Paul Murton’s QUEEN STREET NEWSLETTER – Back from the Dead???

May 15, 2013

Paul, long time no read! It’s been a while since you last printed your piddle, and we kind of missed your desperate, meandering ranting. You haven’t had anything out since your last November edition, and we were a little worried you declared financial insolvency again. This time though LeRoy is not going to bail you out and pay your rent… but he will make sure that the Salvation Army keeps a bed at their Maxwell Meighen Center cold for you. We see you must have lost your “contract” with the printer of those nice glossy covers, or at least they got tired of you wasting their ink. Either way it’s kind of hard to con anyone into thinking you actually have different magazines since you can’t swap covers anymore. At least you save some money personally delivering them, not too many to print anyway! How is it going with Robin? Must be under some severe withdrawal symptoms, what with not being able to pull in some quick crack money anymore. So much for Robin’s… I’m sorry, Peter Moore’s bait & scam pitch. Is he still telling advertisers that you publish bi-monthly? It’s been almost seven months now… guess there are a lot of ticked off businesses who got swindled by you and Robin. By the way, everyone noticed you at John Long’s birthday party. Looking a little dirty and left out Paul. I know you don’t have the spare change to pay for laundry, but please at least try to look a little respectable if that word is in your vocabulary. Also that scruffy unshaven look does not work well on you, but at least it keeps the women a safe distance away from your general vicinity. Creep factor alert!!! Now you finally admit that LeRoy is the owner of Ward 32 News, and owner of the websites. Took you a while! Since you now admit to LeRoy’s ownership you have illegally accessed the web server and defaced the website. Another violation of the Criminal Code of Canada on your part. First perpetrating corporate identity theft, then defrauding both LeRoy and his clients, and now computer hacking. Get this through your head you NEVER ran this paper, you only did LeRoy’s graphics and web design. You were horrible at it and fired! You scammed LeRoy just like you do with everyone else, and now you can do nothing but bitch. Glad your being a big boy and “sucking it up”… yet trust me – we *ARE* being NICE to you, Paulie Boy. Now go away now. Shoo! – Robert James


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