There are three major types of economic systems in society today; Capitalism, Communism and Murtonism. Capitalism stands for the greatest standard of living for the largest number of nations in the free world. Communism stands for the socioeconomic slavery of the vast majority of it’s people to further then ends of a select few bureaucrats. Murtonism is the intentional deception against abused victims for the sole financial gain of one single person, in this case Paul Murton treats everybody else as a personal ATM machine.

Paul, a failure as an entrepreneur; suffering from severe bouts of financial insolvency does more then just name-drop successful business owners and a way to inflate his own sense of importance… he goes as far as stealing the identity of the entire corporation!

Case in point, Kriminal Records. A local record label and talent promoting agency attracting talent here in East Toronto and the GTA. Kriminal Records (as a sister organization to the Beaches Blues & Danforth Music Festival) was created to offer exposure and guidance to musicians and bands for their future success. Paul Murton was hired for a brief time to duplicate audio CDs as he owned a small, cheep, over-the-counter CD duplicator and offered his overpriced services. When it was discovered that one artist had a crowd of upset music lovers due to most of the CDs Murton *claimed* to have duplicated were blank, just after grabbing hundreds of dollars for the job… suffice to say his services were no longer required.

Not only was this artist defrauded with blank CDs that could literally be purchased for a few pennies, Murton used illegal bait-and-switch tactics before closing the sale. Murton’s company “DBSduplication” advertises pressed CDs, with full colour inserts, a tray card and jewel case for $1.30 per CD. This was the expectation of his customers, yet this is flagrant false advertising as the true cost is closer to $3 – $4 per CD… assuming Paul Murton is even bothered to actually *duplicate* anything rather then rip people off. No wonder DBSduplication has an “F-” rating with the Better Business Bureau, the LOWEST rating even the most corrupt scammer can get! The “F-” rating stands for FRAUD!

When Paul Murton realized his days with Kriminal Records were finished, he did not take any mind. You see from day one Murton cultivated a cunning plan to steal Kriminal Records’ identity. Just as he did with countless corporations before, and as he is doing to this vary day – he claims ownership of almost any organization that uses his so called services. A look on DBSduplication’s website shows Paul Murton as the owner of the Danforth Music Festival, the Beaches Blues Fest and Kriminal Records, even though he was only employed minimally by these organizations and fired over one year ago! No, you can not contact the real owner of Kriminal Records on Paul Murton’s sites… you can ONLY call Paul or email Paul, so Paul can convince you he is more then the proverbial ex-janitor as a way to royally rip you off and milk you dry. Do not be fooled by his little beady eyes and deviously malicious gleam!

Section 380(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada states “everyone who, by deceit, falsehood or other fraudulent means defrauds the public or any person, of any property, money or valuable security is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to a term of imprisonment not exceeding fourteen years”.


By Mr. David Nesbitt. In light of recent international events: THE DISASTER Don’t forget Wednesday, 24 April, 2013. That very day, the world got a profound lesson about unexpected consequences of globalization. It was collapse of a multi-storey building that housed several light-industries in Dhaka, Bangladesh. More than 900 workers were apprehensive about safety of the place. Then came sudden terror, fortunately brief, as they fell with all around them to their deaths. The lucky ones perished instantly. Three weeks later, many remain in the ruins, only as nauseous stench of rotting flesh. Many temporary survivors await their ends. The families and friends of all will be lifetime casualties. THE “PERPS” The expected accusations of greed, corruption, and revenge already begin to outnumber the cries of sympathy. Many of the latter might be only hollow tokens to be cast upon the altar of unwarranted self-justifications, possibly by some yet unidentified contributors to the disaster. THEIR EXPLOITATION (?) Casual attention to our news media might persuade us to suppose that those workers have been virtually slave-labour. What else would we think of 16 cents an hour? Among us here, how many see that to be a close match of our minimum wage of about $11 per hour? This insight was imparted by a Bangladeshi immigrant who says that $1 CDN buys in Dhaka what we would spend $70 CDN to buy in Canada. In Dhaka, about 25% of any daily wage is discretionary income, compared to about 16% here. Out of it, in Toronto we pay for telephone and T.T.C. to keep us in the loop of employment. In Dhaka, work is a walk away, and it is 12 hours a day, fulltime. Here, our shifts are eight hours in fulltime work. But, not all of our working-poor are fortunate enough to work fulltime. How much better-off are they than in Dhaka? Maybe this observation could purge some of us out of our belief that we are a superb example of equality, justice, and all the other “good stuff”. OUR EXPLOITED At YWN we have, for years been pounding our heads on our proverbial Wailing Wall, about casual dismissal of our own working poor. Letters to our Editor do not indicate that we have been convincing. We recommend and appeal to our readers to urge our governments and their agencies to take initial steps in this matter. The need is for escalation of incomes and training into earned prosperity with sustainable Canadian careers.

