Paul Murton, hustler and grifter can’t seem to pay his bills. A few years ago Murton, crying his sob story was about to lose everything.       

Already charging an arm and a leg in shoddy web design, self promoting videos, childish graphic editing and fruitless sales leads; he was on his way to a homeless shelter. Paul needed a quick grand to keep his apartment and phone. About to go out of the flimflam business, his only  option was to panhandle victims for yet another bailout fund.

Was it any surprise that when this beady-eyed merchant of lies won a $1,000 windfall he was unable to pay it back? Well not in cash of course, the only repayment was a fistful of hogwash. Paul Murton never provided anything at par of what you would expect from even getting a child next door to mow your lawn. Getting Paul Murton to pay back his debt was impossible. Not even Ethan Hunt could succeed in this mission.

Paul Murton can only take advantage of people who are not aware of his shoddy work. Much like a contractor “fixing” a home or vehicle the customer knows nothing about. When the victim gets a bill, there is no  telling if the job was done right, let alone if the payment is deserved. Since at the time his work was with computers, his most delectable victims were those who were not on-top of our electronic world. Yet when you ask a mass-proclaimed “expert” for a second opinion, Murton’s scam of greed and thievery quickly unravels. When you ask for another contractor to check the shoddy work, they can only cry at how some scammers rip the public off and destroy the passion they have in their field.

I first met LeRoy St. Germaine in the summer of 2012, when he was looking at designing a proper website as his current one was childishly crude. It was not a website for Your Ward News per se as it was a mind boggling “spamdex” of Paul Murton’s various schemes quickly slapped together with the skill and attention of an elementary school student’s unwanted homework… I assumed Murton’s excuse was that the dog ate LeRoy’s former websites.

I was shocked to learn that over the years LeRoy has paid thousands of dollars to Mr. Murton and has given Murton thousands of dollars more in the form of free in-print advertising for the creation and upkeep of what is essentially a “linkfarm” of Paul’s other financial interests. The entire site was literally littered with  dozens of spam links for Murton’s disc duplication, POS sales, model photo shoots, and countless other         gimmicks Paul thinks he can make a quick buck at; including charging $598 to upload a two minute video to YouTube!!!

LeRoy was shocked at Paul’s claims that Ward 32 News, which has been published 10 times a year for the past five years is no longer in business. It seems according to the website that other magazines owned by Murton have taken over all operations as Your Ward News ceased to exist. Now naturally I had to question this statement as LeRoy kept a back issue or two of almost every paper published in the past five years and a van was just pulling up, fully loaded with stacks and bundles of a recent edition. Upon further review of the contact information on the website, one could only call Paul, or email Paul. In my years of professional graphics and web design, I have never seen such a beguiling intent to deceive. Murton is a disgusting shame to the entire   industry of skilled computer graphic designers. Suing time is soon, personally serving Murton shall be sweet…


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has a lot to celebrate since his 44th birthday, not to mention a job to finish. The Toronto Star’s assault campaign has finally come full circle, and even the most incompetent socialist who postured the public is now on the defensive. Not only has the media lost all credibility by endlessly running tabloid rumors, the Toronto Star has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt their complete lack of journalistic integrity. The entire code of media ethics has been violated at every turn by the Star, without any evidence or dignity. In an effort to utterly destroy one man the media has harassed, slandered, and blacklisted not only Ford and his family, but any supporters as well. The disgraceful actions of the Star, as well as other gravy train moochers will forever blight the ethics and standards of the press. Truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness and public accountability; all of these pillars were demolished in the hopes of a fatal propaganda victory against Ford. Recently former Your Ward News staffer Michelle L. Erstikaitis and myself attended city hall, press passes in hand to offer our support to the Mayor during this visibly stressful time. Ward 43 councillor Paul Ainslie was in the process of offering a statement to the media when we arrived. Ainslie who received a very minor warning after a RIDE spot check offered the drop of blood required in the shark tank to temporary allow Ford some breathing room. Waiting until Ainslie exited city hall, Michelle took the highly emotional opportunity to shame the media for their sins. “Vultures!” Deputy mayor Doug Holyday commented “I think the longer they go without any video, the less credibility the whole thing has”. Clearly the Star and other major media had no video let alone any credibility to begin with. Rather all it seems is required is a few violent drug lords and their demands for money so the Red Star can spin a whole new “controversy”. It does not matter if there is any proof, it does not matter if there are any facts, and it certainly does not matter that the media’s ONLY source was a gang of parasitic street criminals. Not expecting the media fallout that happened, these murderous gang-bangers have backed off their indigent fraud. Demanding approximately $200,000 to release their seemingly non-existent video, the public donated the full amount, including one anonymous sucker who gave $10,000 alone. Now that these filthy hoodlums can have the cash with one phone call, all deals are off. Is it any surprise no one wants to release a video that can not stand up to forensic examination? The staff at Your Ward News wonders how deep this scam is, even a week before the funding goal was reached most contact with the scum drug pushers ended. Since the money has been raised the video is “gone” and no effort to release the video has been made. What of the hundreds of thousands of dollars raised? It will be going to a thus far unnamed, unknown non-profit organization that could be run by anybody. Those who blindly donated will not be getting a refund! Criminal and civil proceeding need to be arranged against the Toronto Star and others for fraud & defamation, the people of this city had enough! Despite the single most aggressive and prejudiced character assassination of a political figure in Canadian history, Rob Ford approval ratings remain remarkably steady.

