Mayor Rob Ford, Vindicated!

June 21, 2013

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has a lot to celebrate since his 44th birthday, not to mention a job to finish. The Toronto Star’s assault campaign has finally come full circle, and even the most incompetent socialist who postured the public is now on the defensive. Not only has the media lost all credibility by endlessly running tabloid rumors, the Toronto Star has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt their complete lack of journalistic integrity. The entire code of media ethics has been violated at every turn by the Star, without any evidence or dignity. In an effort to utterly destroy one man the media has harassed, slandered, and blacklisted not only Ford and his family, but any supporters as well. The disgraceful actions of the Star, as well as other gravy train moochers will forever blight the ethics and standards of the press. Truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness and public accountability; all of these pillars were demolished in the hopes of a fatal propaganda victory against Ford. Recently former Your Ward News staffer Michelle L. Erstikaitis and myself attended city hall, press passes in hand to offer our support to the Mayor during this visibly stressful time. Ward 43 councillor Paul Ainslie was in the process of offering a statement to the media when we arrived. Ainslie who received a very minor warning after a RIDE spot check offered the drop of blood required in the shark tank to temporary allow Ford some breathing room. Waiting until Ainslie exited city hall, Michelle took the highly emotional opportunity to shame the media for their sins. “Vultures!” Deputy mayor Doug Holyday commented “I think the longer they go without any video, the less credibility the whole thing has”. Clearly the Star and other major media had no video let alone any credibility to begin with. Rather all it seems is required is a few violent drug lords and their demands for money so the Red Star can spin a whole new “controversy”. It does not matter if there is any proof, it does not matter if there are any facts, and it certainly does not matter that the media’s ONLY source was a gang of parasitic street criminals. Not expecting the media fallout that happened, these murderous gang-bangers have backed off their indigent fraud. Demanding approximately $200,000 to release their seemingly non-existent video, the public donated the full amount, including one anonymous sucker who gave $10,000 alone. Now that these filthy hoodlums can have the cash with one phone call, all deals are off. Is it any surprise no one wants to release a video that can not stand up to forensic examination? The staff at Your Ward News wonders how deep this scam is, even a week before the funding goal was reached most contact with the scum drug pushers ended. Since the money has been raised the video is “gone” and no effort to release the video has been made. What of the hundreds of thousands of dollars raised? It will be going to a thus far unnamed, unknown non-profit organization that could be run by anybody. Those who blindly donated will not be getting a refund! Criminal and civil proceeding need to be arranged against the Toronto Star and others for fraud & defamation, the people of this city had enough! Despite the single most aggressive and prejudiced character assassination of a political figure in Canadian history, Rob Ford approval ratings remain remarkably steady.


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