by Bruce Ryan. Hysterical media articles about medical cannabis “grow-ops” being over their approved numbers of plants paint a picture of ‘illegal’ activities. Oh my god, plants! Quick, someone call the cops before they run. I must say…. with the disaster engineered by Health Canada, someone has to pick up the slack. Most medical patients won’t buy the poor quality “marihuana” the government grows in that copper mine in Manitoba. At $5 per gram, this stuff is worse than outdoor Mexican biker weed. So, let me get this straight, indoors it costs about $1 per gram to grow commercially and the government can’t make any money? As a result, in their infinite wisdom, they are cancelling the medical patients (and their growers) right to grow their own herb. A medical grower can produce a truly excellent product, a simple plant, for about 30 cents a gram. Outdoors it is cheaper yet. Who are the people the government giving the business to? We have no real idea. Sounds like large commercial growers. Someone with a whole lot of money. Someone with millions to invest. Maybe the same people who brought us Monsanto or Big Tobacco. Perhaps Molson’s would like to convert another brewery? The stated reason is that it cost Health Canada too much money to run the mess of the program they have built (and defended in court) over the past 12 long years. How can the largest pot dealer in Canada not be making any money? Health Canada should be raking in huge amounts of money day after day. Considering a captive market of 26,000 patients, this works out to about $141,180,000 (141 MILLION) per year. They don’t make any money: because they produce “medical grade” “marihuana” that is a complete fraud. Cancer patients return this stuff, refuse to pay the bill and switch to growing their own. Some people have invested lots of time and money to make sure that growing their garden is safe, clean, up to standards and secure. Yes, it is possible to get a little carried away. Plants are easy to grow if you have a green thumb. Seeds sprout quickly. Cannabis can be quite enthusiastic. That’s one of the reasons we call it “weed”. Quite often little cuttings are taken from one big plant to share with others. Certainly not a “plant” yet (no roots)…. but we are to somehow believe the cops that this tiny 2″ cutting is worth $1,000? Sounds impressive. Sounds like magical thinking. How much are you willing to pay for a little basil herb plant? Two bucks. The only polite term here is horsefeathers. The entire program, the entire war on drugs, is an expensive, abject failure. Our own Senate called this agenda a “failure of good governance” with serious Charter violations over ten years ago. We all know who pays for this disastrous “failure of good governance”. We do. Through our taxes. Billions upon billions wasted year after year, decade after decade. The Auditor General reported that over $30 million was “un-accounted for” in the Medical Marihuana Access ‘program’. All paid for – compliments of the citizens. Thanks! Certainly not at the expense of the politicians or the police. Far more to their benefit…. for all the “results” achieved. Canada has wasted countless billions on this corrupt policy. Suckers! We are wasting more resources and taxes on an agenda that has proven not to work. Cannabis is still easy to find. Medical patients are still walking a minefield. We are still putting people in prison for a plant, a god-given herb. The only sanity I see is the Liberal’s Policy Paper on Cannabis issued in January, 2013. I was relieved to see the new Liberal Leader adopt the official party policy and call for legalization. We all know that the Senate concluded in 2002 that “decriminalization” is just a further waste of money, resources and creates corruption at all levels of government. After the party passed the resolution in 2012 with a wide margin, it is obvious that the Liberals see a reduction in costs and an increase in revenues through an enlightened policy. At a Federal level, this policy would reduce a wide variety of costs and implies a re-direction of funds for various programs, research, education and other enlightened purposes. After all, I love hearing a politician call for “more studies” when the government has not approved any research licenses nor funded a single study during the past 10 years. Give it a try. Ask Health Canada for a research license to find out, for example, if criminal prosecutions for cannabis affect young people. Lets fund a study (again) regarding cannabis and driving. How about a study to find out if cannabis is actually “dangerous” according to toxicology indicators? We could conceive of a study to track the effects of prohibition on “a vulnerable segment of the population”. The greatest study might be to prove that cannabis cures cancer, or epilepsy, or Alzheimer’s. Sorry, was three studies or just one? There are over a thousand studies published over the past ten years. Just none of them done here. Smells a little fishy. The Liberal Legalization Policy Paper outlines a comprehensive legal production program with licensed producers and outlets across the country. Restrictions on sales to minors and cross-border trafficking are put in place. Savings in police, courts, jails and associated programs are realized. Resources are devoted to real crime, research & education instead of useless enforcement. Citizens working in the industry are able to come into the light, hire workers, build the economy and assist a “new growth industry”. ALL without creating a new level of “sin taxes” or new levels of bureaucracy. The existing model proposed by Health Canada for production covers all the bases to provide clean, organic, high-grade cannabis with suitable controls for social consumption. In fact, Health Canada is transferring administration of the program to the “Office of Controlled Substances – Controlled Substances and Tobacco Directorate”. How’s that for a fancy 1984-like title? (psst, it gets better). The proposed model also calls for licenses to ship cannabis across borders. Which makes me wonder: do we get to supply Washington and Colorado now? After all, it is just a plant. We have a fine reputation in the industry. Kind of like grapes. In fact, with a little effort and a green thumb you can make fine wine. The government, of course, would like a cut of the deal if you want to sell wine to all your friends, people, admirer’s and supporters. Kind of makes sense to regulate cannabis like grapes. It would be a fine Canadian tradition to engage in bootlegging as the insanity of prohibition finally winds down.