 The latest car insurance scam is committed by the INSURERS, NOT THE INSURED. It happened to Al and it could happen to you.

 Allen Fields has tire tracks across his back after being run over by the Trafalgar Insurance Company of Canada. Here are the essential facts of the case: On December 7th, 2012 Allen notified Trafalgar that he was transferring his license plate from his ‘totaled’ 2001 Saturn LS1 to a 2002 Subaru Forrester that he had acquired. He made it      absolutely clear that the destroyed Saturn was scrap yard bound. He requested that the existing auto insurance policy from the trashed 2001 Saturn be transferred to the 2001 Subaru Forrester.

 The insurance company gangster refused to remove the Saturn from the policy and informed Al that the ONLY way he could insure the Subaru Forrester was to add it to the existing policy as a second car. He would be forced to pay for both cars even though the Saturn would no longer exist as an automobile. The corporate car-jacker then billed him $157.00 for insurance on the Subaru Forrester as a second car,   covering the period from December 8th, 2012 to February 18th, 2013. Allen Fields was then billed $1,907.00 for the renewal coverage of both cars, covering the period from February 18th, 2013 to           February 18th, 2014. That’s more than enough information for readers to understand Al’s predicament without all our heads exploding from overload. It is also essential to relate to our subscribers the bigger picture that Your Ward News has uncovered regarding the state of the insurance industry in our Ontario.

 We quickly discovered that Trafalgar is only one tentacle among many slimy appendages. The body that these tentacles led us to was a stunning lair at 700 University Avenue, also known as the Ontario Hydro Building. The name of that body is called INTACT and its structure is reminiscent of the Madoff Model whose tentacles were known as ‘feeders’ that provided victim’s monies to Big Boss Bernie. The ‘feeder’ companies of INTACT have familiar names like Grey Power and belairdirect, and yes, there are no  capitals in the latter (not a typo). We dispatched a Your Ward News investigative reporter to INTACT headquarters at 700 University Avenue and secured a copy of their weighty 2012 Annual Report.

 After a major fire in 1809, a group of Halifax businessmen formed the Halifax Fire Insurance                 Association, later renamed the Halifax Insurance Company. In the late 1950’s it was purchased by one of the largest Dutch insurance companies at the time, Nationale – Nederlanden. In the 1980’s they, in turn, acquired Commerce Group, Belair and Western Union. After several more acquisitions and corporate  incarnations, trading began December 10th, 2004 as a publicly listed company on the Toronto Stock      Exchange. Now boasting 11,000 employees and 6,000 brokerage offices across Canada INTACT         manages its investments internally which total approximately $13 BILLION.

 In Ontario, auto insurance is a government regulated product. The product features and benefits are identical, regardless of the insurance company that you buy it from. Even the premiums charged by each insurance company are monitored and approved by the Financial Service Commission of Ontario (FSCO). Adequate and uniform auto insurance for Ontario consumers is the stated ideal. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?

