Fletcher’s Arch

June 21, 2013

Leave it to Comrade Fletcher to figure out another way to squander a cool million. The Zhong Hua Men Archway stands at Gerrard Street East, a monument to even more tax and waste by this Mao loving councillor. Why did Fletcher and her comrades consider it a good idea to burn one million dollars? Simply because they wanted a 63 cent stamp!

That’s right; Canada post was issuing a new set of stamps designed with the various Chinese archways in major Canadian cities. Fletcher felt Toronto was left out and decided Chinatown was not the right spot for a Chinese arch, yet somehow Riverdale is.

“The fact that the archway was built in 2009 means that Toronto can be on a stamp in 2013,” said Fletcher. “it is the only archway in the City of Toronto.” Well at one million dollars, it is one of the most           expensive stamps in the world. Granted a British Guiana stamp from 1856 sold to a collector for $935,000, yet I highly doubt dropping a cool million on a 2013 Canada Post stamp would be considered a wise investment by even the most deluded moron.

At least Fletcher’s friends in the Chinese          government were happy to lend a helping slave hand, with two stone lions – boasting the socialist superiority of the Chinese state.

Civil liberties do not exist in China, there is no freedom of speech, freedom of movement and    certainly no freedom of the press. There is no religious freedom, and as a one party/one leader system; political freedom is unknown. An immediate execution protocol keeps defectors and human rights  campaigners in line, torture is the only method for those not pleading guilty.

These days, it’s hard to think of China without thinking of the endless news of human rights        violations. There is not a human right the “people’s government” haven’t wiped their backsides with, and there is no trace of evidence that change is imminent. The execution van, also called a mobile     execution unit was developed by the communist government in the mid-1990’s. Using a converted         24-seat bus, execution vans have no markings indicating it’s purpose of harvesting human organs.

Yet Comrade Fletcher knows best as our glorious Canadian Communist Party Leader!


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