April 15, 2013


Your Ward 32 News attended the Grand Opening of THE WORKS – GOURMET BURGER BISTRO at 1953 Queen Street East. We love this place! Service with a smile! Fantastic food! A great addition to our Beach neighborhood! THE WORKS’ astounding menu is massive, so here are some of our favorites so far: JAY’S BALLGAME BLOWOUT is an instant winner with blue cheese and double-smoked bacon on this classic burger; the SEXY SARAH POLLEY BURGER is a total turn-on with her sweet and spicy sauce, grilled pineapple, cream cheese and hot peppers. Other amazing burgers include the SUPERMAN, FLAME-THROWER, SK8R BOY, KIDS IN THE HALL and the NEIL YOUNG BURGER (Hey Hey, My My). All these super-tasty burgers are complimented by HIGH OCTANE POUTINE, HAIL CEASAR SALAD, B-B-Q SMOKED BRISKET, JUMBO SHRIMP, ONION RINGS, CRISPY DILLS, CHOCOLATE CHIP BANANA BREAD AND FRIENDLY FACES. Wash it all down with 100% Canadian-only suds which includes Moosehead, Cracked Canoe, Mr. Huff and Barking Squirrel. For the kids (and those of us who never grew up) there are root beer and cherry floats, butterscotch, chocolate mint, banana and double-fudge shakes. Had enough? We haven’t. Your Ward 32 News staff are now true believers and you will be too. See you at THE WORKS!!! By J.J. WWW.WORKSBURGER.COM

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