Paul Murton, Homeless Fashion Statement!

June 21, 2013


Paul Murton, hustler and grifter can’t seem to pay his bills. A few years ago Murton, crying his sob story was about to lose everything.       

Already charging an arm and a leg in shoddy web design, self promoting videos, childish graphic editing and fruitless sales leads; he was on his way to a homeless shelter. Paul needed a quick grand to keep his apartment and phone. About to go out of the flimflam business, his only  option was to panhandle victims for yet another bailout fund.

Was it any surprise that when this beady-eyed merchant of lies won a $1,000 windfall he was unable to pay it back? Well not in cash of course, the only repayment was a fistful of hogwash. Paul Murton never provided anything at par of what you would expect from even getting a child next door to mow your lawn. Getting Paul Murton to pay back his debt was impossible. Not even Ethan Hunt could succeed in this mission.

Paul Murton can only take advantage of people who are not aware of his shoddy work. Much like a contractor “fixing” a home or vehicle the customer knows nothing about. When the victim gets a bill, there is no  telling if the job was done right, let alone if the payment is deserved. Since at the time his work was with computers, his most delectable victims were those who were not on-top of our electronic world. Yet when you ask a mass-proclaimed “expert” for a second opinion, Murton’s scam of greed and thievery quickly unravels. When you ask for another contractor to check the shoddy work, they can only cry at how some scammers rip the public off and destroy the passion they have in their field.

I first met LeRoy St. Germaine in the summer of 2012, when he was looking at designing a proper website as his current one was childishly crude. It was not a website for Your Ward News per se as it was a mind boggling “spamdex” of Paul Murton’s various schemes quickly slapped together with the skill and attention of an elementary school student’s unwanted homework… I assumed Murton’s excuse was that the dog ate LeRoy’s former websites.

I was shocked to learn that over the years LeRoy has paid thousands of dollars to Mr. Murton and has given Murton thousands of dollars more in the form of free in-print advertising for the creation and upkeep of what is essentially a “linkfarm” of Paul’s other financial interests. The entire site was literally littered with  dozens of spam links for Murton’s disc duplication, POS sales, model photo shoots, and countless other         gimmicks Paul thinks he can make a quick buck at; including charging $598 to upload a two minute video to YouTube!!!

LeRoy was shocked at Paul’s claims that Ward 32 News, which has been published 10 times a year for the past five years is no longer in business. It seems according to the website that other magazines owned by Murton have taken over all operations as Your Ward News ceased to exist. Now naturally I had to question this statement as LeRoy kept a back issue or two of almost every paper published in the past five years and a van was just pulling up, fully loaded with stacks and bundles of a recent edition. Upon further review of the contact information on the website, one could only call Paul, or email Paul. In my years of professional graphics and web design, I have never seen such a beguiling intent to deceive. Murton is a disgusting shame to the entire   industry of skilled computer graphic designers. Suing time is soon, personally serving Murton shall be sweet…

One Response to “Paul Murton, Homeless Fashion Statement!”

  1. antuerius Says:

    Physiology wise, he has a strangely shaped forehead. It is very sloped back in an unusual way. I have experienced fraudsters in Toronto as well. It is very demoralizing to be cheated by these criminals. I would be very vigilant about this one. The police must have a fraud-squad to deal with his wrongdoing.

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