 Corporate greed and political corruption can be difficult to regulate, and INTACT’s voracious appetite knows no bounds. Monopoly isn’t a game to them. It is serious business for their upper echelon of    management and share-holders. With little left to devour in the auto insurance food chain, this apex predator now preys on everyday Ontarians like you, me, and Allen Fields. Our investigation has            revealed that he is far from alone. Who can ignore the recent story of the woman whose rate was raised 30% without any changes in her driving record…. or the caller to TALK RADIO am 640 who received a polite letter informing him that he now must pay $245.00 instead of the $210.00 that he had been paying? Let’s not forget that Ontario’s citizens were promised LOWER payments by a disastrous Liberty Party, the details of which will be revealed in Your Ward New’s continuing expose of the insurance industry in Ontario.

 Allen Fields is now suing Trafalgar Insurance for extorting money from him. Being one of INTACT’s bully sons, Trafalgar willfully and knowingly committed this crime by refusing to insure a               newly-purchased car unless he continued to pay insurance on his totaled ‘junker’ that was on its way to the scrap yard. Mr. Fields is a member of a notorious band of fellows that also enjoy riding their          motorcycles. The point is: IF IT HAPPENED TO AL, IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU!!!


             Premier Wynne’s callous statement last week, that despite changes in Ontario’s wind turbine policies in the future, wind project objectors in the line for massive turbine factories in their communities are simply “out of luck,” did not resonate with already pent up frustrated and angry residents of Ontario. It is safe to say that Minister Bob Chiarelli’s announcement of ending the FIT in the FUTURE, and some vague allure of community engagement on sitting, did not mesh with the immediate problems of Rural Ontario. In fact, the vagaries were perceived by many as insulting. “Unfortunately,” said Sherri Lange of Na-Paw, “it does not appear in the       language of the announcement for changes in green energy policy that anything substantive will change, save the developers in future years, beyond the mayhem now in Ontario, will have to scramble for competitiveness in the marketplace. Projects already approved, most of them already in the line, will not be cancelled, despite strong universal and growing objection, and municipalities advising the Premier one by one that they are NOT willing hosts.”

For years, the people of Ontario have variously called for an immediate moratorium, for the resignation of Dr. Arlene King, Chief Medical Officer of Health, and for a public enquiry. Now, we are continuing our call for change by adding the current Premier to our own “out of luck” list of politicians. Seventeen members of         Parliament were changed last election, including seven Liberal Ministers. The objective now is to                  communicate more thoroughly with urban centres about the injustices and economic and environmental     problems with industrial wind, to demand political change NOW, and ask urban dwellers to join the charge for a return to a free and just society.

In the light of additional erasure of government documents, hiding gas plant buyout figures that have turned out to be astronomical, and attempts to hide facts of costs with proroguing government, changing        Premiers, and a stubbornly clung to energy policy based on now commonly known “serious                                 misrepresentations”, the insult to common sense is complete. Ontario is not ready to embrace more of the same. The Premier has dangled promises of conversation, and change, and no projects for unwilling hosts, but has not delivered. The only thing delivered in full is disappointment and shame. “The Premier is now out of luck and we enjoin her to resign as soon as possible,” said Lange. Lorrie Gillis, Chair of the Ontario Regional Wind Turbine Working Group, shares this sentiment. “The Liberal government continues to ignore all of the   serious issues that have come forward with existing industrial wind turbines. This government continues on, with willful blindness and with NDP complicity, promoting and giving approvals to an industry that threatens legal action against municipalities and individuals and which is given full and free license to harm and destroy wildlife habitat.”

How much further economic looting will the Liberals continue to indulge in? Factories moving, high costs of energy that will never bring back jobs, insincere and shallow platitudes about “green” saving us, and      platitudes from even Mr. Gord Miller, Environmental Commissioner, who is calling for more renewables. “There does not appear to be an independent view within the Liberal regime that can correct any single aspect of turbine hell in Ontario,” said Lange. “Even appearance of fairness is broken. This government additionally illegally breaks its own laws on disclosure and privacy by hiding or destroying documents. We concur with the Energy Critic, Vic Fideli, that the only option for Ontario is to engage the OPP investigate these matters as “criminal.”

Misshapen energy policies and wanton waste have driven the province to near bankruptcy, agree anti wind leaders in the province. “We no longer have visionary and responsible leadership. Instead, we have      corporations and government literally creating a legal and simplistic “green” framework amid a complete  vacuum of facts and knowledge,” said Lorrie Gillis. “People have nowhere else to turn. Nothing here is       working; they are stripped of health, homes, livestock, community vibrancy, and democracy. Everything must change, and that change must include a new Premier for this province.”

