Mayor Ford, cleaning up the city’s filth.

May 15, 2013

By Robert James On Saturday, April 20th Mayor Rob Ford organized a city wide Community Clean-up Day encouraging fellow citizens to help clean up the garbage and debris left by those who just can’t ever seem to find the nearby waste bin, often a few feet in front of their very nose. Your Ward News reporter Michelle L. Erstikaitis took the initiative for our team and signed up both her and myself to pitch in, yet instead of cleaning up here in our Beaches we decided to see just how well Moss Park is being taken care off. Moss Park is not only home to a large Canadian Forces facility, it also hosts one of the most dense groupings of taxpayer funded homeless shelters, drop-in centres, social agencies, outreach groups, and rehab clinics. Thankfully in our Beaches we only have a few community housing initiatives forced down our pharynx by make busy/make money councilors, so we do not have to put up with the same amount of riffraff as in the inner city. Michelle, concerned why in an area created for children to enjoy baseball, climb on the play structure or have fun on the swing set – vagrants feel they can have the run of the place; partnered up with myself to support Ford’s request for volunteers. Packed with only a few garbage bags and some gloves we took one look around and realized just how disgusting some local residents were. The park, originally planned for the use of families, children and amateur athletes has become a dirty eyesore of filth, disease, drug use, prostitution and cheap booze. We spent the windy, cold day picking up not only trash left by litterbugs but a wide variety of sickening paraphernalia left over from a welfare cheque financed party. Empty beer cans, used crack pipes, hypodermic syringes both with and without rusty used needles, and semen filled condoms greeted us at every turn. Along with that the standard homeless trash faced by us included, flat cardboard boxes, soiled underwear, worn out socks, blood stained blankets, heavily expired food containers from drop-in centres, and the ever present smell of human urine and feces. These people refuse to look after themselves, respect our communities, find a job, or even spend a few minutes cleaning up after themselves. Much like a vermin – gorging on the pockets of taxpayer handouts – will by their very nature only leave a trail of destruction and contamination behind them. Two days later, just two days after Michelle Erstikaitis and I stood up with Mayor Ford to pitch in we were shocked to discover the municipal hobo convention dirtied Moss Park yet again. There are several signs stating that no adults are allowed on the playground area without children, and several CCTV cameras are in place, yet the police are too boggled down by the socialist agenda to actually enforce common decency and arrest these blood sucking insects. Should the government ever decide that our Beaches would be a socially appropriate area to create more “services” for those suffering from vagrancy, mental health issues and drug abuse; we need to stand tall! Do you want this to happen to Ashbridge’s Bay Park or Kew Gardens? I know the kids don’t.


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