Your Ward 32 News attended the Grand Opening of THE WORKS – GOURMET BURGER BISTRO at 1953 Queen Street East. We love this place! Service with a smile! Fantastic food! A great addition to our Beach neighborhood! THE WORKS’ astounding menu is massive, so here are some of our favorites so far: JAY’S BALLGAME BLOWOUT is an instant winner with blue cheese and double-smoked bacon on this classic burger; the SEXY SARAH POLLEY BURGER is a total turn-on with her sweet and spicy sauce, grilled pineapple, cream cheese and hot peppers. Other amazing burgers include the SUPERMAN, FLAME-THROWER, SK8R BOY, KIDS IN THE HALL and the NEIL YOUNG BURGER (Hey Hey, My My). All these super-tasty burgers are complimented by HIGH OCTANE POUTINE, HAIL CEASAR SALAD, B-B-Q SMOKED BRISKET, JUMBO SHRIMP, ONION RINGS, CRISPY DILLS, CHOCOLATE CHIP BANANA BREAD AND FRIENDLY FACES. Wash it all down with 100% Canadian-only suds which includes Moosehead, Cracked Canoe, Mr. Huff and Barking Squirrel. For the kids (and those of us who never grew up) there are root beer and cherry floats, butterscotch, chocolate mint, banana and double-fudge shakes. Had enough? We haven’t. Your Ward 32 News staff are now true believers and you will be too. See you at THE WORKS!!! By J.J. WWW.WORKSBURGER.COM

A personal look inside Luka Magnotta

By Michelle L. Erstikaitis

A human hand mailed to the Liberals. A human foot mailed to the Prime Minister of Canada. Why? The mystery of Luka Rocco Magnotta is massive. Born Eric Clinton Newman on July 24th 1982, Luka lived a rather quiet life until his craving for fame and notoriety led him to begin crafting multiple personas online in order to promote his new name, Luka Magnotta. He spread rumors about himself daily, all of which are printed repeatedly by the mainstream media, such as that he has dated Canadian serial killer Karla Homolka. Apparently he did not quite receive the epic fame that he desired, so he graduated to alleged murder, killing and dismembering Chinese student Lin Jun, 33 years old. There is not much mystery in the murder itself, as most agree that it was probably done for attention, but the enigma lies in the bizarre way that Magnotta allegedly chose to dispose of the body of his supposed victim. A hand was mailed to the Liberal Constituency office in Ottawa, and a foot was mailed to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Naturally the mailings themselves were odd, but strangest of all is the fact that Magnotta is not political, so what on earth could have prompted such actions? In 2008, when I was working in the October 2008 federal election as a campaign volunteer and as an ordinary poll clerk for Elections Canada, Luka sent me numerous messages on YouTube, most of which I ignored. When I replied on a couple of occasions and tried to engage him in political discussions, Magnotta commented to me that politics were stupid, and he showed absolutely no aptitude for anything political. So if he is indeed guilty of the murder and the indignity to Lin Jun’s body, why would he have done the mailings? Magnotta has never even voted in an election, so our best guess is that he did the mailings in order to get bigger headlines. Stephen Harper’s campaign manager Jenni Byrne was one of the people present when the package was opened. According to a May 2012 Globe and Mail article by Renata D’Aliesio and Colin Freeze, Tory staffers were traumatized by the incident. Magnotta is currently undergoing a preliminary hearing in a Quebec courthouse in order to determine if he should stand trial for the murder, and if so, which charges he should stand trial on. Unfortunately, because of a publication ban sought by Magnotta’s Toronto lawyer Luc Leclair, and recently granted, the motive behind the strangest mailing in Canadian political history may remain a mystery for awhile yet.