We will continue to use every opportunity to expose the government fed green falsehoods. Every other economic and social building block depends on constructive meaningful energy policy. The colossal waste of public money with the astronomical collateral damage of a wasted rural Ontario, cancelled gas plants, secret Samsung deals, Chief of Staff destroyed government documents, and waste at every level from E-health to Ornge, leaves the people no choice but to demand the resignation of the Premier. This can only be called “high octane and serial” negligence.

Sherri Lange, CEO, NA-PAW (North American Platform Against Wind Power), 416-567-5115,

Lorrie Gilles, Chair of the Ontario Regional Wind Turbine Working Group, 1-519-922-3072


Fletcher’s Arch

June 21, 2013

Leave it to Comrade Fletcher to figure out another way to squander a cool million. The Zhong Hua Men Archway stands at Gerrard Street East, a monument to even more tax and waste by this Mao loving councillor. Why did Fletcher and her comrades consider it a good idea to burn one million dollars? Simply because they wanted a 63 cent stamp!

That’s right; Canada post was issuing a new set of stamps designed with the various Chinese archways in major Canadian cities. Fletcher felt Toronto was left out and decided Chinatown was not the right spot for a Chinese arch, yet somehow Riverdale is.

“The fact that the archway was built in 2009 means that Toronto can be on a stamp in 2013,” said Fletcher. “it is the only archway in the City of Toronto.” Well at one million dollars, it is one of the most           expensive stamps in the world. Granted a British Guiana stamp from 1856 sold to a collector for $935,000, yet I highly doubt dropping a cool million on a 2013 Canada Post stamp would be considered a wise investment by even the most deluded moron.

At least Fletcher’s friends in the Chinese          government were happy to lend a helping slave hand, with two stone lions – boasting the socialist superiority of the Chinese state.

Civil liberties do not exist in China, there is no freedom of speech, freedom of movement and    certainly no freedom of the press. There is no religious freedom, and as a one party/one leader system; political freedom is unknown. An immediate execution protocol keeps defectors and human rights  campaigners in line, torture is the only method for those not pleading guilty.

These days, it’s hard to think of China without thinking of the endless news of human rights        violations. There is not a human right the “people’s government” haven’t wiped their backsides with, and there is no trace of evidence that change is imminent. The execution van, also called a mobile     execution unit was developed by the communist government in the mid-1990’s. Using a converted         24-seat bus, execution vans have no markings indicating it’s purpose of harvesting human organs.

Yet Comrade Fletcher knows best as our glorious Canadian Communist Party Leader!

They call it Stormy Monday but Tuesday’s just as bad, especially if you attended the Tuesday, May 28th meeting of the minds at St. Louis Bar and grill. You likely weren’t there because only eleven     Beachers attended, including Your Ward News’ investigative reporter (We don’t miss a thing).

It was clear from the start that two of the founders of the Greater Beach Neighbourhood Association (G.B.N.A.) were no longer seeing eye-to-eye. Brian Graff was there to start a new Beaches org called the Beach Community Association. Jan Hykamp was clearly not impressed and made it known that there was info that he would not share with Brian Graff.

Mr. Graff seemed extremely knowledgeable about other community groups in the Annex, the Ossington area and the St. Clair and Bathurst area. Even Don Mills. Much of the time was spent            discussing whether one group should be an umbrella org representing other groups to assure continuity of action, or whether many groups ‘doing their own thing’ would be more effective. Needless to say, the meeting was an unmitigated disaster. Even the second issue regarding the historic preservation of     important buildings and/or areas was rife with confusion and inexactedness (new word?).

Someone is attempting to throw a wrench into the gears of the opposition to mass development in the Beach.

As the meeting progressed the storm clouds got darker and darker, especially when exchanges like this took place:

GRAFF: “I’ve tried to mend fences with these guys.” (G.B.N.A.)

HYKAMP: “Watch what you say Brian.”

