Passing the Joint with Trudeau

May 15, 2013

by Bruce Ryan. Hysterical media articles about medical cannabis “grow-ops” being over their approved numbers of plants paint a picture of ‘illegal’ activities. Oh my god, plants! Quick, someone call the cops before they run. I must say…. with the disaster engineered by Health Canada, someone has to pick up the slack. Most medical patients won’t buy the poor quality “marihuana” the government grows in that copper mine in Manitoba. At $5 per gram, this stuff is worse than outdoor Mexican biker weed. So, let me get this straight, indoors it costs about $1 per gram to grow commercially and the government can’t make any money? As a result, in their infinite wisdom, they are cancelling the medical patients (and their growers) right to grow their own herb. A medical grower can produce a truly excellent product, a simple plant, for about 30 cents a gram. Outdoors it is cheaper yet. Who are the people the government giving the business to? We have no real idea. Sounds like large commercial growers. Someone with a whole lot of money. Someone with millions to invest. Maybe the same people who brought us Monsanto or Big Tobacco. Perhaps Molson’s would like to convert another brewery? The stated reason is that it cost Health Canada too much money to run the mess of the program they have built (and defended in court) over the past 12 long years. How can the largest pot dealer in Canada not be making any money? Health Canada should be raking in huge amounts of money day after day. Considering a captive market of 26,000 patients, this works out to about $141,180,000 (141 MILLION) per year. They don’t make any money: because they produce “medical grade” “marihuana” that is a complete fraud. Cancer patients return this stuff, refuse to pay the bill and switch to growing their own. Some people have invested lots of time and money to make sure that growing their garden is safe, clean, up to standards and secure. Yes, it is possible to get a little carried away. Plants are easy to grow if you have a green thumb. Seeds sprout quickly. Cannabis can be quite enthusiastic. That’s one of the reasons we call it “weed”. Quite often little cuttings are taken from one big plant to share with others. Certainly not a “plant” yet (no roots)…. but we are to somehow believe the cops that this tiny 2″ cutting is worth $1,000? Sounds impressive. Sounds like magical thinking. How much are you willing to pay for a little basil herb plant? Two bucks. The only polite term here is horsefeathers. The entire program, the entire war on drugs, is an expensive, abject failure. Our own Senate called this agenda a “failure of good governance” with serious Charter violations over ten years ago. We all know who pays for this disastrous “failure of good governance”. We do. Through our taxes. Billions upon billions wasted year after year, decade after decade. The Auditor General reported that over $30 million was “un-accounted for” in the Medical Marihuana Access ‘program’. All paid for – compliments of the citizens. Thanks! Certainly not at the expense of the politicians or the police. Far more to their benefit…. for all the “results” achieved. Canada has wasted countless billions on this corrupt policy. Suckers! We are wasting more resources and taxes on an agenda that has proven not to work. Cannabis is still easy to find. Medical patients are still walking a minefield. We are still putting people in prison for a plant, a god-given herb. The only sanity I see is the Liberal’s Policy Paper on Cannabis issued in January, 2013. I was relieved to see the new Liberal Leader adopt the official party policy and call for legalization. We all know that the Senate concluded in 2002 that “decriminalization” is just a further waste of money, resources and creates corruption at all levels of government. After the party passed the resolution in 2012 with a wide margin, it is obvious that the Liberals see a reduction in costs and an increase in revenues through an enlightened policy. At a Federal level, this policy would reduce a wide variety of costs and implies a re-direction of funds for various programs, research, education and other enlightened purposes. After all, I love hearing a politician call for “more studies” when the government has not approved any research licenses nor funded a single study during the past 10 years. Give it a try. Ask Health Canada for a research license to find out, for example, if criminal prosecutions for cannabis affect young people. Lets fund a study (again) regarding cannabis and driving. How about a study to find out if cannabis is actually “dangerous” according to toxicology indicators? We could conceive of a study to track the effects of prohibition on “a vulnerable segment of the population”. The greatest study might be to prove that cannabis cures cancer, or epilepsy, or Alzheimer’s. Sorry, was three studies or just one? There are over a thousand studies published over the past ten years. Just none of them done here. Smells a little fishy. The Liberal Legalization Policy Paper outlines a comprehensive legal production program with licensed producers and outlets across the country. Restrictions on sales to minors and cross-border trafficking are put in place. Savings in police, courts, jails and associated programs are realized. Resources are devoted to real crime, research & education instead of useless enforcement. Citizens working in the industry are able to come into the light, hire workers, build the economy and assist a “new growth industry”. ALL without creating a new level of “sin taxes” or new levels of bureaucracy. The existing model proposed by Health Canada for production covers all the bases to provide clean, organic, high-grade cannabis with suitable controls for social consumption. In fact, Health Canada is transferring administration of the program to the “Office of Controlled Substances – Controlled Substances and Tobacco Directorate”. How’s that for a fancy 1984-like title? (psst, it gets better). The proposed model also calls for licenses to ship cannabis across borders. Which makes me wonder: do we get to supply Washington and Colorado now? After all, it is just a plant. We have a fine reputation in the industry. Kind of like grapes. In fact, with a little effort and a green thumb you can make fine wine. The government, of course, would like a cut of the deal if you want to sell wine to all your friends, people, admirer’s and supporters. Kind of makes sense to regulate cannabis like grapes. It would be a fine Canadian tradition to engage in bootlegging as the insanity of prohibition finally winds down.


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