Robin Songbird

April 15, 2013

Robin, my young daughter is an outgoing, and energetic girl. She has performed ever since she was seven years old, bringing great joy and entertainment to people around her. She loves to rock out on stage, and performing with a live band makes it much more fun and interesting for both her, and the audience. For many years Robin has attended the Ontario Conservatory of Music, as a student. Moreover, Robin has and continues to compete in the yearly Canadian Music League competition. She has won many first and second place trophies, not to mention that one year she has won a scholarship in vocals. Though it was a small scholarship it was a very big achievement for her. Not only does she enjoy singing, she is also a rising musician. She adores the piano and has played it ever since she was three years old. Having to play many songs and becoming inspired, Robin is now composing her own pieces. Her passion in music continues to grow. She recently began to learn how to play the drums. In other words, music is and has always been a part of Robin’s life. Even though this is such a common phrase, to my daughter it is most definitely true. I am proud of her and how much she dedicates her time and soul into music. -Magda

If you’re out for a stroll near Jane and Bloor, pay close attention to 2424 Bloor Street West, lower level, where you’ll find Heavens Garden Spa. It is a delightful something you don’t want to miss. Heaven Garden Spa opened its doors in November 2012. This quaint spot is family owned and operated, as you’ll notice from the one on one attention they offer there clients. This lovely spa has four amazing staff. Between them they can offer all there services in 6 different languages. (English, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Hebrew and Tigngna). Two of the staff has a combined 10 years spa experience in the industry. Heavens Garden Spa has three treatment rooms. One single room provides all treatments: Massage, facials, body wraps, microdermabrasion and waxing. Next a double room also known as the “couple’s room” provides a relaxing oasis for two people weather it’s a romantic occasion, a mother–daughter get away, or just two friends enjoying a relaxing moment together. Last, but not least, they have a manicure/pedicure room with two pedicure chairs, two manicure table and two comfortable couches. Perfect to relax in and receive a detox cleanses. This room is great for groups of four. When I had to pleasure to enter this lovely spot, I was instantly engulfed by the warmth of a cozy fireplace which is in the lobby. The smiles and energy from the staff make you feel relaxed and right at home instantly. I was thrilled to have a chance to experience some of the services which they offer. First I had there signature massage, preformed by an extremely experienced masseuse who knew just the right spots to touch to get rid of my stress and bring my body to a state of total relaxation. Something everyone should enjoy on a regular basis. After I was lead to the manicure/pedicure room – very private and geared to one on one treatment- I experienced a wonderful pedicure by Adi Yemane. She than started my manicure during which time she used a hand mask which the owner Rafia Khan created with honey coconut and other nurturing agents. It left my skin feeling so relaxed, soft and hydrated. The best part of my experience at Heavens Garden Spa was the attention to detail and personal touch, you’ll always leave feeling relaxed, just like I did. Prices are great and worth every penny. Currently for the “GRAND OPENING SPECIAL” they have an amazing package which includes, a classic facial, signature massage, ion detox cleanse or a spa pedicure all for just $60 dollars. Well worth the visit to Heavens Garden Spa at 2424 BLOOR STREET WEST, PHONE 647-748-7886 OR WWW.HEAVENSGAREDNSPA.COM Written by Heidi Fischer