It got a lot worse than that, but the tone is pretty clear. Your Ward News will continue to monitor these disturbing but eye-opening meetings and will        continue to report the details … … …

It’s a good song, but is the advice valid nowadays??  Just how easy/difficult is it to get off of social assistance and “get a real job”?? Are people who are “on” social assistance      staying on it because they are lazy and don’t want to work? After 25 years in the working world, I had need of “social   assistance”.  Wow!  What a wake up call.  It’s not fun at all and in fact it’s a trap! Unless you have good credit (loan or credit card) or have a rich relative to cover your costs until your first paycheck, you are out of luck.  You can’t count on so called “social assistance” for help with this.  Most people I’ve spoken with have all tried to get off of social assistance.  Those that did succeed said it was without or minimal help from Social Assistance and those that didn’t succeed said it was from lack of help.  One such person sat down with me and told me his story.

He has been on and off social assistance over the last few years.  Two and a half years ago he was advised by an Ontario Works business advisor that his best course of action was to get his bachelor of education.  Finally, after extraordinary effort on his part, he is registered at Tyndale University.  He applied to four different collages,   accumulating application costs of approximately $400 (which social assistance paid).  He currently receives the maximum amount for a single ($606) which does not entirely cover his rent let alone pay for anything else. The college required a registration fee of $500.00 which he couldn’t afford.  He asked for help from Social                 Assistance. 

His worker (client rep) had him running around for a week and a half gathering paperwork (OSAP application, school application, etc..) and attending meetings before they would consider funding the costs.  Thinking this was a good sign (they would help), he did as they asked and provided all the paperwork required.  His worker then advised him they would not cover the cost.  He asked for a refusal letter, so that he could approach other parties for help.  He was dealing with the supervisor at this point.  They refused to give him this letter!  He       actually had to employ the help of his MPP to get this letter.  After waiting longer than the due date for the      registration fee, he finally begged and borrowed from several friends to register.  He was extremely lucky       because if he hadn’t of registered by the following week, they would have refused him entry.  Why do they have to make it so difficult to get your life moving again?  Makes you think that social assistance is trying to keep people on the system, so that they keep their jobs.   

His story is just one of many I could write to show you just how inept our social assistance program is.  Simply put, changes need to be made.  More funds should be allocated to transportation costs, re-education costs and finally exit costs (start up money/daycare costs to cover you until your first pay).  When clients ask for         transportation now they are told to come to their local assistance office and pick up two tokens (one of which you spend getting home)!!  Most people said if they had guaranteed income, health benefits and daycare while awaiting their first pay they would feel more encouraged to get a job. The system is also completely inadequate for part time employment.  If you work, you are only allowed to make up to $50/month before the system claw’s back off of your cheque.  This means that for the first $570.00 dollars you’re working for nothing because you could have made that by sitting on your butt!!  There’s no incentive!!  Now let’s talk about the rates!  The amount a single person receives on Ontario Works currently is less than the amount received in 1993 ($663). Inflation has risen to such an amount that it would take a 56% increase to bring the rate back to where it was (in relation to inflation) in 1993!  Raise the amount of asset’s a person is allowed to keep while on assistance.  The current amount is less than half the amount allowed in 1993!!  If they had these asset’s they could easily help            themselves to get off the system.  It’s time to bring down the barrier’s to gainful re-employment!

The system can’t take the buildup of pressure from the growing amount of people moving onto assistance and not getting off of it. We need to put the “assist” back into social assistance and provide a seamless way for  people to move into the working world, that would allow people to keep their dignity. Half the battle to getting the job is self confidence, but who can have that with all the battles you have to fight.  Since I began writing this article, I have been checking out a website that offers a forum for people on social assistance to tell “their story” and to make suggestions on how to fix “the system”.  The    website is “”.  The stories told here are not for the faint of heart.  Total reform is necessary!


The City of Toronto is holding yet another round of public meetings for the general public to step forward and help identify condominium issues. Although these meetings are geared to condominium residents to include owners and tenants, condo owners who don’t live in their units should also be paying attention and get involved.

The pitchers are warming up to but interestingly this issue is not only about condominium owners, buyers and/or     tenant concerns. Condominiums are very complex and they target an extremely large audience. This audience can be:  first time home buyers, new comers to Ontario, families, professionals and seniors. Condominiums are known to     provide affordable housing but legislative changes need to be address to protect our condominium market. The other side of the coin is the general public who own freehold homes. So why on earth would they have any interest in     learning and following the condominium scene. It’s a very simple explanation,  real estate has an evolving domino    effect, always has and always will. Historically, values are affected by market trends and market trends generally start at the bottom and move upwards in values. That would be the condominium apartment and/or townhouse market. 