Save Queen Street

May 15, 2013

Hi LeRoy: Regarding the article by J.J. in the recent issue under the subtitled “Purpose: To protect the views of the Fire Hal and pretend that it matters. I am a little disappointed that your publication does not seem to think that views of the Fire Hall matter – it is one of the most beautiful buildings in the Beach. I also hope that you do not consider me to be one of the “helpful citizens” that are sarcastically mentioned. Unfortunately, the matter before Council was only the “guidelines” dealing with the shape and appearance of future buildings, and putting some of those guidelines into the zoning bylaw. So, issues about flooding, or even traffic and parking, have been left out. This is because the whole “Visioning Study” process that the Councillor launched didn’t include a full study of ALL the issues that relate to development on Queen Street . We could have had proper study of geology, hydrology and everything else, if McMahon had done the right thing: pass an Interim Control Bylaw and have the City pay independent consultants to do either a full Avenue Study or Secondary Plan Study with full input from the community. Judging from the submissions made last fall to the study facilitator and Council, most people feel that the guidelines go too far. Yet, the GBNA says that these guidelines are the result of a “community consensus” which was clearly not true. Even worse, the guidelines do not offer the full protection of a “Secondary Plan” or an “Area Specific Policy” (both of which go right into the Official Plan itself). The latter is what Mike Layton is getting for Ossington. I fought for improvements to be made to the guidelines – to ensure that it is harder for Council or the Committee of adjustment to ignore the partly changes that we are getting. Council did not even stop to ask one question about the specific changes or problems shown in my presentation. You are not the only “lone voice” out there – but what is an issue is that some of the so-called “neighbourhood” groups out there that pretend to speak for the community but unwilling to challenge McMahon and other members of Council to do far better than what the sloppy work that the Planning Department feeds them. Brian Graff Hi Brian, I understand you ran in to my ace investigative reporter J.J. at Tuesday evening’s meeting regarding the Carmelina Condominiums. He reported that he met you before at City Hall and says you are quite amiable. Of course you are… You’re a Beacher! I guess some residents aren’t thrilled at having a huge crane swinging over their properties and occasionally dropping concrete. That crane is mammoth! About your letter: We also love the view of the fire hall tower as it is part of the backdrop that VISUALLY greets visitors to the Beach. I do believe that it “over-shadowed” some issues regarding the safety of Beach denizens and your e-mail strongly indicates that you also have concerns about the lack of geological/hydrological information. We at Ward 32 News have concentrated on the issues that can’t be seen by the human eye. No one else seemed to care at all. That is why J.J. referred to us as the “lone voice” when it comes to the safety of our fellow Beachers. I think we can both agree that our local councilor has been less than adequate on all issues regarding construction in our beloved Beach. We certainly appreciate your involvement in the Queen Street issue as you fought for improvements to the guidelines. As you stated in your e-mail, Council didn’t stop to ask you one question about your presentation. Upon returning to the office after the City Hall meeting, J.J. said he was stunned at the lack of interest shown by the councilors. I can assure you that we appreciate your involvement because apathy in general has seemed to taken hold of the public. As far as publishing some of your articles, we thought your opinions were worthy of exposure to the public. After all, I have taken a more radical position and kept attacking like a pit bull. Your ‘take’ on the subject helped ‘tone down’ our publication. As far as I am concerned, the fight to save Queen Street is far from over as it is not in my personality to give in when I know I’m right. We are now trying to think of a way to FORCE a complete hydrological study. If you have any ideas that will help us do that, please share them with us as your input will be taken more seriously by us than it was by our local politicians. LeRoy

