Bluffs Advocate

May 15, 2013

Robert Spencer, Ward 36 Candidate General Manager of the Bluffs Advocate. Not to mention treasurer CFO at Beach Community Energy Co-operative and member of the Toronto District School Board’s Environmental Advisory Committee… Is it a conflict of interest? Dear Bluffs Advocate, I received your paper in my mailbox last week and since you appear not to have announced that your paper has strong NDP leanings, I thought you might be willing to print a letter pointing this out to your readers. Your front page lead story is about Gus Harris who you describe as having “socialist leanings”. On your second page there is a letter from Ed Treadway, who has been fighting plans for the Quarry Lands by the Conservatory Group. We here in Guildwood applaud Mr. Treadway’s efforts. We also notice that in his reply to his letter, your General Manager, Mr. Spencer, did not answer his question about who funds your newspaper. The public does have a right to know how it is funded, and like Mr. Treadway, we here in Guildwood would appreciate a public response to that question. Throughout the rest of your paper you cover labor issues, take a veiled shot at Mr. Ford, Toronto ’s Mayor, with respect to the Guild Inn, pointing out that “public space is not gravy”. You also mention the Artscape proposal for the Guild Inn being put aside for Centennial’s proposal, again a veiled form of disapproval of Mr. Ainslie’s handling of this issue. You may not be aware of this, but this community has stated its opinion often about wanting The Guild to be redeveloped as a space for artists but also for a decent restaurant and wedding and conference facilities. Unfortunately city bureaucrats have, in the past, prevented the community’s wishes from being addressed. Page 6 takes another shot at Mr. Ainslie and other Scarborough Councillors for supporting Mr. Ford’s budget, and celebrates the win of community groups for a 1.4 million increase in community grants. Throughout, all of your articles, from the economy to the environment have a distinct NDP bias, yet you do not state this anywhere in your paper, claiming instead to simply be a group of “progressives”. Does this mean that you consider anyone who does not support these positions to be “regressive”? It has been said that truth is the first casualty of war. Given that the truth of your paper’s political leanings appears to be being hidden, one wonders if this is simply the opening salvo of a PR war in this community. And given your position with respect to alternative energy, could this PR war possibly be, once again, about wind turbines in Lake Ontario, and an attempt to elect an NDP Councillor here or perhaps an NDP MPP? This community has already said no to wind turbines, for many well researched reasons. Kindly do not begin another PR “war” on this topic now. It would not end well. And if you are attempting to gain the election of NDP Councillors or MPP’s, perhaps you should be more honest and up front about your intentions, and let the public know that your paper is a political advertisement, not, as it claims to be, an “advocate” for the Bluffs or Scarborough. Yours truly, Sherri Lange


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