FRAUD ALERT! Paul Murton – Toronto Area Matchstick Man

May 15, 2013


There are three major types of economic systems in society today; Capitalism, Communism and Murtonism. Capitalism stands for the greatest standard of living for the largest number of nations in the free world. Communism stands for the socioeconomic slavery of the vast majority of it’s people to further then ends of a select few bureaucrats. Murtonism is the intentional deception against abused victims for the sole financial gain of one single person, in this case Paul Murton treats everybody else as a personal ATM machine.

Paul, a failure as an entrepreneur; suffering from severe bouts of financial insolvency does more then just name-drop successful business owners and a way to inflate his own sense of importance… he goes as far as stealing the identity of the entire corporation!

Case in point, Kriminal Records. A local record label and talent promoting agency attracting talent here in East Toronto and the GTA. Kriminal Records (as a sister organization to the Beaches Blues & Danforth Music Festival) was created to offer exposure and guidance to musicians and bands for their future success. Paul Murton was hired for a brief time to duplicate audio CDs as he owned a small, cheep, over-the-counter CD duplicator and offered his overpriced services. When it was discovered that one artist had a crowd of upset music lovers due to most of the CDs Murton *claimed* to have duplicated were blank, just after grabbing hundreds of dollars for the job… suffice to say his services were no longer required.

Not only was this artist defrauded with blank CDs that could literally be purchased for a few pennies, Murton used illegal bait-and-switch tactics before closing the sale. Murton’s company “DBSduplication” advertises pressed CDs, with full colour inserts, a tray card and jewel case for $1.30 per CD. This was the expectation of his customers, yet this is flagrant false advertising as the true cost is closer to $3 – $4 per CD… assuming Paul Murton is even bothered to actually *duplicate* anything rather then rip people off. No wonder DBSduplication has an “F-” rating with the Better Business Bureau, the LOWEST rating even the most corrupt scammer can get! The “F-” rating stands for FRAUD!

When Paul Murton realized his days with Kriminal Records were finished, he did not take any mind. You see from day one Murton cultivated a cunning plan to steal Kriminal Records’ identity. Just as he did with countless corporations before, and as he is doing to this vary day – he claims ownership of almost any organization that uses his so called services. A look on DBSduplication’s website shows Paul Murton as the owner of the Danforth Music Festival, the Beaches Blues Fest and Kriminal Records, even though he was only employed minimally by these organizations and fired over one year ago! No, you can not contact the real owner of Kriminal Records on Paul Murton’s sites… you can ONLY call Paul or email Paul, so Paul can convince you he is more then the proverbial ex-janitor as a way to royally rip you off and milk you dry. Do not be fooled by his little beady eyes and deviously malicious gleam!

Section 380(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada states “everyone who, by deceit, falsehood or other fraudulent means defrauds the public or any person, of any property, money or valuable security is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to a term of imprisonment not exceeding fourteen years”.


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