There isn’t a day that goes by where you don’t hear about condominiums in the news. Whether you are hearing about another launch of a new condominium site, a conversion of a warehouse to a condominium, an Ontario Municipal Board decision relating to approvals on additional heights for a new development, an ongoing issue relating to a condo owner and or a condominium building, market reports on the sales activity of condominiums and/or issues relating to short term rentals and the   condominium market. The list is endless and the reality that condominiums are at the forefront will be an ongoing headline. 

The City of Toronto condominium meetings are scattered in different parts of the City, Central, North York, Scarborough and Etobicoke. These       sessions are to share data received from the first condominium review sessions. There are a number of key players involved in condominium         discussions.  They include public agencies, organizations,  private sectors  and different governments. As many of you already know I am the     Founder President Chair of the Condo Owners Association (  who represents and advocates for condominium owners and  buyers rights. We provide a cohesive united voice working with government to enhance long term sustainability in condominiums and for condo  owners and buyers.  I am honoured to be involved as a Stakeholder in the discussions of the Provincial Condominium Act Review which is underway through the Ministry of Consumer Services. We are presently in the 2nd stage.  On the Municipal side we are very concerned about consumer          protection. Changes in the building code and in the  planning act are needed, the property standard bylaw requires review because it may be        compromising our community services. Why are we seeing the demolition of heritage structures and now we have an extensive gridlock and traffic congestion because of overdevelopment. High density condominiums have an immediate impact on public services to include schools, day care, parks, shopping centres, community centres, parking, transportation etc. Also services provided by the Police, Fire Department, Hospitals, Medical Centres etc. The City and Province are dealing with the need for affordable housing. Concerns about more protective Condo Governance relating to Board of Directors and operations of the condominiums along with licensed Property Management Companies need to form legislation in the new Condominium Act to protect condominium owners asset and long term values of their condominiums.

The City of Toronto opened the door to ask about condominiums building heights and the amount of people living in the building. Only last week, CBC hit headlines talking about short term furnished rentals for less than 30 days and the same concerns are present in Quebec and New York. In fact New York passed a by-law to implement fines for any furnished rental under 30 days. Most condominiums have a standard unit policy which           estimates the approximant total residents of a condo because budgets are prepared in accordance with this estimate and the life span of common hallways, recreation facilities and shared amenities can be compromised if there are substantially more residents in the building than originally      accounted planned. 

I find that smoking in a condominium has caused deep concerns on the wear and tear of the common areas and also with fire safety. It has been proven that the residue is embedded in the hallways and also filters through the fan coil heating and cooling systems. Other safety issues in a       condominium are the presence of hoarders, bed bugs and unauthorized renovations and/or repairs by unit owners without proper approvals. City Building permits should never be issued on a condominium unit without City Staff having proper evidence of renovation approvals by the appropriate Condo Board of Directors.

The City needed a better understanding on concerns relating to the interior and exterior of condo buildings. Many residents are finding they have or will soon have blocked views because of increasing heights of new development way past the area standards of the master plan because the builders have received approvals for the additional height. Unfortunately, there is a concern about City planning and height restrictions and the Ontario       Municipal Board decisions to ignore present standards and approve additional heights. 

It’s extremely unfortunate that the Condominium Act has not been updated since 2001 considering that the Condominium market has changed       dramatically and over ½ of new construction today are condominiums.  Please take a quick look at video called Toronto Tall Buildings. I commend the City of Toronto for taking initiatives with a Municipal Condo Review and for hiring Swerhun Inc. an independent facilitator to conduct the consultations. Toronto condo communities are changing the face of our beautiful city;  all residents of Toronto need to be involved so they can learn and contribute to the health and welfare of our City.  Step up to the plate and lets play ball for a home run and a better future.

I invite you to tune into my weekly Radio Show called the “Condo Xpert” on the  which airs Wednesday and Friday at 7:00 p.m or you can listen to my podcasting of my shows with special guests from  Metrolinx, Go Transit, Insuranceland, Canada Mortgage and Financing Corporation, economist Carson Dunlop, home inspections, mortgage financing with Mortgage Edge,  closing information from real estate lawyer and a number of consumer awareness topics like real estate market trends, purchasing new construction, condominium issues, concerns and benefits of a good      investment.

