Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, Crazy Leeches

May 15, 2013

by Robert James The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) is a morally criminal group in our city who teach others how to manipulate the welfare system, and make a living off the backs of taxpayers. The group originally started by anarchists and members of other communist organizations first called themselves the “Toronto Union of Unemployed Workers” even though their unemployment was mostly voluntary. In recent years even the real unions, including CAW and CUPE has withdrawn support for such “poverty crusaders” due to OCAP’s fair game policy directed against working poor. Following the Marxist-Leninist tactics of direct action, the OCAP has illegally blockaded major streets, burglarized building to use as squat houses, aggressively verbally attacked several people living in their private residences, crashed political events and are extremely confrontational with neighbourhood associations trying to keep crime and vagrancy out of their communities. On June 15, 2000, OCAP started a riot at Queen’s Park where their socialist revolution was to take place. Police officers, police horses and security guards were victims of physical violence by the OCAP leaders and their cronies, leading to over forty arrests. One look at OCAP’s website proves they have no interest in the concerns of those working several jobs just to make ends meet. Demanding that the government raise the rates for welfare junkies to more then what people working 40 hours a week for $15 an hour make after tax is beyond belief. Yet until then the website lists every scam in the book so leeches can collect even more tax dollars; including how to claim a special diet allowance, get a transportation bonus, and how to grab extra start-up cash if you just got out of jail. Not only is the application process for OW and ODSP given step by step, they even provide advice on how to lie to your social worker, collect under the table income and avoid required visits. Since OW pays less then ODSP the coalition recommends everybody immediately apply for it, even those that are not genuinely disabled. In their own words: “We encourage people to apply for ODSP because you will get more money then (OW) and because you are less likely to be hassled.” This is legally considered disability fraud! Why is the OCAP not in jail?


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