Day in and day out; as a Real Estate Sales Representative I have the advantage of seeing a lot of homes and condominums units so I keep my camera available for unique things. I am always amazed; some good, some bad and some absolutely horrible! I walk away saying “What were they thinking?” When it comes to home renovations, I am amazed at how quickly Realtors ® will recommend stagers or contractors. This really shouldn’t be the case. As a successful Realtor ® I should know what sells homes and condominiums and that includes how they are presented and represented. I find the best solutions for my clients is to provide advice and expertise to help them make smart decisions. Nowadays, I find that my clients have a dilemma as to whether they should renovate especially when they see all the sales and ads for new products. My recommendation always depends on what they want to do and why they want to do it. If it is for their own personal use; then go to town but be careful about staying within your budget and do a lot of comparable pricing. If they are asking for recommendations on improvements to sell their home for a higher price; then I ask them how far they want to go and how much do they want to spend. Renovations can really get out of hand. You also have to remember that a renovation still needs to match the rest of the home and ensure some consistency. You can’t go from 1 room and feel like you are living in 2013 while walking into a time warp in another room; right out of 1968. I have found that some minor touch ups may work such as painting but in many cases do not address the most important part that would actually increase value of their home and/or increase salability. Painting also needs to remain neutral throughout. Don’t mix your colours from room to room and always stay light and fresh, plus consider refreshing white kickboards, door frames and doors. The key room in any house or condominium apartment or townhouse is the “KITCHEN” Do you want to update or renovate your kitchen? The first concern is how far do you want to go. Do you want to order a whole new custom made kitchen? Do you just want to replace the doors and handles? Do you want to leave your cabinets as is and just basically install granite or quartz countertops? Be very careful on what you decide and make sure that when you do look at the finished product; you can stand tall and say “wow that looks fantastic” and yes it was worth the price you paid for it. I have been told that you have to be extremely careful when you contract a kitchen cabinet company. There has been complaints where the custom made kitchen you ordered at a higher price may only have the facing custom made and the company may be ordering the basic framing from IKEA, Home Depot or Rona. The advantage of a custom made kitchen is that you can change the design. If you only change the doors then the original design of the kitchen stays the same but you can add attractive features; such as moulding at the top of the cabinets provided you do not have a bulkhead. A bulkhead is the big box you will find above your cabinets. Sometimes these are empty space and once removed there is no problems however that is not always the case. Many times builders will hide the return air and heating systems in these bulkheads so if you want them removed, there may be an additional cost to have these systems re-routed or condensed. I owned a home where we had the bulkhead condensed in size. We found that the best way to do it was to order a custom made metal box around the system and then glue the drywall to the box. Taping and sanding could then be carried out normally. This condensed the size of the box as much as possible to accommodate the tall kitchen cabinets. You can also add the same moulding under the cabinets and install a recessed lighting. What about your “COUNTERTOPS” Countertops can either make or break a kitchen renovation. The more expensive option is to replace the counters with granite or quartz. They range about the same price; granite is a natural rock therefore it will not look the same throughout the entire slab and depending on the style of your counter and if there is a curve or bend, there will be a seam. Quartz is manufactured to the colour of your choice and seams are most likely hidden. Countertops made of quartz are 90% quartz and about 10% acrylic/epoxy resin. Granite will have to be sealed about once a year while quartz does not require any additional sealing. The pricing of both quartz and granite are about the same. It really will depend on our budget. The least expensive way is to install a laminate countertop. If that is the case make absolutely sure that it is a modern design, colour and edging. A clean modern sink with nice fixtures is extremely important. The reason I covered kitchens in this article is because it is the #1 area where cleanliness has to hit you in the face! There is nothing worse than showing a home where the kitchen is gloomy, dirty, old and run down. They needs to be fresh and feel sanitary clean and that includes the presentation on the appliances. I cannot believe how happy Buyers are when they walk into a kitchen and a see a new stainless steel fridge and stove with the stickers still on them. Funny, the cost can be easily included in the sale price because pricing on appliances have reduced considerably over the years but mainly because now the Buyers don’t have to save more money to buy appliances because they are already included in the price. Warm weather is just around the corner, no doubt there will be Open Houses around Ward 29, 30, 31. 32 and 33 so next time to step into a home think about my comments. I would definitely love to hear from you if you are thinking of buying a home or selling your home and/or condominium. In fact, even if you are thinking of renovating give me a call.. I will be happy to help! Keep Smiling Linda Pinizzotto, Real Estate Sales Representative Top 1% Nationally Sutton Group Quantum Realty Inc. Cell: 416-561-7373 Linda@LindaPinizzotto.com http://www.LindaPinizzotto.com