Food for Thought:  the next time you hear the word “Condo”  and you don’t own a condo, please stop for a moment and take notice because the   condominium market is the master key of our real estate future. If condominiums are not selling neither are the semi-detach and detached homes.

So what is the formula for long term sustainable condominium market?

Condo Owners  + Condo Owners Association (COA) = Representation for Condo Owners

COA  is a non-profit Condo Owners Association  

Please Twitter COA and use your social media to help us get the word out.

If you are thinking about buying or selling your home I would love to hear from you Linda can be reached at                                                         Direct 416-561-7373, Office 905-822-5000


Government sanctioned medicine, fraudulent clinical trials, corrupt deals, and misguided medical regulations are bankrupting the health of Canadians. There is an alarming and growing body of evidence for the harm being done to Canadians (through this Government) by the ever-increasing restrictions Health Canada is putting on your freedom of choice, by handing your constitutional right to control your health to unelected officials.

The Harper Government has chosen to ignore evidence of harm, to allow Health Canada to ignore evidence of harm, and to stand by while our constitutional rights are removed.

The road began in 1997 when a standing committee was set up to review issues surrounding the manufacture, distribution and use of Natural Health Products. As such, part of the regulations were to create a new regulatory authority. In 1999 the NHPD (Natural Health Product Directorate) was created and regulations were implemented in 2004. Thousands of NHPs have been removed from the Canadian market since 2004, despite zero evidence of any harm from any product (and zero deaths, since Canadian records began).

The new regulations were Health Canada’s response to consumer demands for the Government to “protect” their access to natural health products. The regulations have had the opposite effect. To “legally” sell a health product the new regulations impose a licensing requirement. The problem is that 60% of license applications have failed; these have been the “easy” applications. Under the regulations, NHP’s are considered a sub-category of drugs and must undergo pre-market evaluation and receive product licenses from the Natural Health Product Directorate (NHPD) to be marketed in Canada.

To this day Health Canada continues to remove your choices “unsupervised” from retail shelves, “ramping up their raids on legitimate business,” putting the lives of Canadians at risk. Retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and consumers of natural health products continue to be under threat!

Maintaining corporate interests, and censorship of reliable scientific data being released has been the embodiment for far too long. The Government and pharmaceutical companies together are a lethal combination for those seeking complementary medicines. The Government has been lobbied by drug companies far too long. This is not only about natural health products…this is about vaccines, medical devices, food. For a long time now the Government has targeted a whole range of products!

It is important to understand…there is the “politics” of cancer and there is the “science” of cancer! The politics of cancer generates billions of dollars throughout the system; from the pharmaceutical companies that patent their drugs, to their shareholders, the top CEO’s, controlled mainstream media, to the Doctors and Government officials. Backroom deals between medical authorities and Big Pharma are nothing new.

Much more of your tax dollars are being allocated to “research funding and treatment of cancer” than the number of people dieing of the disease.

Doctors are taught from the very early stages of their training that drugs “are the treatment of choice,” and the heavy hand of the pharmaceutical industry offers very lucrative incentives and perks to keep their well oiled machine running. Over 10,000 Canadians die each year due to pharmaceutical complications, and only 55 pharma products have been removed from the market despite thousands of deaths.

Self regulating pharmaceutical companies are the most politically power driven and lucrative industries of our time, generating obscene profits, and whose budgets allow them to spend millions in ad campaigns to bring their products to market.

The international figures for useless cancer drugs puts this disregard at an estimated $263.8 billion annually, of which $102.8 billion are healthcare costs and the rest covers productivity and premature death.

Orthodox medicine would have you believe there are no benefits to natural health products, prevention and proper nutrition….after all it has never been part of the curriculum for our front line workers in the health field.

A good example of this is diabetes; one of the most debilitating and fastest growing diseases today, and 80% of diabetes can be controlled through proper diet.

If you take my recommendation at the end of this article and read: The China Study, you will be on the road to understanding just how powerful nutrition can be.

Since the 1950’s, the outlook for orthodox treatment of cancer has virtually remained the same…having a survival rate of 5 years. The numbers are also relative (i.e. if you live one day beyond the 5 years, it is considered that a 50% success rate has been achieved). Chemotherapy carries with it a 3% success rate.

