Mary-Margaret McMahon, serving you effectively???

May 15, 2013

By Robert James.


It always brings a smile to our gleaming eyed faces as we excitedly await for another one of McMahon’s taxpayer funded newsletters. Taking the opportunity to disseminate the word of our Lord McMahon, is always an enjoyable pastime for us fervently loyal Beachers.

This time Ward 32’s current councilor does not disappoint, as her hilarious propaganda once again shows the level of malicious plans for our community, hidden under the shadow of “good” intentions… it truly is the road to hell.

Of course McMahon can not go less then two paragraphs on the first article on her front page without attacking Mayor Ford; questioning his tenure, and reminding us of all the slanderous balderdash continuously regurgitated by the left. The fact that Ford coaches a student football team for at-risk-kids, saves taxpayer money by driving his own vehicle, wants an investigation into the corrupt Bussin/Foulidis deal, and the lies Sarah Thomson makes up is the pathetic fodder everlastingly dished out by the socialist agenda. Sarah Thomson’s repulsive allegations, even when proven to be false by witnesses is being armed by left-wing feminists specifically for the 2014 Toronto Mayoral Election.

McMahon also wants her Ward to ignorantly ignore her selling out of our Beaches to the blood sucking developers of condominiums and big box stores, as local small business and community churches are forced out for demolition. Mary-Margaret mentions how firmly she stands behind the Queen Street Urban Design Guidelines, and actually expects us to believe community input was considered before the annihilation of our east end.

She also warns us about the construction and noise disturbance we will have to suffer under her self-serving rulership. Her map of the Beaches printed in her newsletter shows construction efforts in roads and parks, while totally ignoring the real systematic damage being inflicted by major developments… instead pointing out locations of what BIA is running the “protection racket” in the area.

Finally in the back page of McMahon’s newest propaganda, funded with your money a list of municipal and provincial contact numbers make it easy to reach government services. Yet the Toronto Police, the Fire Department, Transit Commission, Hydro and Employment Hotlines all take a back seat. The very first contact number, topping the list is for the Ontario Disability Support Program.

Do we really need a councilor who sells out our community for profit, who wastes our money printing Orwellian blackwhite, who supports attacks against the mayor for her own political/financial ends, and who proudly displays ODSP as the number one governmental contact??? The only reason this inexperienced nobody got elected was to get Bussin out. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss!


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