have the audacity to knowingly advance such monstrous untruths). When Mayor Ford was accused by mayoral hopeful Sarah Thomson of sexually assaulting her, his political detractors attempted to characterize the allegation as a “he said-she said” when it was clearly a “voices-in-her-head-said”. But the Toronto Star did its best to portray Mayor Ford as a drunk who routinely attacks women. They were also happy to allow Sarah Thomson to insinuate he may be a cocaine user. Media-watchers and news-junkies have long been aware of the disturbing nature of the ultra-left Star and for years Your Ward News has tried to expose this evil rag to the general public. The people of Toronto elected Rob Ford. The people believe in Rob Ford. Educated citizens must write, fax, phone and e-mail the Toronto Star and inform them that you now know the truth about them. Astrologers say that the stars don’t lie, but we’re aware of one that does little else!


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