Some of the greatest minds studying the real cause of cancer found the simple common denominators of all cancers as far back as the 1920’s; one such man was Dr. Otto Warburg. A brilliant German scientist in his time whose work earned him a second Nobel Prize (studying cancer in real time as cells transformed from normal to cancer as it was happening). Warburg discovered that incubating cells and starving them of oxygen for regular but short periods of time allowed a fermentation process to begin; restoring cells promptly of oxygen enabled them to recover. With enough oxygen starvation cells don’t recover. Chemicals, radiation, preservatives, and poisons are some of the factors that prevent your cells from getting and using oxygen.

It is no surprise that, as far back as the 30’s, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife’s unprecedented way of fighting the infectious agents of disease without drugs came under careful scrutiny. Given the monopolistic nature of the developing medical establishment in America at that time, the presentation of these drugless techniques for treating a multitude of diseases ensured the demise of Rife’s work. The science and funding for work such as Dr. Rife’s has a way of being buried and concealed, to ensure that the established scientific community prevails.

What do all these diseases have in common?

Arthritis/Autoimmune Disorders/Cancer/Asthma/Digestive Disorders/High Blood Pressure/Diabetes


It is important to know that true health lives in an alkaline state!

Cancer Thrives In An Acidic Environment! (pH of 4.5 or lower)


Keys To Quality Health (Self Health Management) And Avoiding The Ravages Of Disease):

. Give your body back its natural ability to heal!

. Avoid all refined foods – this cannot be overstated (it is the best way to stop the flood of glucose (sugar) into your cells. It is one of the key ways to allow oxygen into your cells (cancer cannot survive in an oxygen rich environment). Eat foods in their natural state; processed foods contain chemical colours, preservatives, are nutritionally deficient, laden with empty calories, sugar and salt. Above all, these foods are “purposely designed” to create cravings and a compulsion to buy their products; the neuro toxic affects have long been established by independent scientists and researchers.

GMO foods have scientifically been proven, beyond a doubt of the catastrophic health dangers to humans, animals and the environment. Up to 70% of processed foods contain GMO material. Several countries now refuse to buy GM crops.

Avoid all foods containing:Corn, Canola, Soy, Sugar Beet – Genetically engineered crops, Cottonseed oil – Grown in Canada, Papaya, Squash, Milk Products – GE Foods Imported to Canada (Bovine Growth Hormones).

Demand labelling of GMO’s So that consumers can make an informed decision!

. Maintain a healthy acid/alkaline (pH) balance. True health lives in an alkaline state. pH (potential of Hydrogen) is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. It is measured on a scale of 0-14. The lower the pH the more acidic the solution and the higher the more alkaline. When a solution is neither acidic nor alkaline, it has a pH 7 which is neutral. Eat plenty of alkaline forming foods and less acid forming foods. (80% alkaline – 20% acid)

. Let pharmaceutical drugs and invasive medical procedures be your last resort. Practice prevention through education and the responsible approach to quality health for you and your family. Our bodies were uniquely designed to heal themselves if given the chance.

. Reduce stress as much as possible – our DNA can actually be altered in the presence of fear, anxiety and worry.

The Hippocrates Health Institute has been at the forefront and on the front lines for over 50 years. A world class non-profit health clinic teaching people how to regain their health and wellness.

The late Dr. Donald Scott of Sudbury gives a startling, yet informative account on the health of individuals, and to what extent reliable scientific information is conducted, withheld or disseminated.

I had the honour and pleasure recently of hearing G. Edward Griffin speak. A man of true integrity, compassion and knowledge for his fellow man. His work comprises books such as: World Without Cancer (The Story of Vitamin B17) A must Read! The work of Jeffrey M. Smith: Seeds of Deception is a true account of the biotech industry’s GMO foods you are consuming every day. I highly recommend “The China Study” by T. Colin Campbell, PhD and Thomas M. Campbell II. It is the most amazing and comprehensive study on nutrition ever conducted!

The Charter of Health Freedom was written by Canadian constitutional lawyer Shawn Buckley, President of the Natural Health Products Protection Association. The (NHPPA) is a federally incorporated, non-profit organization devoted to protecting access to Canadian’s Natural Health Products. Contact: Get informed – Please support The Charter of Health Freedom!

THE ONLY FEAR WILL COME IN BEING “ILL INFORMED” Letting Others Control Our Health Gives Them Inappropriate Power And Control!!

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