By: Sherri Lange, CEO NA-PAW, Founding Director, Toronto Wind Action


The Convention Centre hosted a job fair (ironically) and the FIT program for three days this past week, and for those who wonder what THAT is all about, it’s the “double your hydro fees in four years” Feed In Tariff program. That’s the bonusing of hydro fees to the elite few, which has drastically contributed to higher costs of power in Ontario, while we yet dump excess power to Michigan and New York, as two examples, at an annual cost of about 240 million. This is the same wind industry (colluding with government) that promises jobs to folks, just ONE of the continuing outrageous lies of the age. (Spain has LOST 2.2 jobs per so called “green job,” and Italy, has lost 5.4 jobs similarly.) The myth of job creation is exploded. In turbine heavy Texas, it was found that the creamy subsidies and tax breaks awarded to wind farms there ended up costing 1.6 MILLION per JOB. Just what Ontario needs, more job losses. We’ve already lost 300,000 in the last eight years under McGuinty. Following McWynnty around the province is not easy. But folks did just that recently: From Peterborough to Clinton, to Belleville to Toronto. Wherever she went, so did the anti-wind movement. In her “conversations” with folks, strongly armed with facts rather than green fundamentalism that is recognized to be harming the economies of the world (and people and the environment) the Premier again and again repeated that she would stick to her guns. However, she would “engage communities” and allow them to have a say in where turbine proliferation ends up. Those words were mouthed at entirely the same time as SEVEN more wind projects were approved. Was the word “meaningful” missing from the Premier’s promise to “converse” with the public? And how with hundreds in Ontario ill from living too near turbines, and we don’t know how many have left homes, abandoned them, been bought out by developers, living with family elsewhere, at cottages, why would our new Premier NOT converse meaningfully? How much dialogue is needed anymore? Premier McWinnty also promised she would now follow the “German Model,” as Ontario has voiced so much dissention to wind turbine proliferation. She mentioned Community Participation in wind projects, and we can assume that by this she does not understand some basic facts about Germany’s spectacular green failure. Germany has admitted its green policies to be a complete flop, and is now building 26 more coal fired plants. The wind doesn’t always blow, the cost of power has gone through the roof, and manufacturing is experiencing near fatal blows. Sound familiar? So McWynnty has not done her basic homework. A true leader would also NOT assume that towns and municipalities BUYING INTO a wind project is good for the economy and for human health. A true leader would examine the failure of the industry and just stop the entire cycle of greed and health, economic and environmental impacts. So instead of the developers hanging the people of Ontario, we would have under the new “German Model” people actually participating in hanging themselves. In submissions to the Standing Committee on Finance and Economics two weeks ago, NA-PAW and several others from anti wind working groups across the province made convincing oral and written submissions asking for: 1 a moratorium 2 end of the FIT program, which is simply snouts at the trough, gouging the hydro payers and contributing to further economic demise (i.e., end the gravy train) 3 a complete halt to wind projects in the run 4 removal of offending turbines where people have suffered ill health and cannot live in homes 5 research on energy issues that will contribute to our economy and well-being, and health of the province, INCLUDING the environment, and focus on heat recapture, conservation, to name a few 6 shredding the Green Energy and Economy Act, which has been a highway to heaven for developers, and some ex Premiers such as Peterson, and a highway to hell for the rest of us (The Green Energy Act, also now referred to as the “Gangrene Energy Act,” has been responsible for the subjugation of nearly every protection law for the environment possible. It SUPERCEDES nearly every single available law in order to shove “green” turbines and solar wherever developers wish to go: including Crown Land, pristine shorelines, wetlands, prime farm land, nature reserves such as Rondeau Park, and Important Bird Areas, such as Ostrander Point in Picton. NOTHING IS SACRED TO THESE PEOPLE) Nothing else will do. Else McWynnty needs early retirement also. Rural Ontario spoke at the last election. Seventeen seats were lost, and seven were Ministers. There is no question that this Legislature shuffle was due to wind turbine hell. Now that the cities are waking up, we have to wonder if energy sanity may yet return to Ontario. *** Ask YOUR MPP, what is his/her position on wind power. If the answer is not satisfactory, please educate. *** At the PROTEST on Wednesday, April 3, 2013, it was THUMBS UP from Toronto autos and pedestrians as a crowd from as far as Lake Superior and Manitoulin Island disrupted traffic on five major city streets, politely handing out 4500 flyers on energy poverty and the waste of the Liberals; and the honking and support from passersby meant, yes, Toronto gets it! Thank you to Karen Lee Wilde and Bruce Palait, who energetically led us in protest songs at Simcoe Park. These fine musicians have participated in nearly every major protest on behalf of wind refugees in the province. Songs by Palait included: Stop Wind Turbines Today, To Hell with War, Take Me To Your Heaven. Kudos!!!

Source: Mike Bond

Despite many victories, communities around the world are still facing a plague of industrial wind projects that like hideous War of the Worlds steel monsters are destroying communities, mountains, and wildlands, slaughtering birds and bats, sickening people and driving them from their homes. Even though these wind projects do not reduce greenhouse gases or fossil fuel use, they have dreadful environmental, social and economic impacts on whole regions. But they are a tool for energy companies and investment banks to make billions in taxpayer subsidies that get added to our national debt. The good news is that communities worldwide are learning how to defeat these dreadful projects. More and more laws and moratoriums are being passed against them, while other projects are defeated on legal grounds or by overwhelming public opposition. In Hawaii, an industrial wind project that would have constructed ninety 42-story turbine towers across seventeen square miles of Molokai has been defeated by a determined two-year effort of the island’s residents. In the process we learned many tactics, which I’ve tried to summarize below and are further described in Saving Paradise: Show wind projects for what they are: industrial. Not environmental, not green, not renewable, and cause no reductions in greenhouse gases or fossil fuel use, no long-term jobs and few short-term ones. Don’t be nice. These wind developers are your enemies: they want to destroy where you live, steal your money (property values), and are quite happy to literally drive you from your homes. They will lie, cheat, bribe, buy politicians, and do whatever else they can to win. They won’t be fair and you can’t trust them. Create a group and get your community behind you. Point out property value loss, human health issues, environmental destruction, tourism impacts, and all the other dreadful results of industrial wind. If you have a homeowners’ association, make them aware of the danger so they can join the fight. Publicize your case. In the newspapers, TV and radio, on blogs and in nationwide petitions. Use good graphics. Go viral, worldwide. Develop a good professional website with lots of information and ways for viewers to participate. Community members should write op-eds and letters to the editor. A very powerful tool is frequent press releases that pass on news reports from National Wind Watch and other groups about the devastating impacts of industrial wind. These press releases should be sent to all relevant media outlets and local, state and national legislators. Do mailings to everyone. In Molokai we sent two mailings to all the island’s 2,700 addresses. The first mailer described the dangers of the project and included a survey with a stamped return envelope. We had a massive response, with 97% of responses against the project, and our group gained hundreds of new members. A year later we sent a second mailer with photo mockups showing how the turbines would tower over homes and landscapes. This mailer also included a bumper sticker which many residents then put on their cars. Be visible. Put up lots of signs, both homemade and professionally done. Put up billboards if you can. Professional signs show you mean business, and are taken more seriously. Find legislators who will help you. On the state level, Republicans are often more responsive and more concerned about the environment than traditionalist Democrats who have bought the idea that wind is environmental (or who are receiving contributions from wind companies). Litigate. Find every avenue to impair or slow the wind developers. Once the Washington industrial welfare subsidies are removed, industrial wind companies will vanish overnight. Get property value loss appraisals. Average losses of 40% or more are being reported; in Molokai, one of the reasons the landowner planning the project cancelled it was they estimated a 75% property value loss on their lands near the project. Publicize the loss of assessed value at county level, and how that will reduce tax revenues. In most cases, property value loss far exceeds any revenue the county might receive from the project. Civil disobedience. Politicians and energy companies are terrified of this. Don’t be afraid to go to jail to protect the land and homes you love. On Molokai we planned if necessary to start a hunger strike on the island, and there were people ready to starve to death to protect our island. The level of your commitment is equal to the level of your success.