By Robert James On Saturday, April 20th Mayor Rob Ford organized a city wide Community Clean-up Day encouraging fellow citizens to help clean up the garbage and debris left by those who just can’t ever seem to find the nearby waste bin, often a few feet in front of their very nose. Your Ward News reporter Michelle L. Erstikaitis took the initiative for our team and signed up both her and myself to pitch in, yet instead of cleaning up here in our Beaches we decided to see just how well Moss Park is being taken care off. Moss Park is not only home to a large Canadian Forces facility, it also hosts one of the most dense groupings of taxpayer funded homeless shelters, drop-in centres, social agencies, outreach groups, and rehab clinics. Thankfully in our Beaches we only have a few community housing initiatives forced down our pharynx by make busy/make money councilors, so we do not have to put up with the same amount of riffraff as in the inner city. Michelle, concerned why in an area created for children to enjoy baseball, climb on the play structure or have fun on the swing set – vagrants feel they can have the run of the place; partnered up with myself to support Ford’s request for volunteers. Packed with only a few garbage bags and some gloves we took one look around and realized just how disgusting some local residents were. The park, originally planned for the use of families, children and amateur athletes has become a dirty eyesore of filth, disease, drug use, prostitution and cheap booze. We spent the windy, cold day picking up not only trash left by litterbugs but a wide variety of sickening paraphernalia left over from a welfare cheque financed party. Empty beer cans, used crack pipes, hypodermic syringes both with and without rusty used needles, and semen filled condoms greeted us at every turn. Along with that the standard homeless trash faced by us included, flat cardboard boxes, soiled underwear, worn out socks, blood stained blankets, heavily expired food containers from drop-in centres, and the ever present smell of human urine and feces. These people refuse to look after themselves, respect our communities, find a job, or even spend a few minutes cleaning up after themselves. Much like a vermin – gorging on the pockets of taxpayer handouts – will by their very nature only leave a trail of destruction and contamination behind them. Two days later, just two days after Michelle Erstikaitis and I stood up with Mayor Ford to pitch in we were shocked to discover the municipal hobo convention dirtied Moss Park yet again. There are several signs stating that no adults are allowed on the playground area without children, and several CCTV cameras are in place, yet the police are too boggled down by the socialist agenda to actually enforce common decency and arrest these blood sucking insects. Should the government ever decide that our Beaches would be a socially appropriate area to create more “services” for those suffering from vagrancy, mental health issues and drug abuse; we need to stand tall! Do you want this to happen to Ashbridge’s Bay Park or Kew Gardens? I know the kids don’t.

by Robert James The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) is a morally criminal group in our city who teach others how to manipulate the welfare system, and make a living off the backs of taxpayers. The group originally started by anarchists and members of other communist organizations first called themselves the “Toronto Union of Unemployed Workers” even though their unemployment was mostly voluntary. In recent years even the real unions, including CAW and CUPE has withdrawn support for such “poverty crusaders” due to OCAP’s fair game policy directed against working poor. Following the Marxist-Leninist tactics of direct action, the OCAP has illegally blockaded major streets, burglarized building to use as squat houses, aggressively verbally attacked several people living in their private residences, crashed political events and are extremely confrontational with neighbourhood associations trying to keep crime and vagrancy out of their communities. On June 15, 2000, OCAP started a riot at Queen’s Park where their socialist revolution was to take place. Police officers, police horses and security guards were victims of physical violence by the OCAP leaders and their cronies, leading to over forty arrests. One look at OCAP’s website proves they have no interest in the concerns of those working several jobs just to make ends meet. Demanding that the government raise the rates for welfare junkies to more then what people working 40 hours a week for $15 an hour make after tax is beyond belief. Yet until then the website lists every scam in the book so leeches can collect even more tax dollars; including how to claim a special diet allowance, get a transportation bonus, and how to grab extra start-up cash if you just got out of jail. Not only is the application process for OW and ODSP given step by step, they even provide advice on how to lie to your social worker, collect under the table income and avoid required visits. Since OW pays less then ODSP the coalition recommends everybody immediately apply for it, even those that are not genuinely disabled. In their own words: “We encourage people to apply for ODSP because you will get more money then (OW) and because you are less likely to be hassled.” This is legally considered disability fraud! Why is the OCAP not in jail?

By Robert James.


It always brings a smile to our gleaming eyed faces as we excitedly await for another one of McMahon’s taxpayer funded newsletters. Taking the opportunity to disseminate the word of our Lord McMahon, is always an enjoyable pastime for us fervently loyal Beachers.

This time Ward 32’s current councilor does not disappoint, as her hilarious propaganda once again shows the level of malicious plans for our community, hidden under the shadow of “good” intentions… it truly is the road to hell.

Of course McMahon can not go less then two paragraphs on the first article on her front page without attacking Mayor Ford; questioning his tenure, and reminding us of all the slanderous balderdash continuously regurgitated by the left. The fact that Ford coaches a student football team for at-risk-kids, saves taxpayer money by driving his own vehicle, wants an investigation into the corrupt Bussin/Foulidis deal, and the lies Sarah Thomson makes up is the pathetic fodder everlastingly dished out by the socialist agenda. Sarah Thomson’s repulsive allegations, even when proven to be false by witnesses is being armed by left-wing feminists specifically for the 2014 Toronto Mayoral Election.

McMahon also wants her Ward to ignorantly ignore her selling out of our Beaches to the blood sucking developers of condominiums and big box stores, as local small business and community churches are forced out for demolition. Mary-Margaret mentions how firmly she stands behind the Queen Street Urban Design Guidelines, and actually expects us to believe community input was considered before the annihilation of our east end.

She also warns us about the construction and noise disturbance we will have to suffer under her self-serving rulership. Her map of the Beaches printed in her newsletter shows construction efforts in roads and parks, while totally ignoring the real systematic damage being inflicted by major developments… instead pointing out locations of what BIA is running the “protection racket” in the area.

Finally in the back page of McMahon’s newest propaganda, funded with your money a list of municipal and provincial contact numbers make it easy to reach government services. Yet the Toronto Police, the Fire Department, Transit Commission, Hydro and Employment Hotlines all take a back seat. The very first contact number, topping the list is for the Ontario Disability Support Program.

Do we really need a councilor who sells out our community for profit, who wastes our money printing Orwellian blackwhite, who supports attacks against the mayor for her own political/financial ends, and who proudly displays ODSP as the number one governmental contact??? The only reason this inexperienced nobody got elected was to get Bussin out. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss!